1/2: Overcoming akrasia

1/2: Overcoming akrasia

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  1. Thank you Nate for a great Lift that shows us through reason and revelation how right desires gain dominion in our thought. When our desires are in sync with our true spiritual nature, the only real attraction we have is that of Spirit, God, all good. This reasoning always leads us to a right course of action- one that best exemplifies our love for God and man, which we learn in Christian Science brings with it the divine power that heals. Thank you again.

  2. What a great lift. The temptation is always to believe in the pair of opposites (good and evil) and to try to overcome one with another. When the disciples ran back to the Master rejoicing that even the devils were subject unto them, he responded that they should rejoice that their names are writ in heaven (rejoice that it has been revealed to you that Christ is your identity).In essence he was saying do not rejoice because a blind man can see, but because God has been revealed as the identity of what appeared as a blind man. We should rejoice that our nature is spiritual and there is not any evil to be overcome. Our names are written in heaven..

  3. Thank you VERY much for this lift! I've identified with Romans 7:19 on many occasions and always concluded that it described a conundrum of life I just had to put up with. But your explanation shows me there is a solution for avoiding "the evil which I would not" (e.g. selfishness, impatience, anger, etc.). So again, thank you for explaining that if we thoroughly identify ourselves as God's expression, we will no longer fall prey to the "evil which I would not" and therefore we can rejoice in consistently expressing "the good that I would"!

  4. That is such a lovely lift.
    I never knew there was a name for it. But SO glad that there is a remedy for it. Just seeing ourselves as perfect spiritual ideas. Incapable of doing anything which is not God inspired.
    Thank you Nate and a wonderful blessing filled 2014 to all out there.

  5. Thank you for teaching us a new word, very interesting!! The antonym of akrasia is also interesting and worth considering: Enkrateia, which means " in power over oneself"!! Jesus said that he gives his disciples power over all the power of the enemy, and that nothing shall in any way hurt us. How wonderful to know that the Christ-power is the antidote to akrasia! Thank you and Happy New Year.

  6. A very helpful, reassuring and clarifying Lift. Thank you.

    Such a lovely reminder of our complete and unadulterated access to all goodness all the time.

  7. thanks Nate, for that very good advice!, if we get the basics right, the follow through will also be right.In the Daily Prayer, from the Church Manual, Mrs Eddy tells us to "Let the reign (or rule) of divine Life, Truth, and Love be established in me......" to establish is to make stable, or firm, to fix immovably,to settle permanently the fact, that we are governed by that rule of divine Life, Truth, and Love, as God's perfect image and likeness, and must therefore act in accordance with the rule.Thank you so much again, and may God's rich blessings abound in your experience in this New Year

  8. Nate, Thank you.

  9. “For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.” Rom. 7:19
    The Greeks were so familiar with this thinking that they had a word for it, Akrasia = to act against one’s better judgment.

    We could all identify with Paul’s words one time or another, but, what if we identify ourselves with God’s qualities instead —assuming that we are His descendants.
    Isn’t it time for us to take Jesus’ teachings on the Lord’s Prayer seriously and think again what every word means?

    Matthew 6: 9-13 Our Father— We are heirs, we have access to our God given dominion and can control our own thoughts.

    “Porque no hago el bien que quiero, sino el mal que no quiero, eso hago.” Rom. 7:19
    Los griegos estaban tan familiarizados con este pensamiento que tenían una palabra para ello, Akracia = actuar en contra de nuestro mejor juicio.

    Todos podrímos identificarnos con las palabras de Pablo alguna vez, pero, ¿qué si en vez de eso nos identificamos con las cualidades de Dios —asumiendo que somos Sus descendientes.
    ¿No es ya hora de tomar las enseñanzas de Jesús seriamente y volver a pensar en que significa cada palabra?

    Mateo 6: 9-13 Padre nuestro — Somos herederos, tenemos acceso a nuestro dominio otorgado por Dios y podemos controlar nuestros propios pensamientos.

  10. Thank you for this inspired lift. It is the perfect support to my prayers today.

    We read in Science and Health p. 567 "The Gabriel of His presence has no contests". When our consciousness is illumined by the Christ there is no battle at all. There is peace and the calm certainty of the everpresence of God's love.

  11. Thank you, Nate, this Lift is so good to hear , I just love this "new" word and the meaning of it which wevread in Romans is a favourite passage to learn from. So very grateful for this lovely sharing.

  12. An inspiring , lift ,full of encouragemrnt for the start of a new year ,Thank you Nate.

  13. Domo Arigato Gozaiamsu

  14. Many thanks Nate for this great advice. "Follow through with our good intentions." "You are God’s purpose, His great design./ Beautiful, blameless, His child divine./ Holding your thought to the good and the true,/ Spirit will form you anew." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #453).

  15. Thank you very much for this great lift putting into words what we should do always to get all the blessings waiting for us and our neighbour.

  16. Thanks Nate, I appreciate your articulation..

  17. Nate, your lift today is exactly un answer to a prayer I did just some minutes ago ! A great thank you !

  18. Love the new word, Nate! Thanks

  19. Muy interesante, akracia, ¿una palabra, tan solo? o una definición de pensamiento que conlleva en sí misma una lección, sin duda las palabras de Cristo son una lección, porque estan inspiradas en la convicción absoluta del origen espiritual, pero las palabras son sencibles de cambios, sin embargo hay algo que es inmarcesible y no cambia, los hechos de Cristo Jesús, sus obras, su sentir, porque nos dan la certeza de que no hay relación del bien con el mal, ya que Uno es verdadero y el otro no, Uno nunca se puede desechar, porque auque quieramos huir de él siempre aflora, en cambio el otro puede ser erradicado y desaparecerá, obviamente, tendremos que actuar, contrariando el pensamiento griego, en contra de nuestro peor juicio, creer que el mal es tan poderoso como el Bien, definiendo cada pensamiento en perfecto entendimiento de la realidad espiritual, la Única realidad, que va sí más allá de las palabras, porque las palabras las puede llevar el viento, pero la realidad espiritual como la demostró Cristo...No puede ser soslayada si se practica fielmente.
    Gracias Elena, por aclarar la palabra Akracia, ha sido, sustancial ayuda para mi.

    Muchas gacias Nate, bella forma de comenzar, continuando la misma linea de inspiración diaria.

  20. What a great word for those of us who love language. I think my basic fluency with the English language came way back and has continued through the study of Science and Health. Praise be to that Master student/teacher Mary Baker Eddy! Apart from loving the word, thanks for the focus on that verse which I am sure many have often contemplated ruefully, and your ideas on identifying ourselves with conviction as obedient, spiritual, idea will renew our efforts to follow successfully the good, all the way.
    Many thanks, Nate.

  21. Thank you dear friend, this is just what I needed to hear today and every day. How good too, to learn that there really is a word for our guilt at "wavering" between what's right and wrong, and then being shown in simple terms how to deal with it. Many thanks and LOVE TO ALL June

  22. Thank you Nate, for this good daily lift,

  23. What a great message Thank you Nate . . . One hundred percent perfect , whole and complete.

  24. Thank you Nate, I great Lift. Thanks to the Lifters as well especially Martin, Scott and Joy. Joy I loved that you included that antonym. When I was listening to the Lift a number of things came to thought and one was the thought of ego. Your antonym, if I may paraphrase, states 'in power over ego'.

    Scott, I have been realizing that Christ Jesus never took the credit for anything. He kept attributing power to God and, like you, I kept realizing he redirected thought to the Christ. I too find it interesting that the disciples took a while before they accepted that matter had no power. It is more the understanding of God as the only power that is key.

    Yesterday I started the day with photographing the sunrise and ended it with photographing the sunset. One thing was common between both, there were dark clouds. I did not see them as ominous but as proof that darkness never touches light.


    The camera has dust on the sensor so many of the pics had 'spots' on them some of which I purposely left on the image (if you look real close you will see them). To me these spots represent the 'evil' that people think are part of our identity but the spots are not in the real picture.

    The sensor is human thinking which captures a perfect image but 'spots' it with evil. Our prayers open our thought and remove this 'evil' to reveal the true pure identity where fear never touches understanding.

    Many Thx & Blessings to ALL.

  25. Thanks Nate---Great "Lift".

  26. Thank you so much for this inspiring message, bringing hope for change in the new year before us.

  27. Thank you so much!!!!

  28. Excellent....! Thank you.

  29. Oneness to be in sync. Jesus showed us the way. Establishing ourselves as completely spiritual is the constant challenge. Nate, you've given very good insight into this recognition.

  30. Oh Nate this is great - thank you so much,Happy New Year and thank you to all the BoL, lifters and responders - how valuable this is.x

  31. Great Lift, Nate! Thank you!,

  32. Thank you so much, happy New Year!

  33. Thanks so much for this lift - exactly what I needed this morning!

  34. Thanks so much for this lift - exactly what I needed this morning!

  35. Love the "new" word, and its opposite!

  36. Excellent, Nate! 100% good, 100% spiritual.How can we go wrong? Thought and action in sync! Wonderful practical lift.

  37. Thank you Nate.

  38. Excellent Nate! Thank you for connecting the word Akrasia to Rom. 7. I had never heard the word before but it definitely describes a material state of thought that many of us have struggled with.

    Nancy Friedman, on her website Fritinancy, defines the word like this: "Akrasia: A lack of command over oneself; a weakness of will. Akrasia encompasses procrastination, lack of self-control, lack of follow-through, and any kind of addictive behavior. Akrasia was coined in ancient Greece from words meaning “lack of” and “power”; the word was used by Plato, Aristotle, and other philosophers to describe a paradoxical inability to act in one’s own interests. Research scientist Daniel Reeves explains the concept: It’s not like “Gee, I thought I wanted to get in shape but it turned out there was always something really good on TV!” No, even in hindsight, you regret not doing what you said you wanted to do. It’s not even that you’re merely conflicted about what you want. The trade-off you made—more TV watched, still not in shape—was patently ridiculous. You somehow don’t do what you genuinely want to do." [Entire thing was her quote]. Sounds like what Paul was describing in Rom. 7.
    I find that even people who are very productive struggle often with procrastination because it is so easy to do other important activities rather than the one job that needs to be done right now. When God asks us to obey Him, to obey His commandments, its too easy sometimes to tune out the divine inspiration, and instead simply remind ourselves of all the good things we are doing. I find Jesus' comment in his Sermon on the Mount, Matt. 7:21-27 very eye-opening. He says in effect, Just because you tell me you are doing good works, perhaps even healing, if you are not doing God's will, you are sinning. Why? Because even the best human actions can be dualistic and result in mistakes or suffering. Only divine wisdom blesses all. I'm learning that only to the degree that I can pray, "Not my will, but thine be done", can I resist mental lethargy, procrastination, disobedience, disappointment and failure. God made us to succeed in everything we do. As Nate points out in referring to Jesus' teachings, when we purify our thoughts, motives, words and actions--purify our love for God and man--then we don't end up regretting the good we wished we had done and the evil we wished we hadn't done. It frees us to rejoice in our God-given dominion!

  39. Thanks, Nate, for teaching us a new word "akrasia" although we are all quite familiar with the meaning of doing what we know is not the absolute right. In praying with the Daily Prayer from the Manual, "Rule out of me all sin" I clarify what some of that might be: criticism, resentment, doubt, worry, fear, discouragement, impatience. anything underived from God. I pray for God to create in me a clean heart and give me more grace. What a great ambition for the New Year! We all can claim our inheritance of all good, and only good, from God.

  40. Hey hey Nate! A terrific lift, thank you!

  41. Nate your lift is very inspire and helpful. It does request a great humility and a deep desire for spiritual progress, to clean our thoughts and to be willing to let go and take the good part.
    Sometimes is comfortable to have an outside attitude and feel completely different inside.
    Moral courage is a great tool to help us to grow graciously and lovingly.
    I am grateful that your brought this spiritual and practical ideas to light to help us to see clearly the steps to be better healers for ourselves and the world.

  42. Oh and Nate, I'm praying right now about a seemingly large number who desire equality and recognition for their differences and have the watchful eye and attentive ear of the press . No no no, I tell them silently, you are already perfect spiritual ideas! I won't stop until "Within Thy light of glorious splendour (they) lose the earth-clouds drear and wild." CSHymnal 154, 156.
    This Lift will surely be heard and adhered to far and wide, Nate. Thanks to our First Reader at The Mother Church, Judith Hardy Olsen, and our wonderful family of Daily Lifters

  43. Absolutely love this Lift and love learning a new/old word, akrasia. Thank you Nate.

  44. Thank u for this uplift today. Opened my eyes for being more on track.

  45. This lift is a keeper! I am putting it on my MP3 player to listen to often. Thank you so much!

  46. Thank you for another tool to fight the good fight with.

  47. Thank you Nate! What a helpful Lift! Christine D. your sharing furthers the point that is not even what we want to do and it's not even what we would choose to do... purely mesmerism. Troy from Barbados, thank you for your sharing! I love your photographs which are quite inspiring. Years ago, a friend of mine was taking photographs of magnificent clouds out the window of a jet. She noticed a lot of specks on the window but decided that the clouds were so beautiful and inspiring that she would take the photos anyway. When she took them into the developer, she told him about the specks and was afraid that they would ruin the pictures. His reply was quite inspiring..."Oh, not to worry, when you focus on infinity, the specks disappear." (For anyone not aware of cameras, infinity is a distance setting of the camera lens beyond which everything is in focus.) Her photographs were perfect! This idea has helped me so many times! Just focus on infinity... Infinite Good, and the specks disappear!

  48. Thanks to Paul for the original plea, Nate for the Christ solution, and to Christine Driessen for elucidating the word. A new prayer for Lifters responding and seeing God's creation as completely good, only Godlike, only perfect, one with Him.

  49. Very interesting and educational, Nate! I, too, like many, love learning a new word and a deeper understanding of a Bible verse! I would like to comment here, though, that most of us are still "emerging gently" and I would say, Be careful of slipping into "Human Perfectionism" which breeds "Human Condemnation". We don't have to be afraid of making mistakes......"we may make many of them, but will benefit by them all." (God's Law of Adjustment). Sometimes what we need more than constant monitoring of our thoughts and actions and trying to live such a pure and perfect life, is just the knowledge that we are Loved and Cherished. That alone can guide us into right paths!

  50. Terrific and instructive Lift. Most helpful. Thank you.

  51. Clean the inside of your cup and your outside will be clean is fantastic~

  52. Nate -- thanks a bunch! and thanks #38 for further explanation!


  53. Thank you, Nate, for a lovely lift inviting us to see our spiritual side and bring it in line with our thoughts. I love hearing the word, akrasia, and learning its meaning. Very educational! Hope we hear more from you this year.

  54. Thank you, Nate, for “Overcoming akrasia … the state of acting against one’s better judgment …”

    “… the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do” (Rom 7:19).


    "Everyone" has had chronic and/or acute symptoms of akrasia, all of which can be or have been healed with large, daily doses of and devotion to the Truth of being. Healing? We “gotta-hafta-wanna!” The desire to be rid of akrasia, is often compromised by the “fun” it is to commiserate with each other over what seems to be the only way with no better options. But Jesus proved another way.

    “Jesus beheld … and said … With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible” (Matt 19:26).

    Akrasia would be the outcome of what Mrs. Eddy explained as, “animal magnetism … error … mortal mind … the false belief that mind is in matter, and is both evil and good; that evil is as real as good and more powerful. This belief has not one quality of Truth. It is either ignorant or malicious” (“Animal Magnetism Unmasked;” S&H 100).

    There are so many ways to live! Of all the worldviews, philosophies, and religions I have found (and I have looked!), Christian Science is the only one that defines God as all-Good / Love-itself!!! / “the only powers that be” – and we in that image and likeness, only, as the Truth of our being. What's more? We can prove that “Love's work and Love [do!] fit” (Hymns 51:2).

    Thanks again, Nate, for unmasking akrasia! ;-)

  55. A wonderfully warm, guiding insight to start the New Year that starts every day for us all. Thank you.

  56. Thank you!

  57. Joan P. Montclair NJ - 1/2/2014

    Hey Nate! Thank you for a very helpful, reassuring and clarifying lift. Thank you Suzi #10 for your insightful reasoning.

    Blessings to all.

  58. Thank you Nate for this "eye opening" Lift. Just imagine the thousands of people around the globe who will be benefited by this explanation. Thanks also to our many fellow lifters who have added to the bounty of this lift. Now..I must" go and do likewise".

  59. Excellent Daily Lift Nate! Thank you so much. Happy New Year to everyone with Love and Good Blessings!

  60. Thank you Nate. I did not know there was a word for this behavior, but I have been subject to it. Thinking differently, knowing that I am 100 percent good, will help me not do what I don't want to do. So very grateful for you helping me.

  61. Wow! The comments have been enlightening and spot-on. To respond to #49 Bevi, you’re absolutely right! I love it. What’s most important is to know that we are loved and cherished and to, of course, know and adore God. As Christian healers, it’s also helpful to “promote the growth of mortal mind out of itself.” (SH p.195) That’s what today’s lift focuses on.

    I wanted to add this paragraph from Mary Baker Eddy's "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" that goes along with the “overcoming akrasia” theme (p. 263). It’s always worth hearing her words and guidance. This is the only time she references Romans 7:19 in her published writings. The passage awakes us to the fact that there’s only one God and that it’s time to let go of carnal (materialistic) beliefs!

    "When mortal man blends his thoughts of existence with the spiritual and works only as God works, he will no longer grope in the dark and cling to earth because he has not tasted heaven. Carnal beliefs defraud us. They make man an involuntary hypocrite, — producing evil when he would create good, forming deformity when he would outline grace and beauty, injuring those whom he would bless. He becomes a general mis-creator, who believes he is a semi-god. His “touch turns hope to dust, the dust we all have trod.” He might say in Bible language: “The good that I would, I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.”
    There can be but one creator, who has created all.”

    How wonderful it is to praise God, the one creator, as this week's Bible Lesson so beautifully points out. :)

  62. Very beautiful and wonderfully helpful!!

  63. Thank you, Nate, for this perfect Lift!

  64. One other thought on "akrasia". It can seem very frustrating and hopeless if we rely on our own human ability to purify our thoughts and actions. But I'm finding, when we realize that right thinking is natural to every one of us as God's expression or child, then it lifts the burden. Dominion over negative thoughts and unproductive behavior is our divine inheritance. Mary Baker Eddy's words are so comforting, "Know, then, that you possess sovereign power to think and act rightly, and that nothing can dispossess you of this heritage and trespass on Love. If you maintain this position, who or what can cause you to sin or suffer?" [Pul. 3:7-11]. And this week's Bible lesson says, "The power of Christian Science and divine Love is omnipotent. It is indeed adequate to unclasp the hold and to destroy disease, sin, and death." [SH 412:13].

  65. I first thought akraisia might be a new disease, but its really the old sin of making New Year resolutions and then not being able to keep them, or like Christine says plain old procrastination, like Peter and the disciples going fishing instead of the more spiritual work of the Master, healing the sick, cleansing the lepers, casting out demons and raising the dead, which they did after they learned that because their names were written in heaven (they knew the power of the word), their needs would be met and they had more confidence in Spirit as the source of supply when they had breakfast with the risen Lord on the shores of Lake Tiberias. What a great breakfast this is this morning!
    Thank you all for sharing!

  66. This was just what was needed at this fresh start for 2014! Thank you so much for this regimen for our mental work for ourselves. I know the Movement of Christian Science is moving forward when we have clear-sighted lecturers like you giving us these needed insights from God!

  67. Wow!! Thanks Nate for opening the door. Christine, your addition nailed it for me. Lifters, thanks so
    much for your embellishments. Since the temperature here almost requires staying in doors, I can
    really spend time on this Lift which is just what I need.

  68. Excellent! So inspiring! Thanks so much for a great start to the new year, and thanks to Christine Driessen for the amplification! All the comments are helpful.

  69. Nate thanks right on target with my studies today!!!!

  70. Thanks Nate. It was so wonderful to hear your heart speaking through your mouth! I read in No and Yes page 39, " It is a truism that we can think more lucidly and profoundly than we can write or speak" You did a very good job, I love your voice! It is obvious no dishonesty or vanity influenced this daily lift! You inspired a lot of beautiful comments of which I am most grateful

  71. This lift is so interesting, enlightening, inspiring. Thank you, Nate! I especially appreciated your emphasis on the 100%- we are all whole, complete, ideas of Spirit, God, just as He is, just as He made us, right now. I loved the comments, too. Yes, focus on infinity, infinite Good, as Shari (47) so aptly pointed out. We then are fully aware of God's nature, and consequently our nature, as God's complete and perfect reflection. No need to wrestle with decisions, so-called character flaws as we acknowledge His/Her all-powerful everpresence in our lives, get ourselves out of the way and just listen, and follow. God surely shows us the way always and completely.

  72. Thanks Christine #64. She is absolutely right! Right thinking is SO natural. I like to remember that yielding to the truth that we're 100% spiritual and good can be very easy because it's true! It's not something we have to make up with 'our' thinking! AND all good thoughts are from God. We don't make those up either! There's only one creator. So the process is always a yielding to God. God, divine Love, creates everything beautiful, healthy and complete, and God gives us the thoughts to know it.

  73. Yes, of course! Very logical and practical...thanks, Nate!

  74. Thank you Nate--I so appreciate your lift today. For me it really points out how important it is to be counscious of God as the source of our motivation and purpose. We aren't human personalities with often good intentions but lacking the insight to do what is right. As God's ideas we have the guidance and intelligence of the One Mind. Uncertainty, confusion, and mistakes are not a part of our true being and have no place in God's kingdom--where we always are!!

  75. Thank you for your main point: right identification.

  76. John 15-16: We Can Do Nothing of Ourselves
    “Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.“
    Thank you Nate and also Bevi #49. Knowing that we are loved and cherished by God is the key to everything.If we don't feel the love and give the love, then our actions are empty. 1 Corinthians 13 "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal." We want so urgently to accept that God love us more than anything else and just as we are. But we don't seem to believe and embrace that and hence the eternal struggle! Let go and accept God's love without restriction or hesitation. For most of us this is scary as it is letting go of our personal control.

  77. This is the 1st time I have heard of that word and what it meant; "AKRASIA." I am a SI-FY buff, and having looked up the meaning, the word reminded me of 2 Novels that I read that told of people doing things that were unnatural for them to do. The titles were "THE PUPPET MASTERS" and "THE BODY SNATCHERS." both of which told of Spores attaching themselves to persons, controlling them to do things that were unnatural for them to do. Isn't that just like Mortal Mind and it's suggestive trickery. In the novels, the destruction used was fire and material weapons. But the real way is using prayer, as taught in C/S, to just deny their existence and affirm God as the only power.

  78. Thank you Nate. This Daily Life was exactly the answer I was searching for.
    Each Daily Lift is a wonderful blessing. Thank you and your team for bringing them to us.

  79. Loved your inspired view of Rom 7:19. I'm off to scour the inside of my cup with a 100% spiritual view. Thanks so much.

  80. Thank you, Nate. And a big thank-you to Bevi - #49 - for what you said and for the courage it took to say it.

    Thank you also, Christine, for the wonderful quote from Pulpit and Press.


  81. Thank you Nate for such an inspiring lift! Truly a very great start for the new day and new year.I enjoyed all the responses also. A friend in science said to me one time,"when we know who we are,that eliminates what we are not." Thanks again Nate for this great reminder of who we are.

  82. Really good, I like that moment by moment we are identifying ourselves spiritually. This was a real lift! Thank you.

  83. Wonderful lift, Nate! Thank you. I'm so grateful to Paul, Jesus' disciple who figured out how error would try to argue against us & hide our true spiritual, noble and perfect nature from us. Can you tell me what verso of the Bible you were reading from? It already is a blessed and fruitful new year....we will have more of the same!

  84. 83 I quoted Romans 7:19 from The New Living Translation of the Bible. I just paraphrased Matthew 23:25. I really enjoy exploring various translations of the Bible on BibleHub.com (best for single verses) and BibleGateway.com (best for longer passages).

  85. It's wonderful to dig into origins of words to get new inspiration to think about. I appreciate the intrigue of the title, and then the simple discipline of how to overcome akrasia.

  86. Thank you

  87. Sincere gratitude for helping me to see that a mistake is not part of my being, is not attached to God's child. Peacefully.

  88. Thank you, #61, Nate, for your graciousness! And to #65, Gary, you made me laugh! I don't think we need to call it a "sin" when we fall down on keeping our New Year's Resolutions. That sounds more like guilt and condemnation to me. How 'bout having some compassion, tenderness and love for ourselves - the way our Father-Mother God does?!

  89. Clever, clever,
    and SO solid with the solution.

    Many thanks Nate.
    Your wit and humor perfectly match your good doings and accomplishments!

    With much love,

  90. Wow! This is what I need! Thanks Nate.
    And like Nela said #54 "Thanks Nate, for unmasking akrasia!"

  91. Thanks Nate - excellent Lift. And thanks also to Christine D. for her comments. Both have been added to my arsenal today. Perfect timing.

  92. This is truly inspiring. The antidote to this is Christly clear! Our immaculate conception is fully illustrated in Jesus' birth and experience. Akrasia is but a counterfeit. Reminds me of Flip Wilson, a comedian, who always resorted to the excuse that "the devil made me do it."

  93. Amazing lift! Thank you. It provides much food for thought and action!

  94. Logical, practical, and just wonderful. Thank you, Nate, for a wonderful Daily Lift. We all need to work diligently & consistently at overcoming akrasia !

  95. Just lovely, inspiring, fun and engaging. thanks so much Nate for your initial lift and then for all your attentive responses throughout. Thanks everyone who has commented and shared your insights and various supportive passages. This exchange is so interactive and helpful. Love reflected in love.
    Thanks for putting these on everyday. Much to be grateful for.

  96. Your message was absolutely beautiful, Nate. For the new year, leaving the "old" for the "new" and filling our thoughts with 100% GOOD; and not getting caught up with this wavering back and forth, teeter tottering, or mixing good and bad in our daily experience. These are not qualities of God. How privy we are to be a part of this perfect creation; perfect God, perfect man!!! Thanks ever so much for your uplifting and inspiring LIFTs. And thank you also for a new word to me "akrasia"!

  97. Marcia - thank you Nate - so thoughtful ! & everyone's add ons too !

  98. How true it is that there is an answer to ever lie conceived about the true status of who we are! Thank you Nate!

  99. Wow, what a fabulous lift and responses. Thanks to all! Especially appreciated your comments #49 Bev, and thanks Nate for your responses. I really appreciate it when the individual who gives the lift responds to our sharing!
    Blessings to all, Judith

  100. I really enjoy going back to Greek words and see their translations into the Bible. Unfortunately, the more spiritual understanding of the word is often lost. I'm so grateful to Mrs. Eddy and to God for S&H, which truly is a key to the scriptures. I also often read different Bible versions because I find some versions convey ideas in a more spiritually enlightened way. Great posts! Thanks Nate for "akrasia." That was new for me. And thanks Christien D. for more information about the word. After hearing your lift, Nate, several other Bible verses came to mind:

    Romans 12:21
    Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

    Romans 6:1,2,
    1 What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? 2 By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?

    We are made in God's immage and likeness and our nature is to harbor good thoughts and do good actions. Yes, we must stand porter at the door of thought and yes, we must "emerge gently from matter into spirit," but it's so wonderful and reassuring to know that our natural inclination is already to overcome evil with good.

    SH 261:4 Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts.

  101. What a wonderful concept to ponder. I am stuggling with a "habit" that I need to not identify with any longer, and your words were so helpful. Thank you for this inspiring "lift."

  102. Sooner or later we must admit God, Spirit is the only creator and creation, ourselves included, despite labels other so-called creators by whatever name would try to attach.

  103. 47 Shari, I've been thinking about your comment about the camera lens focusing to infinite and the specks of dust disappearing. What a wonderful analogy! Maybe you'll let me reference your comment in a video lift sometime... :)


  105. So great, Nate. Thank you. I love your emphasis on action and your inner-cup/outer-cup analogy is so comforting. It makes consistent healing actions seem totally possible instead of an intimidating goal. I've been thinking today about how spiritual sense - for everybody - is our natural love language. That we all all have the capacity to understand God and his loving guidance for us, constantly.

  106. What a treatment! I can see that together we are able to do what Mary Baker Eddy knew students of Christian Science would be able to do- I am not able to put my hand on the exact quote but in essence she remarked at the end of one of the classes she taught- THERE ARE ENOUGH IN THIS ROOM TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

    Well, today is proof of this. A community of spiritual thinkers and practitioners is gathered together on this site- coming from every place and space- and taking up the work of Christ's appointing.

    I am so happy to be here with you.
    Intrigue with the word Akrasia had me tune in this morning instead of waiting to listen later.
    This inspired lift and all the amazing contributions to it has focused my work for the day.
    Beautiful team work all!

  107. No more "to do or not to do." We have the way to know what is right. And eventually, knowing what is true about us, we need not struggle to do what is right.

    Thank you, Nate, and others.

  108. Thank you Nate for this lovely reminder - you always put a smile on my face each morning when I hear your cheerful greeting - it's always a wonderful way to start the day - these Lifts are a lovely idea - thanks to you and the whole crew for bringing them to us - may you & yours have a blessed year.

  109. Dear Nate, Thanks so much and from all the comments you have struck a chord in all of us! And thanks to Christine, too for her wonderful thoughts and a further explaination of 'akrisia'. A word that I did not know either!

    I enjoy your fresh and inspiring ideas! And I love all these DL's to start each computer day; always giving us something to think about and work on!

  110. Such a helpful message explaining the conflict within most of us. Thank you for the depth and love it reveals.

  111. Thank you Nate and all the lifters. I am grateful for and appreciate Christine's comments.

  112. Thank you so much, #76, suee! I found an excellent C.S. Monitor Spiritual Perspective, Feb. 24, 2003: "What Christianity tells us is that the innocence of our own being is real, so real that it warrants a commitment. For all the reasons we are given day by day to feel guilty, stupid, unworthy, and useless, God's embrace of us is so constant that it secures our integrity on a spiritual basis. We're being asked to accept the reality of being loved by God in a way that we can share with our fellow children of God. Not for the purpose of proving ourselves, but for the purpose of celebrating the magnitude of the divine Love that is loving us." I really want to feel this Love so I can share it freely with others!

  113. What an outstanding Up Lift, thank you so much Nate, and all the interesting and wise comments, I can:t stop reading them all. Thank you, and thank God for all the intelligence and spirituality revealed.

  114. That's as good as i knew it would be when I saw you were the presenter!! Thanks for that inspired lesson, Nate. And... Hey... Hey!!! We appreciate you so very much.

  115. Thank you so much Nate.

  116. "..who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?"
    Another of Paul's remonstrations, this time thrown out to the Galatians. 5:7. It's a question I often put to myself. The more we cherish the ever-present Truth, the more the hindrance is diminished.
    Thanks Nate for highlighting Paul's lesson and Mrs. Eddy's educating words.

  117. Thank-you Nate and all those who have responded with inspiring comments. Melvyn, Torbay, UK

  118. In Greek:
    A = away from, contrary to
    Kra- root meaning govern or control (sometimes cra-, and with a t or an s, in the case of "democracy" with a c)

    Ergo, whatever argues against self control and for control by other people or forces may come under the ban of Romans 7. Apply this to too many government and fiscal matters, and you have a much-needed new spin on our own role in world affairs. Don't stop there, though! Keep going in CS to understand the paradox that absolute control of Soul is ultimate freedom.

    This idea per John Donne: O to vex me, contraries meet in one.
    Fulke Greville:
    O wearisome condition of humanity,
    Born under one law, to another bound...
    What meaneth nature by these divers laws?
    Passion and reason self-division cause.
    Alexander Pope:
    ...created half to rise and half to fall;
    Great lord of all things yet the prey of all.

    Go the last verse of 7 and opening of 8. He answers his plaintive "who shall deliver me from the body of this death?" With "I thank God thru Jesus Christ...There is therefore now no condemnation...the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free of the law of sin and death."

    I don't agree that this is "lovely" as many have commented. It's bloody, stressful, life-or-death, no easy struggle with no facile answers. But I can say, with full background, with triumph "I thank God."

  119. Thank you Nate! Of course, one hundred percent with God, "one hundred percent good action" as you say. Lovely reminder because it brings us back to God as permanent home...joyous...

    And thank you lifters for your inspiring comments.

  120. Terrific Nate! Love learning new & valuable words like this. I also agree with the comment #3 by Brian.
    In our society, folks tend to "beat themselves up" when repeating these patterns you describe, and this
    is such a wonderful way to rise in consciousness above any seeming discord.....both in our own lives
    and the lives of others, I recently had a conversation with a dear friend about this very situation, and
    would love to have had this word handy at the time,,,,, will share it soon! Using an unusual and new
    word like this when someone may be "bemoaning" such a situation is called "pattern interuption"....it
    breaks the human patterns we get stuck in and suddenly someone's stopping and asking "What does
    that mean?" Gives us a great opportunity to share Truth in a compassionate way. Blessings to you
    in this New Year, Nate, and appreciate you helping to get ours off to a great start! :-)

  121. The more we want to do good, the more opportunities present themselves. I ended the year asking God what I was to do that day to bless anyone. While walking my dog around a high school perimeter 12/31 late in the morning, there was a small white dog in the middle of a semi-busy street barking at us. We walked toward it talking calmly, it ran back to the left side of a house to the back gate, but couldn't get in. I rang the doorbell, lady answered and was shocked to know her dog had gotten out. It ran under my dog's nose to get in the house when she called its name. She said that the dog must have been out for quite some time because they had put two little real Christmas trees to throw away on their porch by the front door a couple of hours ago. Of course she was so grateful that I cared enough to do what I did. See, God puts us where we are needed. What a wonderful way to end the year. Can't wait to see what God has in store for me this year. We know, only good for everyone. Blessed 2014 to all lifters and commenters Keep the healing thoughts flowing and the blessings will too.

  122. Lovely, thanks Nate.

  123. Thank you for this inspiring lift. Much to think about!

  124. Christine, The quote you shared (from Pul) is a quote that I had spent the morning memorizing. I stumbled upon it in a Sentinel article. Of course, I have read it many times. But this morning I came upon it and it was just the inspiration I needed, so I decided to commit it to memory (a new faculty I'm appreciating). Anyway, it shouted out to me again when I read your comment. I love how the truth continues to dovetail for each one of us! Thank you.

    And thank you, #47, Shari, I think your metaphor about the camera focusing on infinity and not the speck is very demonstrative of today's lift.

    And Nate, how wonderful that so many dialogues from those commenting blossomed out of this daily lift. It really felt like a conversation all wanted to join in and no one wanted to leave.

  125. What a comforting way to think! Good for New Year!

  126. That was so helpful Nate. Thank you too to Christine for your extra amplifying of this new word "akrasia".

  127. WOW!Thank you and all who have commented on this lift.

  128. You never know how big an impact you can make in even a small way when we listen and are obedient. I met a man a few days ago on a relatively short flight between Buffalo, NY and Washington, DC. He told me he and his family were returning to Ethiopia for the fifth time as missionaries from upstate New York but there had been an absence of 4 years since their last trip. The thought that came to me was to give him some money for his ministry-I don't know what his particular faith was but we shared a common love for God and our fellow man. I gave him some cash and he asked what it was for-I told him it was for his ministry. He was grateful and told me how much good even my small gift could bring to that troubled region. Yesterday I read that Ethiopia and the Sudan are now involved in peace talks!. Blessings for everyone in this very new year.

  129. What a fabulous Lift---and Comments, too. Thank you all. This spoke right to my heart, as it seems to have spoken likewise to so many others.

  130. Nate thank you so much!!! How inspiring and helpful and vitally important, your Lift gift to us today. Thank you too for your additional wonderful comments and the quote form Science and Health. Heartfelt thanks also to all the other posters for your comments as well.

  131. Thank you Nate for the exact message I needed to hear today ! It is so helpful and zeroes in on what would try and stop us from healing the sick, from taking a progressive step.
    And Troy. I couldn't help note that you made a comment (quote): "Our prayers open our thought and remove this 'evil'. " (unquote) Even though I see you have put an apostrophe b4 and after the word 'evil' - The key point to understand and contemplate deeply is that evil is not even present, is not a formidable opponent or does it even EXIST. It is such a temptation to entertain the thought that evil exists and that we have to remove it. As Mary Baker Eddy states on Page 277: Line 27 of Science and Health: "This error in the premise leads to errors in the conclusion in every statement into which it enters." I have been learning that once this point is really understood, in other words we UNDERSTAND at a deep leve,l that there is ONLY GOD, GOOD, we no longer are impressed by what the senses try and tell us about the existence of an evil influence. We simply keep monotheistic and respond to the God we are presently knowing which is really the best communication there is.

  132. Some thoughts regarding previous mention of Plato and Aristotle [No 38, Christine Driessen], which I’ve just read. Aristotle takes the more empirical approach – taking the view that human nature/intuition leads us to believe in akrasia. Plato/Socrates, as usual, takes the more ‘spiritual’ view [more in tune with CS], inferring that akrasia does not exist. 'No one goes willingly towards the bad', says Socrates, but each of us will, naturally, act in the way we believe to be best. I.e. nobody will choose to do the thing that he/she truly believes to be a bad choice. To Socrates/Plato, ‘Doing the wrong thing’ is, in effect, just ignorance [just a lack of understanding of the truth, of The Good]. Hence the need to pursue knowledge, aka The Truth, and hence The Good..

    In the NT, Jesus used the word ἀκρασία (akrasia) only once, in Matt 23.25, where he denounces the scribes and Pharisees as hypocrites. It was translated in KJV as ‘excess’ and was juxtaposed with the word ἁρπαγή [harpage] = plundering, theft or robbery, which was translated in KJV as ‘extortion.’ Cf comment 118 by Lowly wise, on fiscal matters.

    Jesus appears to have been addressing the ignorant belief in akrasia. Whereas, no doubt, he knew that akrasia does not, in truth, exist. Thanks for the food for thought, Nate.

  133. Thank you Nate for sharing beautiful and very helpful message.

  134. Thank you so much.Nate. What a timely lift for the New Beginning and nothing is so important than to keep
    Thoughts and actions in line with Love and Truth and just be God centered and do what is necessary and just ask God "what would you have me do next" and He will certainly guide you and not digress to any other activities...One action at a time!

    Blessing for the New year.

  135. Besides the excelent and significant content of your lift, I´ve come to learn a greek word - AKRASIA!
    You know, I think I´ll never forget this word for it express an important reminder for our lives.
    Thank you Nate, for your helpful message and for the enthusiastic conversation among lifters that indeed enriched the lift!

  136. Perhaps the solution to the suggestion of akrasia (thank you for calling it by name) is to be ever more sincere daily students of the Manual of The Mother Church-- which causes us to re-born and to love obeying these God- requirements and thus be self-governed? A few of these include--to "believe" in Christian Science--p.34 (with all that includes); to pray the daily prayer daily--p.41; to live the rule for Motives and Acts--p.40; to defend our thought against aggressive suggestions--p.42; to fulfill our "duty go God" (p. 67) and not turn our attention away from Him to personality; to "demonstrate by our practice that that C.S. heals the sick quickly and wholly, thus proving this Science to be all the we claim for it"--p. 92; to give testimony to the healing of the sick--p.47; to have "gratitude and love in our heart each day..."--p.60; to accept and yearn to understand the Tenets we signed our names to when uniting with the Mother Church.. Yearning to obey-- and practicing-- these, we are aligned with the divine law of Good and we do good! and the belief of akrasia ceases to be a suggestion.

  137. Jamie, I love it. It's so true. There's no way akrasia could appear in our lives if we're faithfully following the mandates in The Manual of The Mother Church!

  138. Thank you Nate! What a wonderful lift!

  139. Nate, Thank you. I didn't know what akrasia was. Now I appreciate even more the importance of realizing ourselves AND everyone else as a perfect child of God. Each of these Daily Lifts helps me on my way to salvation.

  140. Yes Nate, absolutely! It would be wonderful to use the analogy of the focusing of the lens in a lift. Thank you everyone for these powerful sharings! #47

  141. Thanks Nate for reminding me that Saint Paul's letters should be read as contemporary personal notes relating to our personal here and now - and not distant historical documents. Your input and insight is
    greatly appreciated.

  142. Thank you Nate.this is such a wonderful message. This word akrasia, sums it all up for a lot of us! On occasion I have berated myself for having committed akrasia. When I know in my heart, this isn't the real me. As the perfect image and likeness and reflection of our creator we are always at the point of perfection. I needed to be reminded of this on the day of this precious daily lift. Then I sighed a big thank you and forgave myself! These lifts meet us where we are in thought, needs are always met. Love you.

  143. Thank you.

  144. Wonderful, just wonderful

  145. Nate, thank you very much for this Lift. I needed to hear this... twice. Akrasia is what some call being a "whiskey priest", but the way in which this Lift espressed itself, in which you say twice that we are the image and likeness of God, is something more profound and constructive. I have sometimes erroneously labeled myself as having both talents and faults, blessings and shortcomings. But when we correctly align our thought, we see that God is the real reality. I am going to keep this with me; thank you as well for showing me a part of the Bible that I had never come across. This is the moral courage we need.

  146. Thank you, Nate. Nothing has sent me to the dictionary more than my study of Christian Science and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. As my human thinking yields to the divine, I am coming to UNDERSTAND just what this CHRISTIAN Science represents: an understanding of LIFE.

  147. Great lift, Nate. Thank you !!!!

  148. I want to thank you so very very much. This morning it appeared to be a desperate situation with my house. My kitchen was so cold I could barely walk into it. My boiler was running so often I feared I would run out of oil. On top of that the ice had found a hole in the roof and the was leaking into the upstairs bedrooms.. After I listened to your wonderful lift, I sat a while and got very calm. Went into the kitchen pulled back the blinds and discovered the top window was open. Oh boy! within a half hour I remember a friend of my x husband who repaired roofs, a man I knew who was experienced, honest and fair. To make a long story short my unsolved situation is on the road to be solved. Angel messages at work.

  149. gracias por tu pensamiento elevado y transmitirlo a nosotros,en realidad no haces más que seguir el camino de nuestra amada guía

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