1/17: Your sparkle

1/17: Your sparkle

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  1. Thank you Evan for this fun Lift that makes a great point. We learn through Christ Jesus teachings that the Kingdom of God is within us. We have no further to look for this reign of spiritual harmony, where no darkness or discord exist, than to ourselves. This is our sparkle. God is its source and His creation man cant's help but to "sparkle" with truth and love and life, now, and forever more.

  2. It reminds me of what Mrs. Eddy said about happiness. That it consists of being and doing good. (1902). That's what gives me sparkle.

  3. Thank you SO much, Evan and Alex. This is delightful and sparkling. It reminds me of the sparklers that we enjoy on the Fourth of July - Independence Day in the USA. From now on, I'll associate independence from fear, lack, etc. with our natural God-given sparkle of joy, freedom, and creativity.

  4. Evan, thank you! A lift, indeed! I was hardly sparkling at all, but you changed all that I am extremely grateful for your splendid presentation. Yours, with a sparkle to share, everywhere.

  5. Thank you, Evan, for “Your sparkle … coming from God … healing … everyone … around you … let your sparkle shine bright today.”

    What a lovely video lift showing the sparkly “Healing Light” mural with your explanation of the child’s reaction to it, and how it fit so well with the artist’s intent.

    It reminds me of just last week, when my adult son and I were talking about when we each, as children, discovered glitter and how it made everything sparkle so beautifully. We remembered the first time we each printed our names with school glue on a piece of colored construction paper; sprinkled glitter over the still-wet glue; tapped off any excess glitter; and let it all dry solidly. We laughed together as we shared our childhood memories and how great it felt to see our names shining out at us from the construction paper. What a fun way to celebrate our sparkle!!!

    I’m especially grateful to God this morning for everyone’s sparkle. From one generation to the next, even though not every child has such a glittery art-class experience, children everywhere and at every age, have, as you say, “sparkle, coming from God.” (No art supplies necessary!!!)

    “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite to-day is big with blessings” (S&H vii:1) … and sparkles!!!

  6. The Christ is "the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." (John) if this is true, then each one of us has that ability to sparkle!! Thanks Evan..

  7. Evan! This is so you! It is so me! It is so everybody - all God's children, each one!!!

  8. Great lift. Thank you.

  9. I love the idea of having a sparkle! It makes me want to go shine in the world, which is what Jesus told us to do. How exciting. Thank you Evan, and the Daily Lift crew.

  10. Many thanks Evan for this very inspiring lift. It was just what I needed. Yes. "Our sparkle is filled with love, joy, peace, spiritual mindedness, that brings healing into our lives and everyone that we touch around us." "Then, brother man, fold to thy heart thy brother,/ For where love dwells, the peace of God is there:/ To worship rightly is to love each other;/ Each smile a hymn, each kindly deed a prayer." (Christian Science Hymnal #217).

  11. So lovely Evan.
    What a great concept! SPARKLE; twinkle; light-up; brighten; anoint; shine; bless; heal!

    Thanks for sharing this.
    And you sure sparkled in your whole presentation. Speaking; seeing; hearing; manifesting!
    Multifaceted gem. Thanks so much to Alex…. also!


  12. I just love it, thank you so much!

  13. THANKS!

  14. Cool! ... Thank you Evan.

  15. Evan, Thank you.

  16. Thank you.

  17. Delightful! Two thousand years ago a candle was the basic symbol of light. Today, "sparkle" says it so brightly! Many thanks, Evan, and the DL crew for the delivery.

  18. Thanks for that sparkling lift! A hymn which seems to express that lift, is verse 3 of. No.16 I sing my way today, My heart is joyous, free, For what is Thine is ever mine, I find myself in Thee. I always enjoy you videos Evan, they help to illustrate the point

  19. and you do sparkile ., too, Evan!!!Please go on giving us such great images that we can remember well all day long .By just looking at your sparkling smile , we can't but smile ourselves and be a little better or happier .thanks a lot

  20. “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid” Matt. 5:14

    Jesus words were not just for that generation but for all eternity.

    God’s qualities never stop glowing with sparkles in each one of us, His children; qualities like intelligence, intuition, inspiration, function, dominion, regeneration, moderation, and many more.

    So when we hear awful negative news about one of God’s children (any one) we must remember that he too has glowing sparkles within, and you can help him find them by getting in contact with God right at that moment and seeing him as God sees him.

    “Vosotros sois la luz del mundo; una ciudad asentada sobre un monte no se puede esconder” Mateo 5:14

    Las palabras de Jesús no solo eran para esa generación sino para toda la eternidad.

    Las qualidades de Dios nunca dejan de brillar con destellos en cada uno de nosotros, Sus hijos; qualidades como inteligencia, intuición, inspiración, función, dominio, regeneración, moderación, y muchas más.

    Así que cuando oímos horribles noticias negativas acerca de uno de los hijos de Dios (qualquiera) debemos recordar que él también lleva en sí destellos brillantes, y que tú puedes ayudarlo a encontrarlos poniéndote en contacto con Dios en ese mismo momento, y verlo como Dios lo ve.

  21. I guess our sparkle includes our willingness to help others out when we see they are struggling with something. Our willingness to say a kind word to a perfect stranger, or to help someone by smiling and opening a door for them. So its actually easy to sparkle all day long, by just being kind and smiling at everyone, as this way we are also reflecting God's love for all of His creation.

  22. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  23. Thank you, Evan.

    I would like to add don't let anybody dull your sparkle.

    Your last Daily Lift was a good exercise in that lesson.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  24. This reminded me of the sparkling lucidity of two murals in the Sunday School at our local branch church painted by one of its teenage member a while ago. You have made me think that I should ask the artist for permission to allow photos to be put on the church's website. Thanks for sparking, or sparkling, the idea, Evan!

  25. Thank you for this lovely Lift. This sparkling can be freeingly unselfconscious as well. Us being our true selves in the image and likeness of God, the Creator of light. Beams of light don't worry that they are going to get in each others' way or distract or detract another from shining. They just shine on! The sparkling is the spiritual qualities of God seen and appreciated in ourselves and others.

  26. What a beautiful lift! Thank you so much, Evan! It makes me think of the Bible verse from Romans 5:5, which I love so much:
    "....the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us."

  27. Thank you. What a great way to start our day.

  28. Brillar, trascender, ¿que produce tal maravilla, Una luz brillante, el destello de una joya? Sin duda que nada de eso, brillamos cuando trascendemos por sobre lo humano-material, ¿por qué sigue brillando la luz de Cristo? porque la luz que en Él había, estaba apoyada por sus obras, nada conmueve tanto como el sacrificio ajeno, la entrega por una causa justa sin medir las consecuencias y El derramó sus bienes en obras, no escapó a ningún sacrificio, para demostrar la bondad divina, para que la luz brillara en la oscuridad de la noche material, todo lo entregó, sin duda que, cualquiera de nosotros vacilaría ante tal sacrificio y renunciamiento de todo lo humano-material, ¿y cual ha sido el resultado de tan magnánima actitud? que la luz sigue brillando sobre cada uno de nosotros, sigamos entonces, como Cristo obrando, en santo sacrificio, reflejando la luz para que resplandezca sobre toda la humanidad.

    Muchas gracias Evan, si obramos con amor la luz brilla, como brilla a diario por los mensajes inspirados.

  29. Thank you Evan for such an upbeat message!

  30. I am looking for sparkle in the figures of our Alex Cook mural in our Sunday School. Thanks for this lift, Evan and Alex.

  31. Wonderful this lovingly presented visual "Sparkle" ,dear Evan, your sparkle came right through to inspire every reader and listener. Thank you, you make my day to be good and loving to all creations.

  32. Great Lift. I'm sparkling already. Thanks for pointing out that our sparkle is a gift from God.

  33. Thank you Thank you Evan and Alex. I didn't feel very sparkly this morning until I listened to this Daily Lift. God is always providing us with answers to our prayers, this morning you were my answer. Such a sweet and joyous Lift I will share my sparkle from God today, being grateful for what Christian Science teaches us about our precious Creator and how he created his idea man.

  34. A "Sparkle" Lift - and reminder of the childlike thought and heart that light the world and beyond! Thanks, Evan, Alex, DL Team, Lifters everywhere, for the shining light!

  35. Thank you Evan and Alex! Just so pure and true and simple! Most important the source is divine, never changes or better is new every day!

  36. Great mural and great lift! Thanks

  37. I clearly see your sparkle!

  38. Just what I needed as I sure didn't feel any sparkle this morning. I just discovered the check I wrote for our collection at church cleared my account for the wrong amount although it was clearly written. I'm the one who counts the collection and prepares the deposit and I know it was entered correctly. So now I'll have to notify our treasurer to check with the bank. And thanks, Nela, for “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite to-day is big with blessings” (S&H vii:1) … and sparkles!!! and for sharing the joyous experience with your adult son. What a blessing!

  39. Thank you, as the grandmother of young girls, I know of the sparkle they naturally possess, but thank you for reminding me, that I also have a sparkle to share with the world.

  40. I just loved this lift of yours Evan,thank you so much.It made me laugh ,it made me smile,so it madev me sparkle too, just when I needed some!!....our sparkle as you say IS inate,so always there but sometimes it needs igniting!!! Let our light shine forth.Love .light and sparkle to all,with much love.

  41. Well! What a delightful DL! I love it! Being a retired art teacher, made me appreciate the lovely mural! But, I also continued being non-retired by becoming a CS practitioner...so sparkle I will!

  42. Love it! Thanks Evan

  43. Thank you!

  44. Elena said, "So when we hear awful negative news about one of God’s children (any one) we must remember that he too has glowing sparkles within, and you can help him find them by getting in contact with God right at that moment and seeing him as God sees him."
    This is so important and we can see the sparkle in each one we know or encounter when we are conscious of the fact that we are 'spiritual ideas' and Mind is not material but the spiritual sparkle filling the universe. Everyone has it!
    Thanks Evan. Love videos like this and thanks Elena for your comment. It's something that came to me this morning before I got out of bed. The daily lifts are so wonderful to begin our day!

  45. Loved it, Evan! All Children of God really DO Sparkle! As we understand that we exist as Reflections of God, Love, LIght, we are enabled to shine forth our reflected Being! Mrs. Eddy understood that Divine Love was a "sparkle" when she talks about knowing God as Love and not as a corporeal being in Science and Health, p. 312, l. 15: "People go into ecstasies over the sense of a corporeal Jehovah, though with scarcely a spark of love in their hearts; yet God is Love, and without Love, God, immortality cannot appear." Thanks to both You and Alex for portraying this idea so graphically and spiritually! Happy Sparkling Weekend to All!

  46. Thank you Evan for the uplifting way you always tell us about God's love.

  47. What a fun, adorable and healing lift! Many thanks to Evan, and all others involved in producing it!!

  48. Thanks Evan. We do each have our own light of the Christ from God and it does sparkle. Fun!

  49. This makes me smile--what a beautiful and childlike simplicity to this fun message that brings joy to all around us. Thank you! :)

  50. Precious!

  51. Thank you, love it!

  52. Thanks for that great lift and igniting our inner "sparklers" :-)
    Alex Cook painted a beautiful mural for our church -- but it's outdoors, in the center of our business neighborhood where everyone can see it! It has beautiful sparkling stars, and deer emerging from the forest to watch a desert-mountain sunrise! It's peaceful and gentle, and has painted right on it that it's a gift from our church -- for all the world to see how we sparkle! (They can even read it from their cars as they drive by.) Please thank that little person in your Sunday school who said that. She's given the world a lovely gift, too.

  53. Many thanks.Loved the mural and the message.

  54. Cute! Love it! I received an iPad for Christmas and was playing with the app "Keynote " putting together a mini slide presentation. You can add special effects. One is called "sparkle" and it does just that. It breaks the picture up into sparkles as it fades out. I used it with the last slide and this quote from the CS Hymnal: "when God is seen with men to dwell, and all creation makes anew, what tongue can half the wonders tell, what eye the dazzling glories view? ". As we sparkle we will see the "dazzling view"!

    Daily Lift Team
    The hymn referenced above is 384.

  55. Thanks Evan for this sparkling lift!
    Judith from Reno NV

  56. You always make me smile, Evan! What a beautiful
    Lift, both visually and spiritually! I love the word "sparkle". It certainly is the opposite of dull or boring, isn't it? A joyous, sparkling Friday to everyone!

  57. Perfect subject for a dark morning. True light, whether it's sparkles from others, or the steady beam of love's light, doesn't recognize darkness.

  58. Thanks for sparkling today, Evan.
    As I am out and about today my job is to see the sparkle in others and sparkle right along with anyone I meet. Seems to me the sparkle is a way to think of the kingdom of God shining within us and all around us.

  59. This arrived at the same time another one came in showing the sparkle between grandpa and his two grandchildren. The sparkle absolutely radiated just as you described.

  60. Such a joyful and endearingly innocent Daily Lift from Evan. No shortage of sparkle in his words today!

    It goes to show that we truly are God's children and child-likeness has to be a part of the blessing. I find it does take a certain amount of trust in good in order to gain the insight, freedom and momentum to express what the artist was visualizing in the mural behind Evan, that sparkling light does indeed emanate from each and every one of us, if we allow it to.

    Thanks so much for this peak experience.

  61. I have met/known people that sparkle and it's such a joy to be around them. Their God-like qualities just shine through and enrich everyone's life. So it's up to us to let our sparkle shine on everyone we meet through our love, joy, happiness by expressing God in all we do.
    Thank you Evan, and thank you to the DL staff and to all the sparkling commentators.

  62. I just love this! Makes sense & a wonderful way to look at myself & others today. A perfect visual reminder. Thanks so much.

  63. Many thanks Evan, for sharing the story of that mural with such sparkle!!
    I woke up this morning with some rather dull and conflicting thoughts until
    some words from CS Hymn 202 (Horatio Parker) made me want to get up:
    "The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking,
    Unloosing bonds of all captivity."
    Now this lift has revealed so many more sparkles of light!!

  64. Evan.. thanks for bringing 'sparkle' to my day!

  65. Thank you very much for that great message and video. And 'Have a happy day!' (That's a command.)

  66. Thank you, Evan, for such a wonderful lift! I will let my sparkle shine today and every day. As Jesus said, "...to become as a little child...", being spontaneous, loving and forgiving is my daily intention to sparkle!!

  67. Thanks for the sparkle today, Evan!

  68. That little child said it right! Those are our sparkles! Beautiful. Thank you Evan. And as Nela said "no art supplies necessary"

  69. Oh my, right on, I am presently a patient in a wonderful Christian Science care facility . And somehow lost my SPARKLE , my get up and go. Those around me haven 't lost it, but I had. Your message has awaken me to COME OUT AND GRAB IT AGAIN. Thank you .

  70. A wonderful illustration of this quote:

    Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God’s own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick. SH 476:32-4

    The lens of Science allows us to see the sparkle that is already there, despite outward appearances.

  71. well done Evan I am inspired each and every time i listen to you

  72. At the end of this lift I became aware of the broad smile I was wearing. My sparkle that was prompted by your sparkle. And so it goes--from God our Father to his children to the whole world. What power we have to acknowledge our divine birthright and bring "sparkle" to the world.
    Thank you, Evan.

  73. I may never get to Pasco, Washington. Thank-you for showing me the wonderful mural. It is a picture I will remember.

  74. What a GREAT lift! SPARKLE---The perfect word for the feeling I get when what I said to someone brings joy to their eyes! It's responsive Love, a good-all-over feeling the fills the atmosphere contaminating even those who witness the exchange! Thank you Father! --and Evan, and Daily Lift and Lifters!

  75. What a wonderful sparkling Lift, Evan! Thank you so much. Your joy just shines, inspiring smiles from all I'm sure. Each week day brings fresh inspiration from these Daily Lifts, along with the circle of gratitude expressed from around the globe by fellow Daily Lifters. I look forward to them while my furry kitty friends eat their breakfast, and they get to listen along with me! Glorious way to start the day. Happy day, happy weekend, everyone!

  76. Evan, you just made me smile from ear to ear. Yes, you sparkle! Yesterday when I was studying the Bible Lesson I read from Psalms: "Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall FLOURISH (my caps) in the courts of our God." Flourish means to thrive, prosper, live in a vigorous state, shine forth, and yes, SPARKLE (in the actual definition of flourish that I read). Sparkle is a quality of Life, not of any age, and so, all of us reflect that sparkle of Life. Don't you love it?

  77. I echo Janice, #55...I just love the word, "sparkle"! I've been praying lately to let my light so shine that others, when they are around me will know that its God shining through me, not ME. This lift helps in getting the understanding of the impersonal shining...the sparkle of our loving Father-Mother in my thought more and will, of course, bless me and others. Thank you, Evan!

  78. Thank you to everyone involved in bringing us these precious messages. This mural will certainly stay in my thoughts and its message in my heart.

  79. Thank for such a sweet message to remind us to sparkle and to see the sparkle in all of God's Children. I appreciated Alex's mural and seeing the inspired art!

  80. Some might not know, but Alex also drew the Daily Lift logo. I always love his Soul-inspired work!

  81. Thank you Evan and JB #3 for the beautiful thought that sparklers bring, "independence from fear, lack, etc. with our natural God-given sparkle of joy, freedom, and creativity."

  82. What s lovely reminder, both of our sparkle and how important childlikeness is! Thank you, Evan!

  83. Yeaaaaa, Evan, "WE sparkle !!" Love the feeling !!

  84. Oh thank you Evan! YOUR sparkle just radiates! I love this lift and will take it with me today!

  85. Thank you everyone! After reading your upbeat comments I chuckle to think about all the "sparklers," around the world today you are brightening up people's lives with the love and joy you have to share. We are all sparkling together. What fun!

  86. There is a sparkle in every one of us. We don't have to look for it, for its already there. All we have to do is realize it for then at that moment, all bad feelings just melt away for they had never had a place in consciousness to begin with. The true man is full of joy and satisfied since his creation was never from a mortal view, but spiritual.

  87. We live and move and have our being in God, Mind. [Acts] The children, as one said, saw the sparkle as coming out of their tummies and God from the sky. God is ever-present, no location. Reading rooms have no pictures, but what the Manual states. I encourage using the words and concepts in S&H and the Bible to teach the children rather than pictures. Their childlike way and thought will believe in Santa Claus, etc. It is not easy to teach God. Lovingly.

  88. thank you Evan. One of the last times I was with my Mom, before she passed on, I spent the whole day with her talking and sharing the things she did during her day. All day, I was expressing God's Love to her. At the end of the day, as I tucked her into bed, she smiled at me so sweetly and said, "Thank you for putting a sparkle in my day!!!" I cherish that and know that the "sparkle" she was speaking of was really all the Love of God that surrounded her.

  89. oops It is easy to teach God; but not easy with pictures..one doesn't use a matter image.

  90. I love this. Thank you Evan.

  91. This is just too sweet. Thanks so much for bringing this "sparkling" message to us all today. In my Sunday School class of 5 and 6 year olds we often talk about letting our light shine by referring to it as "Shining Out". I love the thought of each one of us having that inner sparkle from God. which goes hand in hand with the idea of shining out. It is our "sparkle" that is the expression of God shining out that attracts others to our goodness our Godlikeness. I will be sure to let my sparkle shine through today.

  92. I had a chance to watch this video before going to sleep. What a wonderful thought to "rest" with. But wait! It gets better. The comments and sharing bring more joy and sparkle to my thought and therefore my day this morning! Thank you all for sharing your sparkle. And now as we go about our day we will see how God uses our sparkle!! Thanks Evan.

  93. Thank you Evan, soooooo inspiring!!

  94. Loved this, Evan. Made me think of one of my favorite statements my Mary Baker Eddy: "Man reflects the beatific presence, illumining the universe with light." Now I see this beatific presence flitting out in little points of light to bless and heal. Thanks!

  95. Thank you Evan ! I LOVED it :D

  96. Thank you for this sparkling, healing message today.

  97. Like so many others who commented, this Lift spontaneously produced a smile on my face! Thank you, Evan, for your sincere and childlike delivery of a simple, yet powerful message. Your example is a loving reminder that as we let our uplifted thoughts show in our demeanor, this "reflected" light lifts those we come in contact with out of gloom in ways we may never know.

  98. I love the enthusiam conveyed through your lifts Evan. "Sparkle" says it so well, much better than "shine," "twinkle," "gleam" or "glow." To realize everyone is sparkling brings that "joie de vivre" (joy of life) that comes straight from our Creator. We can feel the exhilaration of being alive and overflow with joy. Sparkle is right up there with laughter, zest and inspiration. Thanks so much for this lift. It truly lifted my spirits, made me want to sparkle and to see the sparkle in everyone today.

  99. LET THERE BE LIGHT! Thanks Evan for adding, reflecting, more light on the light of man. Thanks so much for the LIFT all you LIFTERS. I receive so much from you all as I "trudge the road to happy destiny." and practice Principle in all affairs.
    Peace, LOVE & Understanding,

  100. Curiosity took me to Google Alex Cook and then after some searching I found his work and more info about him.

    Go to stonebalancer.com, then click on murals -- or -- painting or drawings.

    Thanks, Evan for the sparkling Lift. It is a good reminder of the light within us all...and on these dark days of Northern winter, what better source of light.

  101. Yes we all sparkle!! Thanks Evan and Alex!


  103. Evan I just loved this! Thank you so much, and thanks to Alex and the little child who inspired it! Nate thank you for letting us know it is Alex who also drew the Daily Lift logo! As you put it in your post above, I too "always love his Soul-inspired work!" And thank you and the DL team, so much, for producing these Lifts. Each is its own individual way is so light-infused. Some reach us as a liberating flash of light, some as a warm comforting glow, some as noon-day clarity, and some as a sparkling illumination of joy!

  104. Thanks Evan, that was great, such a happy daily lift! Your energy and love engenders joy for all of us and it such an important reminder of the power of joy and happiness. I love Alex and his murals they are colorful and reflect his love of God and willingness to share it with everyone

  105. "Sparkle" has a very special meaning to me. Many years ago the word and concept healed me of grief and reminded me that I had much love and life to give to others. Thank you for sharing this amazing and spiritual insight with all of us!

  106. A great lift filled with Gods Sparkle

  107. thx Evan

  108. Thank you! Sparkle, just makes one smile.

  109. Thank you brother! I wouldn't have missed this for anything. I love spiritual art. God bless Alex Cook!
    At some of the churches I go to we raise our hands to praise God, like in the mural. When I reach out I can feel God's light landing all over me. It's wonderful! I do that when I watch the sunrise too! I like the picture of the boy helping the other boy up. I'm sure that Alex's images have planted positive suggestions in many people's minds.

  110. A great reminder to let our sparkle so shine!

  111. This uplifting topic 'Sparkle' reminded me of a sweet Sunday School hymn:
    "Jesus bids us shine, With a clear, pure light, Like a little candle burning in the night, In this world of darkness We must shine, You in your small corner, And I in mine." We must continuously shine and sparkle so that others may be enlightened and feel the presence of God's all encompassing love.

    Daily Lift Team
    Words of the hymn quoted above are by Susan Bogert Warner

  112. I'm traveling thru countries where I don't speak the language.
    Early on I realized if I simp,y let everyone see me reflecting GOOD - their GOOD, GOD'S GOOD- we all underxtood that language!
    Lotsa GOOD happening here & it's a great adventure I'm enjoying too

  113. Thank you Evan. What lovely inspiring words from the child who said, "That's our sparkle", meaning the light inside and throughout all of us is God's divine light shining, showing us all that we are indeed, perfect children of Him whose image and likeness we cannot help but reflect.

    Thank you all lifters for your comments and the Daily Lift Team also.

  114. How inspiring and fun! Thank you, Evan.

  115. Thanks, Evan.
    Very appropriate as I named my two new black kittens Sparkle and Twinkle. It's so gratifying to watch them and all my friends and family members let their sparkle and twinkle glow in their own unique way. What pleasant reminders of God's light reflected by each of us.
    Phyllis Frick


  117. Thanks Evan! You're so great. I love to watch your lifts and lectures.

  118. Thank you Evan. My wife and I are so glad to continue to be children. Often we are greeted wherever we go with happiness, smiles, gratitude, and the other person feeling blessed by our presence. Regularly these people will ask how long we have been married noting our apparent joy coming from our being together. Our 57+ years of sharing God's goodness for us and all paints a beautiful canvass of sparkles. Yes, Dorothy, sparkles are real and eternal, the Truth, IN DEED.

  119. Beautiful mural and beautiful thought. Thank you.

  120. Thank you, #87 Melody, for keeping us All on the Christian Science Metaphysical track! Congratulations on your Courage in speaking out!

  121. " All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small". Did you ever sing this lovely little song at school? My thoughts went back to lots of beautiful children's faces as they sang out with gusto. There couldn't be a better illustration of the joy that is our mission to spread, than this one. Thanks Evan, from a bright and beautiful (albeit rather too hot!) day in Busselton, West Australia. Only the bright shining and sparkle, none of the destruction which would have us fearful of summer's spark. So much inspiration is inherent in this lovely lift. I do appreciate it all.

  122. I call my Sparkle (yours too) my inner Spirit Sprite - full of wonderful dancing creative energy that you can
    activate and spread that special connection everywhere and to everyone.

  123. Thank you Evan for reminding me to sparkle today and share this light of Truth and Love by smiling, at others, Peacefully, Carol

  124. So grateful, Evan. And let's see that this omniluminesence lights up even would-be "school shooters," the homeless, the mentally ill, etc. It's so easy and yet incomplete to see the spark of joy and love only in some.

    Yesterday I had this experience when encountering two men begging for change because they were hungry. I assured them that God loves each of His children equally and that I would be praying if they wanted my prayers. The greeter in the restaurant assured me that another patron had fed them already. On leaving, they were still there. They listened as I explained that they must express honesty since God is Truth. I continued to pray for them until I felt peaceful. Now I will continue to see the spark of divine completness as them.

    PS That was the first time I ate there. It was early, so it seemed odd to follow the inspiration to eat there.

  125. Oh Evan, you always fill my heart with great joy with your inspiring messages!
    Be sure your sparkle shined so strong and so bright in this lift that it certainly will reach whoever hears it!
    Thank you so much!

  126. Great lift! I think animals, plants and other earthly beings have their own sparkles too, In Christ Jesus their Savior. Thanks be to God for the points taken. Amen.

  127. Next time I substitute in Sunday School, I'll be reminded to look for each child's wonderful "Sparkle".Thank you for this lift!"

  128. Thank you so much.

  129. I am God's sparkle!, I shall sparkle!

  130. A belated sparkle of thanks.

  131. One of the first important truths came to me when I was 29, is that Children are the representatives of Life, Truth and Love.That radical illumination changed me and how I looked at my children big time. 4 children and a welfare subsistence of 50.00 a week for all of us needed some changes .CS gave us Love, Life, Spirit, Hope And the idea of Supply.