1/17: One of a kind

1/17: One of a kind

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Listen to a Sentinel Audio Chat by Ginny Luedeman titled, "Your identity: God-defined"

  1. God has thought of everything possible, thought everything through to satisfaction. Mrs Eddy says, "Nothing is new to Spirit. Nothing can be novel to eternal Mind, the author of all things, who from all eternity knoweth His own." And He created us to express this. Each of us represent a solution to an eternal path of good, overcoming everything possible. Jesus said, "Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world." By following him, so do we, and he turned to God for everything, and why not, God knows everything. God has thought of everything and has worked through everything and has performed everything. And just as Jesus did, and was our Example, so we each are a solution to the problem of Being individualized. We are eternally, inestimably valuable. If God has worked it all out, then we each are an embodiment of a specific solution to overcoming everything in accordance with His nature, in a good and loving and right way, for it is His nature "to judge only righteous judgement."

    Not only this, but each of us represent a solution along the way on each other's paths, thereby, tying us all together with eternal and unique value "in one grand brotherhood." We all include each other, we all have all, and God has thought all these things in Mind, where we dwell safely.

    Thank you Ginny!
    Love to the DL community..6

  2. Love this! Thank you so much, Ginny, for this beautiful uplift! It's in the early morning hours here....and I'm going to bed feeling wrapped in divine Love, as a unique, beautiful child of God.

  3. Thank you!!

  4. Thank you, Ginny. We "await" the possibility of snow here, tomorrow. I will certainly "think on these things" which you have shared. As individual ideas, we are safe, protected, guided and loved.

  5. Thank you Ginny for this reminder of how unique we are as the expression by God of Himself. I like to think of us as pieces of a jig saw puzzle. Each piece is perfectly shaped on its own but when it is fitted together we can see the whole complete picture. That is how valuable we are to God. We complete His universe, the big picture, and without each of us His universe would be incomplete.

  6. Ginny, your voice is so full of love. This message is very comforting and one I will listen to again. Thank you so much.

  7. An excellent parable! We are all made of the same very good qualities and express them in such individual ways.

  8. Ginny, I am on the path of discovering this Truth. These ideas spoke to me perfectly today. Thank you so much!

  9. Thank you.

  10. Thank you Ginny, this message is so helpful today especially. LOVE to ALL.

  11. Each one of us reflects the ONE CREATOR.
    Our individuality , our qualities, are unique to each of us and equal only to God's.
    MBE said, "Man is idea, the image, of Love... He is the compound idea of God, including all right ideas" S&H 475:13
    Race or nationality, religion or culture do not define man.
    Mankind must see the great value of our heritage, there shouldn't be envy, division, pride of power.
    Jesus said, "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another" John 13:34

    Cada uno de nosotros reflejamos al ÚNICO CREADOR.
    Nuestra individualidad, nuestras cualidades, son únicas de cada uno e iguales solo a Dios.
    MBE dijo, " El hombre es idea, la imagen, del Amor... la compuesta idea de Dios e incluye todas las ideas correctas" CyS 475:14
    La raza o nacionalidad, religión o cultura no definen al hombre.
    La humanidad debe ver lo valioso que es nuestra heredad, no debiera haber envidia, división, orgullo del poder.
    Jesús dijo "Un mandamiento nuevo os doy: Que os améis unos a otros: como os he amado, que también os améis los unos a los otros" Juan 13:43

  12. Ginny, Thank you

  13. Many thanks Ginny for this inspiring blessing. "Man is idea, the image, of Love; he is not physique. He is the compound idea of God, including all right ideas;" (S&H 475:14). "Healed is thy hardness, His love hath dissolved it,/ Full is the promise, the blessing how kind;" (Christian Science Hymnal #278).

  14. thats just so beautiful,thank you Ginny. We do sometimes need to be reassured of all you said.peace and love to all

  15. What an inspiration! To think that your words apply to every single one of us!

  16. Thank you, Ginny - a very good and beneficial way to commence every day, by allowing our uniqueness
    to appear confidently from our divine source, and not to let anything hinder us. In this way we can glorify God continually. That has to be very satisfying.

    Thanks for all the comments, and especially so far to Steve (No.1). I look forward to more unique expressions in support of this lift.

  17. As I woke up this morning I thought 'Father what is it you want me to know about me?' I usually say 'us, your children, etc.' but this morning I was corrected and said me. And I have my answer. Thank you Ginny for answering my question in God's most precious way. I love being one of a kind!!!

  18. What a clear analogy Thank you

  19. Thank you!!!

  20. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift

  21. Short and sweet, and comprehensable! Thanks Ginny. Let's have some more like that!!

  22. Thank you for this beautiful and timely message, Ginny. I had been feeling very unappreciated and hurt since yesterday. To awake to this beautiful reminder that I am loved simply because I am the spiritual child of my loving Father has lifted my "shade of gloom".

  23. Isn't uniqueness great? And we all are unique with the unbreakable common denominator...... God. What a way to view everyone we encounter today AND know they are unique and Good too.




  25. Thank you so much, Ginny. Piercing Truth...my heart feels this reminder.
    And, #1, thank you especially for your last paragraph. Wonderfully put. Thank you all, too. May we feel this radiating Love

  26. Very nice... thank you so much!

  27. It has come clearly to me lately that I will not truly love others until I learn to love myself. Your Lift bears this out. Guess I'm on the right track.
    I love to start my day with a helpful thought like this one, Thanks to all involved in making it possible.

  28. This lift is exactly what I needed this morning! Interesting how the things we are praying to see revealed are always revealed, and in sometimes unexpected ways. I love these Daily Lifts and appreciate the wonderful ways they bring thoughts into focus. Who knew that when I opened this, it would be exactly the message I needed? Well...I guess that would be God ;)

  29. thank you. Like no27, I also believe unless we love ourselves we can't love another. I will listen to this throughout my day. I needed this today

  30. Man, when translated in immortal Mind is individual. When applied to Deity, Mrs. Eddy says, "The term individuality is also open to objections, because an individual may be one of a series, one of many, as an individual man, an individual horse, whereas God is One, -- not one of a series, but one alone and without an equal. " Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, pages 115-117.

  31. Muy bueno, realmente muy bueno.

  32. This is God's day, and He needs each one of us in His day to reflect His glory and love. Not one of us is ever omitted from His unfolding day, since He is complete. Each one of us is proof of that completeness. Thank you, God!

    And thank you, Ginny and BoL, for today's sweet message.

  33. Thanks to You, uniquely Ginny!!! Where did we ever get the idea that it was "spiritual" or "humble" to put ourselves down....To Not Love Ourselves? Sounds like a lot of Old Theology to me - coming from the very Dark Ages!!! It also can come from what we experienced as children in our families growing up. Lots of times this old theology has been passed down from parents who didn't love themselves. Well, we learn in Christian Science that Heredity is a false belief that we don't have to give credence to! Anita Moorjani has written a book about her Near Death Experience through which she was completely healed of Cancer. But the most important message that she received and brought back to share with the world is twofold: "Live Your LIfe Fearlessly" and "Love Yourself"!! It's the Message that God, Divine Love, Divine Mind, and Divine Truth and Divine Life has been sending to us for Eternity. And it's the message that Christ Jesus brought to the world. I think we're all finally willing to Wake Up and Receive It! I am not Physique, I Am Unique!! WhooHoo!!!!

  34. I love what you said about how each of us is needed. One snowflake on its own is pretty -- just think of how beautiful several are, together! Thank you Ginny, for your comments today.

  35. Lovely message and how comforting it is to know that we are unique and special.

  36. Thank you, Gunny, for the reminder to each of us that we have our own separate unique identity.. May I add also that we ae NOT defined by our DNA. As you so aptly put it recently in another Lift....DNA, does not apply. I feel inspired by this Lift. Thank you again.

  37. Thank you, Ginny. Another way of what #1 said in his last paragraph and what one could say of oneself and others might be: "If you or I could disappear from God's Oneness and Allness, 500 years from now someone would have someone missing (a black hole) in their universe." Mrs. Eddy puts it, "Man can no more die nor disappear in unconsciousness than can Soul, for both are immortal."

    In the grid of Good, every one of us fills our own niche from moment to moment throughout eternity." That's how IMPORTANT and INDISPENSABLE each one of us is!

  38. Needed to hear that ....THANK YOU!!!!!

  39. "Oye Israel Jehová nuestro Dios Uno solo ES"
    Entonces nada hay creado y sí hecho digamos es Un hecho no una creación Dios Es y nosotros somos, ¿Dónde está lo creado? podemos decir sin ninguna duda que lo humano y material es lo creado y siento que ser consciente de ello es lo más cercano a un entendimiento que nos eleva a regiones celestes donde nos encontramos con una realidad que va más allá de nuestro entendimiento, somos sí consciente del Amor la prueba irrefutable del Bien infinito, Hemos aprendido a traves de Eddy que la materia no existe y que un día lo entenderemos, Cristojesús dió su vida por denunciarla negando que pudiera haber otra realidad que no fuera la del espíritu y eso es lo que nos ha guiado a un mayor entendimiento de las cosas divinas y a ellos debemos estar agradecidos al sacrificio que a hecho posible progresar por la senda de la Vida.

    Muchas gracias Ginny, también los mensajes diarios nos ayudan en el progreso, por que en la plenitud de ideas que los mensajeros y los que comentan nos hacen llegar encontramos con frecuencia un bello andar.

  40. Ginny girl, it was like my mother speaking to me about how special I am. And I know it was God's message through you who wants every one to know how wonderful they are. Jan

  41. Thank you.

  42. Perfect .. Thank U !!! :-)

  43. Thank you so much, Ginny. Obrigada.

  44. Thanks Ginny and thanks Steve #1 for the simple, joyful reminders that we are all One, and perfect and whole yet still all individualized, needed by God to fulfill His Allness! Still a work in progress to see this with true understanding..

  45. Thank you Ginny, as always these lifts are just what I need for the moment I hear them and they stay with me all day. hugs, Brez

  46. Dearest Ginny, Thank you for this beautiful way of reminding us of this wonderful truth! - And I am so glad that you know this, for you, also! Because I love your loving ways of appreciating and describing some of the many facets of the Love that is God With much love from Joan W.of England.

  47. I love the idea of God being expressed through all of us in our own unique way.... We all are equally valuable and essential to God's family.
    We all bring the qualities that are needed in every situation throughout our day.... We might express them differently, but we all are the sons and daughters of one Father. I know I am striving to really appreciate every person for their special qualities and what they "bring" to any situation. Thanks for the reminder:)

  48. Thank you for this clarity of who our true being really is. It can be so easy to get caught up with thinking that our past human actions or even present ones define us or limit us to make the same mistakes but this is a strong lie. Our selfhood comes from one Mind, one Ego, one God. The same lie keeps presenting itself to me that I have to be my own supply and that I shouldn't ask for help to get it if I am struggling. But each time I allow myself to get caught up in this lie I find myself running around and worrying for nothing. Each time God comes through and supplies my every need right on time. God loves each and everyone of us and we reflect God fully so we don't need to sling mud on the mirror to fix an already prefect reflection of God, instead we should be polishing our reflection with affirmations of Truth.

    The snowflakes -- God's designs!...each one unique. Wonderful to realize we are made more unique and beautiful than the snowflakes. A good way to value others as well as ourself.

  50. Thank you, Ginny, for “One of a kind … you’re valuable … you speak of God’s qualities in a unique way … wonderfully made in God’s image …” The idea of my “speaking” of God’s qualities in a unique way, particularly stands out to me, as referring to the “speaking” that most often has nothing to do with verbal expression. With that in mind, I wonder. What am I “saying” by how I’m living? Are my days filled with decisions based on “…Truth practised and demonstrated by the destruction of sin, sickness, and death …” (S&H 201)? This Lift is a great “wake up call” for me to be especially alert to how I’m BEing with all due respect to my rights and responsibilities as “God’s image.” Then, comes to thought, “Oh, may the love that is talked, be felt! and so lived…” (Mis 312) Accepting my incomparable “one-of-a-kindness,” my value, and my uniqueness, I gather up my sense of humor and cheer myself along with, “Nobody can live Love like I can!” :-) Now my smile is turning into a full grin on the verge of laughing! :-) :-) What a way to go into another day of celebrating the wonderfulness of God and God’s creation, including me and mine and all! Okay, now I’m laughing!!! :-) :-) :-)

  51. Thank you, Ginny!
    Just beautiful, and so wonderful to share!

  52. Katie Couric on her TV talk show last Monday talked about children being kidnapped in the USA for sex. I don't remember the name of the grown woman that she interviewed, but it showed how this women held her own unique identity as a child of God through out the ordeal that she went through. Not once, as she told Katie, did she fall for the temptation to be depressed. It took a couple of years to escape, but she finally did. As I heard today's Daily Lift, inspired me to tell the above incident. It taught never to let or allow any one to talk us out of our uniqueness.

  53. Marvelous! Thank you.
    I learned never to compare myself to others. I am unique and "One of the kind"

  54. Another grateful lifter! thanks Ginny and thanks everyone for sharing. I love the phrase, "...including all right ideas." This is true for all of us.

  55. Many thanks Ginny for that beautiful lift. I am so inspired this morning, had to listen again.

  56. For those of us who do these lifts we just love your comments.. especially your experiences of how the ideas expressed in the lift can be practically applied in every day experiences thank you for your gratitude your experiences. We thank you for your willingness to share. You are of great value! Blessings to each of you

  57. YEAHHH!!! :) Love it. Thanks Ginny.

  58. Thank you, unique Ginny! I Am Not Physique, I Am Unique! No matter what "mud" or false beliefs have been put on us from our past, we can see right through those lies, deny the reality of Heredity, and blast right through to our sparkling and unique reflection as seen in the mirror of Divine Science!

  59. Maravilloso! Gracias. Yo aprendi nunca compararme con otros. Yo soy unico.

  60. I appreciate so much how you started right in, enthusiastically with the truth!

    Thank you, I needed that this morning! I just finished a term as reader and am looking forward to new ways to serve my church.

  61. "Comparisons are odious." ~Shakespeare

    How silly it would be to compare snowflakes....or to compare each other!
    God must have made all of His ideas complete, whole, perfect...as notes and numbers.
    WE are God's ideas! Incomparable and individual and wonderful. Let's leave off comparing ourselves to others.

    Have a Day Free of Odious Comparisons, dear ones!

    ~Sue K.

  62. Thank you, Ginny, for such an encouraging start to the day. Instead of looking at my to-do list with some degree of doubt, the inspiration I've received has helped turn around any falsity that I don't have what it takes to do my job. Have a joyous day, All!

  63. This is wonderful and something I've been working with my girls on (as coach). I will be sharing this with them as part of their daily pre-practice metaphysical this afternoon. Thank you!

  64. Perfect for working with a small bundle of children today, making their first steps in learning what is, and how to play an instrument, choosing size,colour,fingers prodding and tapping,feet stomping,dancing, as long as it looked interesting and sounded good - unique smiles and laughter as the sounds emerged and their voices made song-notes of joy.How far reaching is the thought that each one of us is unique and beautiful, a wonderful reminder, we are the complete lovely expressions of Soul.Thank you.

  65. How beautiful, thank you Ginny

  66. Dear Ginny~ thank you so much for this beautiful reminder!!!!
    Love to all my dear "unique" DL friends

  67. Yes! Thank you!

  68. Loved and needed to make Gods creation complete, because we are one of his Perfect Ideas.
    Wow that makes this day exciting and wonderful. Thank-you Ginny for the sweet reminder.

  69. Thanks for reminding me of the snowflake analogy....many years ago a sweet C.S. Sunday School teacher brought home to my thought this idea, she had been invited to my parents home for Sunday dinner and because it was winter she taught me how to make snowflakes to decorate our windows. I have carried this lesson of each individual snowflake and man being entirely different and unique, yet the expression of God's likeness and infinity with me for many decades.

  70. Thank you Ginny. A very good reminder. Needed to hear that. I mean its basic but there is a lot of resistance to this simple truth.

  71. Thank-you, Ginny, for this very special message/Lift! "Unique/Uniqueness" --- I love these words and their meaningfulness for Oneness & our oneness .......

  72. So good...to know and feel our uniqueness and that we are needed. And then see this is true for all of God's amazing creation...no one left out! Thanks so much, Ginny!

  73. Here in So.California, we will never see a snow flake unless we fold up a piece of white paper and cut one out to paste on our window! I have done that for the grandkids and we always marveled that even these paper snow flakes always came out differently!
    It is easy to see Mind's plan in our selves and all creatures, even blades of grass are unique! What a treasure of Love's providing that we have this individual identity so that we will always be able to recognize each other. No one is left out of the plan and we all make a difference just in our being willing to be ourselves as God knows us.

    Thanks to all the Daily Lifters and the BoL for their continuing gifts of these inspiring messages. Sally

  74. Thank you for these much-needed uplifting thoughts.

  75. Thanks for this needed message!

  76. As always, Thank you, Ginny. I love to see the likenesses and differences in those around me. Sometimes I forget how unique we are until these reminders come. I believe we are all here for a grand purpose, and that is to love our fellow man and thereby love God.

  77. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of our innate beauty, uniqueness and that we are each needed! And not needed to be someone else or to take on other's roles, but needed to be our own unique selves. I've been working diligently to see this about myself recently and the last part of your lift I felt you speaking each quality directly to my heart. Thank you.

  78. Dear Ginny, my client did not turn up tonight at work and a thought came to me 'time to walk and talk with God'. I walked home through beautiful snowfall and felt very close to God but my thoughts turned also to the difficult times in my life and the hopes and dreams that had not worked out in my life through personal difficulties in the past. I wondered how my 'wasted' and 'small' life was at all useful or significant and how my little life possibly glorifies God or blesses. I spent a lot of time looking at the snow once home, enjoying how beautiful it looks. After the prayer and walk with God in the snow this lift went straight to my heart. My life is not a waste, whatever I do it glorifies God. I might feel I fade into the background and am not as noticeable as other people or as special, but the truth is God made me unique just like snowflakes are each unique creating something beautiful and contributing. Thank you for your perfect timing. Love to all.

  79. Really inspiring.Keeps me going.

  80. Thank you for this sparkling snow uplift. How wonderful to be reminded of those flakes, and how important they are to the nourishiment of the ground, and the waters where we live and individual contribution of each one is vital and unique.., yet also each ,
    part of the one grand whole of snoflakedom. Merri

  81. Thank you so much Ginny, for the great and helpful lift.

  82. I just got this Daily Lift app on my phone and its great! What she said was great but the sound quality was off.

  83. Thank you for this loving lift.

  84. Thank you, Ginny, for this lovely message. It is such a basic spiritual fact that needs to be taught to children early on and then reinforced as their experience unfolds. The human mind would so like to have us judge ourselves and others from a limited basis and constantly compare people by degrees to see who's good, better and best. But if we continually look to someone else to see what our individuality should be, we're missing the mark. We have to look to our divine source, perfect Principle, Soul, to understand man's only real nature. One infinite Mind expressed in infinite individuality. At one point in my life I was struggling to find my special purpose. I prayed to God not to waste me! I needed to strongly affirm that I was unique and had something unique to offer. Then a new path with new opportunities was brought to light which has given me much joy and satisfaction and has felt like my proper niche for many years. So even though I may still have to be alert at times to reject the temptation to compare my experience with that of others, I know in my heart that God loves each of us equally and rejoices over each as His unduplicatable image and likeness. No clones,
    no unique, unique-r and unique-st. This understanding helps us love our neighbor as ourselves and eliminates egotism and competition.
    Much love to all (equally)!

  85. Ginny, that was fantastic! I needed that!

    thank you,

  86. Thank you, Ginny, for such wonderful affirmations: "you're unique, your beautiful, you're needed today, you're of great value!" How reassuring to those who at times feel lacking - especially in this economy and trying to find new employment. It is so great to be reminded that as different as the individual snowflakes are, each is special in its own way. And so too with those searching for new purpose - unique and needed and of great value.

  87. Yes, we are all unique and isn't that special? Your uniqueness is very, very special because you spend soo much time reaching out to others. Yours is a gift to be treasured. Thank you for all the sharing all the time!!!! VW-Lake Chelan

  88. Lovely. Thank you Ginny. I experience this through music. I play and get ideas about what else to play....and I've often thought, where do these come from? It seems I don't invent them myself. They just pop into my awareness like good friends. Gifts. This reminds me of a poem that begins "I am the place where God shines through..." I am the flow of God's energy and so are you :)

  89. Lovely! Thank you Ginny.

  90. I just love this lift. It says everything in so few words, in such a lovely way. It's an exercise in gratitude and awe to consider the virtually infinite divine qualities that constitute each and every one of God's unique ideas, and how each one of those ideas fits perfectly into the vast creation with every other. It makes each day a wonder of diversity, and causes the thinker to pause and bow in humble thanks for being created to be a part of the ever-perfecting picture. Thank you for this loving reminder of who and what we are, Ginny.

  91. Thank you Ginny. I needed to hear this today. And thanks to #1 also. I needed to be reminded that I am at one with God, perfect in my own way and God and I are "one not Two:.

  92. Thank you one day late

  93. This is a most helpful Lift with just the right message for me today. Thank you.

  94. Hi Ginny,

    To me in this lift one word stood out. Said only once. "Needed". Yes, we are "needed" to bless the Christian Science movement. Whether that is dropping off a Science and Health book to a neighbor, down the street,  who is expressing conflict with God on Facebook. 

    Or sending this precious  book to bone marrow treatment patients in another state. Or it could be we are "needed" to pray for protection for children. Whatever the need, we must fill our place and give. Give to our church. Give to our reading room. Give time and prayers. 

    Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need. God fills us, blesses us and showers us. What a Great God, I AM!

  95. How precious to be reminded again of individuality in snowflakes... and us, too!

  96. I rode a horse named "Snowflake" in summer camp. Slow, plodding, fat, very dirty white. Now I think of him in a totally different way LOL

  97. Thanks Ginny - that's an excellent thought - a snowflake being of such high quality design and a mathematical concept. Appreciated - especially as it's snowing here!

  98. Thank you Ginny. One can get put down by others and I really need a reminder sometimes of the truth, i.e. we are beautiful, we are good. What else can we be, being God's creation?

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