1/16: Lift up your eyes

1/16: Lift up your eyes

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  1. In John, Jesus said, " Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. And he that reapeth, receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal:"
    At the very least, we can look around, and harvest the hopefulness of God's kingdom that pokes through the material mists.
    Mrs Eddy says about the beauty of the environment, "I love its promise."
    It's everywhere and anywhere, signs of His kingdom, for “Immortal Mind, governing all, must be acknowledged as supreme in the physical realm, so-called, as well as in the spiritual," and this enables "us to know as in heaven, so on earth, God is omnipotent, Supreme." ( both quotes, S&H)

    I love these promises, I love looking up round about and seeing.

    Thank you, Leide!
    Love you, DL community!

  2. Thank you Leide for uplifting our thoughts today with this beautiful Lift. As we lift up our eyes we turn our thoughts God-ward, elevating our consciousness, as Mary did when "looking up" enabled her to behold the risen Savior. As we rise above mortal sense, beauty, order and holiness become visible to us. What a beautiful sight!

  3. Dear Leide, Thank you for this reminder about where we should be always looking, and what we should always be working to see. The way in which Mrs Eddy urges this, is also so simple to understand, though a Chrisitly discipline to follow - ie., that Jesus beheld ... the perfect man, where others may have seen a sick person or even a sinner. This 'looking up' is the supremely natural way in Science, and it is the way, not only of the changed heart, but it leads to a changed atmosphere, and ultimately to a universal transformation of good. Heart by heart! - Thank you again, Leide!

  4. Thank you, Leide, for the beautiful Lift!

  5. Thank you, dear Leide, for this uplifting message!

  6. Chère Leide. Merci de ce Daily Lift qui élève vraiment. J'aime à me souvenir que Jésus était à la fois dans ce monde et hors du monde. Sa pensée centrée sur la présence de Dieu en toutes choses lui permettait de vivre uniquement sous la loi du bien, la loi de Dieu. Il ne transformait pas de la matière en mauvais état en de la matière en bon état. Sa pensée était "une" avec l'Entendement infinie et il révélait donc ce qui était présent et vraie, la vraie et seule substance, Dieu. Son exemple me permet donc de lever les yeux au dessus de chaque chose et chaque évènement. Encore merci

  7. Thank you, Leide! I know just what you mean. I was recently in Togo, Africa. Although poverty is widespread, a great joy and vibrancy was everywhere to be seen. As you say, it's not to be missed!

  8. I loved it! I can go to sleep with this beautiful idea!!

  9. Many thanks Leide for this inspiring reminder. Yes. "Lift up our eyes and behold the good and beauty of Love's creation." "The harvest now is white;/ Lift up thine eyes, behold,/ Illumed by Love's transforming light,/ God's blessings manifold." (Christian Science Hymnal #314).

  10. Sundays I don't need my alarm, the voices in my head hear the calling to Israel, " Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee." Is. 60:1.
    My first thought usually is, "I'll rise but I won't shine!"
    But duty calls and I need to get ready for church ―I still try covering my head with the blanket and sleep a bit longer...
    We need to be willing to tell ourselves to "Lift up thine eyes round about, and see" Is. 60:4, the beauty of God's creation, and express our gratitude for all our Father-Mother's blessings wherever we are.

    Los domingos no necesito mi alarma, las voces en mi cabeza oyen la llamada a Israel, "Levántate, resplandece, porque ha llegado tu luz y la gloria del Señor ha amanecido sobre ti" Isaias 60:1
    Mi primer pensamiento generalmente es, "¡Me voy a levantar pero no voy a resplandecer!"
    Pero el deber llama y necesito prepararme para ir a la iglesia ―igualmente trato de cubrirme la cabeza con la manta y dormir un ratito más...
    Necesitamos estar deseosos de decirnos, "Alza tus ojos en derredor, y mira" Isaias 60:4, la belleza de la creación, y expresar nuestra gratitud por todas las bendiciones de nuestro Padre-Madre dondequiera que estemos.

  11. Leide, Thank you

  12. Thank you!!

  13. Thank you for this message encouraging us to "look up" and behold what is forever above mortal sense - all the loveliness of God. Thank you to the Daily Lift community for their steadfast work and generous sharing. In all languages!

  14. Thank you Leide for pointing out to me that as we see the spiritual nature of others which involves being loving,caring and joyful we are seeing others as God is seeing them and of course this is how God is seeing me as well. What a wonderul start to the day that you have provided for so many people. We are not just trying to be loving, caring and joyful -- we have those qualities already and they are ours to demonstrate. My day has been lifted already!

  15. Lift up yr eyes and see your own beauty as well!
    Thank Leide - nice lift.

  16. Thank you Leide for simple and beautiful thought.

  17. Beautiful lift! Thank you! :-)

  18. Thank you Leide. A wonderful way to start my day. Today is my first day back in my job after a month visiting my children for the holidays and this reminder came just at the exact moment when I needed. I will lift up my eyes and as Nanouche said, I will not miss the great joy and vibrancy everywhere. Special thanks to all the team and the commentators.

  19. Thank you .I woke early 4:30 AM "This is the day the Lord hath made; be glad, give thanks. rejoice;" hymn #342 the Christain Science Hymnal. I was up and took my Ginger , my dog, out and it was raining not hard. We came in and then listened to the Daily Lift which she listens to and she listens when i read the Bible Lesson. I am always greatful for the good that comes each day..It's God who gives us the glory and the power to do what needs to be done.

  20. Thank you.

  21. Dear Leidy,

    Yes, the teachings of Christian Science open our eyes so that we can lift up our vision and
    see through the lenses of Love, of Truth, of Life.
    Your description of your walk on the beach of Rio de Janeiro is so vivid that I felt like walking with
    you along this path.

    Um grande abraço
    Orlando, Chácara, Brasil

  22. Thank you .A beautiful lift and reminder to look up and to feel the light within. What a wonder filled thought to begin the day.

  23. Thank you Leidy. Today I will be in traffic and later around a lot of people. Your lift is starting my morning out perfectly.

  24. Dear Leide, what a wonderful lift today! Very authentic. Very beautyful. Very uplifting to everybody. Thank you.

  25. Thank you very much, dear Friends! It's wonderful to see the beauty in every comment! :-)

  26. Thank you so much Leide for your lift. Yes, we need to open our eyes and lift our thought to see and fell the shine of the spiritual blessings. Thank you always.

  27. Thanks so much for just what I needed today as I have an unusually busy day ahead of me. Throughout the day I will lift up my eyes, and my thoughts to see the beauty of the Lord all around me wherever I may be.

  28. Thank-you, Leide, for this joyful & thoughtful message/Lift re "Lift up your eyes ..."! "EYES. Spiritual discernment, --- not material but mental." (MBE, S&H 586:3-4). God/Good bless .......

  29. Lovely way to start the day. Thank you, Leide!

  30. Great Focus!!!!

  31. Thank you, Leide, for this beautiful Daily Lift, so joyous and inspiring!
    Your message is just what I need. Love to you!

  32. Leide, your soft accent and the beauty of the tone of your voice make it easy for me to "see" your spiritual qualities. Thank you for this new way of "seeing" and looking at the world around us! I believe that "what we Be is what we See"! Or, as Wayne Dyer put it, "Do we believe what we see or do we see what we believe?" I think Mrs. Eddy said something to this effect, too! What I hold in my thought and heart is what appears or is manifested outwardly to me. So important to keep my thought filled with Truth and Love so that is what I will "see" or experience in my day. Thank you to #18 Mary H., AL for your faithful comments! I loved your simple and sweet "testimony" this morning!

  33. This morning when I drew back my curtains I saw the fields white with frost - and combined with the early morning sky, it lifted up my heart with its beauty. After then listening to the Daily Lift, I thought about how looking at that scene from a material standpoint it could have spoken to me of coldness, and that it was harmful and could destroy tender plants.. However, the snowdrops and aconites don't see anything cold or destructive - they just burst through it all with all their beauty and completeness just as God is causing them to do.

    By keeping our thoughts lifted up, our lives can burst right through the mortal misty picture of coldness and destructive suggestions, and see ourselves and others in the spiritual realm of the real, where God is blessing us all forever.

    We have in the Lesson this week about lifting up our eyes above the enemies that surround us,
    so my understanding is that the so-called enemies are only material lies about the spiritual reality, which we can discern when we lift up our eyes to our dear Father-Mother God, who is always with us.

    Thank you Leide and all the commenters who help to increase our understanding and add to our spiritual treasures.

  34. Focusing on the beauty of God's creation is such a gret way to start the day. Thanks!

  35. Thanks for beautiful inspiration.

  36. Thank you for this lovely lift. I love this reminder to lift up our eyes and be willing to see the beauty of God's creation, and His love for us all, reflected in all. Thank you very much.

  37. Thank you, Leide, for “Lift up your eyes … see the good right around us … see the beauty of God’s creation …” I love how you saw the beauty of God’s creation no matter what appeared before you. It’s easy to appreciate beauty when it’s a beautiful sight appearing before us. But when it’s not beautiful? That’s when we need to look beyond the appearing. “Lift up [our] eyes!” to witness God everywhere by learning how to see spiritually - to BEHOLD like Jesus did! It’s a way of aligning ourselves with the healing command of having no other god’s before God / Good / Love-itself! “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man … In this perfect man the Saviour saw God's own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick. Thus Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is intact, universal, and that man is pure and holy” (S&H 476). This beholding, this “lifting up our eyes” is as seeing with spiritual vision the Truth of being until we recognize it as our only reality with signs following. “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he” (Proverbs 29). I’m so grateful for our Daily Lift “… up your eyes!” every weekday morning!

  38. Such a lovely lift! Thank you so much!

  39. Wonderful ! thank u :-)

  40. Thank you Leide. This message is very beautiful and uplifting just what I needed to hear this morning. I look forward to hearing the DL every morning. I'm so grateful for these lifts. Thank you everyone for your comments and thank you Daily Lift team.

  41. I probably have mentioned this before, but there is an idea expressed by a well-known riding instructor that I have always enjoyed; “hard eyes” versus “soft eyes”. He advocated riding with soft eyes, eyes which see things all around. Hard eyes represent narrow focusing. Believe it or not, hard eyes do not inspire calmness in horses, soft eyes help. Not to labor the riding thing, what we really know is that none of this has really to do with eyes, does it?

    A lifted vision sees more and is broadly aware. It is absolutely de-centralized, self-releasing. Mrs. Eddy speaks of “One moment of divine consciousness, or the spiritual understanding of Life and Love..” as “This exalted view, obtained and retained when the Science of being is understood” S&H 589:19

    In a tough case where a man appeared blind, Jesus “made him look up: and he was restored, and saw every man clearly.” Mark 8:25

    And, we know if your horse trips, you should not study the dirt but look up immediately, right? ..always a riding teacher, I guess.

  42. Thank you, Leide.
    What a beautiful and helpful message!

  43. Muito obrgidada Leide. Your daily lift was really uplifting. I love the idea you shared about lifting up your eyes to God's beauty and the love and goodness he creates all around and in each of us. And to think it really is that simple. I can't think of a better way to start the day!

  44. Thank you.

  45. Thank you. "Look unto me." It is the way to be in constant communion with God. And (Ps. 32:8 answers our prayer quickly. "I will guide thee with mine eye" We have nothing to fear but to enjoy. St. Paul saith "enjoy after God"

  46. Thank you Leide for this wonderful lift. I will be going out today and thank you for reminding that "I/We should lift up my/our eyes to the beauty of God's creation. Surely, me and my baby will have a wonderful day. Thank you again!

  47. Thank you for that warm sunny thought.

  48. I can understand how Jesus felt when he went up the high mountain to pray. He was gathering his thoughts towards the harmony that was really there, and not the hustle and bustle of mortal thinking that was down below. Mrs Eddy also when she sat herself upon the rock overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and marveling at the peace and quite she had when communicating with her creator. Myself, when I discovered a lookout point far and above the town of Liberty, New York, USA. And I just sat there for almost an hour just contemplating the sheer beauty of it. I was a young teenager then, but I felt the quite needed to also contemplate. In these few examples, one can see the true creation of God, less the clambering of Mortal Mind.

  49. Thanks for the lift Leide .Knowing you I know it's spoken from your heart and not just some noble idea.
    I'm not able to paraphrase exactly or quote the page (I ain't quite there yet) but I know Mary Baker Eddy said something about we go in the direction that we are looking and I'm gonna look upward and keep my baby-blues on the prize.

  50. Recently while walking my dogs on a very foggy morning, I heard a plane overhead. I love planes and am in the habit of looking up to see what it is and how high it is flying. Without thinking I looked up on this foggy morning and shouldn't have seen anything. Instead I was wonderfully surprised to see blue sky and a bright moon and a plane passing in front of the moon right above me. I looked down and around me it was still foggy and difficult to see but lifting up my eyes and looking up it was clear and beautiful. What love I felt that morning and I continued my walk with such peace and knowing I didn't have to see any mortal sense around me because all the light I needed was right there as long as I lifted up my eyes and looked. Thank you for a beautiful message, Leide, and to all for the gift of the Daily Lift.

  51. Thanks Leide, powerful, so relevant, helpful and joyous. Perfect seeing. AND thanks folks for sharing. Great music, Nate.

  52. Thanks so much Leide for this expansive view you give us of God's beautiful creation and His children -
    So much love expressed here...I feel warmed by it this morning...and it's reflecting right back to you!

  53. Wonderful idea to begin the day and to embrace throughout the day today and everyday. I am involved in a big project right now and will "Lift up my eyes" to the goodness and love all around me. Thanks so much Leide for this.

  54. Thank you for this lift, which can help me express as Mary Baker Eddy once did, that "all my hours are His." I did not read all the comments, but was drawn to read #32, and I want to thank js, for taking the time to share. With love to all...

  55. Thank you for a great way to begin a day!

  56. Thank you for this uplifting reminder to look up and see all the good around us.

  57. Thanks!!

  58. Thanks, Leide, and #1 Steve Hopewell, NJ, and #9 Malcolm Drummond.

    I've been involved recently with financial calculations regarding retirement planning. But the spiritual harvesting of demonstrations all around (in the fields white already) is a much better plan! Really, it's the only plan.

  59. Thank you so much Leide. Your message reminded me of how early in the morning and during the day how blessed we are to have hummingbirds come to the feeder hanging just outside our kitchen window. I marvel each and every time of how delicate they are and that only God could make such a beautiful creature. Seeing these little ones always makes my heart smile and helps to remind me of who is in control and how blessed we all are to be the sons and daughters of God. Thanks again!

  60. Super, Leide. What a delight to hear this Daily Lift from you after dealing with several issues this morning. Opening my eyes, I see that everything is unfolding for today and the weeks/months ahead, as it should. I can go about all of today's work in confidence that my vision is clear and that God is leading the way for me and all whom I deal with.

  61. Leide, Thanks soooooo much for the lovely Lift...!

  62. Thanks so much!

  63. Thank you, great heart-felt message to begin the day

  64. Dear Leide,
    I love your idea of "opening our eyes to see the beauty!" Wonderful thought.
    Thanks so much.

  65. I always pick a hymn at random to read every morning, they are prayers to me. They seem to fit with the Lift topic every time. Thanks to all

  66. It is wonderful that we find new views and see some things differently. You learn something every day.

  67. Dear Leide~ thank you for your beautiful message. I read it this morning and have been practicing lifting up my eyes!!! What a lovely experience I've had!!!! It's working!!!!
    Love to all

  68. Thank you for a lovely lift.

  69. How delightful and grateful I am to be back on-line after receiving information that my computer crashed. Instead of listening to negativity, I simply turned that off, and declared that I would just express Love and not think unkind thoughts about the possibility of someone that my sister had someone look to find what the problelm might be with hers, which she said "crashed" due to someone getting her email addresses and sending an ill-advised business deals to those people. And as it turned out for me, that incident wasn't the "cause" it was something I did unknowingly.
    I'm grateful to have this DL that helped me when I could get on, to "look up" and see the good all around my husband and I, instead of becoming upset. "Love" brings things to light as was revealed here and in our lesson this week.
    Thank you all.

  70. Thank you, Leide, and the Lifter family for such wonderful insights. Isn't it interesting that despite what our mortal eyes might tell us is the picture being viewed, our spiritual eyes know that there is more - to simply look up! As others eluded to, the atmosphere above is always clear and shining - as when one is on an airplane and ascends above the earthly clouds. Whether it be daytime with brilliant sun or nighttime with the moon and stars, we are always in the true atmosphere of Love Divine. Holding to what we know to be true - not the initial picture, but the Infinite picture, is so reassuring. As #60 Marilyn from California so eloquently said, "Opening my eyes, I see that everything is unfolding for today and the weeks/months ahead, as it should. I can go about all of today's work with confidence that my vision is clear, and that God is leading the way. . .". So we must remember to focus on the true views each moment of each day and not be deceived by what we think we might be seeing.

  71. Thank you Leide! Thank you for reminding us that lifting up our eyes to see God's goodness everywhere can bless us and everyone around us. Much love!

  72. Lovely, thank you. (=

  73. Thank you for the good inspiration!

  74. Thanks Leide! Great thought for today and reminder forever, to "Lift up your eyes," and see the good already taking place for you and those around you (:

  75. Thanks for this beautiful reminder!

  76. What a great way to start the day---Thank youa

  77. Thank you Leide! To ARISE & SHINE and to LIFT UP OUR EYES is indeed natural!

  78. So sweet. Thank you,

  79. Your message fit the moment & and every moment after that.
    Thank you.

  80. I love thinking of all the eyes being lifted by your reminder and all the rising and shining that is taking place around the globe. Love You Leide!

  81. Thank you for such an inspired uplift

  82. Thank you- wonderful to hear the beautiful message you shared! So uplifting'

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