1/13: Getting close to God

1/13: Getting close to God

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  1. Thank you Shirley, what a beautiful and helpful Lift. It is "that closeness to God" that you so eloquently speak of that really allows us to feel and experience His love in every facet of our lives. It is not only something that we want to hold on to but, cherish, with all of our heart and soul. When we don't feel close to God, gratitude is always a sure way to begin to fill that space or sense of separation. Thank you again.

  2. This is very thoughtful. The only thing I would add is that love has always played a big part in feeling close to God for me. Thank you for your help.

  3. Really helpful, thank you!

  4. I'm on my smart phone for this beautiful lift. Thank you, Melvyn.

  5. Thank you for this lovely and very practical and helpful Lift.

  6. Shirley, Thank you.

  7. What a great start to the week and so lovingly shared. This is something I need to cherish today and always. Thank you so much for the reminder- this is what so many of the Daily Lifts do, they remind us of our closeness to God and of His love for us.

  8. Thank you Shirley, just what I needed! Pam

  9. Perfect. Thank you!

  10. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  11. Thank you, Shirley, that was wonderful expressed and is very helpful to remember there is a loving friend always there, we only have to get more close to father/mother God.

  12. An inspiring and, beautifful thought for the begining of the new week . Thank you shirley .

  13. Thank you Shirley for another daily lift given with such LOVE. Though we may know these truths already, we do need and appreciate these constant reminders! much LOVE to ALL. June Monks UK.

  14. “What manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God” 1 John 3:1

    He even sent His own son to be within us (can’t get any closer than that) what manner of love indeed! John 14:10

    Enough to make you feel safe, isn’t it?

    God loves everyone of us so much that called us 'His children', that’s a love we don’t have to earn, we just need to acknowledge it.

    So remember, no matter what the situation, you just have to trust that your Father-Mother God is a right by your side!!!

    “Cuán amor nos ha dado el Padre, para que seamos llamados hijos de Dios” 1 Juan 3:1

    Incluso mandó a Su propio hijo para que morara en nosotros (nada puede estar más cerca que eso) ¡cuánto amor! Juan 14:10

    Eso es suficiente para hacerte sentir seguro, ¿verdad?

    Dios nos ama tanto a cada uno de nosotros que nos llamó 'Sus hijos' ese es un amor que no necesitamos ganar , solo necesitamos reconocerlo.

    Así que recuerda, no importa la situación, solo debes confiar en que tu Padre-Madre Dios está a tu lado!!!

  15. Works for me. Thanks

  16. That was beautiful! Once again and outstanding way feel uplifted by the glory of God. Your
    podcast provides eloquent testimony to that state of mind that we should all aspire towards.
    Well done indeed!

  17. Wonderfully expressed! Thank you Shirley.

  18. Thank you.

  19. Thank you. What a wonderful way to start our day and week.

  20. Dear Shirley, many thanks for the lovely lift.s

  21. aparently common but really spiritual Thank you FRED from Nice & Rome

  22. Wonderful Lift! Thank you.

  23. Yes. To feel close to God [Love], is to feel more like ourselves again, because this love is unselfish, and "requires all mankind to share it." (S&H 57:19). "I know no life divided,/ O Lord of life, from Thee;/ In Thee is life provided/ For all mankind and me." (Christian Science Hymnal #135).

  24. Dice la Biblia: "Si tuviese todos los "tesoros" del mundo, y no tengo Amor, nada soy" pero, ¿cómo podemos cerrar, encerrar ese sentir? En Un solo sentir que trascienda sin límite todo a su alrededor, como hizo Cristojesús. El amor divino es todo lo que se necesita, porque es generoso, bondadoso, benigno, tolerante, paciente, no espera por su yo, anhelando cosas suplerfuas que lo puedan confundir, porque sabe que ahí no está la verdad, sino que eso, obra en contra de si mismo. Siguiendo lo pasos de Cristo,adheridos a la C.C. que es una manera de cierta de continuarlos, cerrándole toda posibilidad al error, dejando solo al Amor para que obre. Sin duda lo atraeríamos hacia nosotros y por ende a la humanidad, en una continuidad que no deja lugar a otra cosa, que no sea el propio amor, que se olvida de si mismo en bien de los demás. a extremos de entregar como Cristo, lo más preciado, la posibilidad para Él y para culquiera, someterse a la voluntad divina, poniendo en practica los atributos divinos, eso es hacer Su voluntad, aun a costa de su propia interrupción.

    "Hacer a los demás, como quisíeramos que ellos hicieran con nosotros, es la identidad de la inmortalidad" MBE

    Shirley, muchas gracias, por la inspiradora elevación diaria.

  25. Oh, so true!!!!

  26. Thank you Shirley for such a lovely DL. It made me think and be grateful for God´s creation. Each one of His creatures is His masterpiece. When we love what God loves, we feel closer to Him. When we are tempted to feel sad about things that don´t seem right, we always have God as our best friend to help us get out of that downward spiral and elevate our thought. Blessings to all the huge family around the world.

  27. Shirley, I love the idea you highlighted about how friends are close to each other through the act of cherishing certain things mutually--and the follow-up idea of being close to God by cherishing what God loves. Because God is infinite Love, that means seeing what God sees, knowing what God knows, loving what God loves--no matter what the material senses want to say is true! I'll have this beautiful idea with me today to hug close. Thank you!

  28. I just came in from viewing the moon low in the western horizon and the big dipper overhead. Yes, loving all the beauty and glory God made and loves right along with Him and everybody else. ; - ) Thank you for this lifting morning thought.

  29. Shirley, this podcast comes from someone who frequently feels close to our beloved Father-Mother, Good, and shares so many of the wonderful things He gifts us. I think one of my biggest healings since I've lived down here for the past 7 years, is that now I can drive on the speed, rather than racing from the moment of getting into the car. But now I have time to appreciate the countryside, and the glorious views of the hills behind and the Maroochy River. Coming up to the river on Sunday morning, with the peloton right by my left side, and I have to let them get in front on that stretch of the road; and then there are often rowers on the river, and people running and walking their dog families. People with their lines out, fishing, and the kayaks putting to sea. Craft of every variety and size. Pretty amazing and utterly gorgeous. I remember when it was simply the River Road, and there was only sugar cane growing all along there. What a gift from God every time I drive along there.
    Thank you Nate and Shannon; The Mother Church; and the Daily Lift family with beautiful comments every evening. Will we ever learn to adequately express our gratitude?

  30. Very practical advice. It brings God out of the realm of the abstract. Thank you, Shirley.

    Greenfield, NH

  31. Thank you for this needed lift this morning. The lifts and the comments are like the links in the chain attached to my anchor in God. Thsnk you.

  32. What a fresh way of getting close to God - sharing with Him the beauty of His creation - like a friend shares a moment of joy or sadness. Although I have often credited God with the beauty surrounding me and thanked Him, I never thought of us sharing it together. I'll feel so much closer to God now. Thanks so much, Shirley!

  33. I never thought I would write a comment to a Daily Lift. But this one is amazing. Indded. I found Shirley's explanaitions very helpful and heart-touch. Thanks a lot for presenting Father-Mother, God, Love as so close, at hand, understanding us and rejoicing our good affections. I had needed it, especially now.

  34. Love is all that is needed.

  35. Thank you Shirley. This wisdom is so helpful. These ideas from God help me in so many ways.

  36. Many thanks for this inspiring lift to see the power of Love in our experience. I recently experienced that power by getting closer to God and was able to see my outlook change to more happiness and not depressing thoughts that wanted to crowd in. The way you put this reminded me of this healing.
    Thanks so much, Shirley.

  37. I really love this lift ...it's so well explained .

  38. Really helpful. Thank you so much,

  39. Wow, love it Shirley, a new way of thinking about improving my relationship to our Source and Creator. So needed! Will hold this idea close to me today. Happy Monday!

  40. Wonderful! Thank you!

  41. Thank you Shirley and all the responders. Thanks DL team for putting these on. Always a blessing to include a DL in the day's prayers.

  42. Thank you, Shirley. This lecture helps me to realize that I can love those qualities in others such as honesty, justice, forgiveness, the desire to do right, and loving-kindness -- seeing the good in the human character, all reflections of the Father Mother God, and not just taking them for granted.

  43. Thanks so much for the uplifting, joyful thoughts. Shirley. They are like a single arrow and the direction its is pointing is....UP, spiraling all the way up to God good!!!! It simply doesn't get any better than that.

    A hug from Joel in Toronto

  44. Wow! With that footstomping music, I'm ready to Dance with my Friend, God! A human friend told me once that the word "G U I D A N C E" is an acronym for: "Gee, You and I Dance" !! Loving what God Loves, means seeing what God sees and knows - only Her own thoughts of Perfection and Harmony. It's always there, but we have to be willing to look for it and find it! We can do this by claiming we have the one and only Mind (God) as our means of perception and understanding! What Love has been bestowed upon us!

  45. Such a fine reminder of a basic truth, humbly explained. I will listen several times as your dear voice is also comforting. Thank you!

  46. ...like an " appropriate " angel coming down, lifting me up, back to God`s neighbouring !

    Very grateful to you!

  47. How beautiful, So simple. So profound. Thank you.

  48. Game changer!

  49. That is so helpful. In order to stop myself from being critical and judgmental, I have started asking myself, "What good quality can I see in this person or situation? What does God see?" That has helped me look beyond the mortal, critical view, trying to find fault, and opens my eyes to seeing the good. And, as you point out, it brings me closer to God. This was so good Shirley. Thanks!!!!!!!

  50. Wonderful explanation!!

  51. "All nature teaches God's love to man..." Eddy

    I think of this statement often when taking in a beautiful scene. WOW God must really love me and all.

  52. Great Lift. Thank you.

  53. Wow! Such a simple and wonderful approach to feeling close to God, Shirley. Thanks so much for this inspired lift!

  54. Feeling God's love is the most peaceful, joyous experience there is. When healing takes place, that is the usual moment when we feel that peace, at least for me. Its that aha thought that wakes us up to the truth of the situation. Whinny the Pooh asked Piglet what day it was. Piglet replied "It's today." Pooh replied, "My favorite day." Isn't that so right? Everyday is God's perfect, joyous day for us to enjoy as we pause mentally to be grateful for the tiniest aspect of our life. Thanks Shirley for reminding us just how close to God we really are and all you commenters for your loving sharing.

  55. Thank you.

  56. Thank you for this " uplift". Yesterday, we went to a local craft fair with friends, and, it was special to share that creativity with them. The loving companionship enriched our experience. So, we feel close to God, when we see Her divine expression of Life's creation in different ways.
    "Master and Lord, 'tis good to be here,
    Guided by thee to joy-filled height
    Where we man's perfect sonship see
    Safe and secure in radiant light."
    Hymn 185

  57. Thank you, Shirley, for a whole new way of looking at it!

  58. I have listened twice. Just great! Thanks.

  59. Magnificent, Shirley…so clear and on point. Thank you!

  60. Thanks so much Shirley. This is perfect for my needs (and the world) to realize we ARE already close to God. Closer than our breathing.
    fun music too.

  61. Oh my. I'd just awoken, feeling a little graycloudish . . . angels led me downstairs to the computer and to this Lift and the 55 comments so far . . . and while dark clouds may still cover the sky outside, I've got sunshine in my heart now. Such a tender, healing lift. "Thank you" doesn't come close to all I'm feeling right now.

  62. Hi, Shirley, All of us are part of God's divine adventure, right? And I like to think that God has a wonderful sense of humor!

  63. Your lift is so wonderful Shirley, gently bringing us closer to God. The fresh insight of sharing
    our love for something with God the way we would with a friend was very special to me. My son and I had quite a spiritual journey together and at one point, he told me that God was his best friend. Your
    lift reminded me of that precious moment. It's so good to realize that in moments of darkness when
    we feel lost, we can find the good that God created and share our love of it with Him. Thanks so much Shirley, the BOL and all the responiders who added dimension and your unique understanding or acknowledgement.

  64. Carol, Switzerland
    Dear Shirley, many thanks for this helpful and encouraging lift.

  65. Trying to stay so filled with the goodness of God that there is no room for anything else ... This is what keeps me close when intrusive thoughts try to creep in. Positive affirmations of my oneness with Christ consciousness is my mainstay. Thanks Shirley.

  66. Thanks. Some of the comments spoke of witnessing to or seeing what God sees. In the Macmillan Dictionary "witness" means "to show that something exists." Mrs. Eddy writes, ".....Truth comes to the rescue of reason and immortality, and unfolds the real nature of God and the universe to the spiritual sense, which beareth witness of things spiritual, not material." (p. 218, M. W.)

  67. Hi Shirley,

    Thank you so very much for your message. I can identify with this exactly! And you are so right, getting close to God solves the whole problem.


  68. Thank you all for revealing that priceless sense of joy at being with a group of friends with the same goal and all sharing their view of the "upward way". That's what this Daily Lift community has become to me, everyone finding inspiration to overcome obstacles. Thank you Shirley.

  69. The warmth of Divine Love enfolds us always.

  70. Thank you! I'm ready to "go about my God-given business" today!

  71. Sincere gratitude for the reminder that God is our/my very best friend, always available, always ready to share good with an abundance of love. peacefully carol

  72. Thank you, Shirley! That is a keeper and a recipe for healing any challenge! I loved it:-)

  73. Thank you Shirley!
    That is a keeper! I loved your new way of feeling close to

  74. Thank you Shirley for the keeper
    and PRATT loved your analogy
    with PIGLET. ALL comments
    are superb...G R A T E F U L!!!

  75. so timely for me on the third anniversary time of losing my best human friend. Thanks Shirley

  76. Thank you Shirley! I like the ideas you've shared. Loving what God has created is an excellent way to eliminate deconstructive thoughts.

  77. The way Jesus loved shows us the way God loves us. Even as a kid I read the New Testament repeatedly to remind myself of that fact and it carried me through all my school days!

  78. Thank you Thank you!!

  79. Getting close to God has helped me enormously to get close to my fellow humans. Before C/S, I saw every one as a separate entity with personal attitudes good and bad. Now I see every one in their true light, as sons and daughters of God having and expressing wholesomely loving attitudes towards each other. How wonderful this way of seeing. It could and is penetrating through the mirage of mortal mind and lifting it off.

  80. Thanks for taking on the all encompassing Love ride! It's truly amazing that when this topic is expressed
    lyrics form our hymns come to me...."O the loveliness of loving YOU." Your gentle voice expresses such
    loveliness and all of your comments add to my joy- filled day....
    Peace, Love, & Understanding

  81. Wonderful lift. Thank you Shirley. Getting to know God better, being close, enlightens our understanding of God and who we are.

  82. Thank you Shirley !! This is such a loving and clear statement of oneness - God as the master artist creating every exquisite element of beauty and goodness out of love and we each being one of those elements - what love this is !! This message brought up such love and gratitude for me for this vision of truth.

  83. Thank you. I needed to hear this today.

  84. Thank you Shirley and the Team for the foot stomping music and #33 Matt's comment about how much he especially needed this message, reminded me of the Beatle's song so I Googled it and this phrase with the refrain hit the right note for me.

    "There's nothing you can know that isn't known
    Nothing you can see that isn't shown
    There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be
    It's easy

    All you need is love
    All you need is love
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need"

  85. Our Church recently had a Christmas "Gathering." All 20 or more attending were so grateful for the sense of love and closeness to God and also love and closeness for our Church "Family." We had our regular Sunday Church Services and then proceeded to enjoy a wonderful covered dish feast. After the feast we sat in a very large circle and played the "RADICAL ACTS" card game for over an hour. Thank you to to the Mother Church for all the new and inspiring services such as these Daily Lifts, JSH, online lectures and chats. Also new products like the RADICAL ACTS card game, the Lullaby book with CD, the poetry book. I think Mrs. Eddy would approve of our closeness to God and to the "Church Alive" spirit. Finally thanks to Shirley for her Daily Lift, another "Random and Radical Act of Kindness."

  86. A message for the heart, Shirley. Love the point that "best friends love a third " — that something that pulls them together.

  87. Thank you, Shirley Paulson.

    Ironically, I worked with your article from JSH Online the other day before discovering today's lift. It ties in perfectly with your Daily Lift. If we feel close to God then naturally we are drawn to others who love God too in one grand brotherhood. After all, we are all God’s children with the same Father-Mother.

    In Good Company
    From the December 7, 2009 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

    “Shirley Paulson takes us through fellowship’s Christian origins as the disciples committed to supporting each other while spreading the gospel. She starts off by mentioning, “According to the Bible accounts of the early Church, fellowship was as essential to the completeness of church as prayer, proper teaching, and the movement of the Holy Spirit.” And how does this translate into action? Well, that all depends. Paulson goes on to say, “Our actions need to be inspired and rooted in ‘fellowship with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ.’ This knowledge naturally draws us into a loving relationship with all those who wish to be close to God” (p. 8).”

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

    Daily Lift Team
    The article by Shirley Paulson referenced in the quote above is What is the role of Christian fellowship?

  88. Thank you for your uplifting words today. Paying close attention to God always brings peace. As Hymn #144 states:

    "In atmosphere of Love divine,
    We live, and move and breathe;

    "For God immortal Principle,
    Is with us every-where;
    He holds us perfect in His love,
    And we his image bear."

    We are never alone with God, our friend.

    Thank you lifters and the Daily Lift Team!

  89. Thanks so much, Shirley. A very helpful, comforting message!

    Some of you may remember a C.S. lecture back in the '80s when the speaker (do not recall who he was) asked his audience to picture God at the very top of a big triangle, and all of His vast creation along the bottom of this same triangle. Then when we move closer to God in thought (moving up the sides of the triangle), we necessarily move closer to each other. That was a vivid image and has stayed with me over the years.

  90. Thank you, Shirley. Obrigada Shirley.

  91. Thank you Shirley,for such a loving, profound message.

  92. Shirley,,, we all have to face dark situations now and then....and make them right!

    It is like having a little pebble in our shoe. We can just move it around inside and keep walking. Then, it is back bothering our foot again.....If we do not take time to do the work (unlace the shoe, remove the shoe,get rid of the culprit, then finally relace and put the shoe back on) we will end up with an injury to the foot , plus pain!

    So it is when a cloud covers our inner sun, when a symptom of sickness, a pain, a temptation....anything suggesting error instead of Harmony is being suggested to our consciousness. We can just toss it aside mentally and proceed with our human activity. But later the next suggestion will be stronger and more mesmerizing......a feeling that we are more disconnected from God and more into physicality,,,followed by more effects.
    So, the solution is to remove the culprit (wrong thought,suggestion) from our consciousness before it makes a home and hurt us. God (as the sun) never leaves us. In those cloudy situations, let's take a stand as soon as we are conscious of the challenge: " OK God, I am listening!"

    Without a doubt , He will show you the way.
    This is >> His creation All in All.<<....and we are part of it......He has the solution.
    Why was St-Paul rejoicing in his tribulations?.....Because he was taking the challenges with the Truth of the Infinite Presence of the Almighty GOD. We can All do the same in the eternal Here and Now.

  93. Thank you, Shirley, for “Getting close to God … like being close to a best friend …” What great food for thought!!! ;-)

    Once when I was lamenting how far-off God seemed from me and how I must get closer to God, a practitioner lovingly pointed out that I was already there. We really can’t get any closer to God than we already are.

    Mrs. Eddy explained our uncompromising closeness, “As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so God and man … are one in being” (S&H 361:16).

    … and not one is closer than any other.

    “The equipollence of God brought to light … man's perfectibility and the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth” (S&H 110:9).

    Christian Science helps me to take dominion over “every ill that flesh is heir to,” by knowing that and making rightful claim to the spiritual fact / promise / law that the Truth is always the Truth.

    When Mrs. Eddy named seven synonyms for “God … [as] Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love …” (S&H 587:5), she opened a way to prayerfully consider and actually live with the Christlike qualities (our “best friends!”) derived from those synonyms. Christ connects God and God’s ideas.

    “If God is _______; then, I am _______ and I can _______.”

    “Whither shall I go?” (Ps 139:7).

    There’s nowhere outside of God.

  94. Thank you so much, Shirley. I so appreciate the compassionate way you expressed this rich idea.

  95. Thank you so much,Shirley. How simple you made getting close to God--sharing a love of the same thing. I can do that! And thank you Patt for your example from Piglet and Pooh. Today--my favorite day! There is always something to love today.

    I also appreciated the article in the Sentinel referenced in comment # 87, reminding us of the importance of fellowship, both with the Father-Mother and with His/Her beloveds. We can't get close to God without each other.

    Much love to all in this Daily Lift community.

  96. When I acknowledge that God is the only Parent, I feel close to God and man as the true reflection. This helps a lot to be a witness to man's goodness when reading or viewing the daily news. It helps break the mesmerism that someone is bad or a victim.

    Thank you, Shirley and all Lifters for bringing this to light.

  97. Easy to understand, a familiar experience to all of us, and when you point it out, we can look for it too.
    Thank you!

  98. Beautiful lift - thank you, Shirley! God is indeed our best friend.

  99. Thanks for such a comforting - and practical - thought.

  100. Realize that "Nothing exists outside of God!"
    Let's live..........let's get comfortable in His Truth and Love.

  101. Excellent. Very helpful.

  102. Shirley, this is a great lift.. I love it!

  103. A beautiful thought and a well-timed message. Thank you.

  104. Thank you, Shirley, and our great Lifter family for connecting the dots. Some of us most likely have many friends, many of us may have some friends, and some may feel as though they are approaching each day rather "alone". But with God's Love, we are still connected to the good and the true - I really feel this with our Daily Lift commentators. I feel often like "my friends" give me such great advice and re-direct negative thinking simply by reading the Lift comments from those I don't even know. Simply one great brotherhood sharing God's Love and lifting one another higher and higher. Thank you, my friends, for filling this gap in my life by sharing your beautiful thoughts with me!

  105. Absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Loved it! Thanks for sharing this thought!

  107. Thank you Shirley. That was a very helpful idea.