1/10: No more anger

1/10: No more anger

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  1. Thank you, Michelle, for this most helpful inspiring message. Peace within is what is most needed. Love to DL team and all.

  2. Clear words, fine thoughts! Thanks, Michelle!

  3. Thank you, Michelle, for “No more anger … ‘dismiss it with an abiding conviction that it is illegitimate …’”

    Wow!!! The way to complete and permanent “anger management.” Right now. Why wait? Dismiss anger. It’s illegitimate.

    “The pent-up elements of mortal mind need no terrible detonation to free them. Envy, rivalry, hate need no temporary indulgence that they be destroyed through suffering; they should be stifled from lack of air and freedom” (Mis 356:5).

    Christian Science is “the straight line / the shortest distance between two points” in human experience between “every ill that flesh is heir to” and being “every whit whole.” What used to “make me angry,” I have come to understand as a “stirring up” to reveal what needs healing. “Man’s extremity [is] God’s opportunity” so “why … stand aghast at nothingness? (S&H 266:14; 563:7).

    Under the marginal heading, “Cleansing upheaval,” Mrs. Eddy wrote, “… Isaiah … referred to divine law as stirring up the belief in evil to its utmost, when bringing it to the surface and reducing it to its common denominator, nothingness ... God's law uncovers so-called sin and its effects, only that Truth may annihilate all sense of evil and all power to sin” (S&H 540).

    “Science has inaugurated the irrepressible conflict between sense and Soul. Mortal thought wars with this sense as one that beateth the air, but Science outmasters it, and ends the warfare" (Mis 102:27).

  4. Dear Michelle,
    this is such an important message! Thank you very much. Isn't anger often like a fence or even like a wall trying to hide the good from our experience. And even separating us from our divine childhood! Thank you very much again !

  5. Anger-management - simple: ...... kick it out!
    thanks, Michelle for sharing your "kick-out" experience...............anger is Godless mismanagement
    of precious study-time! we need no part of its seeming "realism"... it just leads us nowhere.,.the fruitless
    vine. like Jesus, denounce this fruitless vine (for more read John 15) and gain REAL VALUE in our lives!
    Pain can be gain, if we give it up and follow REALITY: Spiritual Harmony and Peace with ourselves/all
    others! Our eternal Kingdom of Heaven is untouchable. GOD maintains our harmony and true well-being!

  6. Michelle, Thank you.

  7. Thank you Michelle - this is a very important thing to remember - not to allow ourselves to get angry over anything. I am not sure where this comes from, but I find the following statement very helpful when I am emptied to be angry:- "When you refuse to react, you have destroyed the bridge over which error can reach you".

    If we react to things we think are not right, we are giving seeming power to something other than God who would never give us any cause for anger. On the other hand, if we respond with love, we have destroyed that seeming power. It not only frees us, but those we believe have caused us to be angry - hence we are all blessed.

    Many thanks also to Nela who has expanded the lift so beautifully.

  8. I have just noticed I wrote "emptied" instead of "tempted" in my first paragraph. We do, of course, need to be emptied of anger! Pearl

  9. What a lesson in humility! Thank you, so much, for sharing this important lesson, Michelle. o matter what the error is, it is always self-inflicted nonsense; sin.

  10. Anything we harbor inside carries its own weight, being it joy, from others well being or from anger, prompted by something somebody else said or did.

    Often that weight shows as material weight, like extra pounds, or in obstacles to some unfinished goal. It’s been my experience that once I let go of anger the obstacle is lifted.

    Letting go of anger never did depend on the behavior of someone else but on our own perception of things or events.

    In an article called “Taking Offense” MBE tells us: “Nothing short of our own errors should offend us.” Misc. 224:28
    Nothing should offend a whole souled person…

    Cualquier cosa que albergamos dentro lleva su propio peso, ya sea alegría, por el bienestar de los demás, o por la ira motivada por algo que alguien dijo o hizo.

    Por lo general, ese peso a menudo se muestra como un peso material, como kilos de más, o en obstáculos hacia algún objetivo sin terminar. Ha sido mi experiencia que una vez que yo largo la ira el obstáculo se levanta.

    Dejar ir el enojo nunca dependió del comportamiento de otra persona, sino en nuestra propia percepción de las cosas o eventos.

    “Nada, sino nuestros propios errores, debiera ofendernos.”
    Misc. 228:31
    Nada debiera ofender a alguien de alma íntegra…

  11. thank you Michelle for that important message, and thanks too, to all the comments which followed and helped to expand the lift, as Pearl #8 says .Anger does no one any good, neither the one who is expressing anger, nor the recipient of that anger. "We thank thee, heavenly Father, For Thy correcting rod, Which guides us in our journey And leads us home to God. It tells us not of anger, The weapon mortals sway, But Love divine, that helps us To keep the better way" Verse 1 of hymn 376

  12. Thank you, I needed that message. Earlier to day I learned that Resentment Anger and Contempt are different forms of the same sin. Adding,to this information, what you have given us , I am confident that my healing will follow.

  13. Yes! Negativity/error/anger/sin––always IMPERSONAL. What a healing thought1 Thank you so much.

  14. Thank you for this empowering and encouraging Lift!

  15. This Lift is so timely and wonderful, Michelle! And I'm extremely grateful to my Father for your inspiration!

  16. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  17. Thanks so much. So wonderful to understand this about everyone.
    What freedom from thinking that anyone has a personal fault, something that God could not make, could not give to His children. God's gift is to reflect his dominion.
    We are free to see the divine perfection about everyone.

  18. Thank you. This is just what is needed never be angry about anything, Love is always present.

  19. Many thanks Michelle for this inspiring lift. "Jesus never asked if disease were acute or chronic, and he never recommended attention to laws of health, never gave drugs, never prayed to know if God were willing that a man should live. He understood man, whose Life is God..." (S&H 369:16). "We thank Thee, heavenly Father,/ For Thy correcting rod,/ Which guides us in our journey/ And leads us home to God./ It tells us not of anger,/ The weapon mortals sway,/ But Love divine, that helps us/ To keep the better way." (Christian Science Hymnal #376).

  20. Thank you. This was very helpful for me to realise. Blessings!

  21. Desterrar la ira, el enojo, hasta el fastidio, que aún siendo más leve, no es bueno, y nos saca del verdadero sentir que debemos albergar siempre, hacia una convivencia pacífica, lamentablemente vemos frecuentemente, intolerancia por un lado y por otro ceder a todo, cabe esta pregunta: ¿Cual fue primero?, si el ceder a todos olvidando la moral o la intolerancia producto de ese accionar.

    Pero, ¿que pensamos nosotros? Ciertamente que ninguno de ellos es real, en una conducta que condena la inmoralidad, y ama sin condena, procurando trasmitir el mismo sentir que hemos aprendido a amar, generoso, tolerante, bondadoso, dispuestos a no tener en cuenta el agravio, respondiendo siempre con amor, a todo desvío e intolerancia. Eso nos enseña la Ciencia Cristiana, Esa fue la practica y prédica de Cristojesús. Y eso es lo que necesita la humanidad, obrar de la misma manera, para poder acceder al Amor divino, porque el Amor divino, es como el mar, los ríos grandes y pequeños se nutren del mar, pero el mar a veces tambien toma agua de los ríos. Entiendo, que Dios en su grandiosa bondad, lleva la humildad hasta tal extremo de gosarce de los pequeños ríos y ni que hablar de los grandes, el gozo es mucho mayor.

    "La Ciencia de la omnipotencia no demuestra sino un solo poder, y ese poder es el bien" MBE
    Entonces, no hay rencor, ni desvios, solo el bendito Amor.

    Muchas gracias Michelle.

  22. Dear Michelle,
    Lovely to see you and listen to such a helpful message. Daily treatment to know that God, Life, Truth and Love makes nothing of sin in ourselves and others is one of Mrs Eddy's discoveries through study of the Bible.

  23. Thank you! Just what I needed.

  24. Thanks for beautiful & inspiring message.Anger is illegitimate.Dismiss it. Wow! what a way to release anger. I will definitely apply this Truth from just now. Thanks again.

  25. Thank you for the lift today, Divine Love is always the answer.

  26. Thank you sooo much for this wonderful lift!

  27. Thank you!

  28. Love all your comments! Thank you or your encouragement and appreciation and amplification. This lift is a shortened version of an experience I share in my lecture "Angry No More", which happens to be online in full for a short time (til mid February) on First Church of Christ, Scientist, Newport Beach, CA's website. Here is the link if you want to listen/watch. It is about 55 minutes long. http://www.cs-nb.com/

  29. Thank you Michelle. This "Lift" is just what I needed to hear today.

  30. Thank you, Michelle, DL Team, and Lifters all for this healing Lift!

  31. Thank you.

  32. Thank you Michelle and all for your comments. Earlier today, I read "Taking Offense" as a personal reminder to beware of "getting" angry. Your message then came as a great exclamation point to Mrs. Eddy's article. Knowing that God is the Giver, we can't "get" anything but GOOD. Today's Lift is an important humbling message and very timely. Thanks again.

  33. Michelle, thank you! After listening, then pondering, your message, I had a new insight. A family member seems to display anger, which then sometimes causes not the best reaction from me. I have thought of this as a problem the other person has, when really it is my duty to handle it. By my accepting it as their behavior, I am giving anger a foothold in thought. It isn't "their" anger; it isn't "my" reaction. It just isn't, and I can know this and I "dismiss it with an abiding conviction that it is illegitimate". Merci beaucoup!

  34. Thank you for this inspiring message (so timely!!).

  35. Thank you Michelle, is a great lift, a great reflexion that we need always in some moment in our lifes...

  36. Hey Michelle! how nice to hear from you again and exactly at the right time for the right teaching as an answer to the question "who cares?" Thank you so much !

  37. I think criticism is another form of anger and definitely a work in progress for me. As well as muting out the commercials I'm most critical of on TV, I'm trying to replace those negative thoughts with loving thoughts rather than sit there irritated until the commercial are over. Or being critical of the appearance of many of the people wondering if they ever looked closely in a mirror before appearing before a camera. This is not the way I want to end my day. It takes a lot of praying before going to sleep to restore a peaceful, loving, state of mind. Your message, Michelle, and the comments have given me some ideas to work with. Thanks to all!

  38. Thank you so much Michelle! Few minutes ago, a friend told me something about emotion. Divine Love is never touched by emotion. Man is not emotional. Everything you said confirms what he told me. It makes me smiling. Thank you!|

  39. Listening to the "copyrighted" notice at the end of this message confirmed the authenticity and goodness conveyed. Yes! Only God's Word, mission, purpose, plan is legitimate in us.

  40. Thank you for reminding us that we have spiritual authority to dismiss anything unlike God, good, including anger, in our thought. We know that anger can be dissolved through the use of forgiveness as well.

  41. Thank you . . . anger is something I've just identified in my life. ("Who me???? Angry????) So today's message was spot on. Love, love, love releases all.

  42. Thnak you ! very useful !

  43. Thank you, Michelle. I had a similar healing which resulted, not only in freedom from pain, but the immediate disappearance of leaning on coffee as a 'friendly' comfort.

  44. Thank you for this alerting message. Anger as sin is important to remember

  45. Thank you, Michelle! Psychology, over the past 50 years or so, has promoted "Feeling your feelings", anger included, as a way to dissipate or heal one's feelings and symtoms of distress. It does seem to work.......for a while......on a temporary basis.....just like taking material medicine seems to heal.....as a temporary means. Yet, in Christian Science, which is the true spiritual means of permanent healing and of salvation, we learn to discern who we are from a spiritual and true basis, based on what God created and knows about us. Knowing the Christ as our true expression, and as the true expression of others, is what truly heals the anger in ourselves and in others. Thank you #33 Kathleen! You got it! Accepting anger as part of others is really something that needs to be healed in our Own thought! What a great topic this is and not an easy one! Thanks for bringing it up to be healed, Michelle!

  46. Along with anger comes self-justification. Don't we often think we have a right to be angry - in fact SHOULD be angry about certain things. This lift tosses that suggestion out! MBE advises "Let us labor to dissolve with the universal solvent of Love, the adamant of error -- self-will, self-justification, and self-love." Love dissolves it all - including the anger. Thanks for the insightful lift.

  47. Thank you Michelle. I too am working on a healing regarding a relationship/work issue and sometimes feel so angry. I know I have to get rid of angry to have the issue healed. Your message is so very helpful. It gives me me hope that I can have a healing by ruling out anger.

  48. Thank you so much for this lift Michelle. On many levels, it's a very important lift for me. It's helping me realize I need to change my perception, my own reaction and thought regarding some past events. Anger, resentment, or even the feeling of being offended are never warranted -- they are just error we need to let go of and reject. I never saw that so clearly as I do now after listening to your lift. It's very humbling and purifying. To bring goodness into our experience, it is our thought we need to change rather than someone else's. Also, many thanks to all those who posted comments and insights, helping to bring this truth home to our thought. It's time for house cleaning and I see I have experiences in my past containing anger, resentment and offense, whether mine or someone else's that need to be swept away. Thank you Michelle for providing us with the link to your lecture too. I'm looking forward to listening to it this morning.

  49. I love, love, love this lift! I woke up at 4 in the morning and there it was - the answer I needed to start my day. Then I remembered I needed to say, thank you, thank you, thank you, Michelle for this lift! It has resonated with so many others and reading the other lifter comments reinforces it's power.

  50. Thank you,Michelle, This message came at just the right time.

  51. Thank you so much Michelle...just what I needed this morning. I didn't realize I've had pent up anger over a situation that happened years ago...how can that be? Just listening to your lift this morning immeadiatley brought this false claim to the surface. I've moved on and feel so free!

  52. I remember a Christian Science lecture where the lecturer shared a healing thought about anger that I have never forgotten and it is this: the Kingdom of Heaven is without one angry thought in it. This idea or fact has been very helpful ever since as we know that the Kingdom of Heaven is the consciousness of Mind and us. As Jesus said - the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Coupled with the definition of Kingdom of Heaven in the Glossary of Science and Health you can see for yourself that indeed there is not room for one angry thought there!
    Thanks Michelle - I will check out your lecture.

  53. Wonderful demonstration of Principle at work. If we believe it was true for another then we're believing it's true about ourselves. It's our job is to relieve the belief in other creations and creators, world belief. God, the only Creator, created Godlike qualities. All disease was only illusion. Bodily ailments never had a cause, neither psychosomatic, nor dramatic scenes of human emotion. Christian Science operates by revealing the unreality of world belief in a creation other than our Father Mother God, Divine Love's creation.

  54. Thank you, Michelle, and for your great lecture, too!

  55. Wonderful lift, to start the day with.

  56. Hello and thank you again so much! In trying to listen to the lecture, I got to the site, saw there had been a lecture but couldn't figure out how to listen to it. Quite possible I'm doing something wrong but if someone was successful I'd like to know how. Thank you.

    Daily Lift Team
    On the website given just click on the arrow button in the middle of the video screen for the lecture to start playing.

  57. Thank you Michelle. I very seldom get angry, but boy, do I get irritated. Isn't that a form of anger? Starting NOW, Divine Love will replace anything that seems to be irritating in my life. Peace, harmony and joy are the atmosphere that I will dwell in.
    Much thanks to the Daily Lift team for their bringing us these treasures and to all the family of Lifters who are so inspiring.

  58. what a lift we all need to dismiss the belief of anger

  59. Thank you so much Michelle for your lift! And thank you #51 because I too found, while listening to Michelle's words, that I have been harboring anger from many years past. Your lift comment as well as Michelle's lift are helping me to "move it off", to begin anew in eternal Spirit. Mary Baker Eddy says: "...it is learned that matter is a manifestation of mortal mind, and that matter always surrenders its claims when the perfect and eternal Mind is understood" ("Science and Health" p552). Our personal material histories fade as we understand the omnipotent allness of divine Mind. God directs, protects and governs.

    Thank you lifters all, and the Daily Lift Team too!

  60. Anger is merely a misguided reaction to uphold the good. That's my definition of it. It's based on ignorance that God upholds it. But the Bible tells us that God Good is too pure to even contemplate anger.
    So where is the legitimacy of it? No where is the only logical answer and is proved by calmness during the manifestation of anger. A quiet repose of mentally conversing with God has many a time destroyed anger.

  61. Michelle, your Lift and everyone's comments are like a life raft that I am clinging to today. Early this morning I found myself in tears over chronic pain I have been experiencing, and to top it off last night my husband unleashed incredible anger toward me verbally. In this heated exchange it came out that he felt I was critical of him. To be reminded that neither pain, criticism, nor anger belong to either me or my husband, and that I have spiritual authority to kick out every claim, is giving me solid ground to stand on and I don't feel like I am drowning anymore. Thank you and everyone for your loving prayer that is rippling out in healing around the world. I feel it right here and will take the inspiration from this Lift with me along my way.

  62. Thank you, Michelle, for this great lift. And, as usual, the comments following added so much food for thought. I especially appreciated the reminders to watch for any intrusions suggesting that God's children are anything less than perfect, whole, free. No anger, irritation, resentment, criticism in ourselves or others! I loved Lori's (37) comment about the commercials these days and how she is working to reverse any sense of criticism to seeing only Love. This is a real wake up call to me to be more alert under all circumstances. Many thanks to all!

  63. Very helpful and practical! Thank you!!

  64. Thank you, this was very helpful and practical.

  65. Thank you for this lift and for the link to your lecture!

  66. Thanks. Great thought. Iwill keep and use this.

  67. Perfect! Thank you!

  68. A welcome 'directional' correction of my thought on a topic I am (necessarily) studying. In short, "Thanks so much--I needed this!"

  69. Thankyou for this wonderful gift! New to the Daily Lift. What a blessing every day.

  70. Fantastic Lift! This led me to think about healing my thinking of the belief of many minds expressed as 'human opinions' existing and manifesting themselves in my experience that could possibly create a reign of in-harmony, discord that could result in uncomfortable physical conditions. I replaced anger with 'human opinions’ (many minds) to this challenge!
    I reasoned- There are never two sides to the spiritual laws of God – only human opinions have more than one side. God reveals spiritual laws that govern us when we listen to only the divine in all we do, say and think. Hence, we learn to live only by divine laws of God.
    God IS All - Mind expressing only good from God - knowing there are no human opinions in any of God's ideas but all are listening to divine Mind's loving thoughts that unfold the perfect solution(s) to everyone. This is the Spirit we reflect in harmony, goodness - our unity is with God alone.
    Sometimes we know the letter well but more important is it to feel the Spirit of the letter - the divine knowing that God is our only governor, thought, guide, a present being in all circumstances to unify men and nations. This fact lifts thought out of personal sense and allows Mind to take charge.
    By really listening to divine Love we will know whether it is the human or divine speaking. Where there may seem to be a reign of varying ideas to solve a challenge, we find harmony and unification of thought in Mind. God's law- the only law.

  71. Thank you.The clouds of anger are chased away when replaced by love!

  72. merci Michelle tres bien..........TXS commenters & lifter team

  73. Loved the Lift...but the lecture that is posted@ http://www.cs-nb.com is beyond inspirational...just finished listening and the message is simple: anger+hate= suffering; Love + Forgiveness=healing...Thanks for painting a clear picture of how to pray our way to resurrection from anger to Love.

  74. LOVE is ALL there is....Thanks so much Michelle for you message and to you all for your comments.
    Truly a meeting of the fellowship of the Spirit. PEACE

  75. Big Thank you, Michelle, for your wonderful Lecture on Letting Go of Anger and Coming to Love and Forgiveness! I had issues of abuse in my past and tried Therapy and 12-Step Groups for Healing, but they never went deep enough because they never got "out of the box of material existence" and into spiritual reasoning and understanding. Your deep explanations, using the Truths in the Bible and in Science and Health, are truly outside the box of material thinking and living. Thank God for Christian Science! God Bless You!

  76. Muy bueno y sanador Lift !!! Gracias Michelle por tu inspirado mensaje de hoy.
    Agradezco tb los comentarios previos.
    Un abrazo y Bendiciones del Amor para todos,

    Ma. Cristy

  77. Wonderful uplifting message. Oh praise God for His goodness and mercy!
    Love and blessings to all!

  78. Thanks for sharing this important healing. I work in a prison ministry. Not dealing with anger is the root of why so many find themselves incarcerated. Sin is a prison warden, and your experience is a testimony to the value of eliminating it. Thanks again.

  79. The way to extract anger is to "pour in truth through flood-tides of Love." If that method works against error as Mary Baker Eddy informs us, it will definitely work against anger. Thank you Michelle.

  80. Thank you for another wonderful and clearly practical lift.

    Demonstrating how to recognize and lift ones thought above the error of reacting to the aggressive mental suggestions of "a supposititious mortal consciousness." (S/H 278-14)

  81. Thanks so much. this is so applicable to so many other suggestions.......amen. Thanks for the comments and thanks for putting these daily lifts on.

  82. Dear #70. BarbaranMaine -

    Within the last year or so, I "found" the following in Science and Health and it's been very healing for me, as I've been practicing to discern between "mere opinion" and "spiritual fact."

    Based on your comments, I thought you would just LOVE this:

    "In Christian Science mere opinion is valueless" (341:11).

    Just one other example that the Truth is already with us and waiting to be "found!!!" ;-)

    Thanks and blessings to all!!!

  83. Thank you so much!! Such an inspiring andhonest lift!! Only love replaces hate, envy or anger; how beautiful to know that we have dominion to overcome all sin!!
    Thanks again Michelle for this wonderful message; it came from God!!

  84. Thanks Michelle for this timely message and the link to the lecture! It's just what I needed today.

  85. Such a potent message, born from the fire of experience. Being able to hear the whole lecture by going to your website was such a privilege.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  86. Thank you Michelle for that beautiful message!!! Very inspiring and uplifting. Reminding us of "letting go" of the thought of anger and helplessness. My goodness, that truly brought back years of tears and carrying around this heavy load in my heart filled with anger due to many combination of things throughout my life; as a child being mentally and physically abused and many years of quiet mental breakdowns because of financial situation; and dealing with all 8 siblings who are alchoholics and are basically verbally not nice. In the past few years, I have learned to "forgive" and do some soul cleansing which included healings of anger, mild depression, and other difficulties. It took me awhile, but I felt liberated from all those nonsense. That was key to my healing; is like you said, let go of anything that is not a part of God's creation, therefore, not my true nature as His perfect child. I have made amends with my siblings and especially with my parents before they departed from this existence. And what a joy that was to be able to let God be in control and lead me not into temptation, but delivering me from sin and sickness. I am just tickled pink to feel grand from within, and now just raking it all in the goodness of God!!!! Christian Science truly is the way of life, inclusive of God, all in all!!! Have a wonderful God's blessed day!!

  87. I too have tried to access the Lecture but do not get the video screen just Newport Beach Church stating a lecture was held etc. as (56) has stated. However very grateful for the DL.

  88. Yes! Thank you for the reminder that "Anger, sin, nor sickness were personal faults." That means that it can't be inherited from someone else, because if it could be inherited, that would mean that God created it. It would also mean we could be mean to others with His blessing. But God loves His children. Any other "reaction," including on the child's part to his Father- Mother God would be a false conclusion to our authenticity to divine Love, and our families back-up support by Spirit. Many thanks, Michelle.

  89. Merci Michelle and others - excellent resources to reflect. Many thoughts to cut through moments of road rage. Beautiful Newport Beach and look forward to your lecture. What gifts shared for all sorts of healing thoughts. An inspiration includes letting go of paper clutter not for memories but also political issues, disappointments, and some hidden upsets to sweep into nothingness. Also important as we sweep out relating thoughts of global anger clutter as in Thailand or with a NY-NJersey bridge closing, we do not become 1932 zombies of a Brave New World, we're love enriched with reflecting God's unlimited creativity and talents for us all to express.

  90. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Just randomly turned this on and "Boom" it was exactly what I needed to hear. God is so Good!!

  91. Thank you, Michelle, and everyone for expounding on such an important Life lesson. If God has dominion over all - then we, as his reflection, also have that same dominion over any thought that does not reflect Him. Whether it be jealousy, hate, anger, resentment, or any other negative energy action we might be tempted to engage in, we can "just say NO". When love is reflected in love, it is enveloping and ripples out into infinity. When unloving acts of behavior tempt us to interact or react, that negativity ripples inward and we carry the weight with us. Letting it go, because we can, will open the flood gates and restore the perfect balance of goodness that is our only true idenity. Thank you for reminding me to give only what I get - God's goodness governing all.

  92. Dear Michelle , I can only agree with what you told , for this is exactly what I've been living, a "miraculous healing" of a 22 y old chronical and painful disease , after having deeply understood the powerful of yhe Holy Spirit within me, and let go the resentment and anger which didn't belong to my real self.
    Thank you for the sharing...

  93. Thanks so much Michelle! Practical ideas for each of us.

  94. Dear Michelle, this message came in the most needed moment as I was tempted to engage in anger feelings caused by an injust situation. I thank God and I thank you for this reminder. I also thank all the commentators .It helpled me to regain my balance, my inner peace. . God is everlasting Love. Thank you !!

  95. There certainly is no halfway position--we either love or hate. Even slight irritating thoughts have to be kicked out immediately, or they take over to erupt in angry responses. I am working on this issue because I need it. Thanks everyone for your uplifting ideas on this subject.

  96. Thank you! Well said, great example.

  97. Thank you!

  98. WOW your lecture, Michelle, which I just finished listening to, matched my past experience, relatively speaking, to a "T" and was captivating from beginning to end. I spent about 5 years praying when going to bed at night not to wake up the next morning, after an extremely painful betrayal by someone very close. In 1979 I walked into First Church of Christ Scientist, Newport Beach, California, and found my new home. The love expressed by their members renewed me and my interest in Christian Science. In 1980 I took Primary Class Instruction. I should explain that I was raised in Christian Science. The individual who caused so much pain has been completely forgiven and resulted in his transformation. I am extremely grateful to you for the messages in this Lift and the lecture and, of course, to Christian Science.

  99. Almost 100 reaction, show the importantnis of this DL message. Michelle showed us, Anger is not from God,we all know! So thank you, Michelle for giving us the article on www.cs-nb.com
    DL-team thank you, tooooo

  100. Thanks a lot Michelle,
    I like to play and to watch football and even more I like the idea to kick the anger out of my thoughts. I'll train it a little bit, thanks again,

  101. Thank you for the helpful thought, Michelle!

  102. Carol, Switzerland
    Merci infiniment chère Michelle, ce lift est tout simplement une guérison pour mon mari et

  103. Thank you!

  104. Thank you so much, and all the comments, very helpful

  105. Dear Michelle, This is such a precious lift. I truly
    need it very much. Wish I had it in writing. I would
    keep it with me always.
    Much love, --B

  106. Thank you for this much-needed DL. I will work with it continually to see myself and others as the true image of God, expressions of love and goodness. Our true being cannot be angry or a victim of another's anger. Directing our thoughts to divine Love, good, will take away the temptation to see others as evil or to feel victimized by their anger. Thank you to all who commented, especially 33 and 38!

  107. This daily lift came soaring back at me today, as I have been expressing buried anger. I appreciate the lines, "I had spiritual authority to stop it. And you know what? I could. Letting go of anger -never did depend on the behavior of anyone else."

  108. Beautiful!

  109. A very important healing message. Thank you. :)

  110. Thank you Michelle, I am catching up on some missed Lifts. This one is terrific, don't know if you will get this comment now, but nonetheless I am very grateful to you for your insight. I am about to watch your Lecture, thanks for the link.

  111. I don't usually take the time to read the comments, but these were very helpful. We CAN eliminate anger because it is no part of God's child. I look forward to listening to the lecture later. It is also on YouTube at