1/1: Happy new you every day

1/1: Happy new you every day

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  1. Thank you for the lovely spiritual thought of the flower and including music.

  2. Thanks Lesley!

    Happy continuous new-ness DL community!

    Mrs Eddy says, “Creation is ever appearing, and must ever continue to appear from the nature of its inexhaustible source.”

    And, opportunities to experience this "ever appearing" are inexhaustible too, “as must be the case in the cycles of divine light.” (S&H)

    So, w Jesus, DL community, "I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look unto the fields; for they are white already to harvest" these ever appearing new opportunities for spiritual growth, “and whosoever layeth his earthly all on the altar of divine Science, drinketh of Christ’s cup now, and is endued with the spirit and power of Christian healing.” (S&H)

  3. Every day a new me.
    Every day. I can't wait to see.

  4. Happy New Year, Lesley! And thank you so much for the first Lift of 2013. I am reminded of what the Bible says in Lamentations 3:22, 23: "the Lord's mercies...are new every morning", just like the sunrise. And in II Corinthians 4:16 we are lovingly assured that "the inward man is renewed day by day". How good it is to realise that God's creation (including us) is never stale or static, but constantly renewing and refreshing itself (just like our Daily Lift!). So we don't have to hang onto yesterday's (or yesteryear's) beliefs. They fade into nothingness in the sunlight of the new day -- and that's TODAY! Happy New Day to all the contributors and listeners to the Daily Lift!

  5. Thank you Lesley for starting the new year off with this beautiful Lift. Unfoldment best describes the activity of the Christ in our lives.The constancy and agelessness of Spirit as substance ever appearing is what unites us to the one Infinite God. We celebrate the arrival of the new year by the renewal of the Christ in our consciousness, each and every day of the year; ever active, ever new. In the words of Mary Baker Eddy, in S&H page 246, "Man, governed by immortal Mind, is always beautiful and grand." It remains our privilege to ,"..begin the demonstration thereof."

  6. Thank you Lesley,, I loved the thought that we cannot age, Life is self-renewing because its source is from Spirit. Also the idea that we all have access to God's eternal qualities. The passage you quoted fro Science and Health page 246 is one of my favourites. "Each succeeding year unfolds wisdom, beauty, and holiness." Unfolding just as the rose bud unfolds into a perfect bloom. Thank you again, for an inspiring Lift

  7. Thanks Lesley ! Excellent first idea for this new year !
    I love the idea of self-renewing substance that infinite God ils the source

  8. "The Bible teaches transformation of the body by the renewal of Spirit" S&H 241:13
    "Behold, I make all things new" Rev. 21:5
    The online thesaurus defines, RENEWAL:
    recurrence, recommencement,
    reformation, rejuvenation,
    restoration, revival...

    Mrs. Eddy simplifies: "Each succeeding year unfolds wisdom, beauty, and holiness" S&H 246:25

    "La Biblia enseña la transformación del cuerpo por la renovación que hace el Espíritu" CyS 241:14
    "He aquí, yo hago nuevas todas las cosas" Apocalipsis 21:5
    El tesauro en línea define, RENOVACIÓN:
    recurrencia, reanudación,
    reformación, rejuvenación,
    restauración, revivir...

    La Sra. Eddy lo simplifica: "Cada año que viene desarrolla más sabiduría, belleza y santidad" CyS 246:25

  9. pnina-israel
    Hi lesley
    "The river of God has plenty of water"-- each one of us is a river of God, a stream of God -- and we never dry up but are filled up daily with fresh waters-ideas -- we are evergreen.

    Daily Lift Team:
    Quote is from the New Living Translation of the Bible, Psalm 65: 9

  10. Happy New Year to every one who gets the daily lift. And that you so much Leslie for this wonderful lift.

  11. Muito bonito!

  12. Wonderful ideas -- thank you!!

  13. An invigoratong , inspiring and comforting message for the New Year .Mrs Eddy's powerful message of the " ...forever coming of the Christ " comes to mind . Thank you Lesley . Happy New Year to all !

  14. Lesley, Thank you, we are all expressing God's qualities freely, and bountifully , and beautifully.

  15. Thank you for a wonderful Lift to lift our thoughts for the new year and for all time. Thank you one and all. Have a great New Year.

  16. Such a lovely message to the start the NEW YEAR with! Thank you to one and all involved with OUR daily lifts!


  18. Thank you so much, Lesley, for our awakening to the light of eternal day. God's day is without beginning or end. The expression of spiritual qualities doesn't vary with dawn or dusk. Our emergence into another year is unremarkable, except for growth in grace and readiness to accept opportunities to love more and forgive all.
    Thank you Nate, were you snowboarding on the slopes with Susi? Thanks to the Board of Lectureship and the lecturers, and our Daily Lift family.

  19. Such a beautiful thought and a superb way to welcome in 2013. Thank you so much and Happy New Year!

  20. Lovely way to begin a new day and year! Thank you, Lesley, Daily Lift Team, and Lifters all!

  21. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for all the inspiring Daily Lifts and comments this past year and expectancy for unlimited good as we start a New Year. Much happiness and progress to all!

  22. thank you Lesly and a happy new year to you too and everyone else. plus peace and love

  23. Thank you very much Leslie for the reminder that we are ageless, and this year we can expect unfolding good and opportunities to bless & enlighten our world with harmony & healing

  24. Thanks Lesley for your words that remind of and bring Light to All, even to clamouring challenges. A reminder of the inevitable unfoldement of perfect harmony, every day at every moment.
    Thanks to the DL team .... I read that the DL team has been on vacation this past week, BUT i am not sure how it has been managed that we still did receive the gift of those wonderful uplifting daily messages!

  25. Thank you dear Leslie for your beautiful "lift off" for this grand New Year.
    Love to you and to all those who partake of these wonderful Daily Lifts

  26. Oh, thank you! And Happy Unfoldment to all...

  27. Dear Lesley,
    Thank you for this encouragement to be renewed in Spirit every morning and keep unfolding spiritual qualities of joy, intelligence and loving kindness in the eternal now of our divine Source.

    Thanks to the Daily Lift Team and its organisation for the precious messages waiting for us each morning. They are a great inspsiration and I love to share them.

  28. Joy for the gift of my daily lift! Thank you all so much for the loving reminder to look within to see my true being. God bless is a wonderful request.

  29. Thank you, Leslie.

    It was a real joy to have you talk with me this morning--first thing in the new year--and to share such a solid "lesson" on the NOW of infinite Mind--vital, eternally fresh goodness by reflection; Life, Truth, Love expressed continuously.

    God, good, infinite and eternal is All.

  30. Happy New Year to all the Ideas!!!!
    Thoughts hearts be alert as the unfolding good is always present
    With free constant access for me and for you
    And the luxury to know every moment all we renew!
    Thank you Lesly.

  31. Thank You.

  32. A very beautiful analogy with the rose, Lesley. Much appreciated. A spiritualized rose. Who could ask for more.

    I think Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, would was given you the nod, as well.



  33. Happy New Day to us! Happy New Day to us!
    And thanks to all who produce, contribute, participate, and enjoy Daily Lifting.

  34. Every day is a new unfoldment of the Divine...! Wonderful and joyous lift...! Thanks Lesley...!

  35. Thank you for the lift, Lesley... such a perfect message for this holi-day. Claiming our ever-renewing spiritual identity is a gift that keeps on giving. May all mankind be so blessed. Thanks to all listeners, commenters, readers, and providers of this technology for your individual contributions to the imbibing of the spirit of this message ensuring its widespread distribution.

  36. Thank you. Your glowing message is truly loved for its radiant esplendour. Mrs. Eddy gave us the definitionf of Heaven in her text book.
    "Heaven. Harmony; the reign of Spirit; government by divine Principle; spirituality; bliss; the atmosphere of Soul" Decided to start my day with Heaven.

  37. Thank you, Daily Lift Team, for all the good you have brought to our world throughout 2012 and continuing into 2013.

  38. Thank you for this wonderfully helpful message and much love and appreciation to ALL! Tracy

  39. Thank you Lesley, and Happy New Year to you too. Much love.

  40. What a good day to be "born again"!

  41. What an excellent message for this first day in a new year....and always.
    That is so helpful! Thank you Lesley!!!!!
    Happy New Year to ALL! Happy New YOU -- to all!
    and #8 Elena - thanks for enlarging on this idea of renewal!

  42. Wow, Wow, Wow!! What a tasty morsel of Good to "eat" today! Love the idea of unfolding Good! Thank you so much, Lesley! I sometimes have wondered...... "If Good is unfolding all the time, who folded it up in the first place?" But now I understand that Good, God, just IS. It is Us, in our Human Experience, who are experiencing it as "Unfolding"! 2013 is The Year of Hope and Abundance! (Don't forget to do a "Bun Dance" today!!) Cha, Cha, Cha! Happy Everything!!!!

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    Underneath the play bar you will see an envelop icon. To share the Lift click on that icon or the FaceBook or Twitter icons to share it there.
    Daily Lift Team

  44. What a gift for this New Year's Day 1/1/2013. I was praying so that the USA would be rid of that Fiscal Cliff scenario. It came to me as I thought of Jesus and the Devil. The Devil was trying to tempt Jesus by falling of the Cliff and Jesus retorted; "Thou shalt not tempt The Lord thy God." Devine Love who takes care of our human needs, how could we have a Fiscal Cliff? Impossible, Mortal Mind has no power to thwart God's power and goodness. What a beautiful gift to the American people that the Fiscal Cliff was avoided.

  45. Happy New Year to all with the assurance from our father/mother GOD that we'll be blessed with joy, good health and love with peace within and the world around us. Thank you, Lesley, for the wonderful lift at the start of 2013. Aloha from Monika

  46. Thank you, Lesley, Daily Lift Team, and all Lifters!...a PERFCT way to begin a new day and year!

  47. Lesley, what a beautiful and gentle lift, so wonderfully stated. Thank you too Elena, you always add such tender messages.
    Everyone, much gratitude for the spiritual inspiration to which you all contribute. Have a blessed new year!!!!!


  49. Oh what a wonderful lift that will carry us onward on our "path from sense to soul".You have armed us with the understanding of agelessness,harmony,goodness,wisdom and grace.Happy New Year to All.

  50. Many thanks Lesley for your inspiring "Happy new year of unfolding goodness." Yes. "Each succeeding year unfolds wisdom, beauty, and holiness." (S&H 246:25). "God is working His purpose out/ As year succeeds to year..." (Christian Science Hymnal #82).

  51. Thank you for the message.
    Happy New Year to all!

  52. Fantastic way to start the New Year, Lesley !! ................"limitless goodness coming from God"...........you hit the nail right on the head. I am very grateful and will share this with a friend who will derive much good from your message.

  53. Thank you very much Lesley for your uplifting New Year message. We go forward into 2013 expecting the unfoldment of good. Happy New Year and Happy New everyone!

  54. Thank you, Lesley, for this wonderful Lift to start off 2013 and to the Daily Lift team for organizing things so that we still had the Lift while they took a break Thank you to all the Daily Lifters for their responses - we have become quite a family.

  55. What a wonderful year of Daily Lifts and inspired comments from those who post. Thank you Lesley for this lift full of goodness, hope and truth. Such a perfect way to usher in a new year and also replace the idea of time with eternal fruit of the Spirit. Galations 5:22-23 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.Against such things, there is no law." God is infinitely creating all things new and we can expect only good for eternity. It just doesn't get any better than that.

  56. A happy new year of unfolding good! Thank you!

  57. Dear Lesley, thank you for your precious message spoken with Christliness within in you to benefit all listeners. Absolutely lovely to be reminded that our substance is self renewing because Spirit is its source. Blessings and wisdom be unto you.

  58. Oh, thank you, Lesley! This is just what I needed to hear. Love to all!

  59. Oh yes! And a BIG thank you to the Daily Lift team for the continuity of Lifts and comments over the holidays...when they are so very needed.

  60. Thank you for this New Day concept. The rosebud unfolding reminds me of an article from about 20
    years or more ago which explains patience as not being able to force the petals of a rose to open before its time. I have relied on that image so much over the years. Substance coming from Spirit is so
    freeing and hopeful. Somehow 2012 seemed to slip off the tongue more easily than 2013 so we
    may need to work a little harder in the beginning to gracefully express the new date. Another tiny
    petal/opportunity for growth.

  61. Lovely! -- A happy new you to everyone.

  62. Thank you, Lesley, for “Happy new you every day … lovely completeness … unfolding … limitless goodness coming from God … ‘Behold, I make everything new’ … our substance is self-renewing because Spirit is its source …” Wow! How God loves us!!! To live in the eternal now of unfolding, limitless goodness through unceasing prayer and unwavering obedience, as Jesus did in his Christly childlikeness – every day! Can such childlikeness challenge, overcome, even reverse the claims of an aging calendar? “ To preserve a long course of years still and uniform, amid the uniform darkness of storm and cloud and tempest, requires strength from above, — deep draughts from the fount of divine Love. Truly may it be said: There is … a youth that never grows old … the spiritual glow and grandeur of a consecrated life wherein dwelleth peace, sacred and sincere in trial or in triumph” (Miscellaneous Writings, ix:15). What a fun vision that’s come to me of “sticking a toe in;” wading; splashing; bathing; immersing oneself in a spiritual Fountain of Youth! And to rejoice and be glad in it!!! Yes!!! This is great! Okay then. I’m accepting my “lovely completeness unfolding!” Happy new me every day!!! P.S. I thought New Year's Day would be considered a holiday and so no Daily Lift. I couldn't resist taking a look any way. I'm really glad I did! Happy New You from Happy New Me!!! :-)

  63. Such conviction, power, promise, freshness, newness ETC. in your wonderful message/Lift --- thank-you, Lesley! Onward & upward with infinite, "self-renewing" God/Good --- as his/her eternal, christly sons and daughters ....... All-the-very-best to One & all!

  64. A very hearted gratitude to you Miss Lesley and to all the DL team..your message gave me such meaningful..thanks for making my new year so gratefully..Thanks a lot.!!!

  65. Thank you Lesley for this inspiring lift. As I think of the new year ahead on this New Year's day, you have blessed us with the thoughts that we have "LIMITLESS goodness coming from GOD that is ALWAYS fresh, NEW, INFINITE in variety and ETERNAL in scope." I like the reminder that "As God's sons and daughters we have CONSTANT access to DIVINE qualities and ideas." The largeness of that is what constitutes the newness of possibilities and expression of the divine. They are "self-renewing because the SOURCE from which they come is AGELESS, SELF-RENEWING, ETERNAL SPIRIT." Thank you for expanding my thought today to the infiniteness and newness of God. I LOVE these daily lifts and am grateful to the team that produces them for us. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  66. Thank you, Lesley, for starting this year with a wonderful Lift, to all CS practitioners and teachers who shared their Lifts throughout last year (and continuing into 2013), and to the DL community for your beautiful inspirational comments each day. Plus, very special thanks to the Daily Lift Team for keeping these Lifts going during the holidays (holy-days) as well as every weekday. They help me so much. I look forward to witnessing more spiritual growth and wonderment. Blessings and love to all with warm wishes for a very Happy New Year!

  67. What a beautiful inspiring Lift! Many many thanks.

  68. Thank you!! I soo appreciate this inspiring message.

  69. Sin duda que para Dios no hay nuevo año sino eternidad, pero si hay renovación y amplitud de ideas para nosotros que nos conduce a Un accionar más armónico donde Sí reina la paz que se renueva cada día por que ha llegado el Amor para permanecer en Un constante amanecer.

    Muchas gracias Lesley, y en esa renovación sintamos cada día que hay mucho para hacer y sigamos apoyando las nuevas ideas que nos bendicen a todos, Muchas gracias Daily Lift, creadores, colaboradores y ejecutores.

  70. Love it! That new me and new you has got to be spiritual and sound!

  71. Thanks so much! Happy New Year everyone!

  72. I love the thought that substance is self -renewing and every new year exp[oses more good unfolding. Thank you.

  73. My daughter sent me a link to a performance of "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" sung by the vocal quartet Idea of North. I cried and laughed through the tears. A new day and a new year bringing forth new ideas to walk closer with God... The rose unfolding was so meaningful. Thank you for your beautiful message, Lesley.

  74. Thanks Lesley! You reminded me of the sentence in Science & Health where Mary Baker Eddy encourages us to ".....feel the divine energy of Spirit, bringing us into newness of life......

  75. I am most grateful to all for the shining of Love's goodness. A most wonderful day and year to all. Thank you, Lesley. The rose thought reminded me of a one I bought a long time ago that had so many petals it was over a week before it completely opened. Right this moment, I feel like that rose...never ending.

  76. Hearing this Lift renews my hope for tomorrow. I was feeling uninspired, and like I have nothing to give. Now things look better!

  77. Number 4 said we don't have to hang onto yesterday's beliefs. That got me thinking. I (we) don't have to hang onto beliefs from one minute ago either. This time thing is interesting isn't it?

  78. Thank you Lesley for this wonderful springboard into the new year and to everyone involved in bringing these daily lifts to the world, they are much appreciated. Thank you xx :)

  79. Thank you Lesley for this New Year Lift. I like the thought of ageless qualities coming from an ageless source-God, good. I like the thought of joy, kindness and strength being ever available to each one of us, always. I like Mary Baker Eddy's expansive thought and how she puts these boundless ideas into words that are available to us all as well. Thank you for encouraging ageless thought and boundless source of good. What beautiful thoughts for the New Year. A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.

  80. Hi Lesley - great lift to kick off the new year - lovely ideas - many thanks

  81. Thank you Lesley, Happy New Year

  82. Happy new you every day. Time is of no essence where God is concerned. Only good can come to man every second of every minute, of every hour and so on to infinity, where man dwells in the goodness of God. Goodness doesn't fall off a cliff. What a wonderful gift, that man can not fall away from God, fiscal or otherwise.

  83. Thank you very much - really comforting, reassuring and very helpful!

  84. Thank you.

  85. And don't we need this NOW?? With all the politics of win-lose, no-hope, we have a duty to LIVE the words of Truth. Thank you for your words of wisdom. ...never aging, always eternal... God's infinite and eternal inspiration... the New You... and Me. --Gratefully yours, Rob of the Rockies

  86. Thank you for an upbeat way to think!

  87. thank you lesley

  88. I'm late in getting to my lifts - but I just have to say 'thank you' for this much needed Lift . .. a fresh start - !!! A great reminder - "Let us shape our views of existence into loveliness, freshness and continuity..." SH 246:29-30

  89. A Happy Happy New Year supported by Truth, God, like you stated the Bible says, "Behold, I make all this new." Thank you Lesley.

  90. Though am late due to network problem experienced in remote parts of Kenya! i am compelled to say thank you so much for the daily spiritual uplift . I wish all the team Happy new year and abundance blessings from God

  91. Thank you Lesley, thank you DL team, thank you responders from all over the world.

  92. Thanks, Lesley...... a good way to start the new year..... with fresh thinking....

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