A Christian Science Perspective

When Mary Baker Eddy founded The Christian Science Monitor in 1908, she gave the directive to publish one article on Christian Science every day. Each article delivers a response to a topical issue in the news from a Christian Science perspective. These articles inspire readers to look through a spiritual lens when responding to the news and focus their supportive prayers toward an issue facing the global community. For more articles than the ones listed below, visit the Christian Science perspective section on csmonitor.com.

Energized now!

Energy – teens, athletes, parents, businesspeople are bombarded with ads for supplements, drinks, and pills that promise consumers this much sought-after commodity. The claims are quite compelling. But for the upsides of these promises, there are also downsides. The effects of the products fall short of expectations, and the manufacturers’ labels warn of unpleasant side effects.

If church feels empty

A few years ago I attended a civil wedding ceremony that included readings from works by Khalil Gibran and some passages by “another poet.” That other “poet” turned out to be St. Paul, and the readings were his famous verses on the power of love from his first letter to the Corinthians. My 16-year-old cousin remarked to me that she’d never heard those words before; they were really nice, but she had no idea where they were from.

Time for a real holiday?

It’s February. If you live where I live, this is the month with an unfortunate propensity for blizzards. Frozen, white, relentless, the weeks can seem to slog on. Flowers and cards just don’t cut it. You’re convinced you need a holiday – a real vacation with swaying palms, hot sand, dabbling your toes in the sea.

A bigger heart.

Know what I’m hoping for this Valentine’s Day? A bigger heart. No, not a chocolate one wrapped in red foil, but the real thing. I like to think of Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to open my heart to a more expansive sense of love.

At this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, the creators of a critically acclaimed 6-1/2 minute movie will learn if they will be taking home the Oscar in the “Best Short Film, Animated” category. Their feature, well timed for Valentine’s Day, is “Paperman” (Walt Disney Animation Studios).

The new normal

It's common these days for people to describe accepted behavior as "the new normal." As a result of progress, advances in technology, and other factors, things we now do have replaced things we used to do – and are now the new normal.

Sex trafficking enslaves millions worldwide – usually children and women – and is the fastest growing criminal enterprise worldwide. While numerous noble humanitarian efforts have resulted in increased awareness, more arrests, and the freeing of many people, still more work is needed, and my heart yearns to help.

Sparing the wildflowers

The author learns to see loveliness and grace in the world through a little patch of wildflowers.

Years ago when a naturalist and I stood on the banks of Lake Michigan, a look of intrigue crossed her face. She bent down, put her hand in the water, and said, “What do you know. The lake has turned over.”

'Fear not, little flock'

During the Christmas season our large family gets up at “o-dark-thirty” to beat the sunrise 75 miles south at the Bosque Del Apache bird refuge. The refuge is a large area of ponds and lakes and cornfields in central New Mexico. Our goal is to catch sight of hundreds of thousands of ducks, geese, and cranes as they take flight to seek food for the day.

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