Mobile options

Smartphone or mobile device

You can enjoy the vast majority of the materials offered by The Mother Church and the Christian Science Publishing Society through the convenience of your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.). Below are the options for mobile websites, eBooksapps, and turning bookmarks into app icons. Please note that the mobile websites and eBooks can also be accessed using a computer, while apps cannot.

Mobile websites

Be sure to bookmark the web pages you visit regularly so you can get to them quickly! You can even turn these bookmarks into app icons. badge

This entire website, including online services, Daily Lift, online lectures, Lives Lived video series, blogs, and more can all be easily accessed and enjoyed using your mobile device.

JSH-Online badge and all its articles, blogs, testimonies, Sentinel chats and radio programs are mobile friendly.

CSM Badge and all its media is mobile friendly.

Time4Thinkers Badge

The entire website, including live events, podcasts, the Weekly Musician, and more can all be easily accessed using your mobile device.


Concord Mobile is available to all subscribers to Concord Online. This is a mobile-optimized website designed for smart phones and tablets limited to the “search and share” model. It’s a really quick way to find that quote that comes to thought while you are away from your computer!


Many of the writings of Mary Baker Eddy are available to read on your mobile device if you download an eBook. more


Your Daily Lift 

Daily Lift badge

Your Daily Lift offers an iPhone app with extensive features.  Watch this short ad to learn more.  Don’t have an iPhone?  Your Daily Lift reruns are in available in Odyssey Network’s Call of Faith interfaith mobile app.  This app is available on all major mobile platforms.  For more info, click here


GoVerse Badge

GoVerse is a free app designed for Sunday School students to help them quickly find and share quotes from the Bible and Science and Health.  GoVerse includes over 1200 inspirational quotes and dozens of photographic backgrounds.  It is available at Apple’s App store and on Google’s Marketplace.  Visit to learn more.  

Make your bookmarks into app icons

This article explains how to do it.  The “Add to home screen” button makes the bookmark into an app icon.