You're not guilty [19 mins ENG]

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Julie A. Ward, CSB, shares insights into our spiritual innocence and freedom in this talk during a mini-lecture series about how to pray effectively and bring health and healing into our everyday lives. Filmed at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, Texas on March 3rd, 2012. To watch more lectures from this event, click here.

  1. Julie, thank you sooooo much for that wonderful lecture..I can't express my gratitude for your message and am very moved from it.
    God knows my innocence....if you grew up with that constant feeling of guilt and shame, that's just a revelation and a conversion...WOW....I thank God for that message on that very day! Much blessings for you, Julie!!!

  2. This is the best lecture I have EVER heard regarding the subject!
    To feel guilty has been and still seems so common - an evil instrument per se, especially where guilt is imposed upon for no objective reason; it would blur one's vision of what's really going on, cause stagnation, retard progress. The lecturer made clear however the importance to repent in a given case - And then to move on. Christian Science offers best solutions! Thank you, Julie Ward! Thank you, friends, for providing that lecture here!

  3. What a wonderfully helpful and healing lecture.

    It just came to me yesterday that God is always with us, and his presence is one of support and love, and is not watching us to swoop down on us to criticize us or condemn us in any way. To acknowledge Him/Her as ever-present divine Love who is supporting us and giving us all right thoughts and His Spirit and strength to do all things well, is very freeing. Your lecture has really added substance to these thoughts for me, and such confidence to go forward with spiritual freedom. I love the thought that we are not guilty of being mortals, because that immediately supplies right spiritual thoughts which lift us up and lead us onward.

    Many, many thanks Julie.

  4. "your progress has brought it to the surface to be healed" was just what I needed to hear. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for that "repentance therefor, deep, never to be repented of." (Misc.p107)

  6. Thank you, Julie, for the wonderful insights presented in your lecture. It has opened my eyes to say, "I'm not guilty..." and will insert the so-called problem I may seem to be facing. I am a perfect child of God and as such have been made in his image and likeness. Understand his angel thoughts and move towards the inspiration that is provided and you will move towards a solution. This is a blessed pathway.
    This brings great peace. Thank you again, Julie, and to the lecture team for these lovely short lectures that are so delightfully easy to watch at the beginning of each week!

  7. Thank you Julie, this is really a great and helpful lecture.

  8. This is so complete, focused and clearly expressed, I can't wait to revisit it and to bring the ideas to all my study and activities right now. Deepest thanks, Julie Wade....

  9. Wow!!!! thank you so much

  10. Wow, my thinking has changed. Thank you so much for the powerful love behind the message. It made me feel worthy of it!

  11. Great lecture! We can be reminded of these truths every day. I love that problems are opportunities for growth and are brought out by our spiritual growth. Thanks!

  12. What a wonderful awakening lecture, and something that I needed to hear. I'm guilty on all counts and that will change starting right now. I am and always have been God's child and and it's time to start demonstrating that every minute of every day. Thank you so much Julie.

  13. Not guilty by reason of perfect Love. What a great lecture and message, thank you so much!

  14. Here's one shiny example of FREEDOM (and also womanhood) of God's making. Julia hits very important theological points that are still so prevalent and need to be REALLY understood and lived (and ... acknowledged in oneself AND others). Truth sets you free. And what she illustrates here is such an essential difference between CS and other schools of thought. Thank you, Julia, for putting these very important healing truths in a listener-friendly tone and format :)

  15. I would have to agree with #2 that this is the best lecture I have ever heard on this subject and undoubltedly the best thing I have heard in a long time. NOT GUILTY -- how I long to hear those words that free from all claims of sin or sickness. NOT GUILTY -- of a human history that would try to chain me to unresolved problems or human traits. NOT GUILTY -- of anything that is unlike God, good. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Julie, from bottom of my heart. The words from hymn #374 come to mind: "Rejoice for thou art whole," and NOT GUILTY!

  16. WOW! Yeeeees grateful for the detailed
    coverage of our PURITY & PERFECTION as
    God's reflection.

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is such a powerful message and so well explained! I've read the court case in Science and Health for many years, but sometimes struggled with relating to it. Your message has made it so clear and frees my thought from holding on to the belief of so many "past mistakes". From the first chapter of Genesis, created as God's reflection, we are NOT GUILTY of being mortals!

    Thank you so much for these mini-lectures!

  18. With heartfelt gratitude for this most wonderful, helpful mini is MOST helpful! Thank you...thank you.

  19. This is a wonderful lecture and so glad I took the time to listen. Thank you!

  20. Loved it, Julie! Very powerful and something soooooo needed today for soooooo many! It's called: God's Unconditional Love! We do need to see our own mistakes, tho', and admit them and then, and only THEN, move on! I see some people suffering because they have chosen not to see their mistakes out of fear of being punished or of looking bad or of just such a deep sense of guilt and self-hatred already - that they can't bear to even "see" what mistakes they have made. They need to be told that part of God's Love for them is that they have the courage to admit their mistakes SO THAT they can then move on! It takes a lot of courage to admit, "I was wrong." It takes a lot of courage to make amends, to say "I'm sorry, I screwed up." But once you can do that you are 2/3 free and the last 1/3 is just accepting God's Unconditional Love. True repentance is seeing our mistakes and THEN being willing to let God Love it out of us! Thank You!!!

  21. Thanks so much Julie!! Will listen to it again. I liked the 3rd point alot. "Focus on what God knows and not on what I (we) don't know." This totally changes everything. I am cherishing this idea. Cheers, Chrissie

  22. I am so grateful to the Mother Church and speakers that make these online lectures and chats available. Thank you Julie for the 3 thoughts you emphasized. I hear how others are healed so quickly and struggle with discouragement because seemingly I have not made much progress. Family members fears and doubts have added to my own doubts and fears. How refreshing it was to hear the ideas you shared. I recently read a testimony that it took a woman 12 years to "see the Light". This gives me hope...

  23. Thank you so much Julie for this wonderful lecture.
    Nice to see you on this weekly new inspiring lectures.
    Cheers from Montreal !

  24. Julie: Thanks for explaining that the ownership of good starts with and stays with God. The explanation of the indivisible nature of good helped show that one cannot be truly guilty. You gave us encouragement, and then you humbly explained the reason. And its amazing to realise that three great biblical characters (Moses, David and Paul) were all involved in killings, but then became the instruments of such enormous good. This is big subject and you ably covered it in 19 minutes!

  25. Wonderful lecture!
    Thank you soooooooooooooo much!
    It seems as if I´ve learned that for the first time!
    I´m not guilty! We´re not guilty!
    Indeed, your message presented this issue under a new light, a lot more brighter and direct!!!

  26. God surely loves me.
    I know because when I got home from work , dripping in guilt for not being "good " enough, I happened to tune in to your guiltless and infinite Good , message. I heard loud and clear it's not about a me-good; it's about a God -Good.
    I curtsy, bow and humbly thank-you for being the well needed thought and clarity that, God is always loving us. We are reflections of His goodness, not our own!

  27. This is a wonderful lecture and so lovingly presented. This subject is kind of a big one, so I will watch this a few more times to be sure I'm getting all that you said from it. Thank you!

  28. Uplifting, fulfilling, plentiful, thank you, Julie. Much piece comes to mind without hesitation.

  29. Thank You Julie! Your lecture was exactly what I needed clear and on target! I will definitely listen to it again!

  30. Limpid! Thanks.

  31. A great lecture. Thanks Julie.

  32. Julie, you deserve me adding this comment. I meant to watch your mini lecture before I submitted my comment on the Lift today. And when I got to the bottom of reading others great remarks, I submitted mine, forgetting to watch. It is a very needed lecture, one I'll be watching again, for it must have been written for me! It isn't wicked stuff I've plead guilty to, but all the almost, but not quite good enough things, and attempts to do good that somehow weren't as wise after all. It's for the right attempts, but far from good enough parenting moments, wife moments, and days even as far back as a little girl, that layer guilt on my memories. This was healing treatment. I'm so grateful.

  33. This was so beautifully delivered and SO helpful and meaningful. I am very grateful! Thanks!

  34. Wow! Thank-you Julie for this powerful message. I especially love " your progress has brought this to the surface to be healed" and then to know that the solution is right there! This is a lecture That has made so many good points and I will use along with my daily prayers. Thank-you so much Julie !

  35. Thank you Julie for such a beautiful and inspiring lecture, the message was much needed by me. I plan to share these ideas with several friends and family members. This is such an important topic for young people to understand -- that we are NOT GUILTY and to understand that God does love each of us unconditionally.

  36. Thank you Julie, your blessed message has touched my heart. I will pass it on to my children. BLESSINGS.

  37. That was wonderful! Could it possibly be made capable of downloading? Thank you so much!

    The downloadable audio file will be available very soon

  38. Just beautiful. Thank you for these healing truths!

  39. What a beautiful and liberating message.

  40. Thank you for this powerful and inspiring mini lecture... love it and sharing it. Thank you techinical team for making it downloadable too.

  41. "Your progress has brought it to the surface to be healed" as # 4 reminded of the response you received.
    What an encouraging talk. It is our desire to be perfect sincere which causes "chemicalization," which we may not understand. Maybe that is why the Bible tells all things give thanks. Thank you.

  42. I am so thankful for these mini lectures. I love the regular ones too, but these seem like so much truth packed into a concise form with so much impact. Thank you, Julia, because you found these truths and shared them with us. Your thoughts expressed have changed the very atmosphere everywhere and made a big dent in the "guilty" verdict of many of us, I can tell by the comments. Thank you much!!!

  43. Aloha Julie!

    Your lecture was really a very beautiful and healing message. We all are our very worst critics. This message helped me see that feeling guilty is feeling unworthy of God's precious love for us. Your lecture helps me and I am sure others quiet the false evidence about our true identity. Your delivery was superb and absolutely divinely inspired. As the French say, "gratitude is the memory of the heart" and I am so grateful to you for this message. Mahalo!

  44. Thank you so very much for that lecture, it was so touching to me, I had tears in my eyes, most of the time, I think learning Christian Science you always want to be perfect, but often think you have failed,
    From now on I will not play guilty, but know that it is only error who talks. God sees me and everyone as His beautiful child, created in His image and likeness.

  45. Thank you for the wonderful lecture.I now know that Iam not guilt of disappointing God, guilt of creating my own problems and guilt of spiritual ignorance.Iam a perfect child of God.The lectures are always a blessing.Thank you very much.

  46. Well, I too want to say THANK YOU!!

  47. What a revelation that was for me to hear you say we're not guilty for our problems. I've felt nothing but guilt for years. Thank you SO much!

  48. Wow - this is such a gift! Thank you for sharing such wonderful clarity about who we really are! This has brought a fresh impetus to my studies and I am so grateful! Thank you!

  49. Thank-you so much I can't wait to share this with my Sunday school class this Sunday

  50. Thank you, this thought of I am not good enough is persistent, I am so grateful to be awakened to the idea of challenging this belief as false. If only I was humanly perfect enough I would be healed, is another suggestion I have battled, again you addressed this in your lecture and I am so grateful to you for this. I will be excited to share this lecture with others. I am grateful, we are all innocent loving children of one loving God. thank you Kathy

  51. Thumbs up all the way—great ideas for all, and I shall use in ministry.

  52. I will listen to this message, so perfectly and lovingly expressed, over and over! Thank you Julie!

  53. Lu - 4/2/2012
    I have listened to this lecture every chance I got since it first came out. What a blessing this lecture is
    and I now feel reborn, ready to accept and live the love that God gives us every moment of our
    lives. Since I started listening and absorbing the wisdom in the lecture, a series of really wonderful
    incidents have happened to me, and I am a different person, loved and loving, and healed. I will
    never cease to be grateful for this lecture and the comfort and happiness it has brought me.

  54. Dear Ms Ward,

    This is a wonderfully uplifting lecture. The statement, “focus on what God does know” frees the willful thought and lifts it heavenward.

    Thank you,

  55. Very uplifting. Never will be guilty again.

  56. Thank you. I appreciate your sharing this message.

  57. Very relevant. Thank you for this mini lecture Julie.

  58. Fantastically 'eye-opening' lecture, Julie. Thank you so much!

  59. Hi Julie.....this was a sensational lecture....and something (my innocence) that I dearly needed to ponder this morning. I loved your powerful comment that there is nothing so longstanding or unyielding that can't be healed in an instant through diving love. I will cling to this today.

    thank you.

  60. and another very powerful thought is the idea that each "problem" is really an opportunity for healing and growth. I've heard that before but for some reason it hit home this time and is very uplifting. I'm feeling hopeful.

    thank you.

  61. In South Africa where I live many people are asking what happened to the freedom they were expecting? I felt this lecture offered a simple and profound message on how Christian Science teaches each of us to remove the labels we sometimes attach to ourselves and others. Two thoughts come to me:(1) And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? (Gen 3:11) and the answer is only oneself if you so choose, and (2) The Jury of Spiritual Senses agreed at once upon a verdict,...., Not guilty. (p 442). Our only option is to concur! Thank you.

  62. This is such a powerful message---a spiritual idea, is innocence, pure and holy and we can claim it right now and forever.
    thank you

  63. thank you

  64. Julie, thank you so much for this wonderful statement of truth. It was just what I needed to get back on track and able to help myself and others. Thank you so much!

  65. Julie, thank you for this strong, wonderful lecture that handles guilt and the habit of self-condemnation. With both tenderness and boldness you give great prayers and affirmations to work with to eliminate that destructive self-talk that undermines our best efforts. I had watched & enjoyed this in March, but just watched it again and got so much out of it. Thank you.

  66. Thank you, Julie. Just what I needed this morning. Suddenly finding myself not feeling well, I decided to find a quick message of Truth to change my thoughts to a better idea. I listened again to your message. "Not Quilty!" was just the right one. Thanks to all who work to bring these quickly accessable messages to us. I am filled with gratitude!

  67. As a movie buff, I will look for the movie "A Thousand Clowns" and enjoy it all the more after this great lecture !

  68. Thank you for the gentle reminder.

  69. Thank you so much for this .

  70. WOW - just watched this again and found it even more helpful and powerful than the first time. Thank you so much for sharing this in such a gently powerful and inspiring way!

  71. Tusen Takk I love this mini lecture, I am dealing with a challenge right now and this lecture is helping me a lot. I mentality shout "not guilty" when ever I feel the need. I have listened to this lecture I think about 20 times so far, LOVE IT Tusen Takk.(Norwegian)

  72. Excellent and much needed! Thanks.

  73. Thank you so very much for your inspiring lecture. Yhis is the second time I watched it.

    Arnoldo in Santa Cruz, California (2/16/2013)

  74. WOW.....not guilty on all 3 counts! that is powerful and enlightening. Thank-you so much. Like a pris-
    oner being held on false charges, that is BIG NEWS! You walk out, FREE on all counts! Delivered by
    a pro, this mini-lecture or talk is just great news to anyone who is unclear as to his/her FREEDOM to
    BE !! thanks,Julie from the bottom of my heart!

  75. As you are saying, the words that we are of GOD, and we are good, as nothing can hurt or harm us, along with are beloved pets. Having a healing that my little cat is free from guilt too.
    I have been around C.S. for all of my life but the material world seems to try and interfere with our Truth in GOD.
    Thank you, for the loving thoughts, as this is a pleasure.

  76. Super good. Thanks!!!

  77. Thanks for this wonderful lecture. I just discovered it, on line. Nancy from Big Canoe. 8-14-13. So inspirational.

  78. I love this lecture and I have probably listened to it about 10 times - I've almost memorized it ! I should tell you that I have been teaching a 4 and 5 year old in Sunday School and his parents have been working with me with follow-up during the week. One week I related the story you told about your son. You mentioned that his dad would say; "You can always change your mind", when the little boy was behaving poorly or not making good choices. Well, I suggested they might try this approach with their 2 sons. The next week they told me the good news - One of their sons had changed his mind when he had misbehaved at home that week. They were able to have their son look at things differently and act accordingly and this had quickly brought a solution to the problem ! Thanks, Julie for helping with Sunday School ideas too !

  79. Laurel, I just read your comment, and am so grateful to hear about this Sunday School student. I'm learning that the same thing is true for our adult children. They can always change their minds, too! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  80. Just listened to your wonderful lecture - VERY GOOD - this is a great one for those new to science as well as those that have been in CS for a lifetime. Found this while waiting to hear the CS on-line service for Thanksgiving (2013). We are in Sao Paulo Brazil visiting our daughter, son-in-law and new little grandson just born a week and a half ago!
    Blessings to you and yours.
    Don's brother from Charlotte

  81. Thank God for having this kind of spiritual education available to all of us
    God bless you Julie

  82. Thank you Julie. You are such a blessing and all who give us such beautiful resources. I got so much from your talk.

  83. We've listened to your lecture "You're not guilty" many times and are getting so much from it each time. Thank you so very much. We also sharing it with others.

  84. What a God-sent message you were given Julie...just beautiful and inspiring!!...With deepest gratitude for this lecture!! I've listened to it many times and each time I hear some tidbit I missed the last time! The idea that "your progress has brought it to the surface to be healed" is exactly what I'm working through right now! There seems to be many things burdening my thought and just when I felt lightened of some of them more seemed to come at me (many more) I felt so overloaded with "why me?". But your message that it was brought to the surface to be healed was just the thought that is breaking the mesmerism of matter in my consciousness..Wow! I'll continually work with this grand idea and many more that are enclosed in this wonderful lecture! All my love to you Julie and Thank You for being one of God's messengers!..I am so deeply grateful for Christian Science!!
    Blessings to All!! : ) : )

  85. Thank you Julie, these are some of the most tender and beautiful truths I have ever heard been said. Your lecture has changed my thinking forever. I am most grateful. With love claire x

  86. This is extremely helpful!! Especially knowing that a problem is not evidence that I did anything to deserve it, but rather that it's brought to the surface to be healed!! From now on I will "look for the angel" instead of looking for the false cause. THANK you for this healing lecture!!! :)

  87. Your humility and clarity in letting the Truth show through were overabundant in this talk. It's hard for me to imagine your ever saying or doing anything you would be ashamed of. Thank you for being such a shining light in our world!

  88. I loved it. It hit home with me. Thank you for sharing your spiritual insight.