Traveling light - packing with the Christ [16 mins ENG]

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Josh Niles, CS, shares how to pack light on our spiritual journey in this talk during a mini-lecture series about how to pray effectively and bring health and healing into our everyday lives. Filmed at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, Texas on March 3rd, 2012. To watch more lectures from this event, click here.

  1. Thank you, dear Josh, for your lecture full of Love and God`s ideas which are light and not burdenful to pack and take with us today and always for they comfort us and heal us. Now I understand what Jesus ment with his joke which is light - it contains all the good qualities of our Father-Mother-God. Tks a lot!

  2. Nice pocket!

  3. We appreciated the youthfullness, clearheadedness and the caring of Josh Niles in this lecture. The idea is so simple and yet so profound and readily applicable. It is an inspiration for us as it is relevant to all of our activities. Spiritual views in direct and simple language via social media are accessible to all wherever they live. Kudos!

  4. Thanks Josh! Loved the "mental backpack" idea and traveling light. Keep up the good work.

  5. Thank you, Josh.

    Great presentation and platform skills.

    You are much needed in the Christian Science movement as a role model for the younger audiences as they will relate to you.

    One recommendation would be to share a more personal healing or hardship regarding yourself and how you demonstrated it with Christian Science into your presentation.

    Thanks again as you left me inspired and grateful to be part of the Christian Sciene movement.

    Keep up the good work. Keep speaking and writing by being a transparency for the Christ message.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love, and Sincerity, to ALL mankind!

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  6. Thank you Josh, just the ideas I need this Monday morning and every morning.

  7. Great Job, Josh! Love the youthful approach and the everyday language so all may understand! I, myself, am still working on understanding that C.S. is all about Thought and Consciousness! To think correctly, right reasoning, is the basis of spiritual healing in Christian Science. With so much emphasis out there in the world on how things look, how the body feels, psychic energy, etc. - it really is quite a different track to understand that "matter" is just a form of thought and that it is thought that determines our experience. And then to understand that there is only One Mind and that we are simply expressions or ideas of that One Divine Mind (or God) well, it is quite a revelation and stirs up quite a revolution in thought! Thanks for helping to make these ground-breaking Truths of Christian Science more palatable to All!

  8. Thanks so much for the fresh ideas about lightening up. This is a great reminder that we are all the children of light and not burdened with bad stuff.

  9. Wonderful direction for traveling--on trips or just traveling around our home or community in our daily life. Always taking with us those powerful ideas that you expressed. Thanks so much!

  10. Hi Josh. I still remember how inspiring and practical your lecture was at West Van. church recently and here is yet another great lecture, presenting such practical ideas in a very tangible way, to help the listener gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual truths available. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing for the cause of Christian Science. I can't wait to go backpacking! Laurel

  11. thanks Josh , u speak ftom ur heart, bringing and revealing God's kingdom,

  12. Thank you so much for that great analogy. It mae me realise that there is so much junk I can just drop right this instant...I dont need to carry it around.

  13. Josh, Thank you for sharing these clear uplifting spiritual thoughts.

  14. This morning while unable to get the daily lift to play, I turned to this mini-lecture. The idea of traveling light is one that I have thought about. I received Appalachia, a twice yearly (Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall). In my Summer/Fall 2012 issue, as in every issue, there is a section on Rescues and who should bear the cost of Rescue. "Hikers account for half of all search-and-rescue incidents, yet they do not pay into the system unless found negligent." (Page 115, Appalachia, Summer/Fall 2012).
    What your lecture is addressing is the metaphysical readiness, which I appreciate.
    Thank you for your mini-lecture, and we should always remember the practical steps, governed by the metaphysical readiness that we take with us on a hike of any length.

  15. Thanks Josh for helping me understand that I need to sort out what thoughts are hitching a ride and need to go.

  16. Quite a refreshing voice to hear on a very profound concept in CS. Your approach is simple yet life changing. Jesus too felt parables as a great learning venue. Thank you.

  17. You did an excellent job of imparting spiritual ideas that are so needed today. Your lecture was beautifully presented. Thank you.

  18. I listened to this today and want to thank you for reminding me of what I should ALWAYS be carrying with me mentally. Thank you.

  19. Josh,
    Thank you so much for these ideas. I will start searching through my thought and pack less.

  20. thank you, just what I needed


  21. merci pour cette belle conférence

  22. Wow, what an uplifting talk. Thanks Josh!
    Instead of working out to be able to carry more "weight"; we can work inward for that freedom from whatever is not ours to carry.

  23. Thanks for the talk and for today's lift pointing me towards Acts, first chapter, which I was reading and thinking about today.

  24. Nancy Nichols Evans Glenwood, Indiana l'14/2914 Thank you Josh for your clear communication in making this so simple , fun, and understandable. What a help to all interested in learning about Christian jScience and to all .

  25. Josh, I love your teaching method of concrete examples representing spiritual ideas. As I pack today for the Adventure Unlimited Easter Camp 2014, I will be remembering your sage advice to not pack any negative ideas but instead travel lightly with the buoyancy of Christ's qualities. Thanks for sharing the very specific ideas that healed your wife of the throat condition, as these were so clearly expressed and lead to quick healing results. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

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