The real you - no limitations [35 mins ENG]

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Tom McElroy, CS, shares an intimate lecture titled "The real you - no limitations". This lecture was filmed at the Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada on August 29, 2012.

  1. thrilled that Tom and the BoL went to Burning Man! what a cool idea!!!!

  2. Fantastic!!!!! He had courage and stood fast in an area where others would shy from. It is inspiring to see Christian Science reaching out and having lectures which would not necessarily seem to be the right place.

  3. Very cool! I am so happy that Tom went there and spoke so well. Brilliant, Tom. Thanks

  4. a moving and great lecture; thank you

  5. Terrific .... so grateful for this work.

  6. Great as always Tom. Loved your examples and when you prayed about not having any personal responsibility for your patient...that it is Love that heals.

  7. Tom - u r AMAAAAZING !! LOVE IT !! BLESS YOU !!

  8. Great job. Humble, open, receptive, confident.... Well done.

  9. What a right idea--Burning Man is the perfect venue.
    Great job—no jargon; a real connection with the audience.
    The power of the Christ comes through every part--especially the prison story.

  10. Great lecture, Tom. Many points hit home with me. Thank you!

  11. Very interesting lecutre! Kudos to Tom to try something new and unique. I learned a lot

  12. Thanks for bringing your thoughts and inspired word to burning man Tom. I enjoyed your examples of man as a spiritual idea and reflecting Soul/Mind/Principle/Life/Love/Truth/Spirit.

  13. I think this is the most relevant talk I have EVER heard with regard to speaking to others who know nothing of Christian Science. Tom you have addressed the new "spiritual traditions" of today's modern young searchers of Truth in the language that can relate to. The way you mention "certain positions, images being symbols which are fine but that the CONSCIOUSNESS behind it is the important part" is SO relevant in suggesting that people look deeper than the outward signs and appearances.
    This is very very helpful to me . Good on you for going out to where the people are ! ...this is like the type of ministry that Jesus lived. I feel as if I can confidantly send this talk to my athiest friends who so often ask me questions about God and religion.

  14. It is great to see our lecturers going to where the people are and not just in conventional churches and halls. I have heard of the Burning Man event and I think that some people attend these events trying to search for meaning outside conventional or traditional arenas. So glad we are letting our light shine in all types of venues and bringing Christian Science into thought and dialog where searchers for Truth are searching.

  15. I love that Christian Science can be contemporary and appreciated in all modern settings. MBE expressed the truth in her place in history and our generation can only supremely thank her and keep working with universal truths in this day and age. Thank-you Fiona

  16. It's great to see Christian Science presented in such a wonderful practical manner and setting! Mary Baker Eddy's advice to those lecturing was to, "Take the questions uppermost in the public mind and answer them systematically in Science." Well done Tom Mcelroy.

  17. I am glad and grateful that I listened to your lecture, Tom - thank you very much. Your lecture was so natural presented to understand for everybody. Looking forward to your lecture here in Hamburg beginning October at the Hamburg Youth Summit.

  18. Fantastic lecture .I am encouraged and inspired . Tom has explained healing in simple ,eveyday language that is ,for want of a better description ,understanding friendly.
    AS a senior struggling with seeming health problems ,I am grateful to be reminded that I do not have to be satisfied with cping , but that the scientific fact is that healing is at hand .
    Thank you Tom .

  19. Thank goodness for this lecture! Whether you're in your home watching this on your laptop, attending the lecture or were at the festival itself, this is an outstanding, humble and illustrative example of Christian Science reaching out to the whole community. The world needs more of this knowledge, spoken in a modern, informal and relaxed manner portraying the Truth that God is. I'm truely heartened to see a less prescribed talk, more of these please, they 'hit the button'! Really brilliant, thanks.

  20. Absolutely the best "non-churchy" talk I have ever heard. So simple and practical and I want my Catholic husband to hear this one.

  21. Thanks so much Tom ! I love that you expressed Truth so beautifully & in a universal way for all to understand. The generousity of you spirit is palpable.

  22. Wonderful! I'm so excited Christian Science is venturing out into a community who is searching for spiritual enlightenment. CS should definitely be there! Yeah, Tom! You did a beautiful job of sharing the principles of CS in a relatable way. I'm sure everyone there was able to connect with something you said and apply it to their own life and spiritual journey (as well as everyone who views this).

  23. Wonderful!

  24. Thank you Tom, that was so good and relevent to all ages. You did such a great job of explaining CS to newcomers.

  25. Tom,
    You Rock!! I Love that you went to Burning Man and shared such beautiful ideas. Burning Man is a magical place :) Thank you for expressing it in such a candid & heartfelt way! Now I can relate to this. Hope to see more of genuine!!
    Love Love Love

  26. Thank you for sharing this gift with the world!

  27. Tom,
    You genuinely expressed the healing principles demonstrated in the missions of Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy. Your love shines through and holds each listener in Divine Light. We are blessed to have you as a champion for truth and practice of Christian Science!

  28. HEY Tom...absolutely awesome...I love the content...but also the location...would love to see more of this. It shows that people are searching for REAL answers...answers that are meaningful...that bring with them HEALING...of all the things they may struggle with. Interesting that once we get past the BELIEF that there are two realities...a material one...and a spiritual one...once we begin to accept...and trust Spirit, God as the ONLY reality...healing happens naturally...and pretty much immediately.(as with your experience of the broken arm case)...I love the fact that you mentioned that you actually FORGOT about it had no place in the consciousness of the divine it could have no REALITY in your consciousness or that of your we all are but the expression of God's being. I love that you mentioned the handling of fear..(False Evidence Appearing Real). Matter was left without a leg (or arm) to stand on...therefore had no support.Of course the healing happened. It is our Father's good please to give us the kingdom...the Truth that makes us free. Thank you Tom

  29. Thank you very much for sharing this. This week, I was trying to figure out what a Bible verse meant that says "in him we live and move and have our being" without success. After listening to this talk, I recalled this phrase by Mary Baker Eddy-"...the possibility of all finding their place in God's great love..." I realized that for a long time I had thought that someday I would find a place in "God's great love." While I undoubtedly still have much to learn, it was a slight breakthrough to see that I already live in God's great love right now and that is my true "place."
    The whole quote says, "The apostle indicates no personal plan of a personal Jehovah, partial and finite; but the possibility of all finding their place in God's great love, the eternal heritage of the Elohim." (from MIscellaneous Writings, page 182)
    Thanks again and thanks for all the inspiring comments also.

  30. Thank you. Thank you. A million times – Thank you!!! Excellent! Love your presentation. Especially the clarity of your explanations. I loved your description of Mrs. Eddy in the context of her life and times and cultural limitations. (And she did all this in the last 40 years of her life - so, not only a stand for spiritual freedom from sexism, etc. but also ageism! And proved in the trenches of everyday experience!) RE: your reference to the scientists, who have been seeing physical evidence in the body change, based on which personality/sense of identity is believed at any given time - powerful! May I suggest, if you haven't already - sending them a copy of this lecture and maybe a copy of Science and Health? We're at the point in human history where it’s happening that the quantum sciences are beginning to direct our attention right back to God as not the unknown; but the ONLY, to be explored and proved as the Truth of being. And you’re so right. No one owns it. It just is. As Mrs. Eddy wrote, “Observation, invention, study, and original thought are expansive and should promote the growth of mortal mind out of itself, out of all that is mortal” (Science &Health, 195). Best wishes to you, Tom.

  31. What a wonderful talk! I love it that this lecture is now available online for people everywhere. I love Tom's ease and naturalness. I especially love the fact that he's taking the healing truths of C.S. to Burning Man. Years ago, I used to attend the First Church in Berkeley, California, just across from Peoples' Park. It seemed a strange juxtaposition to me, until a guy from across the street who looked like Jerry Garcia stood up in church one Wednesday evening to share the gratitude he felt for having found Christian Science, because the church was right there in his neighborhood. Truth speaks to everyone!

  32. Paul from England
    Loved it - thanks

  33. This is profound. I feel incredible gratitude for this fantastic lecture at this venue. So much thanks.

  34. I just finished listening to your online lecture and it's truly great! I love the comfortable, informal setting and you came across in such a natural way in your sharing with the audience. You covered a lot in such a short talk. It was a great reminder to me about getting back to the basics of Science. I also really loved the example you gave about the belief in multiple personalities and the physical effects that resulted from these various beliefs. I'd heard about such studies, but I was grateful to be reminded of what the material scientists are discoverring. Can't wait to tell others to listen to your talk. It's reminded me how grateful we should be for all that Mrs. Eddy did to give the world Science and Health. Thanks, Tom.

  35. Thank you, this is so uplifting.I loved it very much.

  36. What a gift this lecture is! The truths are familiar but the presentation is particularly helpful. I am grateful that Tom speaks to the heart of those sincere seekers of Truth healing. .

  37. I've always thought it would be awesome to have a CS camp at BM...that's my goal for my fourth time out!

  38. What a great example of outreach to the multitudes! Thank you!

  39. This is so helpful. Brilliant to go to a place full of sincere spiritual seekers. It's why they are there! I love the simplicity of your explanations - really helps me get back to basics. It's NOT complicated! This is a great reminder for me to remember the KISS method. (Keep It Simple Sweetie) I'll be listening to this again - and sharing it. Thanks Tom.

  40. Awesome lecture! Sharing spiritual truth and the reality that we can all be healers. Your example of the guy grasping the synonyms was deeply inspiring. I'm going to work with them more. And your description of what "Christian Science" means was great too. Thanks for making a real connection with people. Wish I'd been there! Glad I could watch it and share the experience.

  41. Thanks so much, Tom! You really speak to the heart.

  42. Thank you for the wonderful thoughts to work with.

  43. I wasn't going to listen because you look so young, but it was refreshing and new, I got a lot out of it, very clear, thank you very much, I won't be prejudiced against youth anymore!

  44. I come to Christian Science already being in my 60s (although not looking it! :-) by way of a very metaphysical path and jewish background. I have also studied quantum I was 80% CS without realizing it! I watched your video late last night and so very much enjoyed it. First of all it was nice to see the information presented in a non-church setting...secondly, it was nice to hear MBE's information presented and delivered without copious bible references. Vedanta buddhism (150 B.C.) discovered the same truth...and as you said Truth is Truth. Some of the things you said opened my eyes further and I am now compiling a list of Lies that turn out not to be The Truth (e.g., after a certain age your metabolism slows down; i need to buy many different beauty products for lines and wrinkles...seriously? I'm going to market a new product called the CS Line Eraser. It does away with frown lines on your face, red lines in your checking account, and the line denoting every barrier you can think of! Only $12.95 -- CALL NOW).
    Since started with CS a couple of months ago my life has taken a fabulous upswing, full of hope, confidence, and so many changes for the better. I'd love to drag you around in my pocket, but instead I keep my booklet God's Law of Adjustment with me at all times because so far there is nothing that comes up in my day-to-day life that cannot be put on the right path by reading it.
    Thank you again soooo much for your video lecture...I see you as healthy, happy and wise :-)

  45. A...MAZ...ING! Thank you, thank you!!! What a wonderful talk - truly inspirational.

  46. I am a life-long practicing Christian Scientist, and yet your delivery and the simplicity/purity of the message was as if I was hearing it for the first time. Absolutely clear and inspiring! Thank you Tom!

  47. Solid on, practical presentation! Found your discussion of Dissociative Identity Disorder particularly compelling evidence of the mutable illusion of matter.
    It's so important to take that final step, to get out of the way and recognize the Truth of who/what we truly are!
    Thank you for sharing, Tom!!

  48. Louise 9/30/12

    Fantastic talk. I just loved it .I hope to hear more (and more and more etc).

  49. hi tom, thank you for your wonderful lecture, i found it very easy to follow ,for people just comming into christian science would have found it simple to understand and a great experience with thanks. e.smith

  50. Really great lecture to introduce people at large to Christian Science. And also good for already students of this Science. Thank you Tom and all who supported.

  51. Clear, easy going, normal, encouraging, unafraid, uninhibited, promising, spiritually substantial - GREAT for CS and those new to CS. Thank YOU!!!

  52. We all need to keep Christian Science simple like this when we share with others and when we apply it to ourselves. I listened to this talk just when I needed to get a clearer sense of my spiritual DNA. I too needed to get rid of the sense of personal responsibility. I feel that I'm back on the right track now and headed in the right direction, just as I always do after talking to you.

  53. "... to be healed or to be a healer?" Whoa! Important question for all of us. Thanks.

  54. Great stuff, Tom. Well done. Incredible strength and courage to introduce CS to a Burning Man crowd. Great dialogue and a great ambassador for CS.

  55. I loved your clarity of thinking and expression. This was a fresh approach and very easy to understand, Even though I have been a Christian Scientist for most of my life, sometimes the absolute simplicity of Christian Science and its truths get buried and this lecture, for me, brought them back to my attention. This lecture was inspiring to me. Thank You

  56. This was wonderful. I have been reading the Sentinel for about ten years and have attended Wed. evening testimony services when I lived in another city. But I am not a church member and the meetings in my present city are not very inspiring. I love the basic truths of CS and wish that more church members would present them as Tom did. I have been sometimes put off by stuffy, judgmental church members and felt they would never accept me so I never bothered to apply. If more members were like this young man I would be coming around more frequently and bringing my friends.

  57. Loved seeing this lecture, both for its inspiring and clear content (thanks Tom) AND for where it was delivered. I love festivals and think the idea of a Christian Science lecture at Burning Man is simply fantastic!

  58. Wonderful, Tom.
    Your explanations are so helpful.
    "Spiritual DNA." Great simple way to remember what we really are.
    No limits.

  59. This lecture was just excellent. Tom is so humble and understood what would resonate with the others. He eased into the concepts of Christian Science in a logical way and you can tell what a profound love and honor he has for Mrs. Eddy and Christian Science. What great work you're doing! And the idea of speaking at Burning Man is brilliant.

  60. Thank you for your kind words, big hug from Rio de janeiro, Brasil.

  61. I'm so touched by the sincerity, depth, and care in this open sharing. Thank you, Tom, for the work you're doing!

  62. I have to agree with many of the people who commented here... this lecture was very accessible, especially to those who are just becoming familiar with CS. Splendidly simple in it's delivery and very practical. Loved all the stories and references, especially the one about those who seem to struggle with multiple personalities and their bodies literally changing, like eye shape and scars going back and forth with each personality shift. There is only one Truth though, once we discover this about ourselves, we are forever healed, and we discover our true roundness like the earth!!

  63. Wonderfully profound, metaphysically accurate, honest and very loving. How exciting to see Christian Science comforting those who desire to help heal others. What an inspiring talk captured for all of us to hear.

    Tom - can you post the source of that article you mentioned on Dissociative Identity Disorder please?

    Response from Tom McElroy

    Thanks for your comments on the lecture Fabienne - so glad to know you found the ideas inspiring. :)
    Here's a link to the New York Times article I talked about in the lecture:

    As a side note, just after giving this lecture, I found out that the doctor who is interviewed in the article has since gotten into trouble, not for anything related to what is discussed in the article, but I have stopped quoting him in any of my talks because I feel it's important to only draw on unquestionably reputable sources. As the article makes clear, the studies referred to have been observed by many clinicians over a long period of time, so it's a much bigger subject than the one doctor who was quoted, and I think the information is still really useful. As far as my presentations going forward, I plan to find some new source material to quote, although I haven't been able to take the time to do the research yet. If anyone reading this happens to do so, it'd be a help to me to hear about your findings.

  64. Good exegesis, Good Exegete! Whatdaya think of Joel Goldsmith's explanations; they're not Christian Science? I didn't think anyone had any monopoly or played Monopoly with the Truth. I find Goldsmith's writings & books very descriptive of what CS does. Is that right? I believe my biggest obstacle to heal anybody or any human condition is what I want for the reward: I want to see that I did it, that my attention was not in vain, that it was profitable & rewarding to me. This turns out to be an obstacle. Many would-be healers want to be the conduit, so do I. We know & are told that God or Truth has to do the work. How do we overcome our own ambitions? We abandon them & let God do it? Please answer.

    Response from Tom McElroy
    Hi Dean - I'm really glad to know you enjoyed the ideas in the talk! Thanks for sharing your questions here too. I think they're really good ones that just about anyone who wants to be a healer has to wrestle with.

    I can't say I know much about Goldsmith, except that I understand he and family members were healed by Christian Science, then he worked as a CS practitioner for a while, and later had his own type of healing practice. I'd say to whatever degree Goldsmith, or any of us, recognizes truth about God and God's creation, and can prove it, we are acting in accord with the Science of Christ. Every one of us can work to do that better, whatever path we take to get there.

    Christian Science teaches us about God's omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience, and the powerlessness of anything else that would tempt us to feel like there's something outside of that. I've found it imperative in my healing practice to get any sense of an ego, mind, selfhood, intention, will, or power apart from God completely out of the way, in order that the light of omnipotent Mind might shine through and be recognized by myself and others. To the degee that I've got "me" at the forefront of my thought or desire - my responsiblity, my power, my participation and place, etc. - is usually to the degree that I feel less of the presence and power of God, and the results reflect that. Even Jesus said, "the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing." (John 5:19) So there's the cause and effect rule. Total focus on God, with self completely out of the way, results in life and activity that better express and reflect the presence and activity of God. Man is not a conduit. I believe clarity (and humility) on this point are necessary for consistent Scientific healing. The role of the would-be "healer", as I see it, is to be like a witness - a witness for what God is doing. And that takes total focus on God, and constant spiritual discovery.

  65. I was in awe of the Beautifully simple Divine Truths given here. Thank you Tom for your kindness in sharing this with us all. Bless your heart.

  66. WOW! Tom, this is one of the clearest, most succinct and loving lectures and presentations about TRUTH,
    GOD and CHRISTIAN SCIENCE I have ever heard! You were truly an open channel for Divine Inspiration,
    and it flowed so naturally..... it is so apparent that you DAILY seek to live the Truth that you share with others. I'm so glad that the Board of Lectureship is supportive of these presentations; it is so important to share truth at EVERY opportunity. Just as with the heartwarming, excellent example of the young man in prison, we never know where or when someone is "ready" to hear Truth.....we do know that whenever we
    do share GOD's word, that it does touch/ reach folks at that level of consciousness where we all reasonate with Truth. THANK YOU for your dedication to your Practiitoner ministry, and for sharing in such a simple, clear and yet profound way the message and history of Christian Science. The very nondefensive way that you share the FACTS is profoundly effective! Through your wonderful work people throughout the world will be blessed, healed and enriched! I will share this video with others, and do
    want to bring you to TEXAS in the near future!

  67. I too am deeply inspired by this simple, powerful lecture. I've wanted to attend BM for years now and never thought about going as a practitioner/healer. As my CS practice unfolds I've been very conscious that it is not I/Me that heals but I am a dream awakener/a shaker-upper/challenger of the Genesis 2 dream. Man/creation is perfect and no amount of mistiness can change that fact!!

    Thanks again, Tom and crew for a job perfectly done!!

  68. I have Michael Morgan to thank for directing me to this talk:

    You make Truth sound so simple and easy to grasp, Tom; because it is! You make Love sound so natural and easy to give, Tom; because it is! And you make Life sound so wonderful and easy to live; because it is!

    My favorite parts were:
    ~ the young woman who discovered that her vision was filled with perfect Love, and she went out and proved it, loving everyone around her and acing her driver's eye exam
    ~ the young man who trusted God to take care of his broken arm, and finally you got out of the way and let God do just that! (smile)
    ~ the motives of your rapt audience (who reminded me of the disciples on the shore of Galilee): not to be healed, but to be healers!

    Gotta go send this to some friends who will join me in saying: "WOW. This is Church ALIVE with spiritual adventures and discoveries."

  69. Oops, I forgot to add my "favorite favorite" part: it's your story of the young man who was transformed when you offered him the true version of himself, filled with every good quality of God. It was so dear how he insisted upon learning what each attribute meant -- and how he asked if he possessed each one. And the results -- oh, wow. The ripple effects of that single pebble must be WIDE. (I also salute the guards who allowed the young man to stay with you past quittin' time.)

  70. Absolutely joyous! Thanks for sharing the appearance of struggle, and the resulting successes.

  71. I've listened to this lecture at least 3 times. It is extremely clear, fresh, and helpful. Thank you!

  72. Tom, I really like how you work to resonate in a manner relative to our times and often perceived understanding. It has been somewhat challenging to me how CS can appear so antiquated, eventhough the Spiritual principles taught are eternal, I am grateful to see yet another example of these Truths being presented in such a fresh way, very inspiring. Thanks for your work.

    Also, in reference to Fabienne above, another area of material medicine to research might be doctors studying the suggestion of alzeimers. A family member of mine told me once about a woman she knew challeged for many of her adult years by dibilitating arthritis, but, when later challenged by alzheimers, this woman forgot she about the arthritis and it completely cleared up. Then the difficulty for her family was tracking her down when she would walk out house looking for something.
    Anyway, the thought came to me that there maybe some clinical research available for such cases that could be helpful.

  73. Thank God. A cup of cold water because I have been studying C.S. since 1988 and frankly have felt very dry. I come from the background that these people at Burning Man probably do --Buddhist Meditation, Rolfing, Acupuncture, A Course in Miracles--and I loved my path and respected it. But no one here in Science knew anything of it. in the last few years I have been disappointed with Science. But when I heard Tom I understood for the first time really about matter and its nothingness. Seeing Tom in that place made me feel that there was a chance for me. I live in Memphis and it is so conservative. My background is some ways is somewhat like Tom's--I was a flight attendant for an International airline flying around the world and also worked in a Federal prison. I also feel the call to go outside of the church into other venues to share science and have been doing a devotional at a Methodist Church! (they had no idea I was a C.S. I just went one day to a singles class and they asked me to do the devotional! No one wanted to do it!) But I plan to leave and go to an Afro American church some where here. They are very strong in the Word and are open to the Truth. Thank You Tom. for reviving me. There is hope and I am starved.

  74. This brought tears to my eyes. This is "primitive" Christianity, original truths expressed in natural ways, without the overlay of traditional context, vocabulary or vehicles for presentation. Just Paul in the loft till dawn, and I am sure there were many lights. God bless you for seeing that there are legions of people who are tugging at the fringes of Christ's garment, who are outside "conventional" society precisely because their yearnings and leadings are in advance of it. And God bless you for having the courage and honesty to do it right.

  75. What great activity going on! Would it be possible to have a tent at the festival providing Christian Science treatment for those interested and in need of healing?

    Once people feel the power and love of CS treatment, the Word is easier to understand and take in.

  76. Love and truth! Beautiful.

  77. Today was the first time I heard one of Tom's lecture and I was moved to tears. I really resonate with how he presents CS from a universal platform. Thank you so much.

  78. i wash just the video sice to the begine truly i understand and get smethink alse about schristian science comprehension by your conference thancks you..............

  79. Wonderful ledture, Hey Clover, n.56 how about if you just turned up to church with a bunch of your friends anyway, applied to join and demonstrated a real understanding of God's man right there? Don't let mortal inind lie to you that church can ever be unispiring! All God's children have the innate spiritual qualities that lift and inspire! And you too!
    Thank you Lecture committee for this lecture, thank you Tom so much, and thanks also for making it freely available on-line to all of us. i will be showing this to my daughters and recommending it to friends.

  80. Your presentation is vital for the future of Christian Science. As a student of metaphysics I have been waiting for this development from Christian Science. I love this! God is with you.

  81. Wonderful outreach where people are Tom Mc Elroy! Working on our lecture for next year and appreciate seeing you in action! Thank you!

  82. Tom, this was an absolutely WONDERFUL talk! ... Actually, I'm speechless and need to think about it some more (and listen to it again). This is definitely one to share.

  83. I am a great grandmother. I loved this lecture and agree with so many other comments that this is what our movement needs to reach people in today's world. Putting things in a way that all may understand is not a letting down, but a reaching out.. Tom seems particularly well suited for this type of lecture.

  84. Tom, I really enjoyed those 35mins of intense thruth about the real me. My first thought was that you spoke too fast to take in all the right concepts you were giving us, but then I remembered that it was a recording that I could hear over and over again which I have done & will continue to do. You had me laughing as I have never heard a conference in modern young-peoples language. Your talk was magnificent & the tent where you spoke, was so different and informal too for me. It was clear that we never need to accept the external imperfect image, just put it aside & know the real picture always begining from the 1st chapter Genesis in the Bible. Many many thanks

  85. This is one AMAZING WORK OF GOD!!! Tom how deep and touching this is. How real and honest for all mankind to be able to receive. I have played it so many times and will continue to work with this Powerful Presence of LOVE...
    Thank you so very much.

  86. I loved this lecture! I grew up in the CS church and have attended Burning Man 7 times. While I have not been active in the church in years, I still appreciate my CS upbringing. I loved the non-preachy tone of this.

  87. Fantastic Tom ! Just inspiring thank you :)

  88. Very fresh pure and revealing..Wow! Thank You!..You have a natural way of relating to people new to Christian Science and to us that have been raised with it! I look forward to hearing a lecture you'll be giving in my area soon!.....this is just what the CS movement needs!
    Thank again very much
    God Bless! : )