The healing effect of your prayers [54 mins ENG]

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Mark Swinney, CSB, shares some wonderful stories on how simple prayers can heal and how a new perspective can help you practice spiritual healing effectively in his lecture "The healing effect of your prayers". Filmed in Boston, Massachusetts on October 13, 2011.

  1. Recently after chatting with someone then hanging up the phone, I felt so loved. Like standing in the presence of God. I yearned to be with her more; only she lives across the United States from me. Then I thought, how silly. The vastness of God's love cannot be contained in one person. Now, every time I am with another, I recognize, I am standing in the presence of God, of Love. And it's okay if I forget to do this. Because I know God as Love will give me millions of more opportunities to feel His presence. When at-one with Him. And when at-one with another. Each of us is likewise provided with this rich, abundant supply of Love. Thank you, Mark, for allowing us to realize our right, no, the naturalness to being absorbed in Love.

  2. Thank you! Such great and practical ways to connect with God.

  3. What clear teaching of Christian Science. Thank you

  4. Very helpful and practical ideas delivered with Love.

    Thank you

  5. Wonderful lecture! Clear, straight and profound!
    Your lecture shed a brighter light at my understanding of Christian Science!
    Thank you so much, Mark!

  6. Wow! What a beautiful hour of pure love. Very powerful ideas put so simply. This is such a nice reminder of how close God is to each one of us-- the at-one-ment available to everyone. The healings mentioned are very inspiring. Thank you Mark!

  7. You so very very clearly love our Father-Mother, God.

    Wonder-full sharing, Mark. I'm inspired, grateful, and feel more of God's love for me, for all of us.
    The illusion which seems so much in the world of life apart from God is breaking up. It has to!
    We have better information than the senses tell us!! The road ahead is plenty wide for our happy

    Thanks, dear friend!

  8. Great lecture! Really inspired and inspiring. Thank you very much!

  9. Mark, This is a very special message. I love it.
    June Nettles Clark, CS
    Mobile, Alabama

  10. I love Mark Swinney's lecture , but why does it stop and go all the time?
    You may need to change the resolution settings on your computer, i.e. 360, 480, or 720p at the bottom of the YouTube player. If you switch to 360p, it should work. Also, upgrading your flash player can help.

  11. I could feel the love of God as you described it so beautifully! You made it so clear what Christian Scientists are like and it was so good! Thank you so much!

  12. I am a first time "visitor" to your website. I totally enjoyed your lecture and will be coming back for more. It was very simple and easy to understand. Thank you for the inspiring words. I will use your tools.

  13. Mark, I love your illustration of the road and how false perspective doesn't change reality. It is helpful in seeing how disease or other problems can be healed by gaining the true facts of any situation. Thank you.

  14. An idea ... a picture ... a feeling that all is well -- what a simple way to explain how God answers prayer.

    I like that you made just a few simple points -- and you shared them with childlike simplicity and naturalness and humility.

    I also like that you referred back repeatedly to the five healing accounts you told, thereby ensuring that they -- and the lessons learned from them -- are cemented in the thought of your listeners.

    But what I like most of all is that you allowed God's love for you and God's love for each one of His children -- all of us -- to become so apparent, to feel so near.

    That made it easy to leave this lecture thinking, "Okay, God, I'm ready to trust that You love me as much as You love Mark, and to let You show me how to love You back with the same fervor that Mark loves You."

  15. I listened to this again today. Last night I was awake dealing with some agressive pain and got up and decided to listen to your lecture. I went back to sleep and woke this morning feeling much different than I had in days - no pain. What you said about loving God really made me think and will do more of it - I will love as I am loved and trust it. Thank you so much for such a healing and inspiring talk.

  16. I enjoyed this so very much. I felt G-d speaking to me in the form of you Mark, the New Mexico connection, the road example and in fact the whole lecture. You are a gifted lecturer and it was a joy to listen. Thank you, thank you.

  17. You actually express God's Love with such intense spiritual feeling from the heart that it permeates the lecture to impress upon listeners. Thank you.

  18. ":My sheep shall hear my voice...." the beauty and grace of God coming through this lecture for us all is the gretaest gift we could be given at this time, right now in this nano-second. This lecture itself is the MESSAGE...the Christ...coming clear to heal us individually so we can in turn, yes, go out and reflect it as well. How did I come upon it??/Well, I was praying wasn't I? Just sitting here, with what I thought ws" aloneness." Then I looked at the computer screen and I got an e-mail form a lady in my class who said" " Merri( like wake up dude...!!!! or dudess!!!!!) my daughter and I lsitened to a lecture Mark gave in Boston this last week and enjoyed it. Why not see if you can FIND IT?

    Well; there was the Message, and the GLAD SONG and the asnwer to the prayer I was individually praying at the moment I got the e-mail, about being alone, and how could I better help the world, and help myself and BINGO!!!!!I Iread the e-mail ::there is the offer and Message from GOD right there....and off I go and listen...and YES!!!!! a healing; a healing in my thought, a change and spiritualization of the mortal picture, a cleansing with the power of the Word, and walallllla!!!!!!. Oh thank you Mary Baker Eddy for this wonderful Science we can turn to instantly, right now, with prayer, and so beautifully, as I prayed, and found my e-mail and was led to this lecture and healed!!!! Thank you, Mark for your listening, organizing, and delivering to us, The Christ...

  19. This is truly one of the most inspiring hours I have spent in my lifetime. This lecture was exactly what I needed to move me higher. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  20. The Internet -the work of God that still amazes me- allows us to have instantaneous communication and inspiration for prayer. Thank you so much for teaching us about healing and prayer. Very inspiring!

  21. Oh, so, so, good, Mark. Feeling love for God brings healing...Your lecture has given me inspiration in my study of this wonderful Christian Science. I love God with all my heart...which is really a constant learning experience. I thank you, for this lecture!

  22. Thanks Mark. This was so good. The feel... it is good to be reminded that prayer and all we do to see and understand God is to give us that feeling. That is what is tangible, and that is what heals. I will share this video with some people. I think anyone could certainly relate to this lecture. Thanks!

  23. I really enjoyed this lecture in Palos Verdes yesterday. I have already referred this site to another friend who lives hours away. Isn't it wonderful that our technology will get this lecture over to so many more people. Thank you for this lecture and the ability to share it with our friends.

    The ideas are so fresh even though it is time honored. It's the way it's supposed to be, that is "right now"
    meeting our needs. Love Lynne

  24. I received good ideas from this lecture. The idea that it's not our prayers that do the work (like the cheering crowd in front of a TV) but going to God. The idea of loving God more was eye opening also. After the lecture was over I had a moment, thinking what a good talk this was and was overcome with a sense of love. I felt what was being communicated in the lecture and it was God's love right there.

  25. I'm so blessed to be given the opportunity to hear the beautiful lectures, to discover Christian Science through listening to these online talks. I'm grateful to my CS friend who introduced me to a new and very real concept of Being this year. I'm feeing so loved. And each day this love grows and grows and grows in and around me. Thank you Mark and all the Christian Science lecturers for teaching me through your online lectures. I'm addicted to them and can hardly wait for the next one.

  26. I was grateful to hear Mark speak today in Eugene... Back home, I immediately sent this link to a friend in Canada who works with BIG machinery - trains. Yesterday, he told me he had recently been involved in an accident at work. I can't wait to see what will come of this. Thank you, Mark, for sharing this wisdom so clearly and making it much fun to learn Christian Science principles more deeply. Will also share it with my friends on Facebook... A Course In Miracles students would benefit by adding Christian Science to their study of healing.

  27. Thanks for this lecture. I thouht that when you started with the road picture that it would be the same old story of what you see is not what is. Thank you for the way you brought out that we always try to fix what is not really there to fix and that with more accurate information the problem recedes into the sunset. Thanks also for the stories in which the knowing of the facts, in fact GOD, made such a life change. Thank you again.

  28. Thanks mark - an excellent lecture that enlightended my lunchbreak.

  29. Mark, thank you so much for your lecture, it was well presented. It is diffently one I would listen over and over again as well as share with others. Keep on giving lectures as this is a gift to you!

  30. Mark, I strongly felt God's NOWNESS when I listened to your lecture! What healing influence it had on me.

  31. Thank you, Mark, for an inspiring glimpse into Love.

  32. Thank you Mark.

    I like watching these lectures on this site. They have helped me.

    The take away message is that God is Love.

    Unfortunately, people have the wrong vision of God. They see him as condemning, frightening, and judging erroneously. If they just knew they were loved it would solve the attachments to the false landmarks of materiality. It is a simple message but seems to be the missing element in the churches today.

    Most people don't know what to do.

    Love God the most and your neighbor as yourself.

    To Injure No Man and Bless ALL Mankind. - Mary Baker Eddy

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  33. Thank you Mark, for these beautiful, helpful, clear ways to pray.

  34. Thank you Mark. Your lecture really "turned on the light" for me. I know I will listen to it many more times.

  35. Jill California 12/23/2011

    I love this lecture so much and have listened to it many times now. I record it on a tape recorder and then take it with me. It has made me understand so much in such a simple way! It was very through and it has helped me to pray more because now I understand more what I am listening for from God, didn't realize about the Hym "Saw Ye My Savior" etc.. didn't realize that was what it meant. I Can not discribe all that your lecture meant to me and taught me. Loving God ~ yes we don't say or think in that way often at all and yet that is what it is all about. Thank You so very much for the understanding your lecture gave me..


  36. I really enjoyed listening to your healing messages. I am a lifetime Christian Scientist and I can relate to what you said about gaining inspiration from the spiritual ideas when we take the time to ponder them. There can be many "pulls" in our day with text messages, voice mail, lesson plans, report card comments and marking, emails, television programs, radio programs and prayer needs to be high on the priority list and done early in our day. Your comment about how prayer can change your whole day is so true and it is a good reminder to me. Your repetition of the basic tools needed for effective prayer was also good to hear many times over. Finally, the analogy of the man wanting to drive on the road, that to the human view narrows in the distance, was a great example. Many experiences in our lives parallel that experience when we use human reason and logic and then in stream those fears or doubts about God's guidance and protection - all because we have the incorrect power source to rely on. Food for thought today! Thanks so, so much!

  37. Since I first listened to this lecture three months ago, I have tried to follow Mark's suggestion to pray for world events every day before I pray for myself. Thank you, Mark, for setting me on this endeavor to heal the world. Each one of us can make a difference.

  38. thank you for posting the lectures online! this is so inspiring! and we can go over and over it. i loved all examples and testimonies. THANK YOU!

  39. Wow - wonderful lecture. So inspiring - God always comes through - just seek Him. thank you Mark for your good work.

  40. I loved this Lecture, Mark! It came across so sincere and loving and simple! I wonder, is it possible to ask God to help us Love Him more? I guess, if desire is prayer, we can ask for this and God will mold and exalt this desire into words and deeds! Thank you God for Loving me! Please help me to Know and Love you more each day! Amen!

  41. The Sweetness of Gods Love, IS Always Near, closer than I can think, But my thoughts about God connects me to His Omnipresence...This is clearly demonstrated in this talk by Mark. It is clear that this man has been touch by Gods Love! Thank you!

  42. Wow! That was so cool! So wonderfully helpful! Really got down deeper into things I'd been thinking about. Thanks.

  43. You've hit the ball out the park! Incredilbe!

  44. Mark, You truly are the embodiment of God's love as you speak. I met you at a Christian Science Church in Arizona last year and there picked up for the first time Science and Health . Came back to New Hampshire and began to visit the Mother Church in Boston. I listen to the Daily Lift each morning and when I listened to your message today I remembered you and your story about the man in the road and at that time you said "he was probably visiting from New Hampshire

  45. I've always loved the way you expressed and explained Christian Science in your articles and now I'm so grateful for having been able to listen to your lecture about how to pray, for I actually had forgotten how to do that. Thank you so much!

  46. Beautiful! I was especially drawn to your interpretation of Jesus' act of spitting on the ground in his healing of the blind man. I have always wondered about the significance of that, what seemed like, material action. Your thoughts about that healing were virtually eye opening for me! ;)

  47. good enough

  48. Mark,
    Thank you so much for this healing message. You have definitely given me a lot to think and pray about. I am so grateful for all of the videos that have been posted and I hope you continue to post more as they are so uplifting and healing.

  49. Mark, This is such a good message. I love the example of the road. . .we're not trying to fix that road, nor should we look to "see" if it's getting better. . .because there was nothing wrong with it in the first place. . .just a mistaken view. I love the importance of feeling God and sticking with that by loving God, good, unceasingly. Thanks so much, Mark.

  50. Loved your spoken message on eternal life that you shared through your lecture in Vancouver Canada. Especially made heart connection when you described praying by coming to that place of sacred stillness reconnectedin the awareness state of the Living Presence of Divine Love and praying by an action of quit SILENCE to hear.

  51. Mark that filled my Heart with such Love, Joy and God felt Inspiration. Thank you for sharing your God given ideas.

  52. Thank you, Mark. Heard you lecture in Pueblo, CO recently...Your love for God and Christian Science shines forth...

  53. I've been a student of Christian Science for two years now. I was sick since I have been five years old. It felt so freeing when I finally know the truth about myself, and whatever I was thinking before was not real at all. Thanks to Christian Science that I had so many healings.

  54. Thank you for such a touching and uplifting lecture, may we all expect miracles as an every day occurence and share our joy at feeling God's presence like you do

  55. MARK I missed this when you came to Kingston cos I was the door keeper but heh I finally heard it. Thank you .

  56. This is a lecture that I want to hear again. Thank you so much for so much love.

  57. Dear Mark,
    Your Daily Lift today led me to this lecture of yours which is so chocked full of enlightening ideas. The world certainly has need of this, especially me.

    Beverly Joyce SHM

  58. Thank you very much Mark.
    I really appreciated listening to your lecture.

  59. Thank you. AND thanks to TMC for putting these lectures on. SO much good being shared on the internet these days. Lovely comments. Grateful, joyful, encouraged.

  60. Thanks! Great examples and healing ideas.

  61. Winnie California
    Thank you so much. He to hear you in person soon.

  62. A beautifully stated lecture!,...given with such loving thought! What simple ideas brought out by you and your love for God. It was a real joy to hear this just what I needed! Thank You so very much!
    Love to all! Kirsten. = ) = )

  63. Hi Mark,

    I really really love your lectures. You are so very interesting and have such a great delivery. I hope to meet you some day. You have really helped me. Thank you so very much!!! Sincerely fred Boyd

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