Texting God: effective short prayers [11 mins ENG]

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Elise Moore, CSB, shares an excerpt from her lecture “Texting God: effective short prayers”. Filmed in Lynn, Massachusetts on September 26, 2011.

  1. this is great

  2. For a long time, when faced with an issue, I would find myself lost for words even thoughts. I would just go numb. Recently over a period of many weeks I carefully studied the Chapter on Prayer and I noted how many times Mrs. Eddy uses the word 'desire'.On page we read, " Desire is prayer;" 3 words. only A few weeks ago after doing far more physical work than I am used to, I felt feint and in severe pain, but silently.I did not allow myself to panic.I slowly drove myself home where my wife helped me into bed. The desire for the discomfort to cease was all I held to.I fell asleep and after an hour awoke free of any pain. And thank you for telling us how important it is to express genuine love for one no longer with us. Thank you for a powerful message.

  3. God sees all the good that is in us How simple and powerful. Short prayers can have deep insights. Thank you.

  4. Wow! What a powerful dose of Love! Thank you.

  5. This is FABULOUS!!!

  6. Thank you for this simple, but deep feeling lecture. We certainly don't want to just be repeating hollow words that have very little affect...but that lovely, precious feeling of God's great love wrapping (as you said) around us can't be beat!

  7. I wish I could see the whole lecture! Is it available anywhere?

    The complete lecture is not available at this time.

  8. The prayers are short but I wish the lecture was longer! She is a great lecturer, very fluid, easy to listen to you! I learned a lot! Wonderful stuff, thank you!

  9. Thank you Elise ... a few minutes before I listened to your wonderful talk, I'd received an email from my daughter which left me feeling very unloved and hurt. I then opened the email with your Lecture ... I now know that I don't have to be that sense of mother or see that sense of daughter ... we are both enfolded in God's love. The mask is stripped away. The immediacy of Mind is real. Thank you so much.

  10. A short prayer of mine when I really needed it was "If ever I needed You, I need You NOW!"
    And it was immediately effective! I had locked the door into my B & B in Devon UK and inadvertently triggered the dead lock. I had also been told to be careful to lock the window before I went out and I did lock it. It looked as though an axe was the only way to get the door open. This was when I prayed my short prayer: If ever I needed You, I need You NOW! The owner's friend got a ladder and climbed up onto the garage roof, and found the window open! Unlatched! Very quickly he climbed in through the window, and opened the door from the inside! And peace was immediately restored.

  11. Very helpful, thank you!

  12. Love these wonderful ideas, especially a new slant on looking for short prayers in the Bible Lesson. For those of us living far from churches, this online content is really opening doors to CS community. Thank you, Elise for your message. Thanks also to the BOL and TMC for continuing to find ways to take the CS movement forward.

  13. What a great twist for the ever fast paced challenges of today's lifestyle. Hits home fast. God is ever present. Always. All ways. Thank you.

  14. Just what I need for the day.
    Thank You.

  15. A most wonderful lecture: truly helpful, vivid, beautiful! Thank you, Elise. I will listen to these beautiful references and prayers many times.

  16. Thanks so much for this beautiful short prayer.......This has been a long (somewhat troublesome day). The short prayer was wonderful and powerful.

  17. What a remarkable simple and effective lecture. The demonstration of how Christian Science helps and heals in a concise format. I loved this lecture. Thanks soooooo Much!

  18. I listened yesterday and loved the lecture and I had to come back today and listen again. Thank you for all you do and for your generous giving.

  19. Somewhere in the Bible is mentioned the simplicity of the Christ that we tend to overlook in our daily routines. Thank you for bringing this lovely and thoughtful message - it is so much more than a 'short' prayer.

  20. Thank you so much for this beautiful, simple but deep and effective message - it is a complete treatment, and has lifted a load off me as I was still and listened.

  21. How wonderful! These few words have reminded me how I became a Christian Scientist. An American lady had spoken to me about Christian Science, but I was not interested in religions. Anyway when my mother had to be operated at the breast and they told me that afterwards it would be very painful I could not accept it, but what could I do? Then I remembered the book and decided to see if it worked, otherwise I would have left everything. So I went to church and borrowed the book. I had only time to read few pages, but what remained in my mind was. "Desire is prayer". After the operation my mother was groaning painfully and they could not give any other medicine after the anaesthesia. It was then that I asked myself: if desire is prayer what is my greatest desire now? I would have given years of my life to stop this suffering. And the miracle happened, my mother went peacefully to sleep and she never again suffered, not even for the medications! So I knew that the Kingtom of heaven was right were so much suffering seemed to be. I had other trials to overcome, but I am sure that God is always with us. Thank you for having reminded to me.

  22. This is just what I needed to hear today. Elise, you have such a clear, profound manner when you speak. You are a blessing.

  23. Elise, if you get to read these comments I want to thank you! That short text on Love, where you speak about somone praying about a rift with their mother, really helped me! I had the same problem. But the simple concept that God loves both of you was so clear to me, and lifted the whole situation right up.
    Short but powerful prayer!!!

  24. This is a wonderful little gem, polished and bright. I love brevity in all its manifestations, and appreciate the discipline, honing, and paring back that is required to remove all that is excess to requirements and reveal the simple uncluttered essence of an idea. Thank you, Elise and the BOL for this. It's a great help.

  25. This is soooo great!!!! Its easy to listen to and so full of powerful stuff! Woke up depressed this morning so I played this. I love the short prayer concept! I love the " help" prayer that God is good..all good! That lifted me right up.
    Thank you!

  26. Kudos to you Elise. This is so Fresh, easy and powerful! I had a nice demonstration this morning working with the " help" prayer and knowing God was good! Thank you for this!

  27. Dear 'Elise, thank you for the idea of "short prayers". (And by the way thank you for all your very helpful articles. I am thinking particularly of the one with the airplane staying in the air and the sunshine and getting fuel up there. I love the idea!!) I had a very short prayer not so long ago. I was bycicling, and because the road was of cobblestone I bycicled on the pedestrians' side. When get down onto the street at a street corner I overlooked the - now what is it called? - the opening for the rainwater to go down. The opening is just as wide as the wheel of the byke and sure enough my front wheel got stuck in it and I went over my bike to the ground. All I was able to think was "Father!" I was flat on the street. I saw a car stop on the other side but before that gentleman had reached me I had gotten up, completely unharmed, assuring him that I was alright. This little prayer "Father!" was like turning on the connection with God. It was so beautiful!

  28. I love your short prayer (texting God). "Help!" and its key - God is good. When my son was 5 yaars old, he was playing in the ocean and was stung by a sting ray. His dad picked him up and carried him to shore where the lifeguard meet them. My son had a deep gash in his heel. The lifeguard put his foot in ice water. When I arrived at the beach, my son happily told me what had happened. He said, "I was stung by a sting ray and it hurt so bad all I could do was say 'Help, God!' and God helped me and the hurt went away." The lifeguard explained to me that if he had ever been allergic to stings such as bee stings or ant bites that he would have been taken to the hospital. The funny thing about it was that he had always had extreme reactions to stings and bites from insects. But since this healing he never again had an allergic reaction. His simple and heart felt prayer to God was highly effective treatment. The next day he joined his teammates at a week long soccer camp. He ran and kicked the ball each day without any trouble.

  29. I love this lecture. What a great idea to post these inspiring lectures on the Web! Thanks!

  30. I really love the idea and directive of the short prayer. Good ideas! Enjoyed it.

  31. Just loved this lecture Elise thank you so much for all the work you have put into it. I will sleep soundly to-night

  32. I am so touched by this wonderful inspirationl lecture. Thanks for sharing and confirming the all powerful essence of God's love.

  33. Elise, thank you for these short, simple, and beautifully effective short prayers. Wonderful and inspiring!

  34. Dear Elise,thanks for such a concise and yet complete way to show us that a prayer does not have to be long in order to be effective.

  35. Thanks again for theis good message ... the idea of a short prayer is now an essential part of my daily routines

  36. Thank you! I love short prayers.

    'All is well' !!

  37. Very good speech.!!!

    God bless you.

  38. I pray all the time even I'm ok and I don't need God's help. It's so important to accept and believe in God and God's love.
    Thank u for your speech !! short prayers always help me and my family. Friends let God bless u and your families . love and be loved .

  39. It's so nice to be able to come back to this lecture for "refreshment" over and over again and each time
    get something new.

    My favorite quick prayer is: "God forbid!"

    God forbid anything unlike Himself from touching His creation; it brings instantaneous relief every time.

  40. I just discovered this great lecture after listening to Norm Bleichman's 15 min. lecture. Both are fantastic! So grateful the BOL is doing this. I'm sure the short lecture meets a need. I will be going back to this one. It is fun to listen to and full of meaning.

  41. Just what I needed- the simplicity of the TRUTH. Short prayers. What a concept to embrace.

  42. How grateful I am for this "jump start" to my day.

  43. Quite an amazing wake-up call to transform my material mind in the material world I live in. Good punch. I'll go to practice one precept or short prayer each day to remember the unreal I seem to be agreeing with to survive here. I'd rather survi ve with a transformed view of God on my side.

  44. Just what I needed right now. Thank you all responsible for making it available, you're loving your neighbors as yourselves!

  45. Such a powerful and beautiful message... very healing, effective, empowering and immediate! I will listen to this lecture time and time again! Thank you so much!

  46. I am delighted to hear short prayer-texting God, Encouragement is more important than answers, "I say Glory Hallelujah Jesus set us free from Sin, hallelujah for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth, keep on Praising God!

  47. Absolutely wonderful

  48. So agree with nancy #12. And thanks to Elise.

  49. I've just discovered these wonderful short lectures. What a blessing to hear and share. Texting God! Who would think of it? Often the very, very short prayer immediately offered with expectancy of help has comforted and healed me and my family. I liked the one "God forbid", #39. How direct and powerful. Thank you so very much Elise.

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