Step out of your story and into healing [23 mins ENG]

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Jon Benson, CS, shares how to let divine understanding supersede human opinions in this talk during a mini-lecture series about how to pray effectively and bring health and healing into our everyday lives. Filmed at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, Texas on March 3rd, 2012. To watch more lectures from this event, click here.

  1. This is a powerful lesson; one I'll return to again and again. Thank you for providing these wonderful events for a world crying out for healing.

  2. Brilliant, timely, something we all need to work with and demonstrate. I thank you.

  3. Thank you What a GIFT. Im a story lover, a reader, even a writer and I have a whole new
    take on those with this 23 min daily LIFT. Amazing, healing lecture.
    Thank you Jon, Thank you daily lift people, Thank you dear Father Mother God, Thank you Mary Baker Eddy and thank you Christ Jesus who I love so much. And all who loved me as I truly am. WOW
    Priceless. You got this one,

  4. My sincere gratitude to you, Jon, and to everyone involved in bringing us your lecture, and especially to our Father-Mother God for the truth about all of us. I am so touched by all this love!

  5. Wow, this mini-lecture is packed with helpful guidance! I was glued to my computer screen. Best of all, II was able to drop several chapters of the mortal story as I listened. This talk was so comforting, healing! Thank you Jon, so much, for being willing to share the freeing, Bible revealed truth of our real identity.

  6. Fabulous. This should be shared widely -- very inspiring!

  7. Bravo! Perhaps one of the most powerful, succint talks I have ever heard! Thank you!

    I woke up this morning feeling fearful and despondent anticipating the next chapter of my story being fruitless. Then I happened upon this lecture and am now replacing my story with fortitude, hope, and anticipated joy! I can't wait to apply the truths told to others waiting for a cup of cold water and to help bless the earth. What a breath of fresh, wonderful thinking will be pouring forth into the atmosphere, breathed by those who hear and share and implement Jon's ideas.

  8. What wonderful ideas and delivered in such a dynamic and healing way. God does supply our needs when we most need them. Thank you so much.

  9. Thank you so much!

  10. This was an outstanding lecture and one which will be of much benefit to me. Thank you so much, Vicki Knickerbocker

  11. wow!

  12. Thank you so much. Very inspiring Truths for me to incorporate and take with me as I approach a business situation that seems to have way too many such "stories". Happy also to know that I can drop all my own "stories". With love and appreciation to you for all you do..and to the Daily Lift group for their expanded lifts.

  13. Thank you, Jon, for these dynamic, powerful ideas! It's a new take on "thinking outside the box", where the box (our human story) dissolves as we recognize its illusive nature and vigorously claim the man of God's knowing. What a freeing feeling to drop the story, that burden of human history! I feel supported by the Christ to do just that, today.

  14. SO haling! Thank you Jon and all who make these so available to a very needy world!

  15. Such a powerful message! Wonderful.

  16. Wow! I just listened to/watched your "Step out of your story and into healing" mini-lecture. Yes!!! Thank you sooooooo much.

  17. It has moved me! Touched my heart! More than inspiring!
    Thank you.

  18. I love and appreciate this multi-leveled, richly told parable, simple to grasp, but with untold applications, which will continue to unfold. Many thanks.

  19. WHOOOHOOOO!!!! Was that Dynamic or What? I feel like a little part of me is just waking up and rubbing her eyes and saying, "Helloooooo! Where have I been all my Life?" I heard your testimony, Jon, on a Sentinel Radio Tape (before CD's) and you spoke then as if the Graduate Student with the eye problem was You! Now, I can See that it wasn't YOU! It was just a part of your "story"! Now, I get it! Another funny thing is that just before I watched this Lecture, my ex-husband had emailed me some pictures of us when we were in our 30's and happily married and had just come back from a backpack trip around the world. He said it had really shook him up emotionally to see us looking so young and happy. He's a big fan of "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, so I reminded him of the NOW! Then I had to be careful and watch my own thought to not get dragged back into the past of our story and to feel regret, etc. Luckily, I was able to stay present and then watched this Lecture which just confirmed for me that I am soooooo much more than my story! Heartfelt thanks, Jon! This was a Zinger and a wake-up call to the World! Here we Go!!!!!!

  20. Strong Message - Thank you so much for your prayerful thoughts.

  21. Thank you so much Jon! You have done an exceptional job communicating the Truth about awakening from fictional stories and into the reality of our true being. Marvellous!

  22. WOW a powerful truth beautifully presented
    thank you soooo much!

    Worth hearing again & again.

  23. 11 Robert, that is an understatement! I can, however, think of no better way to express it, myself! Jon, thank you, thank you! I'm so grateful my PC's sound managed to work today, after days off. This must be shared with many I thought of, and will be listened to again many times over, by me. You captured Genesis creation, Jesus' work and words, and Mrs. Eddy's presentation of what she named Christian Science. You captured, for rescue, us, as we seemed to be, and pulled us outside of the stories claiming to be ours. In college, a daughter had a prof she, and the class could not stand, and prayed to see something good in her. Well, all she could find was the prof was alive, so she reflected Life, God. Holding to this, she soon was stopped on campus by the prof, warmly complimenting on personal qualities she saw in my daughter. Harmony followed! I've got some untrue story deleting to do, right away.

  24. Thank you! This is just what I needed to hear this morning!

  25. What a wonderful, powerful, clear presentation! So inspiring! Thank you, Jon, for these ideas! Like #22 my thought is uplifted, and I will do a lot of story deleting right away! What a joyous task!

  26. I don't think I can express enough gratitude in the words "Thank You" for this wonderful lecture! You've made the picture so clear of how we can unite with Christ only by leaving behind the false material picture. And this we can do as shown and authorized by Christ Jesus. I will be carrying these ideas with me and am eternally grateful for the spiritual growth they are already leading me towards. Thank you for your presentation also which added power to the words. We felt the meaning as you delivered the words!

  27. What a wonderful and fresh way to think about getting rid of all the ills that want to attach themselve to us. It's really time for me to drop both the old stories and the new. Very grateful.

  28. WOW! How just divine! This is a powerful talk........a powerful meaning.........I want to listen to this over and over and over. Thank you Jon! I needed this.

  29. Thanks Jon, I really loved this lecture and perspective!! Very helpful for me today.

  30. This healing lecture brought me hope confidence , strength: thanks so much

  31. Betty 19 -4 -2012 just fantastic thankyou and so clear and practical and helpful beyond belief. Will listen and put into practice time and again and will encourage someone very near to me to listen to this Lecture and just step out of the story he is believing at the moment and which just isn't true. My very grateful thanks.

  32. I agree with everyone's comments that began with the word "Wow"! This is so helpful, so fundamental, and I am so grateful.

  33. This was wonderful! Thank you

  34. Jon, You truly touched me with your inspiring lecture.I have been strugging so long with 'My Story". I see that there is hope for me. I am SO grateful for these online resources.

  35. Hey Jon...I only see you maybe once a year in Sydney...but not in Lecture to see you like this was..well...Wow...AND WHAT A STORY...Thank you...

    It's stuff like this that is helping me DROP my (unreal) story...and find the true me...the only with my Father Mother...AWESOME!!!

  36. Jon,
    Wow wow and wow. What a powerful lecture. The lessons in here are a big blessing and the delivery is out of this world (!). Will share this widely and will come back to it again and again. It is the gift that keeps giving ...
    Thank you

  37. Jon, you have spoken eloquently from the heart, and from the heart of your experience. How simple your definitions of true worship - yielding of the human heart to the divine purpose - and that healing follows true worship every time. I want to make this more consistently my own approach. Everything else is "stuff" and unimportant.

  38. I am working in the CS Reading Room and just prayed with a man who was distraught about his own story. Then I found this WONDERFUL healing lecture. I can hardly wait to share it with him. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Jon and everyone else who brought us this fabulous message.

  39. Most helpful lecture I've ever heard! Thank you.

  40. Wonderful way to begin my Sunday.

  41. I really like this new form of a mini lecture. I have listened to this lecture twice and I will listen again. This is a powerful, love-filled message of true identity. Thank you so much.

  42. Wonderful and Awesome. Gave me an insight to work with going through my healing with my family.

  43. Thank you Jon. This lecture is very inspiring and helpful. I've listened to it three times.

  44. Thank you so much, Jon. The blessing that this lecture beyond measure. Thinking about how it is so right for us all to feel the peace of truly being outside of any mortal story. (Also, thank you, Sandi, for pointing me to this lecture).

  45. Jon, thank you! Each time I listen to this, I gain new views and understanding.

  46. Church keeps proving that God is one Mind. I have been chewing on similar ideas to this lecture recently. Feeling the absolute necessity to see God as my literal Father and only source. Yesterday I read the account of Jesus healing the man with the withered hand and Mrs. Eddy's explanation of it including the line: "The palsied hand moved, despite the boastful sense of physical law and order. Jesus stooped not to human consciousness, nor to the evidence of the senses. He heeded not the taunt, "That withered hand looks very real and feels very real;" but he cut off this vain boasting and destroyed human pride by taking away the material evidence." I felt like--I need to call a pract to help me understand that I am not a human history and I do not aquire understanding of my own. Then I thought, ask, seek, knock this is Jesus instruction. Next came: Blessed are the pure in heart. I looked up Heart in the glossery of Science and Health. and thought about every thing it lists and how a pure expression of each can help me express God. Affections- do I want to have others see the good I do as special? In infinity of good, God's selfhood, perfection is normal and unremarkable because it is the only and all. Jesus parable about the servant not being praised by his master for doing the work assigned to him fit in here (Luke 17: 7-10). Sorrows- 1 Cor. discussion of "Godly sorrow" Thank you so much for this lecture taking me forward in this line of thought. A friend emailed it to me. Thanks for all the sharing.

  47. I don't know how many times I have listened to this but I get more and more out of it each time:-) thank you for this clear message of Truth. In God, where we live, move and have our being, harmony is the only thing happening. No more running with the wolves!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  48. I am so grateful for this message and for the clarity it brings. Thank you so much.

  49. How wonderful this was delivered and created for us !!!!! I am going back right now and listen again. And yes, thank you to everyone who makes these wonderful lectures possible for us!!

  50. Just listened to this for the third time. It unfolds more and more with such loving, practical. Truth.
    Thank you Jon so very much.
    See you in october.

  51. Hi Jon, and All! I have just listened to this mini lecture again and am blown away! I am so touched by all of the comments and commenters here! Each one of us is expressing the desire to see more of our true selves, created and maintained by God! And this Desire is our Prayer, which will be molded and exalted, as we trust God with this Desire! I am so happy to be a part of this group of seekers and desire(ers), as we will truly bring the world with us into the healing of it's stories, as Jon says! Dare! Dare! Dare! I am hereby committing to DARE!

  52. Great lecture! When he quoted the Bible to call no man on earth your father, but to recognize God as our only father, I was for a split second taken aback because I am currently seeing to the needs of my parents. Then in a flash of inspiration, the thought came to me to apply the same idea to them. They are the beloved children of an all loving, spiritual creator. I can joyfully step out of the material story, knowing that the needs of all are met by God, good.

  53. Thank you for such an awesome TRUE and REAL STORY about our TRUE ORIGIN!!! You are Wonderful and I so appreciate your message.

  54. Thanks so much Jon. I would like to share with everyone that might not know of your recent lecture in California a recommendation to explore that lecture for sooooo much more of the same inspiration to step outside the story. The blog is for the three counties in California.

  55. Wow...what an amazing invitation to step outside of our story. The Christ is there with a helping hand. Wonderful lecture. Thank you Jon.

  56. Hope this works.

  57. I just loved this, i am so grateful i ws led to it. Just full of radianc.e

  58. Wow! such an awakening message about what our real story is all about... thank you.

  59. What a highly inspired understanding of Truth and what a highly inspired (thus healing) delivery! I had had glimpses of this aspect of Truth, thinking of "material lives" as "roles" played by actors who'd forgotten their real identity; yet, this delivery really got through!!! So powerful and healing. Thank you to God, and His expression (specifically here, Jon and all responsible to bring about lectures on the Science of Being).

  60. Thank you, Jon. This just what I needed to hear today. Your message will stay with me.

  61. My teacher once said to me "you don't know you!" now I think I understand where he was coming from. I'm not a wolf afterall, no animal nature.

  62. Jon, Thank you for sharing your clear spiritual inspiration. It's simple, yet profound. I will return and listen to this again, and again..


  64. Your lecture reminded me of something at the stable. I was walking along the outside of the indoor riding area, and it was a bright afternoon, and my shadow out in front of me passed into the opening of the doors been the indoors and the paddock, just when a gal was riding her horse out of the stable. You probably know what I am leading to... The horse startled at the sudden appearance of shadow, almost threw her rider. I am happy to say that the rider was able to immediately reflect her God-given dominion and eliminate her steed's fear of nothing, appearing as shadow, not substance. No harm was done to rider,horse, nor me. Thank you for what was never in the story.

  65. So wonderful, inspiring and I will listen again and again. Yes, I dare to step out of my story and follow Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to be able to hear these lectures and the Lift. Love to all

  66. Thank you Jon for this revealing that the only story is the one God knows. After listening to it many times, it brought to mind the idea how important as the Holy Scriptures says, to"be absent fro the body(false story), and to be present with God," the one Ego, the true I or us. Thank you so much for this spiritual insight

  67. I've listened to this mini-lecture at least 30 times It really speaks to my heart. Thank you.

  68. Thank you so much for this inspiration and redirection - perfect ideas for handling since of loss when a dear one passes on - the best way to continue to support them, you, their children ( even adult children!) is to step out of all the stories even humanly positive stories- such "peace and joy and power"

  69. Great Truth. This reminded me the times that I used to say in a kidding way to my friends about my woes at work: "I have to use the f words everyday....Forgive.. an Forget!"

  70. Bless you! What a wonderful awakening thought. So simple.

  71. Iam so grateful for this message. Identity is certainly the reflection of Spirit.
    Thank you very much indeed.
    Tom S.

  72. Thanks. I have been thinking along these lines, and the lecture brought me further along the lines of no human history to act like a weight around our necks. Very helpful. I'm starting my morning with these good ideas and know they will expand during the day.

  73. Jon, thank you for the wake up today. I have been working with My Story for a long time and today found a link from Cedars to your lecture. Your lecture gave me a clearer idea on how to proceed. Thank you so much for the lift up and the inspiration.

  74. Thanks for a powerful lecture! I appreciate the multiple Bible references as it will be easier for my non Christian Science friends to hear.

  75. Thank you! I appreciate the multiple Bible references and building on Jesus' words.

  76. Such a clear way of sharing these spiritual ideas. Thank you for the beautiful way of presenting this healing Truth.

  77. I'm listening to this for umteenth time and valuing it more and more. The significance of this lecture...of Jesus' stand for the healing power of His Christ too!!

  78. This is the key to all healing! Thanks for the engaging delivery as well! I will be taking this to heart.

  79. Wonderful! I have listened to this multiple times, it is very powerful stuff... It brought to my mind Plato's Allegory of the Cave, but in more inspirational and more useful terms! Thank you Jon!

  80. I liked your emphasis on power.

  81. Many thanks Jon!! Just listened a second time. Your lecture makes clear the path to Freedom!

  82. Thank you so very much - will hope to share this with my family members. Your talk was wonderful and so truthful - gave encouragement and direction.

  83. Very powerful! I'll be coming back to it. Thank you!

  84. Wonderful. Really enjoyed it. Thank you.

  85. You are a great story teller, Jon Benson. As in: "I love to tell the story, of Jesus and his love."

  86. I am tingling all over. Christ has healed me.

  87. Magnificent! Thank you, Jon, for these healing truths! Will re-listen often, ponder, pray, put into practice! Abiding gratitude for all the blessings of Church!

  88. I attended Jon's lecture in Sydney "When the impossible happens, whats next?"The next day I watched this lecture and was very impressed. I have shared this lecture with three friends already . I am a writer and have begun to rethink the stories I write, talk about and want to publish to share with others. These stories only perpetuate the "sad, emotional " stories I have believed make me the person I am today. I realise these stories are not the real me and so I should step out of them in order to start fresh as the person God has always known me as - pure and perfect and always eternal. Thank you Jon.

  89. Great lecture. I am at a place where I have been struggling to see man as God's beautiful idea, this lecture is very timely. It is time for me to step outside of my story and everyone else's and have a healing. I will be listening to this one again.

  90. This lecture is deep, profound and beautifully delivered. What a great gift to be able to hear this. Thank you.

  91. This is a particularly beautiful lecture. Thank you, I shall treasure it. very grateful.

  92. This is fabulous and sure timely for me.

  93. Terrific talk ~ Much food for thought. Thank you so much.

  94. Jon, thank you so much. I love your lectures. They make you grow!!!

  95. Fun. It was fun to listen to this. Fun to watch you having such a good time teaching us to let go of our story. I love that concept. Joy is bubbling through me. Freedom. Liberation. Healing. Healing of false concepts (stories) . . . just a great subject beautifully told. Thank you.

  96. These lectures are like a GPS showing me the way back to spirituality, or. Out of my story. Thank you.

  97. absolutey fantastic! these lectures are such a resource for spiritual growth and inspiration helping mankind find solace from whatever ailes them in their journey through life. Bless you all and please give us more of this bread and keep adding more lectures for us.

  98. I cannot begin to tell you how valuable this view has been to me and my mission of protecting the planet. Thank you so much. I will endeavor to step out of my story and into my immortal selfhood. Thank you so much!!!!

  99. Delightful! And, yes #95 fun to listen to. Love a good teacher. One of the best I have heard. Thank you very much!!

  100. Thyis took two listenings to get the poweful foubndqtion of this lecture. One of the most self-kess speakers Deliverede with such liveleness.
    Thank you, thank you, dear Jon.

  101. Thank you so much dear Jon. It was so inspiring and lifted me up on high. I loved the way it was delivered it came over in a beautiful convincing way.

  102. My mother loved the "just-so" stories of Rudyard Kipling........perhaps The Jungle Book with the story Jon mentions was one of I think to, my stories and anyone's stories of sin, disease, etc. are the "just NOT-so" stories! Thanks, Jon. Wonderful.

  103. Joan - New Zealand
    Thank you for such a wonderful message with an ongoing blessing that I can share

  104. This was Awesome. Thank You so much! Please, if you could re-submit this True Story without reference to Christianity. I know I am still working on letting go of the belief that some people may dismiss this or have a hard time listening to this because of it's Christian reference/jargon. But I also feel a strong sense that this Beautiful Truth Story will be more expansive if expressed in Universal terms. Thanks so much again!!

  105. Wonderful lecture ! Strong meat ! Thank you Jon for those clear ideas about stepping out of our material story into the healing truth of our real identity. I will listen to this again. Thank you so much.

  106. It is a story that there is someone who cannot accept this truth unless all reference is removed as to Christ Jesus, etc. And it is a story that I think you think that...etc. Let's toss out all stories of limitation. How wonderful to realize that Christ Jesus is our personal saviour because he never saw anyone or you or me as less than the perfect child of God. What a holding to being God's own likeness and seeing as God sees. Thank you, Jon, and all! Here is that radical, revolutionary meekness. [Jon's Daily Lift May 27, 2013]

  107. This is exactly what i needed to hear. Exactly what i needed to learn. THANK YOU!!!

  108. Thank you Jon.
    Really excellent.
    Loved your energy; inspiration; conviction.

    Sincere thanks,
    Your Father is well pleased, I knlw,
    Susan Collins

  109. Thank you so much for this lecture. I can already feel its effects. Will hold on to this today!!! :) <3

  110. And I will most definitely listen to this again.

  111. I "found this wonderful lecture this morning shortly before I had to leave for work and couldn't wait to get back to it when I got home later. It is wonderful!! I have been dealing with what I now recognize as a "story" of being trapped in a situation regarding home, and not knowing what steps to take or which way to go in my thinking. Well, this talk made me realize that I it's not about what I should do--it's about what God has already done and whatever unfolds will bless everyone concerned. In Matthew 19:26 Jesus states ..."with God all things are possible." and Mrs. Eddy says on page 245 of S & H "impossibilities never occur." That is to me total assurance that there is only good. There aren't any "knotty" problems hanging around waiting for us to find a solution!! Thank you Jon for a wonderful inspiration. I always get so much good from your daily lifts and articles, too.

  112. This is my 2nd or 3rd listen. SO wonderful, so helpful Thank you.

  113. Magnificent Jon. Thank you.

  114. Oh Jon, this is such a wonderful lecture. It's now the third time I am listening to it . It is so thrilling, uprising, touching. I cann't find words to express my gratitude!
    Yes, I WILL stand outside the story and not ask for a massage within. It is the Christ who takes me, everyone out to show, what's real.

    Thank you!

  115. I so appreciate coming back to this powerful message again and again. Thanks Jon and thanks for keeping it available for all "out here".

    Tom in Mi.

  116. Thank you Jon. I am trying to step out of the story. Thank you for the Truth that will set me free!

  117. Thank you, Jon. I have just listened to your inspiring talk twice! I know I will be coming back. Please keep this available. The "story" sometimes really tries to ring true in my thought.

  118. Your longer talk of this at our church was so wonderful that I was happy to find and to listen to this. How about the whole talk here so everyone can hear it. It is so rich!

  119. How wonderful, amazing, beautiful, perfect, all the good words this lecture deserves.
    So glad that I listened to it five times.
    It is a treatment in itself
    Thanks a lot, Jon

  120. AMAZING BEYOND WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Just an absolutely wonderful and transforming explanation of our practice.

  122. I'm singing the Halleluiah Chorus in my head, so thankful for this, dear Mr. Benson. Third time I've come to hear it and it was confirmation of what I'd been hearing/reading/thinking but was almost afraid to believe. No more of that fear!. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  123. My goodness! What a powerful lecture! Immense Gratitude for all involved in delivering all this goodness to all. Love, Love, Love being expressed.

  124. So clear and powerful! Much gratitude....

  125. Such a powerful message with such love. Clearly distinguishes our stories from ourselves as perfect children of God. Thank you Jon, This is the fourth time in two days I have listened to your lecture and still getting more out of it.

  126. thank you from Germany!
    Just listened with excitement to this compelling prresentation of the true and the false stories - very encouraging to distingiush them a lot easier - danke sehr !!!

  127. I need this daily and all the time. Sometimes we get ourselves in stories that take stepping out of all the time.
    Thank you so much for this understanding. We loved you in Memphis. I think your lecture was the best I have ever heard.

  128. Thanks! That was great.

  129. That's right! That there is the essence of Christian Science & all healing. All I have to do is put it on into practice & witness the results. That is true prayer & worship in my book. That is how I understudy what I'm doing in Christ.

  130. We have to be glad that Christ can stand outside of our stories (with power that heals) when medical professionals tell us we have a suggestion of cancer. I am so grateful for this message at a time I need to stand outside of my grizzly (and lying) story.

  131. Have listened to this several times, and will listen several more. SUCH a great contribution. Thank you.

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