Spirituality and eternal life [4 mins ENG]

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Mark Swinney, CSB, shares an excerpt from his lecture "Spirituality and eternal life - could it be that God didn't intend for you to age?". This lecture was filmed in Roanoke, Virgina on October 14, 2012.

"I know no life divided, O Lord of life, from Thee; In Thee is life provided for all mankind and me:" -Hymn 135 (William H. Monk)

  1. Wow, yes, when you see that God is Life, YOUR LIFE, it does change everything. Thank you for this, Mark.

  2. We can have many years but no age, that is what I tell people when they want to know how old I am i say " I am not I have many years but no age" I like that idea of eternal life.

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  5. This is excellent, Mark. Thank you. It is so clear! Great!

  6. If you'd like to view the entire lecture, it's posted at http://vimeo.com/51649077. Many more great ideas!

  7. Would love to see the entire lecture, PLEASE! Loved hearing what was presented thus far.

  8. The four minute lecture is a great idea. In this busy world we live in, taking four minutes and focusing on one or two ideas intensely makes those spiritual truths stay in my mind all day.

  9. Thanks very much for this mini lecture and a powerful reminder indeed, that God is indeed my/our Life. I will take this with me today...

  10. How CLEAR! What a perfect Christmas gift .. the right understanding of God and thus of our true selfhood as His image and likeness. Thank you Mark!

  11. Its wonderful to know God is here there and everywhere and that we are His instruments to love our fellow man and do good here on earth because its Gods life not our own.

  12. Thanks Mark! So very helpful!

  13. Let's lay hold on Life, God has given us this gift right NOW! We can know this is true for all of God's ideas. Thanks to Lisa for posting the full lecture, and thank you Mark!

  14. Often, I think about "this" being the moment of the "eternal now". We only really ever know "now". This is the moment of the "virgin birth". ...the moment of the "immaculate conception". These ideas help me see there is an opportunity for us to start fresh, clear the slate and live the Life that is God. As I opened the Monitor web page and read of the need in America for prayer today, I am grateful to have Mark's thoughts on God as Life for my prayers to see Life and Love embracing America.

  15. Super Mark. Thanks for sharing this lecture. We need more lectures on this topic!

  16. Thank you, dear Mark, and will listen to the whole lecture of yours. It shows me the total nearness of God and his child- you and me - and all his children, yea all mankind. Because God is my life, I can do nothing on my own but that what I see my devine Father doing, as Jesus said! What a great Christmas present as Patty #10 says.

  17. This has been sitting in my inbox until tonight, the Sunday after the Newtown, CT school shooting. What a gift to hear these words of Truth when I needed them the most. Thank you for this four minutes of lifting thought beyond sorrow to an awareness of eternity that asks to be contemplated. I look forward to hearing the entire lecture.

  18. That is just wonderful to think that God, being the only Life....there is no other life for us to live.....our life is God, good.....and truly that is the only Iife we can ever have and it is wholly spiritual.....so therefore the sometimes good sometimes pretty bad mortal existence that we seem to be living is not Life because it is not God-like.....is it over simplistic then Mark to say.....if it's not good it's not going on in my life because God is my life. It reminds me of that "pure river of water of life" spoken of in Revelation. I like to think that is where we live continually .....we don't actually come out of that river of life and live in mortality and at some time return to that pure, ever moving river of life......we are forever there.....it really is the pure, ever-life-giving kingdom of God who is our life.

  19. Amazing talk. So deep and so easy to understand. Thank you so much. I will have to listen to it again and again.

  20. God IS my Life!!! Without this Life which is God, I wouldn't have existence. Therefore I owe everything to this Life, this God! My job is to show forth this Life as God's perfect expression! That's how I can praise God and Love God and myself and my fellow man! What a neat deal! The more I see "my life" as an expression of God, or Life, the more Joy, Abundance, Happiness and Fulfillment I experience. Because I and my Father are One! Thanks, Mark!

  21. Thank you, Mark. I'm not responsible for maintaining a little "mini-life" of my own. I have only to see and acknowledge the one Life that is God; that one Life that is God's gift to me and to all. And Life is NOW. This moment. Without time. To see this is certainly to shift the focus and to erase any sense of burden.

  22. Wow, I have loved it since when it first started and have not forgotten it. Great to listen to in Sunday School on Sunday as it is about Life. Thank you so much, Mark, it will always stay with me, so simple and so profound. God bless.

  23. A very very VERY well-spent hour! You are living it, Mark!! Thank you sincerely.


  24. very inspiring, loved this message about how God IS life, he didn't give u this life, but he is your life.

  25. Hi Mark...
    I just re-visited this talk again as my son Daniel recently passed on...There were lots of questions that came up…and I went to God with the big one…WHY?...and I received a wonderful answer....It was like God said…WHAT?...Daniel?...nothing’s changed…he’s fine!...I can still see him…just like I made him…in MY image and likeness…perfect…spiritual…complete. He’s not matter…I don’t work with that stuff…otherwise I couldn’t do my job. The material senses won’t help you see me…OR Daniel…but spiritual sense will…so use that…and you’ll see everything clearly…

    That was enough...the grief melted away...and like you said in another Daily Lift a while ago...I get to KEEP all the beautiful...wonderful memories...that were my son's life...and still are...

  26. This is a wonderful thought, Mark - very helpful - and #25 from Harry is especially helpful. Thank you, Harry for sharing . . . . amen

  27. I started this morning to admit that I am eternal - that I will live forever and ever. It felt freeing and yet strange. The world is telling us in a million different ways, constantly, that we are limited in life and time. While I had admitted theoretically that life is eternal, I had never really claimed it for myself in this way. I am going to do it as often as I can now. I think it will help throw off many kinds of shackles. I think we must take the big ideas that we have admitted only in theory and wrap ourselves in them day by day. Thank you, Mark, for opening my eyes to this.

  28. For a long time, I thought I had my own little individual life to live, protect, pray over, and struggle to live. This puts a whole new perspective on Life and the first commandment. "God didn't give you life....God IS your life." What a difference! Thank you.

  29. Wonderful! I so needed to hear this. Thank you, Lisa #6, for the limk to the complete lecture. It is excellent.

  30. What a wonderful lesson! That's great!! Thanks a lot.

  31. It gives me a lot ! You KNOW what you say: Infinite life !!! Thank you so much - Juliane

  32. Mark, Thank You! Just think of what God has you endowed with! How can I hear the whole lecture?

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    The complete lecture is not posted on ChristianScience.com at this time. Please check our lecture schedule for opportunities to attend this lecture in your area.

  33. Annette , France ; Mark this is a great explanation of eternal Life ; I like the way you make thoughts so simple.THANK YOU !

  34. "God is your Life"! What a simple and Wonderful thought! Thank you!

  35. "This is what God told us: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his son. Whoever has the son has life, but whoever does not have the son of God does not have life" (1 John 5:11-12).

  36. Thank You Wonderful thought !

  37. Thank you Lisa for the vimeo reference. I have just watched this wonderful lecture and hope to take it's message to heart and use it daily. Thank you SOooo much Mark for tackling this subject in such a healing way.

  38. "..beyond sorrow to the awareness of eternity." Thank you, Fay,#17. I will always remember those uplifting words.

  39. Mark-I heard this lecture last Saturday in Westwood California. It was wonderful! I am seeing that it doesn't matter if people don't see me as spiritual and eternal. It doesn't change that I am spiritual and eternal. Thank you for making the subject so clear!

  40. Mark-I sure wish I could hear this lecture I feel that it would help my understand.

  41. thank you mark