Sin and disease can be healed through Christian Science [33 mins ENG]

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Godwin Anakor, CSB, shares his lecture “Sin and disease can be healed through Christian Science”. Filmed at the TMCYouth Summit in Lagos, Nigeria on August 28, 2010.

  1. When I hear Godwin Anakor share his love, understanding and proofs/experiences of healing through the study and application of Christian Science with such humility, joy and strength I am deeply humbled!
    Thank you dearly for sharing this lecture with the world!

  2. A wonderful example of what the understanding of God and Man as explained in Christian Science can do. Most inspiring. Thank you.

  3. Such a powerful presentation of Truth – direct, clear, sincere. Thank you, Godwin, for your work here, and Thank You to TMC for making it available to the world in this format.

  4. Thank you so much brother Godwin.When we are convinced we can convince others,we can get our message through.Our continent needs good practicing christian scientists for the challenges we have to face.
    May God bless your good work.
    Much love.

  5. Technology has allowed us to enjoy this simple and direct approach to Truth in the U.S. Thank you Godwin and thanks to TMC for making this available.

  6. Thank you, Godwin, A terrific lecture! Clearly defining God’s synonyms with simplicity and directness, a true healing message.

    With gratitude and love.

  7. This is further proof that Christian Science is for all mankind.
    I am grateful for being able to view this lecture. Thank you.
    Tom in Michigan

  8. What a joy to hear this lecture! The clear, straightforward message has given us peace. Thank you.

  9. Thank you Mr Anakor!
    That was just wonderful!

  10. I really enjoyed that, thank you!!!!

  11. Thank you Godwin,
    I love the simplicity the way you presented Christian Science. It reminded me as a little child when I got a sliver in my finger and came to my Mother for help. At that moment she was washing dishes and so I went off to play. She then called to help me, and I was able to say ” O Mama, that finger doesn’t hurt anymore. I just knew that sliver never belonged to me, it belonged to the wood” and the sliver came out on it’s own. This is what Christian Science Sunday School taught me and it gave me an opportunity to apply what I already knew. My Mother reminded me of this experience when I grew up and this simple Truth and child like thought, quickly heales. I went on playing and Mother was grateful what I learned in the Christian Science Sunday School. VHC USA Thank you so much for the reminder.

  12. I love this lecture!! What simplicity. “Life is deathless. I refused to die.” And where Mr. Anakor quotes Eddy in Science & Health, “Citizens of the world,” not just Christian Scientists, but all the citizens of the world. Many, many thanks.

  13. Thank you so much for these simple powerful Truths. I was deeply moved. It is so beautiful to hear these lectures from Africa. To feel the oneness of all our brothers and sisters.
    Thank you again.

  14. Wow, the message came in very clear, as does truth, when we are receptive to it. Thank you for that unique but clear message, about God’s love for us! I am fairly new to Christian Science, and have been reading the Key to the Scriptures now for awhile, sometimes I don’t read it in sequence, and I really thank Im understanding it alot more, since I’ve listened to this lecture. I know it will help others too. God is sooo Good

  15. Wonderful lecture. Thank you.

  16. Thank you, Mr. Anakor, for such a wonderful lecture. I was especially moved by your discussion of the parable about the woman accused of adultery and the casting of the first stone. I have always loved this parable for its reminder that we should examine our own thoughts and actions before we judge others. Your explanatory story about finding the dirty dishes in the sink and washing away the dirt and valuing them instead of throwing them away showed me the other half of that parable about seeing beyond the dirt (error, mortal belief) and recognizing God’s perfect man where mortal mind only sees erring mortal man.

    Thank you for all your other examples of the practical application of Christian Science in our daily lives.

  17. Mr. Anakor your lecture has totally stunned me it was so wonderful, simple, and powerful. I must tell you that I was feeling very sorry for my self this evening. I had a claim and had decided everything was so unfair to me. That everybody else in the whole wide world just marches themselves off to a drug store and somehow or another for a couple of dollars or so were made better, but I who studies Christian Science can’t that I was sorta punished or something.

    What a shock to click on to my email, open up the daily lift and then very unexpectedly be able to click on to your wonderful wonderful lecture. Oh yes, my claim has left me and/or my thinking.

    I am so grateful for all the healings of every sort I have had over the years studying Chistian Science, for all the workers in the field, to Mary Baker Eddie for her unselfish devotion to mankind and for the knowledge that the candle Mary Baker Eddie lit will never be snuffed out.

  18. Mr. Anakor, you have wonderfully said and done! Let us do it too but before us is me first then comes the us.

  19. Thank your for such a wonderful lecture about how Christiran Science works. The examples you gave were very clear and the sincerity and love that I felt just listening to your message was awesome. I listened to you on Christmas day and this the perfect gift for me, Thanks again

  20. Thank you very much mr. Anako for that wonderful teaching,
    Your explainations has brought this lesson dip-down to my understanding.
    Keep it on, I really know that more of this will be educating us the more on
    Christian science way of healing

  21. Fantastic lecture! I loved so much of it. thank you and god bless!

  22. thank you for this healing message of the power of God, Truth to heal us in any situation. God wants us to be whole and healthy and your message brings that out.

  23. This is a wonderful lecture; I am so grateful for the clarity and simplicity of Mr. Anko's message--very refreshing and powerful.

  24. Thank You

  25. Powerful message, thank you for sharing, that meets needs, satisfies hungry hearts, prepares to receive, thank you!

  26. Such humility and complete trust in God's power to reign over all mankind in any situation. Thank you for this beautiful lecture. It is timeless.

  27. Thank you Mr.Anakor. Your lecture really inspired me. It was clear, simple,direct and powerful.

  28. Wonderful lecture with great examples of CS healing!

  29. "Thank you...on the road traveling and needed a quick Christian Science

  30. Thank you very much for a wonderfully inspiring lecture.

  31. Thanks for sharing your insight into the practice of Christian Science.

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