Mary Baker Eddy - a life of discovery [56 mins ENG]

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Chet Manchester, CSB, shares a unique look at the life and discoveries of Mary Baker Eddy in this lecture filmed at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts on October 13, 2011. Mt. Auburn is the home of Mary Baker Eddy's memorial.

  1. Thanks so much Chet!!! I so enjoyed your online lecture from beginning to end. I am in the middle of reading "Rolling Away the Stone" so my thoughts are filled with Mrs Eddy and her contribution right now. This was woman's hour then and it is still now. With gratitude.

  2. Chet, thank you so much for this remarkable lecture on Mary Baker Eddy. I loved it from start to finish and I learned some things I did not know about this wonderful, spiritual healer.

  3. Thanks so much for this wonderful revelation of Mrs. Eddy. I will be on needles and pins until the opportunity comes to see these planned videos or movies. Mrs. Eddy needs to be respected for what she really was and for what she accomplished.

  4. Thank you.for this lecture about Eddy's life. I loved it!

  5. Thank you sooooooo much, Chet for this wonderful lecture!
    You really introduced me Eddy into a new light, a new perspective!
    And I must agree with what you mentioned about that newspaper comment of that time that this special woman really "touched and still does everybody´s life who were acquainted with her writings and teachings, in a very close or intimate way", as she also did mine.
    Again, thank you very much!

  6. Excellent! This was a Wonderful presentation. So inspiring. I can't wait to see the movie about Mary Baker Eddys' life. I didn't want to miss one word of this. Thanks so much Chet for giving us this perfect lecture. Also thanks to the Christian Science Publishing Society for making these lectures available for everyone to enjoy and learn from. I am so happy every time I get a new Email with another new one.
    God Bless Everyone!
    Online lectures are provided by the Board of Lectureship via

  7. Marvelously informative! Profoundly interesting! Thank you so much Chet!

  8. Thank you so much, just a wonderful attention keeping delivery.

  9. This was so inspiring, Chet. What a gift Mary Baker Eddy gave to the world, with God's grace, of Christian Science. Thank you.

  10. What a priveledge to hear this Lecture about Mary Baker Eddy. She is indeed my favorite arthur and I am grateful for insights you shared in your talk. Mrs. Eddy has certainly touched my life in boundless ways through her writings, for which I am etermally greatful. Christian Science is not just a religion but a way of Life. I look forward to both movies about her, for I know they will touch many lives that are seeking the Truth and help to enlighten the public about a wonderful woman who gave so much to mankind.
    My gratitude to the Board of Lectureship for these Online lectures. God is Good.

  11. Ute - Germany
    I enjoyed very much opening up to these ideas about MB Eddy, they touched me, especially together with my joy and gratitude for the new " We knew MBE" which just 4 days ago I got in Switzerland. It works like little puzzle pieces brought up together in me and now form a new vision of what Eddy really is. Finally today I was reminded to the article in the Journal (March 2010) " Purpose And Vision For Church" that brings up the importance of "clearly recognizing the role of Mary Baker Eddy". I`m looking forward to see the film! Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging me through this lecture.

  12. Thank you very much, Chet, for the wonderful lecture today! Informative, inspiring, beautifully spoken! Thank you, too, to the Board of Lectureship making it possible for all to hear. I am truly grateful for all the new ways CS is reaching out to the world.

  13. I love these lectures, they are so informative and beautifully presented. The second best thing, if one cannot be at the presentation itself. Please keep them coming. Thank you

  14. This was excellent. So clear, informative, and easy to listen to. I have gained new insights into a remarkable life. Thank you Chet and the BoL.

  15. Thanks so much for this unique and wonderful lecture about Mrs. Eddy!!
    I really love it!!!

  16. We are all so grateful to have the opportunity to glimpse the forever unfoldment of the (Comforter) DIVINE SCIENCE through the life of the discoverer and founder Mary Baker Eddy.

    Chet... "to-day is BIG with blessing".

    We are so fortunate to have your inspired, natural and comprehensive delivery available to us and anyone "Leaning on the Sustaining Infinite.

    BRAVISSIMO ! Board of Lectureship
    GOD IS LOVE = LOVE IS GOD = The COMFORTER ... is always with us!

  17. Thank you Chet for exploring the life of Mary Baker Eddy. What a remarkable woman she is....
    Your screne play sounds a lot like what these people are doing...

  18. Thank you so much for such a wonderful insight into the life and works of Mary Baker Eddy. And thank you to CS for these online lectures which are so useful for people who live miles away.

  19. Chet, thank you for your lively and informative exposition on Eddy. What a remarkable and heroic woman. Your lecture was concise yet comprehensive, and presented a lovely and colorful portrait of not only a devout, dynamic, intelligent woman, but also of a delightful and prescient young girl. Thank you again!

    Also, glad to see you using your iPad; I watched & listened on my iPad. So grateful that TMC and BoL utilize technology to deliver so much "at our fingertips." Will be tickled when we can explore more of the MBE Library with our fingertips. Thanks!

  20. Thanks to everyone for your comments! The film project mentioned in Comment #17 grew out of the screenplay I co-wrote with Christine Buxton in 2007. This group originally secured the rights to make a film based on our script, then decided to continue on their own. We've been assured by their producers that their story will be distinctly different from ours but many have asked about the apparent similarities between the two projects. Eddy's life is so large that it will inevitably give rise to many creative treatments and tellings. I like her words to Alfred Farlow that "Time tells all stories true" and to one of her students, "Oh the marvel of my life what would be thought of it if it was known in a millioneth of its detail? But this cannot be now. It will take centuries for this." Let's hope we don't have to wait another century for a good film to get made!

  21. Chet, wonderful and thorough "intro" to the lecture, offering the rationale and value of the Mary Baker Eddy Library as well as the impetus for your screenplay and Val Kilmer's. All of that enriched the second half of your talk with a fuller background. While I was appreciating it, our First Reader (who does not know how to operate a computer) joined me in watching and expressed great appreciation also. This is another great resource to offer in our Reading Room.

  22. This was great. I learned so much! It was presented is a very clear and smooth way. Chet is a great speaker, no ums and pauses. Easy to listen to. I have a new found appreciation of Mrs Eddy now. Thank you for this! Kudos to you for an excellent presentation!

  23. I love these lectures online! I can not move forward in Christian Science unless I really understand something. With these online lectures I can stop and play and repeat things until I understand them. All at home, sometimes in my pajamas! But I learn so much from these. I love getting news in my box that new ones are ready! This one was wonderful!!!

  24. Beautiful lecture,beautfully delivered on a beatiful subject, thankyou.

  25. Wonderful lecture! I really enjoyed the quotes in Mrs. Eddy's informal voice. Great presentation!

  26. How informative and inspiring! Thank you for this added view and clear perspective on Rev. Eddy and her healing works and experiences.Linda C.

  27. thank you so much. there's always something else I learn in hearing our wonderful Leader's story - and always I feel more gratitude.the blessings and proof just keep coming. thank you Chet for such a clear and well informed presentation

  28. Fantastic! Looking forward to the screenplays. Love learning more about our incredible Leader. Thank you Chet for your research and devotion.

  29. Thank you Chet! I learned more about Mrs. Eddy from your online lecture and appreciate your presentation on her. I too am looking forward to the movies mentioned and pray that both will be in production soon to let the world know about this marvelous woman.

  30. Very well done, although did miss hearing about her strong unbelief in medicians or doctors but relied completely on
    Faith in God for healing. Thank You Chet.

  31. What a wonderful talk. I enjoyed not only your message but your presentation. Look forward to hearing more.

  32. Thanks Chet. I loved your talk about Mrs Eddy. It is wonderful to learn more about her. I have read many biographies but it is always fun and helpful to learn more.
    I am hoping to locate Irving Tomlinsons notes on "Christ and Christmas." If you have a clue about them I would love to know where they are.
    Loved your enthusiasm and information about Mrs. Eddy's life.
    Thank you.

    Daily Lift Team
    We asked the Mary Baker Eddy Library research area your question and here is their answer:

    We have been asked this question many times; however, we have been unable to authenticate that any such notes were actually written by Irving Tomlinson. What we' ve seen over the years are papers dated 12/10/1943, by "I.C.T." and titled, "The Illustrations of 'Christ and Christmas.'" We do not have any evidence to connect Tomlinson to this interpretation. We have no document to support the quotation attributed to Mary Baker Eddy on the first page of the document, either. As you probably know, many items are in circulation among Christian Scientists that are attributed to prominent workers in the movement or to Mary Baker Eddy. While some of these are authentic, the majority of them are not.

  33. Wow! This is a wonderful lecture on our leader Mary Baker Eddy and I thank you that resources like this are available to help strengthen our journey spiritward. Happy New Year to everyone!

  34. It is so difficult to present anyone's life in a single hour, more so the case of this remarkable woman who challenged many of the world's beliefs. Late 1800s women didn't do this. We are so blessed that Eddy did so in the spiritual realm...while other women opened other frontiers. This work has made our lives ever so better. Chet, your summary of Eddy's evolving understanding was quite meaningful.

  35. I heard (an hour a go)my friend in Polen dead,so I want to pray:I get my iPad : to go to the CSience site,for help in a prayer, And this pops out: your lecture Chet, why does this happen to me!
    Thank you, for your article ofcourse. I am lost a little,now! So I praid The Lord 's Prayer.

  36. I realize this lecture was given nearly two years ago, but I just watched and listened to it for the first time today and I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it and learned from it!! Thank you so much. There is so much to read and watch and listen to that it is just a treasure trove of good just there for the taking. I have been a Christian Scientist all my life and yet I am so aware of the infinite things still to be learned and absorbed of this wonderful religion. Your informative and very interesting talk has so increased my respect, appreciation, and love for our Leader and her work. Again, thank you for all you do.marilyn

  37. Thank you Chet for an inspired talk on the life of Mary Baker Eddy. It has underscored what I have been reading lately in the various biographies on her life and all the incredible challenges she faced in order to give Christian /Science to the world. How can we ever be grateful enough ?

  38. Chet, I am so surprised that i did not see this video of your outstanding lecture before! i am feeling so uplifted and inspired by the things you have sharedabout Eddy's life. I am a third generation Christian Scientist, with two generations after me. It amazes me that there is still so much for me to learn about our remarkble leader, even after many trips to Boston! (I was there for the opening of the Library, overcoming many obstacles to fly from California for that momentous occasion. Finally, we all have access to the details of her life and challenges.)
    Thank you for making this lecture. I hope it is left online for years to come. I will be showing others in my family where to find it, and in my church. The more I learn, the more dedicated and determined become to follow in her footsteps. Thank you for doing a marvilous job of sharing so much information,

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