Machetes and helicopters [15 mins ENG]

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Elise Moore, CSB, shares an excerpt from her lecture "The possibilities of prayer". This lecture was filmed for the web in Nashville, Tennessee in March 2013.

  1. WOW - I've heard this before and it's even better the second time. Thank you Elise! Thank you to The Mother Church Lecture Committee for sharing this online! Ya'll are doing a great work!

  2. Loved it Elise. The first time we spoke you lifted me up with the helicopter idea and I've never forgotten it.

  3. Elise,
    Excellent lecture! It is so clear, so simple, and so very effective. I hope that it will also be in Spanish.
    many, many thanks

  4. That was wonderful. It gave me much to think about and better ways for me to pray for myself and for my pets. THANK YOU.

  5. This is great, dear Elise ! Thank you for sharing your experiences and your love for healing. The "little" lecture is very uplifting and inspiring. Love it !

  6. Thank you so much Elise for the simplicity and practicality of these ideas. I always enjoy hearing what you have to share.

  7. Thank you, Elise. I love the helicopter idea! Too many times I try to flap my arms to lift up myself-even while stating powerful healing truths. Your example will help me to remember to stop flapping and get inside the helicopter.

  8. Really beautiful and so clear...Thank you.

  9. Wow, That was so beautiful! I need to work on the helicopter method! thank you for this wonderful clip.

  10. Thank you for sharing ideas about ways to pray. I especially liked the idea to begin prayer by asking God how to pray.
    In the account of Paul's transformation in the Bible, he started by asking God what to do.
    Then, he listened and received a specific answer and followed God's direction.
    He said, ..."Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do. (Acts 9:5-7)
    Thank you.

  11. I really found this discussion on prayer wonderful.Getting back to the thought of seeing man as expressing and reflecting God and all His spiritual qualities.Elise,this lecture is helping me right now to approach a slight " problem" I seem to be experiencing.Thank you.

  12. So glad your lecture is here for all to listen to. It certainly helped me to clearly see the paths to effective prayer! Many thanks for sharing these Truths. I will be sharing this clip!

  13. O thank you so much for guiding me on how to pray more effectively. Jesus taught us also so many healing ways to pray... Your mini lecture is causing me to turn to the gospels with new eyes. Thank you....

  14. Thank you for this wonderful lecture. It has so many wonderful ideas and it is a wonderful gift to the world. Please keep putting more of these online.

  15. Powerful! Listened twice.

  16. I love this. Thank you Elise. I'm reminded of when Mrs. Eddy healed the man in the same situation. But this bullet had lodged in the heart. and he lived to tell about it. "What cannot God do?"

  17. Thank you for this lecture. It is a great reminder that God is always in control and we just have to ask for his guidance and help.

  18. thank you for your lecture,i found it very helpful in explaining spiritual reasoning in prayer. thank you. e.smith.

  19. Great message and thanks for making this just 15 mintues - it is easier to "commit" that little amount of time to hear such wonderful truths! Love the practical demonstrations of this truth about prayer!

  20. As I curled up in a chair to quietly listen to these powerful truths again, I looked up (always good to do anyway!) and smiled. The ceiling fan blades are whirling around, like the rotor blades on a helicopter!
    With deep gratitude...

  21. Marie -7/15/2013
    Elise, I am greatful for the way you learn us how to pray. By those methodes of machetes and helicopters: The first one, you use, is to cut out all the negative thoughts, Galatians 5:22,23
    and the 2nd one is to give God autorisation to lift me up. 1John 3:2. It is helpful, I like it. Thank you so much.

  22. Many thanks Elise - totally refreshing and inspiring - and much appreciated in my home office this afternoon.

  23. Dawn NZ

    Wonderful lecture Elise Thank you so much At times I have felt lost and not sure just how to express myself to God.Your short lecture has been such a help and inspiring and I am so very grateful.


  24. Thank you so much! I just listened to this for the first time and found it so helpful that I have already shared it with two others. I am already using these ideas as well

  25. Thank you. I needed to hear this tonight.

  26. What a great explanation of two effective ways to find healing! I love both of the analogies. Thanks so much for making this available online.

  27. Wonderful

  28. Elise, you have such a way of presentation. Have read articles bearing your name. Videos add such a refresh to all of God's ideas

  29. Another winner...the truth to hold on to...Machestes and Helicopters...I will remember this method Thand YOU AGAIN Dear Eilse...What a GIFT YOU ARE...Thank You Thank You Thank You..:-)

  30. Thank you for this wonderful lecture. It offers beautiful, simple and clear examples of prayer.

  31. Wow, I have never thought of it this way! So really helps to picture our spiritual reasoning in this mode, thanks!

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