Living in the heart of Bethlehem [34 mins ENG]

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Julie A. Ward, CSB, shares a Christmas lecture with the musical group Master Singers To Go at Second Church of Christ, Scientist in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Filmed on December 15, 2013.

  1. Thank you so much , the Love shining in your eyes and the joy expressed in your smile added to the beauty of the words. My thanks also to the choir, who sang beautifylly.

  2. Thank you, Julie. I am filled with stillness and silence; determined to supply my mental manger. What a perfect way to approach Christmas day and every day thereafter.

  3. Thank you so very much Julie for your tender loving reminder of how we can actively seek and listen to the Christ message and each do our part to express "peace on earth to all mankind " and feel the presence of God.

  4. Such a beautiful Christmas message in this "lecture." May this reach around the world with its peace and love expressed for all.

  5. Thank you so much for this wonderful Christmas message, Julie. Spoken straight from the heart, you brought many angels along with beautiful peace, goodwill and joy. Hearing your message about meekness was very healing for me and led me to toss away a few unpleasant moments I experienced the other day. That evening I'd started getting sick, which I've been praying about and all but a tiny remnant of illness still remained. Listening to your talk (and especially the part about meekness) led me to see the moment where frustration crept in. I replaced the thoughts with meekness as you described in this inspiring lift. I feel great. Only health remains -- along with the immense love of God's presence. Merry Christmas and once again thank you for this lecture. What a wonderful Christmas gift it is for everyone!

  6. Ray-Jhb,RSA-12/23/2013
    Thank you so much Julie.Your thoughts full of Love,and Joy.The choir serenated me.What a great start to the Xmas period!.

  7. I was in the kitchen preparing for Christmas. I felt like I needed a bit of time out and came to the computer and I was about to search JSH-online when i received the email announcing this and another lecture. I am most grateful to God for this message of the stillness and silence that makes our heart find peace. THank you for delivering such a warm and heartfelt message. Merry Christmas !!!

  8. WOW! "How silently, how silently the dear Christ enters in..." Thank you for this treasure of a llecture / caroling! The thought about the little straw being added daily reminds me of a dear friend advising me (when a newly wed) to "feather my nest with love".
    Thank you!

  9. Thank you, Julie, for this beautiful lecture. The lovely hymn has so much wonderful new meaning for me. Merry Christmas and lots of love!

  10. Oh, Julie, what a wonderful message. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us. I will never sing that hymn again without remembering this special way of "hearing" it. It will be such a joy to put it into practice in my daily life - to review it often and keep its truth and comfort close to heart for myself, my church, my family, and our world. I do so need a better understanding of what it means to love without fear of feeling foolish, or being taken for granted. Your lecture encourages us to do what it takes, listen more closely to God, and be blessed - and bless others. That's an awakening to what Christmas really is, isn't it. Thank you so much.

  11. Julie, what a lovely talk, of the stillness and peace at Christmas time and any time. I loved the choir too. Your story about the Christmas when your son was in Afganistan reminded me a certain Christmas long ago when our three children were young. We had been going through a tough challenging time and had very little money. We could not afford to buy the kids any presents so I suggested to them that they should go through their toy cupboard and see what they could find to give to a child who had even less than they had. they loved the idea. Gathered up crayons, toy cars, puzzles, all sorts of well used treasures, and made their way to our front gate. We lived on a rough road. Soon some little kids in ragged clothing came walking by. The expressions on their faces as our three handed their little gifts were beautiful to see. When the end of the day came, our children agreed it had been one of the happiest Christmases they could remember. Thank you Julie for bringing that experience to mind again. May you and all LIfters feel the quietude , peace and Love of the Christ, Truth, in your hearts this Christmas.

  12. Thank you so much for this wonderful Christmas message!

  13. That is the most beautiful Christmas message I ever heard, I am humbled and in awe, and feel blessed. I pray I might live up to this precious gift you have given us. Thank you so much!

  14. I love the part of having a spiritual spot to hold our gaze on, that spot is God.. When we look around for other answers other than God, we get filled with fear and doubt. Angels are the perfect loving thoughts of God passing to us. I love how we need to be still and silent to hear the angels singing words of God's wisdom. Love is the key to the Christmas spirit and we must love all, The Christ comes to us when we are humble and silent, not with "trumpets". I am so happy I listened to this lecture.

  15. Julie, thank you again and again for every word, illustration, gentle nudge and example. The messages jjust sparkled like lights on a fur tree emitting good for all. I really felt the Christ Christmas within my heart. Thank you and the wonderful singers as well!

  16. Julie, thank you for this tender message and the sharing of ideas about "O Little Town of Bethlehem". It's helpful to remember that it's more than "okay" to be quiet at the holidays and not strange at all. The carnal mind would argue that it's sad not to be involved in a rowdy celebration -- when in truth, it can be a most holy time when the Christ is welcomed in. Thanks again.

  17. What a complete and perfect message. Thank you

  18. inspiring

  19. Juliethhanks for your inspiring lift...the Silence
    is so precious, peaceful. focusing on GOD With Us
    is life filled with love for ourselves and ALL mankind.

  20. Thank You---very inspiring

  21. Thank you July pour ce beau message de Noel et merci pour le daily lift en Français .

  22. Really fantastic approach towards Christmas~ Thank you for sharing!

  23. Sincere and humble gratitude for this lovely gift and its healing message! Christmas blessings all!

  24. What a blessing on this Christmas sit cherishing in quiet solitude the Christ...and watching a little hummingbird outside my window who finally found the feeder...thank you so much

  25. Thanks Julie, for your inspirational message and a new way to think about spotting turns as I am also a former pro. dancer and current dance teacher. I also loved your analogy with "O Little Town of Bethlehem". A world of thanks as I share your message with others!

  26. So nice to have the Master Singers share in presenting this message -- lovely.

  27. Thank you Julie for this Christmas gift of peace. I so enjoyed it.

  28. Thank you, Julie, for adding to the peace and silence that let us feel the Christ in our hearts.

  29. Julie, Thank you so much. We sang that hymn at a midnight service Christmas Eve., with the lights lowered and holding candles. Your talk has added so much to meaning of that moment. Also, yesterday I watched a program featuring a Catholic Nun who writes and does programs on interpreting great religious paintings found in museums around the world. She was making a great point of how important silence has become to her, stating that God speaks to us in silence. I thought this was a very good example of the point you made as to the universality of the angel thoughts.

  30. Oh, thank you! Although in the vicinity the day of the lecture, I was disappointed to be unable to attend, but alas, I have attended! Beautiful ideas.

  31. Thank you Julie for your peace felt Christmas gift to us all.
    Quote - "Bethlehem " ....exactly where and when your favored idea has perfectly matured to "be delivered".

  32. I am so grateful for the blessing of this Christmas message, dear Julie. I know these angel thoughts will multiply in the experience of all of us who hear this lecture. Thanks to you, the Master Singers, and the Worcester church for this gift.

  33. Thank you so so much! I loved this & it is immensely helpful. Very understandable & filled with authentic love. Happy New Year & Christmas Blessings to you & your family all year long.

  34. Julie, this is a wonderful speech. Thanks so much!

  35. thank you for your clear christmas message,be still and know that i am god.julie you put it over in such a wonder way. e.smith

  36. Thanks so much Julie!
    Christmas can be just going thru the motions . . . this really helped me today as I made time to get more focused on the real spiritual idea of Christmas!
    Keep us the good work to you and the production team as I love to be able to listen to these on line!
    It is a great resource to all CS students or just seakers for truth!

    Best & love from,

  37. Here I am, on the 7th of January, finally listening to the whole of this lecture. Here I am, being inspired to have this true sense of Christmas in my thought, heart, actions, all year. I think I'll visit this site once a month all year! Thank you so much!

  38. I have just finished listening to this lecture for the first time...two times straight. It couldn't be more beautiful and inspiring! What a gift to start the new year with this timeless message of "the dear Christ" entering in, moment by moment, each and every day throughout the year! Thank you Julie for this heart felt message and for the beautiful singers.

  39. Thank you Julie for this inspiring uplifting message.

  40. here I was in need of something truly spiritual an uplift this morning after a difficult night I loved every minute of it I will put it into my folder ready for next Christmas I loved the singing, love to you and all DLs

  41. Dear Julie, tonight I heard an angel´s voice telling me: it´s time for you to hear this lecture!
    By the time I got to know of your brand new lecture released I tried to hear it but something took me out of my focus and I just quit doing it.
    As I was brousing around the site I came across your lecture and then... that "angel voice" reached me!
    I wanna thank you soooooooooooo much for your wonderful lecture! As always, your lectures fill my heart with a great joy!
    We can see clearly the love and truth spreaded through the ideas you share in your lectures.
    Once again, thank you very much, Julie!