Dieu est notre employeur [6 mins FRE (subtitled)]

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Extraits de "Dieu est notre employeur" avec Mabiala Mavungu.
Filmé à Lomé, Togo, Afrique. 11 Mars 2010.

  1. Thank you, Mbiala Mavengu, for sharing some of your lecture. You had some good remarks and testimony. I plan to watch this many times until I get it in French, and get the spiritual significance stronger than ever. Hearing truths we’ve learned in CS is much like music. No new notes, actually, but they are beautiful to hear again and again, and can be put together in surprisingly original ways, and like music, they restore hope, peace, love, and inspiration.
    Thank you, Board of Lectureship for this excerpt. My HS & University French is so rusty now, but I managed to catch some as spoken in French. Reading the subtitles was a great way to see this much; wish there could be more, but I realize that is extensive work. I’ve enjoyed the English lectures, I’m grateful others who don’t know Eng. can enjoy a Christian Science lecture. It was nice to be “in” Africa, if only for this short time. People from Africa have phoned in to Testimony meetings I’ve dialed into, so this let me click into their country. I don’t live close to a Branch Church or near other Scientists, though I serve on my Branch’s Board of Trustees and attend metaphysical meetings via phone, and am their telephone Committee, 6 counties or 120 or more miles away. Your Daily Lift has me connected to Scientists all over the globe. You are blessing so many.
    Jonnie S.

  2. Beautiful! I loved it!
    Divine Love is our employer and supplier.
    Merci beacoup for sharing this lovely lecture in Togo!

  3. Beautiful! The thought of Love as universally attractive makes me so happy and seeing the proof of that in your video was very heartwarming.

  4. Thank you so much for this mini lecture. Each day the truth is re-inforced by all the avenues of love, including our Weekly Bible Lesson, The Daily Lift and these on-line lectures. How wonderful to be able to share the Truth with the world community. And with me!

  5. I love this. Thank you so much.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. God is our only real employer.

  7. The Truth of Christian Science presents Itself understandably, confirms our condition as children of God – in His/Her care – His representatives – to demonstrate as the reality of our being. Finding this Christian Science lecture in two languages states that they are saying the same thing: Infinite God, good, governs and blesses. Thank you.

  8. Very interesting! I loved that

  9. How interesting to see the Church in Africa and here the lecture…excellent! Thanks for the posting

  10. Thank you so much for providing this lecture portion from Togo. It is wonderful to feel the love of God and His/Her children around the world, and share everyone’s blessings. I am grateful for being part of this amazing religion.

  11. Is it not great to see the Love of God for his children reaching out all around the world that we as his offspring will benefit, no matter what the apparent discord or lack may appear to be. Trust in God and we will see the advantage. I am so grateful for the internet and computers as a “Tool” for the good of all mankind.Thanks to all the team, God bless everyone..

  12. Thank you for this “fresh” innovative idea – with the “sign up” for lectures and this particular 5 minute portion of one. Grateful for the subtitles – but I also appreciated (even though could not understand the French) his clarity in speaking and the spirit of which he spoke. It is always amazing how much understandable, spiritual ground can be covered in 5 minutes. Enjoyed my 5 minutes in Africa! (my first visit to Africa).

  13. Thank you, Mabiala, for sharing these thoughts – entirely spiritual, yet so practical! I appreciated your clarity of expression; even with my rusty, long-ago high school French, I could understand every word – and the English subtitles were helpful, too. I also loved the outside scenes of Lome (sorry, I don’t know how to get the accent on the “e”) – I felt like I was right there! Thank you, Board of Lectureship, for yet another means of bringing the world together under the sheltering wing of God’s infinite love

  14. Merci beaucoup pour vos idées!

  15. I have returned several times to this excerpt! This is a treasure! Our supply is infinite and intelligent Mind determines not personal sense or human opinions. Ty Ty

    Je suis tres heureux de savoir que ta conferance est est sur le net.
    elle sera une ocasion pour beaucoup de comprendre et de savoir que Dieu est notre vrais patron, en lui il nya pas de greve pas des mois de 90jours .. mille fois merci
    Paul FOTIE

  17. Cher amie ” abui ngan”,ce qui signifie en langue de la forêt de chez nous merci infiniment,pour cet échange avec nos frères et soeurs du Togo;cette conférence tombe à point nommé quand on connait le contexte socio économique chez nous en Afrique Noire,continues à nous battre le tocsin de la bonne cause,que LE TRES HAUT t’inspire toujours pour d’autres conférences qui répondront je n’en doute pas un seul un instant aux attentes réelles de l’humanité en proie des difficultées ambiantes,abui ngan ” Moan Mbuta”

  18. Thank you so much for making this lecture available to support our brothers and sisters all over the world. I’m going to share it with our CS friend from Lome, Togo, who attended the church and Sunday School in Lome with his father and is now living and working here in the US and attending our branch church.

  19. Merci encore mon frère bien-aimé, de nous rappelez que Dieu est notre vrai employeur, car nous avons toujours cette facheuse habitude de croire que c'est notre prochain qui est notre employeur.

  20. merci pour tout vos enseignements .que Dieu vous comble de sa grâce .

  21. Oui, la Science Chrétienne, dans toute sa puissance et sa simplicité, doit etre amenée à tous !
    Merci Mabiala et le Conseil des Conférences !

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