How you can change the world [35 mins ENG]

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Tom McElroy, CS, shares his lecture “How you can change the world" at the Northwest Spiritual Activist Summit in Portland, Oregon on April 9, 2011.

  1. This is the best thing ever. I can hear a lecture at anytime! Thank you so very mvery much! These are marvelous!

  2. Hi Tom thanks so much for your video on” How you can change the world”
    ( LOVE LOVE LOVE ) CAN, DOES and IS,changing the world. Somebody said to me they hate going to the supermarket. I love going to the supermarket because you can incircle all those people with LOVE they are all Gods children and you meet such lovely reflection of God in everyone if you look for the qualities of good in everyone.

  3. Hi Tom – Thank you for the inspiring talk. Let Love work
    thru us that we may shine with the Christ, heal the sick, cleans the
    lepers and raise the dead. Lots of Love, G

  4. Tom – wonderful points. CS is a science and through our radical reliance and practice of it we can heal not only ourselves, but universally. Thank you for sharing these great truths and making them practical. Great talk!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful gift!
    Thank you to all who made it possible for us to view this.
    Thank you God.

  6. Thanks so much Tom. Great way of thinking.

  7. Tom,
    Thank you for encouraging us to “take back” words like God and Christianity and Church, and not be afraid to express their true meanings.

  8. Thank you Tom – “…a foretaste of of eternity.” S & H 598: 24

  9. really great Clear and flowing message.
    thanks so much. listened to this TWICE!
    Tom S

  10. This is so clear and full of good news. Just what we all need! Thank you very much.

  11. This is such a clear explanation on how this Science works. I have shared it with many friends. I love the idea of “taking back” words like God and Christianity and Church. I wish everyone who doesn't like those words could hear this lecture. Thank you Tom!

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for encouraging us to be part of Love's divine adventure! I am thinking differently about "organization."

  13. Just listened to the lecture, and applying it to this weeks events. Thank you

  14. Great! Tom

  15. So clear and inspiring. Thank you so much.

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