How you can change the world [21 mins ENG]

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Tom McElroy, CS, shares a 20-minute lecture titled "How you can change the world" at the Church Alive Summit in Boston, Massachusetts on June 3, 2011.

You can also watch a longer version of this lecture filmed in Portland, Oregon at the Northwest Spiritual Activist Summit on April 9, 2011. Just click here.

  1. I'm grateful that you posted this, I missed it Friday night. The radical mission of the Christ and Christian Science is such an important message. Great reminder of what attracted me in the first place to this Church!

  2. Thanks Tom - a very concise and clear explanation.
    Great help.

  3. Wow! You expanded on some thoughts that were dawning on me already. Very helpful!

  4. Thank you Tom,
    For sharing how to defend and facing forward from daily ambush in our lives.

  5. Hi, Is it possible to download these lectures as podcasts? I couldn't figure it out.

    Love these.



  6. What a great lecture. Right to the point and easily understood. I'm slowly working my way through all of these online lectures to aid my daily study of the lesson sermon. This one was especially uplifting!

  7. I really enjoyed this lecture! It was very powerful and concise. As lecture chairperson for my church, I have been going through the online lectures and feeling such a sense of gratitude for technology and TMC in effectively sharing all this with the world!

  8. Thank you for speaking the Truth.

  9. Excellent! As you say Tom, Love in the answer.

  10. Thank you, love these on-line lectures, thankful they are easily accessible, new comer to christian science, I feel at peace more and more nowadays

  11. Thank you. It was good to hear the specifics regarding Mary Baker Eddy and her thoughts on organization. I'm very grateful for these online lectures that help keep the "Church Alive" momentum.

  12. Fantastiskt att lyssna på detta uppriktiga föredrag. Äkta och ärligt fyllt av kärlek.

  13. These lectures are simply wonderful! I put on my headset at night and
    listen to one or two before time to go to sleep . What a peaceful way to end my day! Thank you very much for putting these on for us! Just one more way Divine Love is taking there for me. I used to have a problem going to sleep but now I sleep like a baby.

  14. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us.

  15. Yesterday, 8/20/13 I listened to the entire lecture that you gave in Houston on 4/25/13. It was entitled "How You Can Change the World". It was wonderful and I would like to listen to it again but I can no longer seem to pull it up. Yesterday I simply searched 'Tom McElroy cs' and it came up along with some of your other lectures.

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