How relying on God brings healing [57 mins ENG]

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Brian Talcott, CSB, shares his lecture "How relying on God brings healing". Filmed in Ocala, Florida on April 2, 2011.

  1. What an excellent and convincing message.

  2. Wonderful, I will listen to this lecture again & again. tHanks.

  3. Bom se fosse traduzido para o Portugue!

  4. Dear friends,
    A visitor to the Reading Room and myself the serving librian so appreciated the presentation of this lecture, just yesterday, as we hold Mondays especially for these lectures. The visitor is not a Christian Scientist, and remarked on its clarity for her.
    I'm so grateful to all who made this available, especially to Brian.

  5. Thank you so very much. What a blessing!!! Tallahassee, Fl. has been my home for more than 50 years. I see that this was filmed in Ocala. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Christian Science about 30 years ago. Relying on God does indeed bring healing. Thanks again.

  6. So sweet in my mouth is the inspiration you if I could just rise above the bitter belly syndrome by having that 'MORE FAITH in LIVING' you talked about. That's one of my favorite quotes from Science and Health.

    I'm very grateful to the Mother Church for all the ways Her love is shown via these lectures, periodicals, and especially the Christian Science Quarterly containing the weekly Bible Lessons.

    Thank you - I always love your Daily Lifts, Mr. Talcott.

  7. This is a beautiful, clear, healing message. Thank you so very much. I love the simple explanations of what and how healing occurs.

  8. I love that this lecture is firmly rooted in the Bible. It illustrates the "Christian" in Christian Science and shows how it is different from Scientology. The lecture also shows how Jesus' healings were the operation of God's impartial laws and illustrates the "Science" in Christian Science, which separates us from faith healing. Thank you so much for this excellent lecture.

  9. Brian,
    Your way of presenting these truths shows Christian Science to be so accessible, and practical. I am grateful to you and for these online presentations which are touching many hungry hearts.

  10. Thank you publishing this important message on internet! Brian is so very clear! I will listen many times to this lecture. My husband who is not a CS loved it. He said he will listen again and again. thank you.

  11. You have a gentle way of presenting. Thank you

  12. Very plain and powerful presentation. Much appreciated!

  13. Thank you for this message!

  14. Thank you. I will practice what I heard today.
    I am grateful that we dont have a life of our own. One Life. We live out the Life that is God.

  15. Very insightful. The idea of "no-cebo" was new to me. I also found it inspiring to keep my thought conscious that all my right activity can be found in keeping God's word.

  16. Thank-you so very much for such an inspiring lecture! I have listened to it twice so far and each time have been blessed.

    It is so wonderful to have lectures available online!

    Thank-you again!

  17. Such a lovely talk and clear message. Thanks!

  18. Listening at work - God is speaking to me through this wonderful lecture. Thank you so much for making this available to anyone!

  19. What a treat to find this lecture this Wednesday afternoon. It has brought so much inspiration and a reminder of how much God loves me and all, and how available He is to help in every circumstance.

  20. I so much appreciate this lecture today. I'm wanting to understand God better. The fact that I don't have to look and beg to find Him; God, divine Mind, Love surrounds me right now is most comforting.
    I thank you kindly.

  21. Your lecture is a blessing at this time of thanksgiving and brings to light the truth that I too often have buried in my own inner darkness. I feel again that there is hope through His love. Thank you so much for making this available on-line.

  22. Thank you so much. What clarity! I'll keep coming back to this for inspiration.

  23. Myth shattering and comforting. Mrs. Eddy's experience with her neighbor's daughter and your amily's with the skin doctor are so hearwarming. Thanks Brian.

  24. This is just amazing! So many applications! I've found this lecture to be reassuring and healing by just talking about healing.

  25. Brian, what an inspiration to me this lecture is, so inspiring. So many messages brought out so clearly. Your soft spoken declarations were so uplifting. I felt that I was right there with you taking it all in and God was right here opening up my thought to receive it all. Will certainly listen to this again. Thank you.

  26. Thank you for such an inspiring lecture....Fear can be overpowering sometimes and the moment I realized anew that this error can be overcome I was cured of feelings of the flu while listening...When I keep my thoughts with God my life becomes harmonious and I can solve many challenges... .......There is so much in Brian's lecture that helps me realize the truth of being.....I could listen to this lecture many times.

  27. I am very grateful for your lecture....As St-Paul, you are preaching the Truth that makes us free ... and you do it in a casual and easy approach so everybody can drink that water Jesus was talking about.

  28. Thank you for the message Brian , but most of all for embodying the truth and being the ILLUMINED consciousness that creates the listening and gives witness to healing and eternal life.

  29. Thank you God for leading me to this video.
    Brian, you explained Christian Science so succinctly. I think now - after all these years of studying Christian Science that I can proceed more with confidence and surety that God is always with me. I always thought God was within me. Now I understand I am in the Kingdom of God. I now understand what it means to ”live and have our being in God."

    Thank you so much for making this video. It made me cry after watching it.

    Thank you again!!

    Susan Morgan

  30. This lecture really says it like it is! I loved listening to it and am inspired to have more trust in God. What a blessing to have these lectures available on my desk!

  31. Thanks, Brian, for a convincing lecture on the need for really getting to understand the power we are leaning on. Helen, California.

  32. Thank you!

    I especially enjoyed hearing your experience of saying "no" to the sure opportunity before knowing for sure of the other, God-promised opportunity. I've had the same experience. For me, it was a real blessing to discover that I really could trust spiritual sense.

  33. I know it has been said here and on the comments page of your other lecture online, but your delivery of the message you share is wonderful, it makes it all very easy to understand and helps tremendously. I am so grateful to have these lectures online, to be able to hear the healing words that help in various situations requiring a clarity of thought. I don't know if lecturers understand how much of a community service they provide by simply, and very lovingly, sharing their experiences and knowledge of.

  34. Thank you for this wonderful lesson/lecture. I love your presentation and thought process as it leads us to a higher understanding of healing and living our present at-one-ment with God our Father whose power is operating now in our experience.

  35. Thank you, Brian, for this excellent lecture and your longtime service to Spirit!

  36. This is a wonderful series! I love these lectures! This one today is so inspiring! It reminded me of a time in my life when I was faced with a very daunting task. I thought, "I don't know how to do this!". Ready to cry, I prayed. Then an angel thought said "well, maybe you don't know how to do this, but you do know how to pray to God for guidence!". With that I began to pray in deep earnest, and in a short time, I just picked the task up again and saw how I could do it! Healing comes as God's truth brings the light of the Christ to our thought! Then comes "intuition, hope, faith, understanding, fruitition, reality!". As Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health! Thank you so much for this wonderful, inspiring message today! Everyone should tune in and listen!

  37. Amazing Grace! Thank you so much Brian for this most inspiring message, I will carry it with me. Thanks to Diana Booth # 36 for her most insightful sharing.


  38. As someone returning to Christian Science after an absence of more than 40 years, I found your lecture just what I needed to revive my allegiance and spirit. Being unable to attend church it is with rare gratitude to modern electronics that I access your invaluable contribution via the internet. Thank you for making your insights and understanding available to so many. Your lecture moved me greatly, Brian.

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