How do you see yourself? [22 mins ENG]

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Bosede Bakarey, CSB, shares her lecture “How do you see yourself?”. Filmed at the TMCYouth Summit in Lagos, Nigeria on August 27, 2010.

  1. an excellent lecture GOD is perfect therefore we are perfect because HE made and woman in his own image thanks so much for this lecture GOD BLESS

  2. Bosede, thank you for this inspiring reminder for us to “see ourselves and others and the world correctly.” A beautiful message.

  3. Bosede, would you consider adopting me as one of your sons? I have listened to your lecture 2X…and plan to listen to it at least 8X more!!

  4. Bosede, thank you this lecture arrived for me at the very time i needed it, you made it so very very clear how I should see my self and every one, much love, Kathy

  5. Bosede,
    Thank you so much for this great lecture. I can see clearly now. Warmest love, Durinda

  6. Bosede your lecture is brillant my head was in a cloud with problems I can see clearly now the cloud is gone .I love it Declan

  7. Thank you so much Bosede! Inspiring and helpful lecture. Loved it.

  8. This was so energetic and uplifting

  9. These lecture videos are so important to all of us. Please continue to share them with us by the internet.

    Bosede, thank you for your message. This lecture arrived at a point of great need.

  10. Thank you soooooooo much!

  11. This lecture lifted me up after a night of restless sleep.

    I feel rested now.

    Thank you. Thank you. God bless.

  12. These lecture videos are SUCH HEALING TOOLS to have available… at just the push of button… when we feel the need for inspiration the most. Please continue to bring them to us on the world wide web.

    Bosede, I loved your analogy of the image (GOD)… and the reflection in the mirror (ALL MANKIND)… I can see man as GOD’S PERFECT REFLECTION so clearly now.

    THANK YOU for your FIRM and LOVING delivery !!

  13. thank you that was spendid

  14. Bosede! Wonderful lecture…so clear, so powerful, so simple…it helped me so much. Thank you, thank you!

  15. Dear Basede.
    Thank you so much. It awakens my thought to see myself as perfect child of God and continue to see ones around me the same. It gives me opportunity to share these thoughts that you have shared with me, to others that are seeking freedom for themselves. (from USA)

  16. 3 David, have you seen the video 8x yet, as you promised? If so, I’m sure by now it’s clear to you that you already have a Father and a Mother, God, and are His-Her beloved son! You’re already been adopted — and redeemed and restored, too, my brother! :-)

  17. Oh, thank you so very, very much. What a wonderfully inspiring lecture. I will return to it again and again. How wonderful that it is available for us to listen to.

  18. Bosede; Thank you so much for being there teaching us the Love of God, who is our Father and Mother. It was even clair for me to listen that in English. Since that is not my speaking tongue.

    May God, Father, Mother bless you.

  19. Thank you for clarifying that man(every individual) is just like God since man is the expression or reflection of God. This gives me a good way to pray. In Florida, USA, the news has reported that dogs have had problems with the flu. But, this lecture presents the true view that God’s creatures(dogs or people) can’t know evil. Mary Baker Eddy writes, “God is as incapable of producing sin, sickness, and death as He is of experiencing them. How then is it possible for Him to create man subject to this triad of errors, — man who is made in the divine likeness?” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 356)
    Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  20. Very powerful. Thank you!

  21. May Spirit continue to work through you! Thank you so much for this!

  22. Thank you for this wonderful lecture; it brought tears of joy to my eyes and peace to my heart,

  23. Thanks for that lecture.It brings out the simplicity that is in Christ.

  24. I am sooo grateful for the help I have received in C.S and will take your messge to heart. It was so good I want to listen to it over and over. Thank You . You Are a Real Blessing

  25. Thank you, Bosede! So illuminating. I now have a new thought to keep in mind:

    “As a reflection of God, I cannot experience nor express

    chaos, lack, limitation, fear, poverty bodily issues

    because God does not experience these things.”

  26. Excellent! Bosede brings the application of Christian Science directly to human experience.

  27. Thank you so much for this lecture. What a blessing!

  28. Wonderful lecture! Very inspiring! I am grateful for all the uplifting ideas presented in such love. God bless.

  29. Dear Bosede, how grateful I am for the internet which makes the delivery of your powerful message possible. I have never thought of reflection as obedience before. However, it is so true, obedience also includes humility. We only reflect God if we accept all qualities God already created in us, if we are obedient to how He created us. This obedience enables us to see clearly the inseparable bond we have always had with God. Thank you so much for your loving and from delivery, Bosede.

  30. Your lecture has made such an impact on my life. Now I always ask "How do I see myself right now". If I am hurt or in conflict or afraid, I ask, " Do I see myself as God sees me or do I accept what is presented as me?" You had such a determined attitude about who you are. I loved your thought, "Do you see yourself as very good? Do you see your neighbor as very good? Charity begins at home." That when things confront me, sickness, poverty, unemployed, age, that I say "no, I am not that". Thank you also about the thought to pray for our country, as mine is America, that they say there is poverty, unfairness, unrest, that I say "that is not America", and so pray to know that God is the government of man and is Love. Thank you and with much love to you.

  31. These lectures are so important. I enjoy listening and learning from the teachers. Thanks for posting these on-line. I am a new comer to Christian Science and it has placed my heart at peace about many things. Thanks again.

  32. That's great to hear, LaDonna. We're so glad you are enjoying these resources!

  33. A wonderful lecture Thank you so much we are so fortunate to able to hear these inspiring people on line

  34. I needed an identity-check today and was led back to this lecture! I am so grateful for being reminded:

    "Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man," and what does this correct view do? "...this correct view of man healed the sick." When we change the incorrect view of our self we can then change the incorrect view of our fellowman. What freedom for us all!!

    We are soooo blessed to have all these wonderful lectures to listen to as often as we like and move along refreshed, renewed!

  35. I too, am grateful for this "identity-check" In the nick of time. I am grateful.

  36. Such a clear message. The healing of the rash and boil was helpful to me. Thanks for this excellent lecture. Hope to hear more.

  37. I needed to hear this very basic yet profound message of how to correctly view myself and everyone regardless. Wonderul message!!!

  38. Thank you so much for these powerful truths about me and all mankind. The thoughts you share show how natural it is for us to claim the love and dominion our Father- Mother - God gives us continually - no gaps, no reversals.

  39. Very Powerful Message. Thank you for sharing your all inspiring thoughts, they go a long way in bringing Peace to my heart and situations.

  40. Thank you for giving me the inspiration I so needed. It is particularly special to me to see a Chriatian Science lecture in Nigeria.

  41. Thankyou very helpful

  42. Thank you so much. I love this lecture and have listened to it so many times. I'm trying each day to put the ideas you shared into practice. I love the way you say "Nigeria", and although it seem a very long way from where I live, your lecture brings me close to you and your Country. Thank's again for such a beautiful message. Chris Shaw, Tallahassee, Florida 6/4/12

  43. This is a great lecture and includes so many healing thoughts.

  44. I loved your righteousness!!

  45. I love the way you put it simply... making Truth available to all. Love you Sister.
    Andre Hudon, Sunrise, Florida

  46. Simple, but powerfull thoughts to share with someone in need...
    Thank you

  47. Such a delight! What are we seeing? God's obedient reflection or error's thrall? Thank you for your clarity & thank ya'll at The Mother Church for providing these online lectures - such a treat!

  48. So grateful for this reflection of God here and now!!! This presentation is a joy, and these online lectures a treasure!

  49. Just loved your lecture. I loved the simplicity of your talk and will keep
    hearing it over and over.

  50. Ms. Bakarey speaks with authority. The truth really broke through to me. I have replayed this lecture over and over to see the correct view in my own experience. "I can see clearly now...gone are the dark mists that had me blind. It's going to be a bright, bright sun [Son]
    shiny day." Something to work on moment by moment.

  51. Sometimes C. S. seems so complicated, then along comes a beautiful lecture such as yours. Enough said ! Love to all

  52. Thank you for waking us up from this material dream to who we really are.

  53. Such a perfect message...Jesus knew we must see with a spiritual view to be set free! Loved your explanation of how we can do this!

  54. I love this Lecture,Thank you God for Bosede,She is a true servant of God.

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