How can I pray effectively and get results? [68 min ENG]

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Bosede Bakarey, CSB, shares insights into the methodology of powerful prayer that heals, in this lecture filmed in Newport Beach, California on November 12, 2013.

  1. Absolutely eye opening and instructional...time to go back and re-read the Chapter on Prayer...and to share this with everyone...I'm so grateful for the additional tools shared here...very inspired and inspiring...thanks soooooooo much...Kirsten

  2. A most powerful message and correct picture of man. You have helped me in explaining CS to others. Thank you Ms Bakarey.

  3. What a wonderful, warm and powerful lesson for me. Thank you. Is there some way to get a copy of this lecture? I would love to read it over and over and share it with my family. I was so grateful for your remarks and will put them to use, NOW!

    Board of Lectureship
    We're so glad you've found this lecture helpful. Lectures are not available in text format, but you are welcome to download the audio version to listen to and share.

  4. This is just what I needed to hear. So helpful and practical. I will be able to see where I am praying amiss and correct it. I think I will be playing this lecture a lot. Thank you so much for listening and obeying.

  5. Thank you so much for this lecture. You answered many questions that I had concerning prayer and healing. God bless you,

  6. So many good ideas shared. Thank you Bosede. Step by step we learn. This lecture was full of reminders about how to pray aright.
    Yes very practical and instructional!

  7. Best lecture I've ever heard, and recently I've listened to as many as I possibly could find online. Thank you so much. I was not feeling well at all tonight and decided to go to to get some help. This was the first thing I saw and went to it. Healed 20 minutes in. Amazing.

  8. I am back for a second listen. This inspired and inspiring lecture shares, teaches and encourages one to get out there and do the same by living it, healing the multitudes all the while working working working watching and praying as one grows individually.

  9. This is just what I need and have needed (guidance in praying effectively). Your lecture is very instructional and powerful and provides much to guide me on how to pray effectively. I say 'thank you' Ms. Barakey, from the bottom of my heart, and thanks to the Mother Church for sharing this to the wider community.

  10. This lecture went right straight to my heart and soul!
    It was…”tough love” … “straight talk” … the “nuts and bolts” about how
    to pray effectively. I am very very grateful, and I will earnestly
    try to apply the ideas you so unselfishly shared. Thank you!

  11. Great lecture.Explains Christian Science in a very simple and understandable way.Thank you for the explanation of fasting.From this hour Iam fasting.I will continue watching this video and will share it with my friends and relatives.Thank you Mother Church for bringing us brilliant lectures.

  12. An absolutely perfect lecture for such an important topic. I know it will bless all that listened, including myself, and those that will come 'to this fountain' to drink of these eternal waters. Now it is up to me to continue this work for what Jesus Christ has been teaching us to do. Thank you so much Mrs. Bakarey. I am truly and humbly grateful.

  13. So honest and direct. Much needed message taken to heart. Thank You.

  14. What a wonderful and helpful lecture! Thank you so much.

  15. Thank you so much Bosede for your good listensing and obedience. Your lecture answered so many questions I have been praying about. The mesmerism is broken and I feel so free...
    Thanks also to TMC for making this lecture available online.

  16. Thank you so much for the ideas you shared -- straight from our Pastor - the Bible and Science and Health. There were so many things I needed to hear. As with #7 - I just got through listening for the second time -- really helpful!

  17. Thank you very much for your gentle guidance and the need for persistent continuous work.

  18. This is given with such joy and received with the same. You have such a 'sure' way about you it is very inspiring, Mrs Bakaray, thank you so much. One of the best lectures I have heard.

  19. Thank you very much for your very educational lecture. I will re-read the chapter on Prayer and will listen for thy voice - as you said true prayer is listening to God.

  20. Thank you for all; much blessing for you...

  21. Most wonderful lecture on how to pray. Thank you Bosede for just being so naturally you and sharing the simplicity of healing so simply for all. I am going to share it with everyone I know who I know
    will appreciate it. Much love to you for your willingness to help the world!

  22. Oh my. This is so good. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about prayer it has enlightrned my understanding and brought much peace, with much gratitude- thank you

  23. Absolutely on target for what we all needed thank you so much for the insights

  24. Thank you so much Bosede for this wonderful lecture. It has so many helpful ideas on how to pray effectively. I am anxious to put these ideas into practice right away - especially listening to what God is saying to me and being patient.

  25. Wonderful Lecture; thank you so much!!

  26. Many thanks Bosede for such an excellent and inspiring lecture. I will play it again!

  27. I have shared this with many, even friends who are not church members. Powerful truth about prayer! Thank you so much.

  28. Very potent clear thoughts explained so practically. I dearly thank you. I have heard this wonderful lecture over & over again. One of the new thoughts for me was how necessary it is to use the dictionary and choose the spiritual meaning to direct our thoughts to the Truth that heals. Just beautiful I must say!

  29. I was lead to listen to this lecture - through praying last night to "show me the way Lord" . This is the first time I have gone on line to listen to a lecture - and it was exactly what I needed to hear.....thank you for the tools to now listen ...... life can be so fast now, we have to put on the skids - so it is STOP and LISTEN to the still small voice of God. Such a gracefull way of explaining Bosede - I am so grateful.

  30. What more can I say than has already been said. Thank you so very much for the clearness and practicality of this lecture. Will certainly be playing it again.

  31. Thank you, so much!! It is so inspiring and given so understandingly!! I need to practice and listen and obey and above all rejoice!! This message obeyed will make all our light to shine, just as yours does
    Bosede!! Thank you to the Mother Church for letting us hear these wonderful lectures.

  32. Loved the lecture! Will start studying the chapter on prayer again!! Will never look at RIP in the same manner again. Love the RESIST, INSIST, AND PERSIST in knowing I am the child of God! I will be sharing this video with many people and know all will benefit.
    Thanks to the Mother Church for the lectures. A special thanks to Bosede for her special message and insight. My prayer to all is a grateful day!!

  33. II used to use my Students Reference Dictionary, a Thesaurus and a good college dictionary when studying the Bible grateful that Bosede brought that to our attention...I will begin using them again. I agree that this is one of the best lectures...thank-you Mother Church for making this available online.

  34. So real. The gentle humor and practical experiences shared made this a very, very special lecture. Loved the "spiritual" definition of work! Thank you very, very much Bosede. Can't wait to share this effective message that will keep bringing healing results to the LISTENER!!! Wow!!!

  35. I was lead to watch this lecture when suffering from toothache and swollen gums just as Bosede said she healed for herself!! 24 hours later I have been healed too. This lecture is so powerful and I am thrilled. Thank you so much Bosede and the online lecture team.

  36. Thank you for this message and for your conviction.

  37. Stella. Montevideo- 12/2/14

    Lovely lecture.! Good ideas to keep on working daily and share.Wish were in Spanish..Thanks a lot.Many blessings

  38. fear forgeting everythig about reality. thanks 4 all.

  39. Thank you sharing an insight that is there from the time the Master taught the Lords Prayer to Mary Baker Eddy's guide or interpretation of the Masters lessons. Your deliverance of the chapter on prayer shows the diligence, perseverance and obedience to the still small voice. This comes at at time i have been struggling to understand how effective prayer in Christian Science works even though i grow up in the church.. Grateful to the Father and the Board of Lectures for making this available to all.

  40. Thank you Bosede for this very important lecture. We must know how to pray aright and you have given us good instruction in this message.

  41. Resist, Insist, Persist!

    Thank you very much Bosede for this great elaboration and clarification on restoring and inhabiting in the ever-present good of God. I am going to recommend this to my Sunday School teacher and my fellow students!

  42. WOW!! An outstanding lecture!! Thank you for helping me to realize and reset my thinking about my spiritual self. I will never read the Bible the same--I love what you said about Joseph or Abraham or Christ Jesus speaking directly to me. But of course! So many lessons, so well delivered, so inspired and iinspiring! I can't wait to share this with my family, friends, and our Sunday School students,

  43. Dear Friend, I thank you so very much for sharing this lecture online! I will put these principles into practice right away to meet a challenge I face right now.

    Just what I needed to know and so clearly presented!!

  44. Thank you..

  45. Thank you so much Bosede, Your lecture has come at a time when I so needed more understanding about prayer, as I have been praying with out success, I am going to start praying the correct way now.
    II am so grateful.

  46. Wow! Must share this lecture with others. Thank you so much Bosede.

  47. thank you Bosede, I well be playing this lecture for a long long time, Its just wonderful, RJ O'Ro

  48. OMG! Just lovely! so inspiring, such confidence, from experience, the "certainty" being expressed.
    God, truth, is an experience!

  49. One of the best lectures I have ever heard in over 30 years. A practical guide to prayer for those new to Christian Science and for those who are long-time members. I am deeply grateful to Bosede and The Mother Church for their good work.

  50. Thank you answers many questions. I am very grateful .

  51. Thank u very much for this lecture so full of conviction and love absolutely wonderful = thank you.

  52. Bosede, complete perfection! Thank you so much for providing a much needed road map for effective prayer. I cannot wait to watch it again. I am truly grateful to you and everyone involved with putting this lecture on. Many blessings to all of you.

  53. Thanks again for this guided message on how to pray effectively and get results. I have shared it with my adult son, and he HAS actually listened to it and has expressed thanks.... I am very grateful for the teachings of Christian Science.

  54. Janice G This lecture came at the time I really needed to hear it. I was so moved and rivieted to all that she spoke. I will actively seek healing through prayer. Thank you for this blessed lecture.

  55. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Christian Science. Your clarity on effective prayer is so inspiring, and yes giving up food, fasting, would be so much easier than to deny the evidence of the material senses. More understanding of this Science, the Bible, and Mary Baker Eddy keeps us working to advance. Thank you again Bosede Barkarey.

  56. Thank you for sharing this inspiration on "Prayer." This lecture is timeless, just what my family and I needed. Bosede, thank you again!

  57. This was so FRESH and full of the Spirit that I had to stop what I was doing (I was listening to it as an overlap) and rivet my attention on it!! Whatta (spiritual) "shot-in-the-arm"!!! Bosede, you make it so simple, and that's what it should be & what it really is! Thank you for this wonderful talk and the abundantly clear conviction with which you share this truth. I hope they leave this lecture on the website for a long time, because I want to hear it a couple more times: not because the ideas are new to me as a lifelong student of C.S., but because I just love the unique and convincing way you share them. God's presence, the Christ, was CONSISTENTLY PALPABLE & I often felt the lump in my throat that always signals that presence!! Thank you again and bless you!!!

  58. This was incredibly useful. Particularly the Resist Insist and Persist. I loved it!

  59. Thank you so so much for this practical iInspiration Bosede . I will listen a couple of times not only to fast
    but also to overcome some challenges i dealing with for some time. As well as you get me to reread the chapter Prayer ! I am very grateful to step into your lecture -

  60. Thank you Bosede. This was lovely. What stuck out most was the thought that before something touches us, it has to touch God or come from God. That thought is supported by the passage that we "live and move and have our being.." in God (taken from Acts. 17:28).

    Sickness, disease, pandemics, wickedness, peril, lack or fear do not ever touch God and do not come from God; they are a clouded sense of life which never touch the rays of Truth; they therefore cannot be part of our life!

    Thank you.

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