God is speaking to you [8 mins ENG]

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Elise Moore, CSB, shares an excerpt from her lecture "God is speaking to you". This lecture was filmed for the web in Nashville, Tennessee in March 2013.

  1. Thank you for this reminder to LISTEN. God is constantly providing guidance, and this clip reminds us to pay heed to the answers/warnings we are given and then obey.

    I love these clips.

  2. Thank you

  3. The four steps are illuminating with emphasis on listening and obeying. Thank you, Elise, for sharing this demonstration.

  4. Thank you so very much, dear Elise!
    This is beautiful and so helpful.

  5. Thank you for another helpful talk on prayer.

  6. Can't stop listening to this! It's really hitting a nerve. One more time.

  7. I have listened to 3 of Elise's brief lectures and they are really excellent. Brief, clear ideas to remember, and she delivers with authority

  8. Thank you, Elise. I really needed this reminder. How perfectly stated.

  9. Thank you for this wonderful video clip. I will cherish it always. There is so much great information in this clip. It will be listened over and over...

  10. I love these lectures. Elise delivers with such clarity. She highlights the parts of our day and our prayer that we might overlook. We all need reminders on effective prayer.

  11. Great talk for children to hear. It's so relevant.

  12. Thank you! This is just excellent.
    Kind regards,

  13. How comforting! Thankyou, makes me feel secure to know God is always there by our side, always listening.

  14. this was excellent. at times when I am fearful I can only get out GOD IS. very loud. I will add to my thought these ideas of God. a short road plan is very helpful to finding your peace and listening.

  15. I loved this!

  16. This is so powerful and practical for anyone. It hasn't worked too well to have CS lectures at our jail.
    But I am going to share the ideas in these eleven minutes with our two groups. Many thanks.

  17. Esta leccion es justo para ensenar mis nietos. Le agradesco mucho querida Elisa!

  18. Thank you. I loved the clear way you explained how you prayed and how we can pray.

  19. Thank you Elise, I wrote down your ideas and carry them in my wallet to recall them often, what a good road map!

  20. Thank you, shows how God is a present help in times of need.

  21. Thanks for sharing your four effective steps of prayer - and the six specific Bible citations. Very helpful!

  22. This proves to me that lectures don't have to be an hour long to be powerful and meaningful. I have experienced the inner voice Elise Moore speaks of. It's wonderful! Thank you.

  23. Thank you so very much Elise, I really needed a lift like this one today!


  25. Very powerful presentation! So helpful to have everything written down while hearing step by step instruction! Am writing it all out for keeping with me. Will be listening to this one more than once. Thank you again, Elise!

  26. Thank you Elise. God is a very present help ALWAYS.

  27. I was feeling down today, until I viewed this video. I pray everyday, now I will change my way of praying
    and read these bible passages first. It is so wonderful and NEEDED for all of us to know this. Thank you Elise.

  28. God is ever with us all.Lets pray for everybody and that we miss in life.

  29. I am so grateful for your 8 min. lecture since today I had to turn to God and "tune out" an aggressive sense of personality. And when I listened and obeyed, I was amazed how the problem disappeared into nothingness and my conversation with this person was so loving when we talked later on in the day. Thank you.
    Joyce Meadows

  30. I just left a message for a friend with a little girl who will greatly benefit from hearing this. Thank you!
    Dr. Laura Mann

  31. I have to tune out grief.
    I have to tune in to God through prayer. God is but Love and He never ever leaves me in the lurch as He is ever-present, right here, right now. He is also all-powerful and all-knowing. Therefore I can ask him for help and then
    Listen for the answer or right idea. To do this, I need to be still.
    Beloved Child,
    You are indeed grieving over nothing. Nothing can be taken from you as you are in My Care. Take your thoughts away from that which is not true, namely abandonment and loneliness and instead remember that only the Truth is true. Now, go and play and enjoy life, for I AM Life.
    I gladly obey my divine Parent and give thanks!

  32. Muchas gracias Elise!

  33. Thank you for this lecture. It is such a beautifully simple way of presenting grand and powerful ideas which save and heal. I will be praying with these idea today. Comment 31 about tuning out feelings of abandonment and loneliness was also a helpful signpost. Much love to you all.

  34. Good points for how to pray


  36. So grateful for this simple and yet profound message! Thank you! I wished I'd had this when I was in a similar situation as a child. Let's pray for all children's safety today !

  37. Clear and concise, Love the study included. Met my needs, so grateful.

  38. just saw this today after the daily lift,thusday 20th november 2014.wish i could see the whole lecture.
    thank you so much elise for precise and clear ideas to continue studying prayer...have written it all down and will apply ,study and continue to do so. bless you all,love alex

  39. Beautiful, Elise! I was impressed with how important it is to study the Bible and to memorize Bible verses so that we have their spiritual inspiration and protection right at hand! God's Word, speaking to each of us. I feel so Grateful and Blest! Much Love to All!

  40. That was wonderful. Her 4 bible passages - especially the 91st Psalm - is the one I always use and always so very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing Elise. I too would love to have seen this whole lecture as it was so very clean and concise.

  41. Have just listened to today's Daily Lift; before listening to this lecture excerpt, felt led to read all previous comments. Am greatly impressed and gratified to read of the loving care and concern each individual commenter conveys to any who reads his/her comment. Now am eagerly ready to actually listen to the excerpt.

  42. Really appreciate the love shown by each commenter. :-)

  43. I just discovered this from the Daily Lift...thanks sooo much for this video. I learned a lot in a small amount of "time". And thanks for talking like a real person.

  44. Really helpful and uplifting! It occurred to me several hours after listening to this excerpt that whenever we struggle to heal a physical problem but get discouraged because of it, that is also arguing with God that something can "hold us down" (like you brought out about the man holding you down). But by listening and following that spiritual intuition from God to get up and go, we can reject the thought of being kept down with the active, confident trust that God lifts us out of any bad situation, simply by recognizing that if it's not good, it cannot be from God, and literally cannot BE--therefore it has no power whatsoever. Thank you so much. :-)

  45. Tune out! Thanks for the reminder of what we must tune out in order to tune in God clearly! I had a similar experience to this in an elevator in New York, when I was a young woman. But now I see how tuning out in order to tune in applies to all kinds of other things! Thanks for this wonderful clear thought and demonstration!

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