Does Christian Science really heal sickness and sin? [78 mins ENG]

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John Q. Adams, III, CSB, shares his lecture "Does Christian Science really heal sickness and sin?". Filmed in Long Beach, California on June 25, 2011.

  1. I learned so much! I loved this, thank you!

  2. Thank you John for an awesome lecture. You have touched my heart with your pure honesty. I loved the story of your young son and how, due to your true belief in Mary Baker Eddy you were able to make a spiritual difference in his life. i admire you patience and humility.

    Love and Blessings. A Christian Science Student.


  3. Praise God!Fantastic.just what we need to help us understand this science more and the tesstimonial strories are so important, giving hope to struggling hearts still patiently waiting for the evidence of healing.

  4. it's very uplifting watching those videos. i fell that my faith is stronger now .things are changing in me and in my fact is healing my life
    perola from sao Paulo, brazil

  5. Much loving gratitude to you, dear John, for unselfishly sharing a few of your rich experiences in demonstrating Christian Science. They are such practical examples. I'm sure anyone who listens to your lecture with an open heart will gain great comfort and inspiration -- will be healed! Thank you so much.

  6. I am not a Christian Scientist. But every lecture has been a blessing. I wish I could understand better your Church teachings.

  7. Olá! por favor será que estes videos teria em tradução para o portugues? Muito obrigado. Jorge Cesar.

  8. Do Inglês para o Português!!!

  9. Thank you John and thank you Mary Baker Eddy and Thank you Christian a wonderful message. What a wonderful healing message in these truths. John you absolutely radiate Christ love.

  10. Thank you John. I'm so grateful that your lecture was made available online. So inspiring!!! It just reaffirms my confidence in the healing power of Truth. Much love from Manila :)

  11. Thank you once again John, for your pure thoughts and absolute conviction of the truth. I love to listen to your lectures and am comforted by your love. Barbara

  12. Having these lectures available at home; to listen to over and over--is such a blessing. Thank you for entertaining this angel idea, for acting upon it, and producing it. Thanks to John Adams for his indefatigable energy, enthusiasm and love. It is a grand lecture.

  13. A really wonderful lecture. I look forward to sharing this with friends new to CS or to those searching for a workable understanding of Gods love.
    Thank you.
    Tom Schloegel

  14. Dear John Adams,
    Thank you so much for your Lecture by video. It has inspired me to dig deeper into the books. "With vision clear" I can accomplish. It will be a Senior Olympic goal.

  15. Thankyou for this wonderful demonstration of Christian Science healing, I cannot put into words how much it has inspired and encouraged me.

  16. thank you, mr adams for the most wonderful and uplifting healimg lecture i have ever listend to.i have gained more spirtual understanding through it.with regards e.smith.

  17. Thanks John Adams for the insightful lecture. Christian Science the law of God truly heals

  18. Great lecture!! An angel of God!!! Blessed be Christian Science!!!

  19. thank you very much John
    for making the lecture online

  20. I enjoyed the online lectures, and get alot out of them. I think it is particularly timely in this time of high gas prices and lectures given far from the areas in which we live. Thank for the content and the ease with which I can access them.

  21. The online lectures give me pleasure,and enjoyed me with much pleasure.

  22. Dear John,
    My heart was opened by your lecture! You are teaching us to place our full faith in The One. I also would like to be healed and help others through Christian Science, Thank you!

  23. Wow...thank you.

  24. Mr. Adams, I so appreciated your demonstration of Christian Science treatment by using the hoola hoop and the bucket to illustrate Spiritual Man, human experience...this was very helpful and clear.
    What especially resonated for me was when you shared what can happen in CS treatment when the human drama is trying to convince the healer that it is "the truth." This made me smile and will help me to identify the mortal dream for what it is-nothing.
    A Christian Science student

  25. Wonderful lecture, John!

    Thank you so much for this clear presentation of Truth!

  26. Thank you so much for the worderful clear way you developed Christian Science Healing and the examples of healings you shared. I am going to read through No & Yes again now that I know the history of this book.

  27. I am a long time Christian Scientist. I was much inspired by this lecture and I felt that the people that had never been to a lecture were presented with a talk that the could relate to their own life experiences.and that they took home some new ways of thinking about their daily lives. Thank you -- Thank you. C Drew Willingham

  28. Thank you John. I loved the way you worked and prayed with someone over a period of time and considered her fears, also your loving attitude towards the medical.

  29. Wonderful lecture. I heard it in person fairly recently in Princeton N.J., and it was great to hear it again. I feel re-energized to pray with the simple but powerful truths referred to in the talk and see where it leads. People need healing, and we must be prepared to respond. Thank you so much.

  30. Thank you for sharing these uplifting healings and truths.

  31. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I heard this lecture in Dayton, Ohio
    It was good to listen again.

  32. The hula hoop and bucket illustration is brilliant!

  33. Thanks, It is so fantastic to hear. And so helping.

  34. \Dear John:
    I truly appreciate your sharing of spiritual growth, is priceless!
    We need to wake up more often to these powerful truths and make use of them for the betterment of humanity.

    Thank you for being such a pillar in the Christian Science movement.

  35. So very dear! Thank you, Mr. Adams, for your devotion to God and to understanding Christian Science.

  36. Dear John.Thank vou for such a great lecture.Having been raised in Christian Science I realized that I still have a lot to learn about this wonderful religion.

  37. Wow! That packed a mighty punch. Thank you. I had expected a 15 minute lecture and I think this was a welcomed hour of wonderful testimonies all give by John Q. Adams. Thank you.

  38. YES indeed, I have just heard a CHRISTIAN SCIENCE LECTURE!! Then I silently thanked the one
    divine intelligent Mind for making me tune in to it, in the midst of a "busy day" -- a full "bucket-load"
    of human challenges and concerns and errands and so forth. You and your hula hoop (and pink bucket!) were a great reminder that no matter how seemingly entangled we feel we are in the argument that we are merely mortal human beings, some times having to struggle mightily with this belief...all the while we are safe, loved, free, the perfect ideas of the one Perfect Mind, God. We are not now or have ever been entangled with mortality. And we have the divine right to prayerfully step aside from the false scenario called "life" and claim our true status as children of God! Who couldn't admit that what we accept as true HAS to change the human picture? The analogy of a flat earth is great, too, huh. Is there ever such a thing? Nope. Likewise, mortality is 2+2=5. This is simply a mistake.

    Thank you, Mr. Adams. I know I have moved a notch higher in my understanding today, because of your work for God's Lecture, and I expect this to bring healing!

  39. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  40. God, Principle, Love here and now - the corporeal, all opposites are only aggressive mental suggestions - wonderful, thank you!

  41. Every spiritual thinker and those wishing to heal should listen to this. It answers so many questions about healing with so much love. Sincere thanks, John

  42. Enjoyable and eye opening; thank you.

  43. Thank you so much Mr Adams It has helped me to understand so much more clearly.

  44. wow

  45. I think this is the fifth time I've listened to this lecture. It is so powerful, so clear, so loving, so practical. Thank you so much, JQA. I was raised in and practice C.S. I have shared this lecture with other, non-Scientists. Thanks again.

  46. My humble thanks for bringing some corrections needed in my thinking...such as being told "you will have to take this medicine the rest of your life"......a lie.
    My life is in God.

  47. What a blessing this was

  48. Thanks for this lecture. I love the bucket and hula hoop bit and will think on that a lot, its so helpful.

  49. Thank you for this wonderful lecture. It is very uplifting. Please keep them coming.

  50. Thank you for one of the most inspiring lectures I've ever listenned to. I felt sincerely nothing was impossible to God.

  51. Very much appreciated.

  52. Thank you for your lecture, John. And thank you to the team that brings us all the other lectures on line. They are much appreciated, especially since where I live we don't get many lectures. I have downloaded all of them and will keep them to listen to again and again.

  53. Your being willing to hear those messages of Truth and then follow through with such energy
    and enthusiasm- in many kinds of experiences is making such an impact on those around
    you -so grateful for what you are meaning to our Christian Science family.We should all be
    endeavoring to go and do likewise.

  54. To be able to hear these lectures online is a gift from God. I've heard this one many times and each time it seems like the first refreshing. Thank you John and I hope to hear many more.

  55. Thank you for this wonderful lecture, it was just what I needed this moment. I want to give John a big hug - thank you - nothing is impossible.

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