Divine Love is the liberator [24 mins ENG]

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Fujiko Signs, CSB, shares a 20-minute lecture titled "Divine Love is the liberator" at the Church Alive Summit in Melbourne, Australia on February 25, 2011.

  1. What a beautiful story about Christ revealing the true nature and angelic beauty of Chris. I don’t doubt that this was a “born again” experience for him, which must have lasted in his heart forever, even if he doesn’t remember your name. What you helped him find, Fujiko, was worth much more than the items in his lost wallet — though he probably found that later, too! :)

  2. I thank you very much from my heart for this wonderful lecture.
I was touched from beginning to end. THANK YOU; Fujiko!!!!

  3. Thank You Fujiko a truly beautiful lecture.

  4. Fujiko,
You are an inspiration.
Thank you.

  5. Thank you for this lecture prompting the acknowledgement of man’ s true identity at all times, so grateful.

  6. Thank you Fujiko, beautiful, what an honour it is to be a student of Christian Science.

  7. Thanyou Fujiko, GOD IS YOUR LIFE FEAR NOT......

  8. Fujiko, Thank you for your beautiful lecture.

  9. This is a very profound lecture. I so enjoy your style of thinking and presentation of ideas. Your voice is calm and comforting, encouragement that is gentle and powerful together. Thank you Fujiko.
    Hope to see you in person sometime and if not your message is certainly carried across the waters. Donna California

  10. I've always loved your Daily Lifts, Fujiko, so it was a treat to hear a whole lecture by you!! Very inspiring. And YOU are adorable, which is a reflection of what Chris is, and what we ALL are!! Thank you.

  11. Thank you very much Fujiko, for revealing this great thoughts into our lives. I listen to this conference in a time of fear. And I was healed. God is our Life!!! Now and forever.

  12. Thank you for a priceless lecture! Appreciate your amazing sense of humor and deep thinking. Your gift is in shining light on such sweet metaphysical truths. How truly healing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Thank you Fujiko. The Spirit, joy, and the good humor in which this message is delivered is appreciated greatly as it demonstrates Divine Love as our true nature. I've listened to this lecture a few times now and appreciate the message of Divine Love each time...

  14. Oh, What a blessing to have this lecture and the others too available to us! Thank you Fujiko for your sweet gentle delivery of this vital message about Divine Love as our liberator. Something you said answered a question I have had for a very long time about why a particular healing took so long.
    You said, "We will not find any solution if we start from judgement and fear." That is exactly what I was immersed in. My fear and judgements held me captive even while I prayed for a healing because I was not allowing the Divine liberator, Love, to fully express itself in my life.
    How grateful I am to you to have put this truth so clearly before me. I will treasure this awareness and be grateful to you for this lecture, and to all those who are making it possible to have access to receive the truth of Christian Science. Thank you all.

  15. This was wonderful, thank you. So quiet, so simple and sweet, and strong. Not to judge, I'm taking that as an assignment.

  16. lso the part about judging, that Jesus said not to judge . But he also said "lest we be judged" and who do we judge most harshly but ourselves. Thank you.

  17. Virginia - 11/12-11

    Thank you for this beautiful uplifting lecture.

  18. What a beautiful and gracious lecture.....a real reminder about Love. Thanks you.

  19. Thank you Fujiko for this dear lecture. I enjoyed it so very much. The reminder that Love is the Liberator and that Love unifies and does not divide is so healing.

  20. Thank you so much Fujiko for the beautiful and healing lecture. I enjoyed it from the biginning to the end.

  21. Fujiko,
    Thank you for an original lecture filled with love. I enjoyed the beauty of it, even if I may never get to meet you. :) But I connected instantly with it's warm message across the globe and across time.

  22. Thank you for listening to this lecture- it was my first try to give this one so I am glad it blessed you - I am blessed by all of you viewers. much much love, fujiko

  23. Fujiko,
    Thank you so much for your lecture!!!! I love your sweet voice and the love and kindness that I can hear in every word you speak. I felt an instant connection to you.
    Blessings to you,

  24. This message is timeless. One of the best lectures I have heard in a very long time. Thank you for the inspiration on Liberation and Love.

  25. Fujiko: Thank you so much for your beautiful and inspiring lecture. One can feel the love that is expressed by your voice and your presentation.

  26. Fujiko I loved every moment of your lecture it has given me a such a lift,bless you, for helping me to understand so much more clearly.

  27. Trudy-Dubai,
    Thank you Fujiko for the uplifting lecture that reminds me to always love my neighbour as my self.

  28. Fujiko, I was very happy to see your lecrture in Royal Oak Michigan yesterday. I was in need of some inspiration and found comfort and hope listening to you. It was such a joy and very inspirational. May God continue to bless you and your work with providing Christian Science to those in need.

  29. Thank you so much for this wonderful, uplifting, and inspiring lecture. Love ever present. Love you

  30. What a life of humility @ dedication! Thank you for sharing your life & heart with so many!
    Love is liberation!

  31. Thank you so much for your lecture, this is what we need here in our country specially (Venezuela) and in all countries as you said we all are together in dive love.

  32. Thank you, the most enjoyable lecture. It is just what I needed today.

  33. Dear Fujiko,
    My name is Allie. I am 12 years old. Yesterday was my birthday. I have been dealing with a very sore throat that hurts a lot, many stomach aces, and watery eyes. I was looking for some lectures and came upon yours. Throughout the lecture, I was beginning to forget about everything that was bothering me. I loved your story and ideas. I liked your metaphor of rowing with one oar. It is amazing the affect we can have on people by just recognizing we are all God's children. Thank you so much. I am still not doing very well, but I have learned so much. Thank you for your helpfull ideas. I am so gratefull. Keep on giving great lectures!


    (P.S. I liked the humor you put in there);)

  34. It's 2013 and this lecture is still blessing. You have included so many inspiring truths, but the one that brought tears of acknowledgment to my eyes is what the man thought about the little girl he was taking to the hospital. He absolutely knew that she was designed by Divine Love; therefore she could not possibly be broken. I gratefully and joyously can apply this truth to myself, I reasoned, and I feel so blessed. I missed hearing your lecture given in Laguna Beach. If it is anywhere available, please let me know. Thank you so much.

  35. Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring lecture. I have enjoyed your daily lifts in the past. What a treat to hear you speak in a longer format.

  36. I am so grateful to God for his unconditional love for his children. Thank you for this beautiful and so inspiring lecture you shared to all of us. So meaningful that I like to listen to it over and over to be sure it stay with me. Lovingly yours.

  37. early this morning I was praying, for those leaning,,,,,,,,,,and then I LOOKED FOR THE LIFT ,a coincidence? NOOO there is one MIND. TXS many for the inspired lecture and lift.

  38. Thank you Fujiko for your beautiful message!

  39. Thank you Fujiko for your beautiful, clear, and inspiring healing message!

    I have been able to share it online with several groups... many blessings continue.

  40. Thank you Fujiko, very much for this lecture.
    It's powerful simplicity touched me greatly.

  41. Thank you so much, Fujiko! I have a Japanese friend who lives part time in Sandpoint, ID and part time in Tokyo, Japan. She reminds me of you! I sent her your Daily Lift with this Lecture attached and she just Loved both the Lift and the Lecture. Her name is Keiko and she is a very spiritual person, dedicated to helping to create Peace on our Planet. I always attend her Peace Ceremonies. We will be having a Peace Ceremony on Sat. Sept. 20, 2014. We will be praying for Peace and Love and Kindness for the whole World! Much Love!

  42. Fujiko, If I could hear an angel voice, it surely would be as sweet and serene as is yours. I could just feel the Love envelope me through your espression of love as our father mother God. "If Spirit or the power of divine Love bear witness to the truth, this is the ultimatum, the scientific way, the healing is instantaneous" S&H 411 line10 , with regard to the reporter's healing. Mrs.Eddy's voice must have sounded like that of an angel in his ear. ...Thank you for the lecture that reminds me that infinite Love is with in everyone everywhere. Luv you!

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