Christmas joy! Christ brings the closer view of God [51 mins ENG]

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Kari Mashos, CSB, shares a Christmas lecture in the Original Edifice of The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts.  Filmed on December 12, 2013.

  1. Dear Kan what a lovely, tender and powerful message.It certainly guides us to follow the STAR..thanks and to all BEAUTIFUL & BLESSED HOLIDAYS

  2. Wow! Awesome lecture! Sharing!

  3. Thank you, Kari, for this "enlightening" Christmas message. Last night I read Mrs. Eddy's illustrated book, "Christ and Christmas", which shines the seven-pointed star over all. We walk in the light. We are so blessed.

  4. Thank you Kari and The Mother Church for giving us this Healing Lecture! Yes! The Christ is Here - All Dreams of Error Breaking......! So Grateful for Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy for bringing us the Healing Truth! As Christian Scientists we have so much to share with the World! Joy to the World!

    Daily Lift Team:
    From the Christian Science Hymnal, Hymn 202:

    "O dreamer, leave thy dreams for joyful waking,
    O captive, rise and sing, for thou art free;
    The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking,
    Unloosing bonds of all captivity."


  6. What a wonderful lecture! Thank you Kar! Between hearing the Boys Choir last night and listening to this beautiful Christmas lecture today, I feel totally joyous! Yes, the Christ is HERE, all dreams of error breaking...

  7. I'm so glad I found this lecture this evening. It's wonderful -- the metaphysical points are so clearly illustrated. I will be re-listening and sharing with others. Thank you Kari! A great Christmas gift!!

  8. Thanks Kan for sharing your telescope with us. I will certainly be using that view throughout Xmas and the coming year. ;)

  9. Thank you so much! I hope there are more lecture videos in the future

  10. I was in attendance at your lecture at the Augusta, Maine armory for the Augusta, Maine Church of Christ, Scientist on October 8, 2009. At that time you also described healing addictions and you said to drop the distorted lens and get a new view of God, and you asked us to look up, not at the problem. To know God is to deny evil, you pointed out.
    Thanks for this recent lecture at The Mother Church. And thanks for giving a daily lift this week.

  11. Thank you so much for this superb and profound healing message of Truth. What a wonderful lecture.
    Thank you! So grateful for having had this available to us.

  12. Thank you so very much Kalliroi for this lecture and the way you show us to seek the Truth. Thank you. It was wonderful.

  13. What a wonderful and timely lecture. Thank you for the clarity and uplift.

  14. Dear Kari, what a wonderful message, and what an inspiring lecture, thank you! Have a very wonderful Holiday Season, and a great New Year to you and your family.

    Lovingly, Holger

  15. Thank you for the inspiration. This peace filled message is just what we need . Thank you so much.

  16. thanks kari, i am always amazed to see how much spiritual power and inspiration you and all lecturers bring in cs.i love your approach and defination 0f sin:' any thoughts,motivations or actions opposite to god,to our christly nature.
    god bless you.

  17. what a great gift to the world, a clear and simple explanation of what jesus was about. a wonderful use of technology, allowing anyone who lands on the website to hear and see a personal presentation of the church's mission. the talk was engaging, progressed logically, and will inspire faith because it included contemporary examples of healing, the same way jesus inspired followers by giving proofs of his teaching. it was especially powerful to address the healing of sin...the medical arts have no grasp of this need or how to address it. thanks to kari for sharing this message and presenting it in such a warm and spirited manner.

  18. Another inspiring lecture!! Thank you!!

  19. Thank you for sharing this lecture with us at this season!

  20. Excellent and inspiring perspective, it is evident that you are this gentle beam of Living Love and have such a wonderful understanding of the true nature of God and man. The healings you described were very helpful. I am uplifted and inspired by your lecture. Thank you.

  21. Rebecca , Detroit, MI - 12/25/2013
    Thank you for a clearer, closer view. I now have a better understanding of how healing works.

  22. Thank you so much for being a teacher and practitioner of this wonderful Science. Your lecture is clear and effective. It's so special hearing and seeing this message delivered in the original Mother Church edifice.

  23. Oh tat was just wonderful. What a wonderful view you have given me of the Christ today.

  24. What a beautiful Christmas...and New Year gift to the world...thank you Kari. Only Mary Baker Eddy has expressed Christianity as a SCIENCE...that we can learn and practice...with provable results across the whole spectrum of human existance. This CHRISTIAN Science corrects the mistakes and misconceptions humanity has accepted about uplift our thought and see what jesus taught about God...about His nature...and therefore OUR nature and identity as His beloved children.
    Look at the beautiful outcomes as we see these truths...and are made FREE..."from every ill that flesh is heir to..." Your talk has been so helpful to me at this time as I had some doubts and fears about some personal challenges going into this New Year...but not any more. With loving gratitude...thank you

  25. This lecture just met my need today . . . found it as I went to the CS web-site, did not know that it was even there . . . BUT just perfect, the lense that I needed to combat mesmeric thought that has been gripping me for a numbrer of years about my identity . . . . the true lense of spirit shows me that I truly am God's child!
    As we enter this new year, I plan to continue to take on new views of who I truly am . . . the light is getting brighter as I write this - thank you again for your lovely lecture/talk about our true identity with the Christmas message.
    Love to you and ALL of those that support this wonderful technology - VERY WELL DONE!!

  26. Thank you, Kari, for this inspiring and uplifting and healing message. I felt that you brought across what Mary Baker Eddy's teachings are about - the love of God and Christ and man.

  27. These lectures brought me so much peace for two whole days. Thank you.

  28. Just today was awakened from a clouded vision of myself as "unable to feel God". What a beautifully perfect view you have explained to all, including me, of this being an absolute impossibility. Thank you. :-)

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