When the impossible happens, what then? [3 mins ENG]

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Jon Benson, CS, shares an excerpt from his lecture "When the impossible happens, what then? ". This lecture was filmed in Oxnard, California on October 1, 2011.

  1. Great...Thank you..Bob from Raymore, MO

  2. This was good, I liked it. Nothing is impossible with God..

  3. This was very powerful! I wish it was longer, but I found it very helpful

  4. Warm in. Christian science

  5. This mini Lecture certainly gives the boot to any and all aggressive mental suggestions that one isn't "good enough" or "doesn't know enough" to do and share this healing work. Thank you!! (and, me too, I wish it were longer!)

  6. Very empowering! and freeing.... I am hooked to dig deeper. big thanks for this.

  7. Very rousing. I would love to hear the expanded lecture.

  8. A video of Mr. Benson's entire lecture -- ninety minutes of non-stop helpful and inspiring ideas -- used to be available at www.prayerthatheals.org, a web site sponsored by Christian Science churches in Southern California.

    I noticed that Mr. Benson is giving the lecture in Long Beach, California on July 21, 2012, so hopefully either the sponsoring church(es) will film it again and make the video available online, or www.prayerthatheals.org will re-post the earlier video.

  9. Wow - YES to this message - it woke me up - finished so quickly, though. Great that we can hear this message over and over.... Thank you.

  10. A perfect encapsulation of an important point - that we are never let off the hook because we think we are not good enough. That doesn't cut it with our heavenly Father, who can and will work with us right where we are in our level of spiritual understanding.

    I love the clarity of the sound and visual, and the delicious taster it provides to dig deeper. A great little video. Thank you to the producers, and of course to Jon.

  11. I agree with Fay, #7. Would like to hear/see Jon's entire lecture. Thank you!

  12. Very good! This is empowering to know that anyone and everyone can demonstrate the truth. We have no excuses. I look forward to seeing the entire lecture online someday. Thanks, Jon.

  13. Yeah. I'd love to see the whole thing as well! The clip is great!

  14. This is a very encouraging message. I am asking with #7 and #11 how to see Jon's whole lecture?
    Thank you.

  15. I love these mini-lectures to use in my daily up-lifts, supporting my prayers. Thank you.

  16. Excellent! Thank you for posting this excerpt from Jon's lecture. I, too, look forward to the entire lecture.

  17. What a powerful message, and exactly what I needed to hear. I would love to hear the complete lecture from which this was taken, and hope someone in the organization will be inspired to post it.

  18. So very helpful. Thank you for reminding us that it's all about the power of Divine Love. Wish I could watch the whole lecture, too.

  19. ABSOLUTELY! I want to see the entire lecture please, please, please. Jon, you have "hooked" me (and I suspect others from the comments thus far posted) to see and hear how I can become a better healer than I am at present. Am truly striving. Thanks much.

  20. Today we study and admired, Moses, King David, Peter, Paul and many of the Bible characters that, although they committed huge mistakes, they learned from them.
    Jesus, well, even he wasn't so perfect while growing up, according to the books that didn't make it into the Bible, he too had to "fight his inner devils", as the world would say today.
    However, each one of them grew spiritually to the point of "metanoia", a repentance so radical, so complete, that reached the heart of God.
    Mrs. Eddy explains it this way: "Christian Science presents unfoldment, not accretion; it manifests no material growth from molecule to mind, but an impartation of the divine Mind to man and the universe." S&H 68:27
    I guess we are not off the hook.

  21. Great and important message. Thank you so much.

  22. Wonderful and to the point! I wish this was longer......There is something about Jon's lectures that just stand out.....all I can add is: More! More!

  23. Oh this message is wonderful!! thank you so much I love it! How helpfull is for all of us

  24. Thanks, Jon. This mini-lecture is great. Talking about Christian healing and not being "the type" and so writing "ourselves off,” reminds me of when I was in high school riding home on the bus. A popular song back then was, "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me" and I was singing it my head. :-) Then I thought, "Oh, no! If peace on earth would begin with me, we're doomed…but what if?” I imagined a lone “super hero” saving the earth. Then came the thought of the angels heralding the birth of Jesus with, "…on earth peace, good will toward men" (Luke 2:14). I’ve known it ever since as the “Christmas Mandate.” I considered it as a mathematical equation: Peace on earth = Good will toward men. I realized I had to do something, at least, like show “good will” to all. Sadly, I recognized that not even one day went by for as long as I could remember when I was totally at peace. Was that even possible? It must be. God doesn’t mandate something we can’t fulfill. I had to change. I had to learn how to establish inner peace and share it with the world – to do my part. Not a false peace; but for real. I knew God would help me and God did. It took about two weeks of “prayer and fasting.” I was changed and realized that if I could do it – anyone can!!! I’m so grateful for Christian Science, which teaches us to expect healing through applying God’s laws of Love to the human condition. It changes expectation from wishful thinking to practical healing.

  25. The complete lecture is now on Vimeo.com.

  26. Wow!

  27. Great message. I would have liked to hear more than just a "clip" however.
    Thank you,

    Tom S

  28. Thank you, Jon, it was great to be reminded to always expect healing thoughts in every situation. Never doubt!

  29. I would love to see Jon do some longer lectures...he is SOOO inspiring!

  30. Yes!! THANKYOU!!! I do want to stand up and be counted on this call.Somehow I have a feeling that there is more, where this came from. If my intution is right ,wouldnt it be nice to hear it all?

  31. So, now the call is to get at it and let the Holy Spirit get its message through to us who've heard this great short message.
    And Nela, thanks for your sharing. What a message to get on a school bus.

  32. I am learning to let the Holy Sprit transform my heart and mind truly, so that I too can be a channel of peace, that is the Christ Jesus has left for us...

  33. I´m so grateful for having listening to this message! So clear,practical, promising. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

  34. YEOW- ZA!
    Can't wait to hear the entire lecture!
    Great path - work.

  35. Wonderful!

  36. Yes, wonderful. Thank you.

  37. where can I find the whole lecture??

    Online lecture team:
    Find lectures near you is a Web list on christianscience.com of all the lectures happening worldwide. There are new lectures added daily as we learn about them. Search by a lecturers name to find where they are lecturing or what lecture they are giving. Click on the button at the left of the entry to see the title, date, location and other details.

  38. excellant

  39. Thank you very much .
    Next time ask that question again, I'll be prepared to give the right answer.
    Thanks to our Church for providing the education we need to elevate humankind.

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