The invisible reality of Life appearing [23 mins ENG]


Ginny Luedeman, CSB, shares a 20-minute lecture titled "The invisible reality of Life appearing" at the Church Alive Summit in Pasadena, California on January 14, 2011.

  1. Nice! It seems people feel it when they are loved.

  2. thank you…. this is fun to share!

  3. Thank you. I’m so happy I was able to hear your inspiring message.

  4. Excellent! The demonstration you described re healing the belief of snoring was most helpful. thank you.

  5. Thank you Ginny for this beautiful message of Love.

  6. Beautiful! Thank you, Ginny. I hope there are more clips from the Summit coming! These two are great!

  7. Thanks Ginny, God bless you and Craig for sharing your healing with us all.

  8. Thanks so much, Ginny. Love all that you shared and really like the 20 min. lectures.

  9. This was a wonderful unique lecture!
    Thanks so much, Ginny!

  10. Thank you, Ginny. I was present at the Summit and heard you give this lecture which I thought was great. However, seeing and hearing it again just now via video in the quiet of my home without any distractions was a pure joy. I was more uplifted and and received much more inspiration than in Pasadena. I’m going to listen again soon!.

  11. Very special to be able to hear—and to see—a lecturer delivering a 20-minute lecture right in my own study! Thank you, Ginny, for your inspired comments and for carrying “the Word” worldwide on your lecture tours!

  12. Thank you all for your kind comments.

    The ideas in this lecture are so deep and so much fun to think about. I really love these concepts.

    Every time I practiced this lecture I felt so close to God in a different way. It was like there was a life to this lecture that I couldn’t get enough of. This was my first time speaking it to an audience so I look forward to getting another try at giving it in different settings.

    One of the ideas that I found interesting as I prepared for this talk was the thought that I didn’t own these ideas but they owned me and I was sharing these ideas almost as a servant would share the ideas of the one he worked for.
    Isn’t the internet amazing!! What next? What’s here that we don’t see now?

  13. I just love all these wonderful lectures and lifts, please keep them coming.

  14. Wonderful!

  15. Another source of inspiration! What a lovely thing to listen too on this snowy day in Missouri. I loved hearing and seeing Ginny give this and was so grateful to be able to click, download and receive it — that does not always happen and very often have to get help from my son in St. Louis.
    I loved it even more to have her tell about her experience in creating
    and expanding on the ideas that came to her.

    The “husband snoring” experience was very familar and appreciated how
    she handled the situation. Thank you so much for all these avenues of inspiration.

  16. Ginny, your wonderful expression of God’s love and encouragement are so very helpful. Thanks so much for what you have shared. Your lecture was beautifully delivered. It was truly inspiring.

  17. Yes what a wonderful title for a lecture, it’s so true for me…the invisible reality of Life appearing, I was always wondering how when I was reading the bible I’d get healed from the belief in something that was ailing me, well a wretch like “me” so I prayed for an answer to all my questions, Science and Health sure had the answers I needed, I’ve been healed of many addictive habits, blindness, etc. but mainly from drowning in mortal sense.
    And as you quoted from the Psalmist “I had fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living”
    Amen to that sister!

  18. Ginny, your words and the ideas they reveal give me such hope for the people of the Middle East. I don’t know how the Egyptians will work out their desire for democracy and free elections, but the ideas are there, God, divine Mind, knows them, and as thought is opened to seek these ideas, they will be demonstrated. Our prayers can assist that opening up and the world will experience together this new view of reality. Truly world changing concepts. I am so grateful to be aware of this power and authority given to man…a lovely and practical understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven.

  19. Wonderful! Thank you!

  20. “Abundant sense of understanding the reality of our moments” – This sentence is so helpful. Reaffirming that learning our true selves happens in the moment by moment not just the grand epiphanies. Thank you Ginny. I love the way you explain so practically and humbly how God loves each of us. xoxo

  21. Believe you’d enjoy knowing that while I was watching/listening to this lecture as I was serving in my Branch RR, a man (on a bike) came in and spent at least half an hour asking questions and wanting to know more about CS. Some of his comments were so exactly in line with what Ginny was saying about the reality of ideas — how so many more are “here” than what we are aware of — told him he would absolutely love this lecture and wrote down the web site for him. “Evidence of things not seen” !
    Thanks a bunch!


  22. Excellent ! This is my 5th time to listen. I hear something new each time.

  23. WOW! Ginny, you really caught the essence of Jesus’ teaching and that of Christian Science! I could feel God’s presence through your speaking! Truly what a CS Lecture should do – give people the direct experience of God’s Healing Love!

  24. Reality is here and it’s totally good! I needed to be reminded of that! Thank you!

  25. This is a very, very helpful lecture. Thank you so much Ginny!

  26. Wonderful & inspiring! Thank you!

  27. Thank you for a solid, believable Christian science lecture,I'll be listening to this again. Many helpful thoughts to ponder.

  28. Thank you for this wonderful inspiration.

  29. Thanks to Ginny for presenting this excellent lecture, and thanks to CSPS for making it available online.

  30. Here it is JUNE 8, 2012 and the words you spoke in this lecture over a year ago, although invisible have come to life today for a first time listener . Your words because they carried spirit are as real today as they were in May 2011. I thank you for your belief in the love and goodness that is being supplied in every moment and for carrying the message of invisible life appearing as Heaven on Earth.

  31. What a correlative consequence came to my mind for this wonderful lecture: the dreamlike dimension of anything - the material and mortal body included - that denies the nature of God, Love, Life and Truth ! Thank you, Ginny !

  32. Ginny -
    I enjoyed your Daily lift today and went on to play your lecture. The daily lift was just the correct message for today. This lecture was amazing as always, again this busy day will be made easy as your clear message brought to light the way we must approach what seems to be full of tasks overwhelming. Thanks so much, as always you are my rock.

  33. ditto to Ben J, #32. I loved listening to the energy of discovery and the love of God I sensed in your delivery of the lift and the lecture. A question I had raised for myself today is, How do I delight in God? This thought of delighting in God and depending on Her, is recorded in Hymn 225 in the Christian Science hymnal: "When all material streams are dried, Thy fullness is the same; May I with this be satisfied, And glory in Thy name." I think this relates directly to your experiences of seeing God's abundance of good in Jesus' life, in nature, in the healing of the snoring. Your joy is evident. You were delighting in God, as you saw more and more of His wonderful reality in your life. Thank you very, very much. A great lecture to share with visitors to a Reading Room!

  34. New to the website - Soaking it (all the lifts) up like a sponge
    Loved your Lift - Thank you so much for "lifting me up"

    "I hear something" for far away sounds (Love the practice and concept of what you shared with your son - when you were a single parent)
    I will now reflect on that practice - focusing on "I hear something" Listening, paying attention for God's messages, the beauty, love, light, which surrounds me each and every moment of the day (A great practice for me to incorporate daily)
    Yes "tune in" to God
    Love to All....

  35. Thank you for the uplifting message. I was pondering your testimony of the healing of the snoring, and i noticed that the healing occurred when you were praying not only to satisfy your own desire for peace and quiet, but when you were also concerned for other people. Could it be what made the difference?

  36. How rock solid, grounding-wise; and, how light and free, in spirit feeling at the same time. Thank you, Ginny Leudeman. I love being this solid in God and transparent in God all at once.

  37. I am greatly helped by the DLs I have been reading. I have also benefitted from reading Science and Health by MBE. It is by chance and I believe God's grace to be reading and observing Christian Science members practice of Divine Love. I am not a member but I am convinced that it is a powerful spiritual tool to understanding the scriptures. Ginny's presentation, which I have tuned in to several times is one of several that I would recommend to all non-members of Christian Science. I am convinced that all bible reading and study enthusiasts would be beter- off reading and studying Science and Health. God bless you all.

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