The healing power of gratitude [39 mins ENG]


Betty O'Neal, CSB, shares her lecture "The healing power of gratitude" in the Original Edifice of The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts. Filmed on April 24, 2012.

  1. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Betty for your wonderful lecture on gratitude. Your joy and enthusiasm for the healings you have experienced are shared in a very pleasing manner. I love the statement you used that "Fear and gratitude are not roomates." I too have found that singing and praising God awakens me and others to appreciate more of the good God is bestowing.

  3. A wonderful inspiring lecture as Betty took us on her own spiritual journey with such gratitude, joy and humility. She shares the efficacy of Christian Science as she lived and proved with each story/testimony she shared. This is a healing lecture abundant with joy and the power and presence of God.

  4. This is just what I needed today! So much substance in humility, in turning to God in every need and acknowledging His Omnipresence in our lives. Sometimes we need to make a list of all the good that surrounds us every moment. Thank you, Betty.

  5. Warm and wonderful. Thank you so much.

  6. This is the best CS lecture I've heard in 40 years ~~the letter killeth but...........

  7. Dear Betty,

    Indeed, my list of things to be grateful for was increased by the loving healing ideas you shared in your inspiring lecture!
    Thank you so much for your commitment with the spiritual progress of humanity!

  8. Thank you, Betty, for a wonderful healing-full lecture.

  9. Thanks for this Betty. Gratitute readys us for more of God's blessings. I love your joyous and enthusiastic delivery of this message, and of course, am very grateful ! Warmly Rick.

  10. Thank you, Betty. Loved the Biblical passages and the healings you related. Will get going on my gratitude list!

  11. Betty,

    Thank you for this wonderful lecture. It is just what I needed. God's perfection can never be challenged but my own fear can with my gratitude for all that I have received.

  12. Thank you so much for this good lecture on gratitude...

  13. Thank you so much for the lecture. It helps us feel hopefully when times are difficult.

  14. Thank you so much, Betty. Your lecture is full of heartfelt love for God and man. That is true worship.
    Our God is good! I will make a gratitude list right now.

  15. Thank you Betty. You so clearly explained how gratitude heals. Beautiful!

  16. Thank you sooo much Betty. I always enjoy your lectures and daily lifts. You are very clear in your
    presentations. Thank you!

  17. Thanks Betty, I love your lecture, and your laugh, I love the idea of a gratitude journal. Remember to keep your eyes on the birds where ever you are, as they never tire of expressing God's joy for her creation.

  18. what a wonderful reminder about how important gratitude is even in the midst of troubling times in our lives. I have listened to this lecture and other christian science lectures over and over again. Thanks for making them available on-line. They have blessed me so much!

  19. What a powerful message about a powerful topic. Thank you for it. I love the pure sincerity of the message and the messenger.

  20. Thank you so much for this! Each shared experience gave me a "word" of guidance.

  21. This lecture soothed my soul. Betty, I love your calm and practical delivery. I will start my gratitude journal today

  22. As the previous contributor said "gratitude journal" is what we can share with our own selves. It really is so important to be grateful. Truly, if we are grateful for what seems to be the small blessings, then we fit to receive seemingly more and larger blessings. Thank you Betty for sharing these thoughts. Much love.

  23. Thank you for this lecture. It helped me understand better the power of gratitude to change from unhelpful negative thoughts to the good ones that bring truth and love and joy, and healing.

  24. Thank you Betty - an inspiring lecture filled with many healing thoughts. One stood out to me - the reference to My. 164:10 to paraphrase "...gratitude... focusing light where... memory... is present". To me this means that gratitude can replace false memory with the light of Truth and Love. This is most helpful to correcting the effect of unhappy memory. And I started my gratitude list, too.

  25. While listening to your lecture, I was praying to God to understand how gratitude or a gratitude list actually heals. I've been struggling with the thought that having a gratitude list is about as effective as reciting the alphabet. Then in the middle of something you said, it dawned on me that a gratitude list, un-lists all of errors lists of complaints, sickness, fear and so on. What a wonderful day this is going to be!

  26. Thank you for sharing your experiences in gratitude to God. I was particularly moved by your ability to make some of the basic principles of CS practical and understandable.

  27. Betty - 5/29/12
    Dear Betty, thank you for making the basics of CS so clear to me. I am struggling with a dear little
    neighbor who lives alone with seeming dementia and has become a nuisance to all the neighbors.
    I need desperately to see her a s God's perfect child, who loves and is loved by all involved. I will get busy on the list of things to be grateful for right away.

  28. Dealing with an issue at present, I am grateful to hear about your gratitude list, and started one of my own while listening to your encouraging words. I already feel more at peace.

  29. What a wonderful, inspiring lecture! Thank you so much for sharing. It is very timely for me since I am in the process of moving to another state and obtaining employment. You gave me so many good ideas about how to work with change through prayer.

  30. So beautiful. Thank you so much Betty! You're a wonderful light and thanks for reminding me of how much God loves all of us! xx

  31. Betty, Thank you so much for this inspirational lecture, one of the best I've heard. I will listen to this many times.

  32. This is definitely very inspiring Betty. It is definitely true that gratitude is the base for any type of healing. In fact in making a list of things for which each one of us should be grateful it also shifts our attention to God and not the problem.

  33. Thank you for sharing so many Truths with me today. Your lecture gave me steps to push aside fears that hinders growth. Again, thank you!

  34. Betty
    What a wonderful lecture. Your love and gratitude shine through it. A true blessing. Many thanks.

  35. Sometimes I come back and listen to a lecture several times. This is one of those times. I needed Betty to share again her willingness to walk with God in deepest gratitude and humility.
    I'm so grateful I did. I'm sooooo grateful these lectures are available!!

  36. How comforting it is to be reminded that God is right there to hear us tell Him our heart is full of thanks for all the love God has given us and aware of where it all came. That communion with Love comes with so much power that you can not forget the joy it brings. Thank you, Betty for the sharing of how gratitude made a difference in your life. Beautifully told!

  37. Thank you for the Lecture and the healing.

  38. Thank you Betty for this wonderful lecture. For deepening my understanding of CS teaching. I will be watching this lecture again. I love your presentation.

  39. Thank you for your wonderful lecture. Writing a gratitude list is a great tool. I have used it before, but sometime ago I stopped. Hearing your story reminded me of the effect a gratitude list has had on my life. When you are grateful you erase all fears. I will resume writing a gratitude list today. Thanks again.

  40. Oh, Betty Jean, how wonderful to see gratitude in action as you do so graciously do!
    It's not just the saying "Thank you!" every time, but the spirit of gratitude - the FEELING of Love - that makes all the difference.
    This lecture goes out far and wide, and still it is so needed by more friends and family!
    Keep up the great praying, Betty Jean!

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