Spiritual solutions for desperate situations [44 mins ENG]

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Lorenzo Rodriguez, CSB, shares his lecture "Spiritual solutions for desperate situations" in the Original Edifice of The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts. Filmed on November 13, 2012.

"You command the situation if you understand that mortal existence is a state of self-deception and not the truth of being." -Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures 403:14

  1. Excellent! Thank you so much

  2. Thank you very much. Exactly the encouragement, support, and inspiration I need right now for today.

  3. Fantastic - Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much - brilliant lecture

  5. amazing - this wonderful, clear and inspirational lecture - it helps me so much. It is10.30 p.m., and I can go to bed with this wounderful lecture in mind and think prayerfully about it. - thank you so, so much, dear Lorenzo - and thank you so very much indeed dear Lecture Committee in Boston for sending these lectures by email - its such a blessing!

  6. I Looove Lectures that teach as they inspire. I am going to listen to it again with fresh inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  7. Thank you God!!
    (And Your reflection, Lorenzo Rodriguez, is wonderful too!
    Thank You for shining so brightly
    in him!)

    I am very helped on my way.

  8. This lecture is a beautiful, clear explanation of Christian Science and how it heals. Thank you so much.

  9. This is exactly what I needed to hear at this time in my life. Thank you so much.

  10. Thank you, Lorenzo. I loved the conversational approach and the whiteboard visual. The quadrants of "What we want;" What the world tells us we have;" the wall between; and then the two concepts of God - the dualistic, anthropomorphic and then God as revealed through Christian Science, were very powerful. Also, the choice between worry and prayer. And the definition of eternity, which is in effect, NOW. I also appreciated the testimonies you shared. Thanks, again!

  11. thank you much,, vary much need ,in all our lives to get closer,R JIM ORo

  12. Thank you Lorenzo. I am relatively new to Christian Science and your lecture put everything I have been reading into clear view for me.. Your explanations were simple and you put the concepts into easy to understand words. You have clarified many things for me and I feel I can move forward in my prayers and understanding. One Mind. Thank You Lorenzo.

  13. Thank you, Lorenzo, for such a wonderful lecture. I have been listening to this lecture every day. Your comments about healing and that it is not mind over matter but knowing who God is and who we are in relationship to God really changed my way of thinking. Again, thank you so much.

  14. Thank you, Lorenzo.

    This is a good lecture as you made it simple and practical. I feel this will reach those listening to help overcome a so-called desperate situation.

    Also, I like how you demonstrated your ability to teach rather than just lecture.

    This is a powerful lecture because you gave specific ideas and not a formula to guide one's thought into healing. The Chrsit message will reach those who need it.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  15. Thank you Lorenzo. Such clarity! You make Christian Science easy to understand. I'll return to this lecture when I get caught up in worry, and the limitations of a belief in a material world.

  16. Thank you for making the path forward so simple and explaining it, so everyone can get the Christ message.

  17. Great talk. Simple and to the point. I think the ideas expressed in this lecture will continue on and much healing will come from it. Thank you, Lorenzo.

  18. thank you so much. Very unspiring.

  19. Thank you for sharing this inspiration. I'm grateful and using it now! Many around me will be benifitted, I know. So clearly presented one could not help but learn from this talk. Your use of the text book and bible were geat examples and reinforcing.

  20. wonderfu! Refreshing reminders of who we really are! THANKS and all in 45 minutes!

  21. Thank you for this inspiring and encouraging talk. I seem to be caught up in worry over family situations but I am working slowly but surely to see everyone as truly the reflection of God and applying the truths as I understand them in Christian Science.

  22. Many thanks Lorenzo for this inspiring talk on Christian Science. Yes. "All, all is well."

  23. Very inspiring! Thank you Lorenzo for teaching that Christian Science can be demonstrated practically. Your love for God and your fellow man shines through. I felt it as I am sure all did. Thanks again!!!!

  24. This lecture has really helped me to put down worry on several fronts. Thank you so much.

  25. Thanks for that beautiful clarity in showing how the concept of God we hold is so critical. I loved the verse of the hymn you finished with. Recently, in a seemingly desperate situation, that was the verse that broke through and lifted consciousness to where it needed to be.

  26. wow!.....I will take every word of this with me today......what a beautiful expression of Christian Science practice...thank you so Lorenzo for being such a shining light in our movement!

  27. Thank you Lorenzo.

  28. This is my second time thru as I sit in the Reading Room here in Melbourne, FL! I keep stopping and starting to review your well-made points.... Of course, besides the clarity and simplicity with which you explain how to pray....'don't talk, take it in to your consciousness...' -- you know I love your enthusiasm!

    An old camp song I love: "Peace, I ask of thee oh River...peace, peace, peace. When I learn to live serenely, cares will cease..." This verse often comes to mind; and I used to puzzle about why it wasn't, "Cares will cease, WHEN I learn to live serenely..." Just as your family's experience shows, FIRST, Stop worrying....then all will fall into place, and 'cares will cease.' Yippee!
    Love, Amy

  29. So clear are your words the shine directly through the wondering thoughts that bring worry and confusion. Like your words and presentation, simplicity is the hallmark of the divine. God when viewed as you indicate correctly corrects our universe. Abraham viewed his progeny as numbering the sands on the shore. The definition of eternity met that experience and others like it as what the Brother of Jared saw in the Chapter Ether in the Book of Mormon. Your presentation gives us a glimpse of Heaven on earth. I thank you so very much for being an agent of our loving God.

  30. Thank you Lorenzo. I liked your comment that "C.S. is simple, but not easy." John in Salem, Oregon

  31. Thank you. I return to listen to this lecture when I need some reminding of who I am.

  32. This is a simple, clear approach to explaining what Christian Science is for those who are unfamiliar with it, and a refreshing reminder for those who are familiar with it. It removes the clutter of mortal thinking to let in the light of pure Truth. Thank you so much!

  33. A very effective, clear and encouraging lecture Lorenzo.
    I like the practicality of how it is presented- so down to earth.
    Just the clarity I need right now.

    Thank you.

  34. Exactly, this is just what I need to hear at the moment. I love how you presented it so simply and clearly. I also love how you explained and illustrated how man is one because God is one. Another is when you said in this context that the manifestation of God is one, and yes, we are individual expressions of Spirit, God and are sealed as one by loving one another. This is something worthwhile to put to practice now. It frees us from anticipating future worries. Then praying in Christian Science is not only curative but also preventive as Mrs. Eddy wrote in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Thank you so much Lorenzo for your sharing of your lighted God's Kingdom right here and NOW.

  35. Thank you for posting this talk, and I'm so glad I found the time to listen. It shows so clearly how we can step away from those feelings and sense of no way forward, and let in some light. In the light the whole picture is so different and those possibilities appear, and the joy.

  36. I love your talk, a very profound wake up call, spoken with the art of humor! Thank you for "painting" these images for our consciousness, I will keep them in front of my inner eyes: to be a "transparency figure" for Christ and and to recognize God inside yourself as the "inside picture"!

  37. Thank you!

  38. I absolutely love the lecture, it is so clear and what I like too is its so methodical and step by step; line upon line precept upon precep here a little and there a little. as Mrs. Eddy says somewhere is her books.

    Thank you so much Lorenzo
    Thank you Mother Church
    Thank you Father-Mother God for always providing a way, a channel to reach us just as these lectures do

  39. thank you for beginning your lecture by relating how the principles Mrs. Eddy discovered work even though they are not named or acknowledged under the umbrella of Christian Science--stop worrying.

  40. You are one funny 'doed'! Brilliant, I was riveted from beginning to end. Now we know how the walls of Jericho fell! Here's to the fall of all our mental walls that never were. Blessings to all.

  41. Thank you!

  42. Lorenzo, you have given the most complete explanation of Christian Science I have ever heard. Thank you so much and thanks to all you have made it possible. You covered the whole ground!!!!

  43. Very good explanation, simple but not easy, God inspired lecture.
    Thanks Lorenzo.

  44. Thank you, Mr. Rodriguez! I was raised in Christian Science and I always thought it was so Heavy and Complicated - all those big words in Science and Health!! You put it so simply in a teachable way.....I think Mrs. Eddy would be very proud of You! And I also think Jesus would have loved this Lecture, as it resembles his style of teaching with parables. Big Love!

  45. Estimado Lorenzo, sus palabras inspiradas por nuestro Padre- Madre , explican claramente quién es Dios y quién es el Hombre creado a su imagen y semejanza.
    Gracias por TODO lo que escuchamos en esta lectura.

  46. Perfect! Thank you Lorenzo!

  47. This is one of the best Christian Science lectures. I explains in easy to understand terms how a Christian Scientist seeks to manage consciousness and allow only good thoughts and discard any thought that does not come from God. We show your lecture often to our guests and visitors to the Honolulu Christian Science Reading Room. Thank you!

  48. What a wonderfully inspiring lecture and exactly what I need today, to realize there is no wall.

  49. thank you for this wonderful series of all good thoughts that is so easy to understand and accept.Lorenzo was excellent ..all the truths he said what a loving, kind example he is of Christian Science and the Love he expresses for all manking...

  50. This is worthwhile - 45 minutes - great for someone new to CS!

  51. What an inspiration this is - and I can return to it again and again. Thank you so much

  52. Wonderful, learned so much just what I needed

  53. This was the best exegesis of what Christian Science is & does I have ever heard expounded by one of the lecturers. Very direct, lucid, practical.

  54. a gift of grace to find and hear this lecture today. Thank you my heavenly father for guiding me here.

  55. Thank you so much. The absolute faith and conviction come through loud and clear. So helpful.

  56. wonderful clarity of thought, perfect for my present need. I love that with the elimination of fear, the healing becomes evident. una enorme bendicion que se pueda expresar en ingles y espanol. so glad that you can share in both English and Spanish. gracias

  57. Thank you so very much for these lectures on line, being in an area far from a major city, what a joy, and thinking how I can share this with loved ones!

  58. Thank you Lorenzo!
    The Word of God is every present! Today, in 2012 or in the future!
    But today is the day of the Lord!
    Thank you again!!!

  59. Lorenzo that was a fantastic lecture! So well done and explained so simply. I am so grateful I heard this and will listen again and again. Thank you so much!!

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