Real security (without the blanket) [71 mins ENG]

Real security (without the blanket)

Watch Kevin Graunke’s lecture “Real security (without the blanket)” filmed in San Jose, California, USA November 11, 2010.

  1. great lectures!

  2. Thank you so much Kevin. Christian Science has and always will continue to be my stead fast foundation to grow spiritually with, for supply and abundance and health and in giving. It keeps me active and on my toes to listen and make sure what is coming into my thinking every minute and then be able to cast out what is limited and not from Love and to thank God. As Jesus said, “To know the Truth and the Truth will make you free.” Mrs Eddy has given me a wonderful happy way of life. It’s real security without the blanket. It’s now midnight and a great way to drift off to sleep having heard your Lecture. Thank you. VHC Then to wake up to a bright new morning!

  3. A very helpful and easily understood lecture.
    I loved the Peanuts connection !
    I have been feeling very insecure about my future in view of being affected by the very widely held world belief in the deteriorating affect of old age.

  4. Thank you for the very simple, yet potent message which was exactly what I needed to hear today and get a boost of reassurance of the age old message “ALL ALL IS WELL!!!!”
    I will have to listen to it over and over as there is just so much in your message that is my ‘manna’ for today!

  5. We are so blessed to have this lecture! Thank you thank you!!

  6. Thank you for this wonderful lecture . It was really a lift for me to hear this and

    I cant get enouht of these lovely words, so I hear it over and over again. It really gave me new strenght to go forwards in our religion .

    It is a real privilage to say thank you so much for this lovely lecture you gave us . Dear greetings from Sweden from KENT LUNDIN…………….

  7. An extremely clear lecture with a very likeable lectuerer! Thank you for posting this new one.

  8. Kevin, thank you for this clear expression of truth. I was feeling a bit low, but the Truth you expressed lifted me up. Thanks also to all those who made thos lecture brodcast possible.

  9. Kevn: My deepest heartfelt thank you to you for this wonderful lecture. It was just what I was praying for to hear the Truth about security in our lives. I have been laid off my job now for 4 months and had been questioning security when in essence, I needed to get back on the path of understanding our provider is God alone. HE is my only source, my employer, and provider. My faith in HIM will lead me on the path I need to be on. You are a gifted speaker and lecturer. I am so grateful to have been brought up as a child in Christian Science knowing HE lights my way. Amen.

  10. I don’t know what happened. I wrote a thank you note and the next thing I know it disappeared!
    What I said was that the lecture on security seemed to be just exactly what I needed today and I thank you for it. Many thanks to The Mother Church for making it possible for me to listen to it here in my own office.
    All the love of Love, Lorrie

  11. Very comforting… thank you for this wonderful lecture!

  12. Thanks, Kevin! What a privilege to be able to hear this wonderful lecture. We are looking forward to your lecture next week here in La Jolla (San Diego, CA).

    In particular, I love your idea that “God’s family lives in peaceful unity; not in jealous or angry mistrust.” Very helpful.

  13. This lecture just keeps on blessing. Thanks so much Kevin.

  14. Thank you for reminding us our security ( safety, financial, etc.) is in Spirit (in Principle, in God). Your lecture is a beautiful reminder.

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