Real relationships in a Facebook world [43 mins ENG]

Real relationships in a Facebook world

Watch Robin Hoagland's lecture “Real relationships in a Facebook world” filmed at the Allen Public Library in Allen, TX, USA February 13, 2011.

  1. Relationship is progress that is strong and enduring. This strength comes from love. This strength comes from knowing someone that you show love through compassion and help them through times of homelessness, trials, and tribulations. This person is finding his relationship with other spiritual beings that speak words of wisdom and inspire us to live life to the fullest and give him some friendship and care. Even if there is carelessness there is God and this spiritual people to help virtually. This brings strength and healing power. This is the only real relationship even in times when some things seem bleak. This motivates and stirs consciousness that is good. God is good, God is great!

  2. That was a wonderful lecture. Thanks so much for sharing it on Facebook.

  3. Thank you for a message that closes any suppositional gap, age-wise, time-wise, and “religion-wise.” Such wisdom, pertinent for today.. So fabulous!

  4. Me gustaría entender pero hablo español nada más

  5. That was really a “quality” lecture. I love the ideas of “companioning” with like qualities and those spiritual. Also, “to thine own self be true”. Thanks for the well delivered ideas.

  6. Thank you, Robin for sharing this timeless message that spans generations, and shows us the value of seeing our genuine spiritual natures. I appreciated your honesty and naturalness in the experiences you shared.

  7. Wonderful! Maravilloso!
    Robin, thank you so much for such a wonderful lecture, long due! I am so glad we have these opportunities with the internet, and so many CS talks!!!. We are getting back in touch with old friends and making new ones. This talk about relationships is so up to date!
    What a joy to see so many CS churches and RRs on Facebook, I am so glad TMC took to Facebook, now we all can connect and learn as we never did before… and that, globally!
    Hurray for progress!
    Maravilloso! Wonderful!
    Robin, que muchas gracias por esta maravillosa charla, largamente esperada! Estoy tan contenta que tenemos estas oportunidades con el Internet, y tantas charlas de la Ciencia Cristiana!!! Volvemos a ponernos en contacto con viejos amigos y hacemos otros nuevos. ¡Esta charla sobre relaciones es tan al día!
    ¡Qué alegría ver tantas iglesia de la Ciencia Cristiana y Salas de Lectura en Facebook, yo estoy tan contenta de que La Iglesia Madre entró a Facebook, ahora todos podemos conectarnos y aprender como nunca lo habíamos hecho, ¡y eso, globalmente! ¡Viva el progreso!

  8. Thank you for such an inspiring lecture……It was just what I needed!! Like Kaye from Kansas, I too loved the idea of companioning with those beautiful spiritual qualities.

  9. This was wonderful .. inspiring and very helpful!

  10. Kamini from England says:

    Thank you Robin I really understood your lecture and listened to it more than once because it made good sense.

    Thank you.

  11. The love and conviction shared in your lecture brought me to tears. I’ve recently divorced from a marriage that spanned 28 years with 4 wonderful children and associated grandchildren. The facebook age is upon us and being mid-age (if there is such a stage) confronts with an entirely new world, it is good to know the bedrock of my innate God like qualities can not be overshadowed or overlooked in this glamour and glitzy oriented world of today. Thank you.

  12. Great! Really good stuff Robin.

    Anon. London, England,United Kingdom.

  13. Wow, Robin, you really have spoken to our hearts. I’ll be sharing this with friends and family. I am soooo grateful we have these online lectures which we can listen to while doing the more mundane things, like cleaning the kitchen. The world is so blessed!!!

  14. Thank you very much for a great lecture, Robin! What a wonderful message. See you soon.

  15. Robin–I, too, was so touched by your lecture. I loved the naturalness of your delivery, including your blue-jean-clad appearance :) . For me, this symbolized that the “special” truths you were sharing, were meant to be part of “everyday” life.

    LIke Wes, #12, I am hearing your message in the wake of the dissolution of my marriage. My husband chose to end things after 3 children and more than 30 years of marriage, and he just married someone else a couple weeks ago. It has seemed nearly impossible, at times, to have any healthy sense of myself, separate from this sense of failure and abandonment.

    Your lecture has given me fresh resolve to keep on going directly to God, the God who is Love, and listen for God’s approval, and to do this consistently. Thank you again for the deep tenderness in your message.

  16. Great talk! Really loved the idea Robin shared about looking for a sense of "approval" in relationships. And loved the parallel she drew from the Bible, how the very first thing that happened with Jesus, BEFORE his ministry, BEFORE he did any miracles, BEFORE he proved himself in any way, was that he was given approval. "This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased." Great to know that we have that same sense of approval, and it comes before we do anything! We don't have to go out and earn it or prove ourselves to others first.

  17. Thanks Robin,

    A very thoughtful and well delivered lecture - which I have caught up with almost a year late!

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