Prayer that works [15 mins ENG]


Norm Bleichman, CS, shares how to pray effectively and bring health and healing into our everyday lives in this talk during a mini-lecture series at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, Texas on March 3rd, 2012. To watch more lectures from this event, click here.

  1. What a wonderful way to spend fifteen minutes!! Thank you for your inspired thoughts and the wonderful smiles given by sharing them.

  2. I love your "NO" prayer!! Several years ago, also in a car, it had amazing power for me. One spring morning, heading out to grocery shop for the family, and about 15 minutes short of being 9 months pregnant, we had fresh slushy snow which made for very slippery driving, so I was being very careful and driving slowly. At the top of a little bit of uphill road, a car suddenly pulled out from the right, not respecting a stop sign, and cut right in front of me. Simply lifting the foot from the accelerator caused the car to go into a spin down the hill. My immediate prayer was like Norm's NOOO! A NO which recognized the immediate protecting power and presence of God. It was the biggest NO i had ever known! I did not know how to handle the car in this slippery spin, but God did! The car spun around several times, changed directions and then, of itself, backed gently into a fence on the side of the road. There was no damage, and no cars coming in my direction during the time the car was spinning. All was well, and the baby and I were safe. This NO is an amazing prayer - it includes the immediate allness of God. Thank you for this wonderful mini-lecture and for the reminder of this powerful prayer!!

  3. A big YESSSSS to your "NOOOOOO"!

    Excellent in every way.

    Inspired and inspiring in every way.

    Definitely fresh. Definitely funny, too.

    Definitely learned more about what prayer is and does, how to do it and how to explain it.

    Can't wait for the next installment.

  4. Simple, helpful and healing. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for this creative and informative resource. The shortened format of this Christian Science lecture is very attractive and useful making it a wonderful "helping hand" to share with others. Plus its conciseness and metaphysical substance made me feel like I was receiving a perfect, little gem to treasure and hold close to my heart. Love it!

  6. Thanks Norm for this enlightening talk - love the humour.

  7. My goodness! How helpful. A super explanation on how to pray, and suitable for all ages, and the whole family.

  8. My word this early morning was, "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!" So I turned on the Daily Lift and heard about this lecture. (Thanks, Nate!) 15 minutes was time I could well afford. Thank you for meeting my need by reminding me not to be impressed by a re-curring circumstance, but rather impressed by the steadfast, immovable principles that have proven their glorious efficacy so consistently over time. Like a good teacher, your words and the life works they are based on have sent me back to re-learn this application in a new and lovely way. I went from being stuck at 7 a.m. to being inspired 15 minutes later. So, my call was answered and my faith and hope and courage renewed. Thank you

  9. What a thought provoking message delivered in a lighthearted manner. I love the 15 minute format. It's easy to start my day with a daily lift followed by this short lecture. "Pray without ceasing". This certainly sets the intention for one's day and for a lifetime of prayer! How wonderful is that?

  10. Wonderful and perfectly timed. Thanks!

  11. Well done!
    I like the 15 minutes concept for short focused lectures. The message is clear and delivered in an entertaining way, the set up is beautiful, the filming is very good... that´s a recipe for success!
    Keep them coming.

  12. Excellent lecture, clear and to the point, thank you Norm! Prayer does really work even very short prayers. What a great way to begin this week.

  13. Thank you , so wonderful, so helpful, so true, so loving.

  14. Thank you for the lecture it was great.

  15. Laugh out loud, wonderful !! Told with humility and power, what a wake up! So glad to be reminded of God's loving presence with us all the time. Divine Love would never have us fail, thank you for making us aware of God's love in what seemed to be a fatal mistake. Grateful you are with us to tell us of your transformation of thought from asleep to awake in the arms of divine Love.

  16. FANTASTIC!!!

  17. What a marvelous way to start the week .My no prayer was at when my grandson was being born.I was helping singing and knowing god present.the doctor said he not breathing and I yelled No no he is god child his purpose is to serve him He starting crying what a joy to know that god is present power .Yes god is love Thank you all who make possible our daily lift blessing

  18. This was fabulous, thank you

  19. WOW! Terrific message and format! I'm so grateful that this lecture series is being made available. I was thinking I'd missed the chance to participate in this lecture series just 2 hrs from my home. And my need this morning was for fresh inspiration in my prayers. So, YES and THANK YOU are my prayers for to-day as "Divine love always has met and always will meet every human need."

  20. Yea Norm! This was succinct yet comprehensive enough to tell me how you use it. You are informal enough to be so fun and accessible to listen to. And what dramatic effects from your prayer! Wow! I think I'll join in Christian Science study again today!!

  21. Wonderful..I want to hear more!

  22. WOW! So clear and a great reminder of just how wonderful prayer is!

  23. Thank you, Norm!
    Thanks for praying and listening and hearing—and for sharing this message that leads to a deeper understanding of our inseparable relationship with God, divine Love!

    And thank you, Daily Lift staff, for presenting the "15 minute lecture" lecture series! Brilliant!

  24. Beautiful. I have shared this lecture with a couple of friends who are not Christian Scientist.
    Such a lovely talk to use as that offer of the cup of cold water that Mrs. Eddy speaks about in
    Science and Health.
    Thank you so much. I love the mini lecture idea.

  25. Thank you for the lecture.
    Thanks for reminding us of how to pray and get answers

  26. Thank you, The calm conviction showing in your words is helping me to understand communication better. The statement of Jesus that no one could come to him accept that they were drawn by the Father--I have been praying to understand this. Being drawn by the Father-Mother God equals being drawn by Life Truth Love Spirit Soul Principle Mind -the synonyms for God given in S&H. These only have the ability to draw us because they only are the source of explanations of applied truth, illustrating "...the demonstration of Christ, who healeth all thy diseases. (Ps 103:3)" (quote from The Manual of The Mother Church by MBE). I have been struggleing with getting impatient with a friend who wants to study the Bible with me, but only seems to want to present her view of it and doesn't think healing is possible for us in today's world. Nothing I said seemed to make sense to her. Then I said: You can't blow up the #2 with a bomb. I could see a look of recognition in her face. I humbly realized later that the only thing I need to think of and pray for is to increase in demonstration which is its own explanation. The #2 comment hit home because I throughly understand it. Another idea that is helping me is the statement from S&H " Understanding is the line of demarcation between the real and the unreal." Taking this statement very literally--understanding is not something I go get and put into 'my' human mind. It is "the line" --It exists in and of itself. I am obedient to it, not in possession of it. I want to see more clearly and not try humanly to show or impress people with Christian Science. Thank you all for your helpful contributions.

  27. thanks for the lecture norm, your thoughts are very helpful. ann wickham scott..

  28. Great idea....saying NO to everything that is not sent to us from GOD....
    and saying YES to every goodness that GOD bestows upon us.

  29. Thanks! This talk is GREAT!!!

  30. Super explanation which has a wide audience.
    Thank you Norm.

  31. really wonderful lecture norm - ur friend ggz

  32. Loved this short format and the great message it brings. Thank you.

  33. Perfect length, helpful, clear, universal, humorous. Thank you!!!!!

  34. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with everyone. This was really very nicely done.

  35. Just simply wonderful and powerfu!. The fifteen minute format, the relaxedand confident lecturer, the easy to understand ideas and applications, all based on the Bible and Science and Health, the connection between Christ Jesus and his teaching and the discovery of Christian Science by Mary Baker Eddy, are beautifully explained for those of us who have been in Science and for those who are seeking the Truth today. Bravo!!!!!

  36. BRAVO Norm! There is hope for our world, with talks like yours going out with the
    absolutely wonderful message that Truth is sending us through His law of love: the
    Science of Christianity! Thank you for reflecting so beautifully, clearly, joyfully, and
    with humor, this vital message to humanity. I am very grateful and happy about this,
    and plan to share it with many friends and family whom I believe would be receptive
    and HEALED by it! Life is GOOD!!!!!!

  37. Thanks so much for this 15 minute refresher. This is a wonderful way to keep the LIGHT Mrs. Eddy and Christ Jesus gave us shining.

  38. Thanks--great job! Very effective for 15 minutes!

  39. WOW, what a wonderful and loving message on Prayer. I love the principles which were so clearly stated... I'll be mindful of them in my daily prayers. Thank you so very much.

  40. This is a wonderful way to introduce the true meaning of prayer and CS. Brillant and so well done. Perfect You Tube material

  41. One of the BEST ever.....................thank you so very much. I love the way that we can tune in to any matter the title.........and "of course" it meets our need of the moment.........this sure did for me............Blessings upon blessings. xo

  42. Norm, that was great! thanks. :) Shanda

  43. am very grateful for this helpful 15minute lecture on a most important theme - p r a y e r! And am very grateful that my computer is just fixed so that I have the previlege to listen to Norms` very lovely lecture.

  44. Thank you Norm. Prayer is NO accident. I was driving to work...went down a small I came up another car makeing a turn had turned across me...I swerved...almost got around...but he clipped the back bumper. Out of control I mounted the footpath...bounced off a retaining wall rolled a 360...hit a pole and stopped...all in a split second. All I remember thinking...praying... was "God is Love".I got out of the car thanking God. I was completely safe. The car was a write off. BUT...I had hit two children on their way to school. I almost cried as they lay on the path crying.
    Wait a minute!!! I thought "How could God protect ME...yet exclude THEM. Here is what came to me from Science and Health. "Accidents are unknown to God and we must leave the mortal basis of belief and unite with thre one Mind in order to establish the proper sense of God's unerring direction and thus bring out harmony" The children were taken to hospital and were OK...except for the little boy...who the doctors said would be left with a limp. I asked the parents if I could pray for the boy. They agreed. a few weeks later the limp was gone. Whenever I drive by the place...I never think "Oh that's wher an accident happened...but rather that's where the power of God was known and proved"



  47. thank you. I appreciate this, especially the reminder God is good.

  48. This was just wonderful.

  49. This short, but powerful Lecture is so helpful to all of us! I emailed it on to two friends who aren't Christian Scientists......yet! Thank you, Norm, and BOL and all who put this on! Terrific! Yes, let's have more.....lots more!

  50. very nice, thank you

  51. Thank you, Norm, I'm keeping this, is the clearer explanation I ever heard, I wish I heard it when I was a kid.
    "Prayer is a positive, active process. Prayer is not a formula, is not a secret word or a phrase you say over and over again hopping that things will get better…
    It’s getting a clear picture of what’s real and lasting in life, and how you fit into that picture as a spiritual idea. That’s prayer that works in all the right ways."

  52. Need audio only as my phone doesn't play this video but I love the idea and hope to be able to hear/see this at some point.

  53. Thank you for your Lift Norm and also for your lecture. Very clear.

  54. Thank you so much for the mini lecture!! It would seem that lately I have been unable to attend any area lectures because of "good" reasons. Hah! This too will pass! I really loved the simplicity of Norm's explanations and will try to use them when I have the opportunity to share Science with others. Thanks again and please keep the lifts and lectures coming!!

  55. Thank-you Norm, this lecture on prayer was exactly what I needed to have a bit more understanding, and very funny too. I will be looking forward to the next one. Again I thank-you for helping me start my day with something so powerful!!!

  56. Thanks. That was excellent! I'd been wishing for something a little longer than the "Daily Lift."

  57. What a great way to spend my lunch, learning how to pray in a humorous and effective way. Thank you!

  58. I do like the mix of the Daily Lifts and a brief lecture such as Norm's. It was thoughtful and had an authentic ring to it. Yet, in all honesty and not meaning to be condescending, I did find parts of it to be geared more to the novice Christian Scientist rather than those with a number of years of study behind them.

    And I find this also with the lecturers who come to church periodically. The messages are meant for bringing new people into the fold for the most part. I understand there is an overriding need to do this, to increase our numbers and am wondering if there couldn't be two different sets of lectures....those for experienced Christian Scientists and those for newcomers. When a lecturer comes to our church I would say that 90 percent of those attending have been studying Christian Science for decades. Only a handful are from the general public.

    A challenging situation, to be sure.

  59. Thank you!!

  60. Joel (#58), you make a good point, and I’m happy to respond from my own experience. I don’t pretend to answer for my fellow lecturers. On one recent occasion I spoke to a group where 70% were newcomers to Science. On another, it was more like the percentage you mentioned. The branch churches sponsoring the event in Dallas, where I and five other lecturers spoke, reached out to the public in many innovative ways, so we all wrote our talks accordingly.

    I do not specifically write or deliver my talks with the goal to “increase our numbers.” I and my colleagues follow the Manual in replying to “public topics condemning Christian Science” and giving factual information “pertaining to the life of” Mary Baker Eddy. If that does, in fact, motivate those attending to join the church, even better. By the way, I’ve always felt the word “public” in that Bylaw gives an indication of who the primary audience may be.

    Incidentally, in Dallas seasoned church members came up to me afterwards and thanked me for expressing truths they’ve known for years in a fresh and thought-provoking way. Were there others that felt under-nourished? No doubt. Perhaps without stratifying lecture content as you suggest, individual inspiration could guide members to talks where there was more for them to digest. Your question is a valid one; these are just my thoughts.

  61. This is wonderful.......basic, simple and yet deep, clear and relevant. Thank you for putting this on and thanks to everyone who commented and thanks to the lecturer.

  62. I love your sense of humor, Norm, and I love your message that we can turn to prayer as our first alternative, not our last. Thanks so much for a fun 15 minutes of learning about the practical way to effectively pray. Love it!

  63. This was absolutely inspired and inspiring. I love the fact that Norm's "Nooooooo" could actually be an affirmation, a protest that nothing like this accident could possibly be happening in God's realm. Every idea was expressed so clearly and so positively. I know the ideas expressed here will stick in my mind and help me pray constantly throughout the day by simply affirming God's complete control of our lives. Thank you!

  64. Thank you for the detailed comments in #60, Norm. I for one love the lectures that come to Toronto several times a year and the lecturers are truly gifted and often inspiring. I sometimes leave the auditorium practically levitating.

    I like the word you use: innovative. Its so important that we keep everything about CS both traditional and fresh at the same time. Not always easy, to be sure. Just adding this mini lecture series is innovative and I wish it well.

    Keep up the important work, Norm.



  65. Norm, Thank you for the great lecture

  66. Thank you for this great adjunct to the Daily Lift series. The stories and analogies in this talk, told with so much enthusiasm; help remind us of the simple Truth that is Christian Science.

  67. Thank you for this beautiful lecture. I also found your accepting the arrest and fine as an added inspiration.

  68. Perfect! This mini lecture, added to our Daily Lifts, is so helpful. Please keep them coming. For me, I have found it a great avenue to send to non-scientist. Easy to understand, yet the profoundness doesn't delute MBE's writings. Gratitude and Love to all.....

  69. Thank you - great clear message!

  70. I liked your comparisons of Math and healing. Reasonable. Good message, well delivered, and humorous! Thank you.

  71. i like the idea of going out into the community to give these lectures. CS movement is leavening thought and making a great impact on the world.

    thank you

  72. Thanks, Norm, nicely done! Good message and I love the humor, too.

    George B.

  73. Perfect subject, perfect presentation, perfect YOU, Norm. Thank you so much for this instruction/insight on prayer. I haven't yet mastered it, and really want to. Again, thank you for the topic...just great!

  74. Norm, we always knew you were talented and now you have used it to explain and promote Christian Science! A good use of your gifts and we are all grateful for it!

  75. Beautiful! No matter how much or long I have studied Christian Science, I often find that it is the simplest, back-to-basics explanations that are the most helpful and useful. I've been working out a challenge, and this talk really helped to clear the cobwebs. Also loved the humor! The mini-lecture format is so friendly, both to newcomers and to those of us who have very full schedules. Kudos and thanks!

  76. thank u Norm to open us to God, that spiritual reality is alive and that each one of us manifest the infinite possibilities!

  77. Fabulous presentation, content and healing message; Bravo Norm:) Very concise delivery and when the audience engages in laughter then you know you're spot on. You've touched them through your own healing and that's what it's all about. Many thanks for your loving touch.

  78. I love that the lectures are more for newcomers to Christian Science. I have always thought that was the purpose. Experienced Christian Scientists can also benefit greatly from even basic introductory lectures for, in a way, we are all newcomer there is so much to grasp!!! I have studied CS for years and still got a lot from this one. I also feel that as experienced CS students, we should rely more on God and ourselves for inspiration and growth and be sort of "mini-lecturers" ourselves. We have "the Pastor" and that's all we should need.

    Wonderful thoughts in this lecture Norm, and your presentation of the ideas was wonderful. I am recommending it to all of my friends that drive in their sleep!!!

  79. Perfect! Thanks. More like this please. Will be replaying it.

  80. Thank you for this mini-lecture. I found it very helpful. I was looking for something short but powerful, and this delivered! As a renewed Christian Scientist, I appreciate both the metaphysical depth and innovative presentation. Not just helpful - fun too!

  81. Thanks Norm for the great talk ! I had a NO healing experience before I had learned about Christian Science. To make it short and concise, my brother, a neighbor friend and I decided to make our own trail down a mountain rather than following the trail we had come up. When my brother started sliding down the rock leading to a 400 foot drop I yelled NO at the top of my lungs. After sliding for 50 feet his foot caught on a very small plant growing out of one of the cracks in the rock on this sheer rock with nothing below it. He managed to gingerly work his way over to sounder footing where we were and we decided to go back by the trail we came up. When I began studying Christian Science, it helped me recognize the power of the Word in this instance. God saved my brother, the NO was God's word about death and destruction. As Geith Plimmer, a lecturer from decades ago, said in one of his lectures, NO is God's Motherhood shining through the Ten Commandments because NO is the most important word a mother can teach her children. Its the beginning of "no other gods" and that always heals.

  82. Thank you, Norm, for a wonderful lecture.

  83. Thank you. This was a wonderful and clear explanation of how we pray in Christian Science. You managed to convey a lot in a short amount of time. This was fun and inspirational!

  84. Your experience was from falling a sleep mine is not being able to sleep. Its after 2:00a.m. This is my good fortune because I came upon your lecture and had a healing!!! Thank you! What an excellent lecture. I am so grateful to have been led to it. Thanks again!

  85. excellent..great energy.

  86. thank you, I, too , used the power of prayer. While crossing a cross walk with my husband, I came to a stop as I saw a car barreling towards us, my husband did not hear me call and not seeing the car he kept moving. I yelled, Jack NOOOOOOOO, meaning don't hit Jack. the driver slammed on his breaks, skidded and stopped within inches, and I mean inches , of my husband's legs. I was so grateful. Kathy from Washington State

  87. This Lecture was delightful, humble and healing!! Thank you for being a lecturer!! Coming to the Lecture sites, the Daily Lifts, allll JSH-OnLine, is like visiting with a friend and sharing healing ideas, gathering fresh inspiration and then sharing in my daily life.

    Thank you!!

  88. Thank you for this great talk on prayer ~ I'm going to forward to several friends.

  89. I just found this lecture. Very good. Thanks.

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