Mary Baker Eddy: Then and now [47 mins ENG]


Shirley Paulson, CS, shares her lecture “Mary Baker Eddy: Then and now”. Filmed in Boston, Massachusetts on March 28, 2011.

In this lecture, Shirley Paulson references three documents provided to those attending. Here are the documents:

Brief historical overview of life of Mary Baker Eddy

Common Quimby questions handout

Source material on life and work of Mary Baker Eddy

  1. I loved that. I love when I learn something NEW and I can move forward in my understanding of this amazing Science. This taught me something new. I really understood the example of the Sun and how we use Science to learn it because we cant go there. That makes so much sense. Likewise we use Christ to teach us this Science of things we can not see.
    I get that!!! I love learning these new things so I can move forward in my demonstration.
    This made my day
    Thank you!

  2. I think its so interesting to, how many questions are on physical healings. I get that all the time. Christian Science is so much more than a physical healing. How do you heal problems in business or relationships or lost things? CS heals everything, because that process is applicable to all problems. Medicine, even if it could help a physical problem, can not heal a business issue for example.
    CS is so broad!

  3. This was very interesting! The q&a was especially helpful. I think the sun was a good example to build on,too. That walk toward the truth which is God hinted at what it means to be “joint-heirs with Christ.”

    Thanks for making this talk available!

  4. I loved how Shirley drew the analogy between the sun-earth-human science relationship and the God-man-Divine Science relationship. Besides that, she also used the same analogy to answer the questions. Practical and Brilliant!

    I thought this lecture is a so good example of how to share Christian Science with the general public that it would be great if you could at least add Spanish subtitles to the video lecture.

    Thank you all!

  5. This is the only lecture I have had some trouble listening to.
    The delivery could be better…..the speaker could speak a little slower.

    I think it is important, when Christian Science has an opportunity to present itself to college students, for example, that the delivery is dynamic and clear.

  6. Brilliant, well-planned and so easy to understand. Some of the explanations will really help me to discuss Christian Science with others. And the questions were insightful, which showed they were listening–and getting it! Thank you.

  7. An Absolutely Perfect Talk, Shirley.
    You are reflecting God so clearly and
    healing-ly! Thanks for your good work.


  8. 5. Christy: I was conscious of the fact that there was so much good stuff to squeeze into a limited class time. I was amazed that Shirley made her points so CLEARLY, even at that rapid clip.

    I kept up with that speed and think the theology students did, too, judging by their intelligent questions.

    Like others here, I loved the sun/God vs. earth/human perspective metaphor.

    Also, I’m relieved, Shirley, that you didn’t use “jargon” to explain CS. Your talk was practical, down-to-earth, and touched on points that would interest Christian students.

    :-) Big yes to #7. California Sue’s word “healing-ly.”

  9. Even though I have been a student of Christian Science for a long time, I am so happy to see and understand some ideas which were still a little fuzzy to me. Ms. Paulson explained her ideas in a very clear and simple way. Thank you so much

  10. Loved it! Thank You.

  11. Beautifully spoken. We’re into May and I just now enjoyed the lecture. I look forward to replaying it again. Thank you

  12. Tonight I thought: It would be nice to hear some inspiring ideas after a tough day!

    So I chose your lecture to feed a hungry heart for good ideas, and I can assure you it was powerfully nurtured by what you beautifully shared!

    Thank you very much, Shirley!

  13. Nothing should have to be jam-packed and warp-speed delivered.  I'm sure the speaker could offer a calmer, more in depth talk that would do the job better.  I agree with #5

    It is obvious Shirley knows her stuff but the format didn't support and respect her expertise.

  14. Thank you for all these wonderful ideas, I found this talk inspiring and helpful. Thank you for reminding us so vividly that we are can free ourselves of matter based thinking. I was particularlyinterested to hear about the other women who had found spirituality prior to Mary Baker Eddy. Thanks you for sharing your healing too :)

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