Living in abundance [60 mins ENG]

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Living in abundance

A lecture by Evan Mehlenbacher
Filmed at The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA, USA on April 22, 2010.

  1. This is such a helpful message! I am grateful to be able to recommend it to my friends.

  2. I loved it, too! What an amazing story about the “orchard healing” — thanks, Evan!

  3. Thank you, Evan, for your uplifting thoughts…It is nice to hear an inspiring lecture focused on God rather than elevating “being a Christian Scientists.” G-d is the source no matter what religion you call yourself. Thanks again…G-d is the creator of all, and Father-Mother G-d does not take us part of the way, G-d takes us all of the way….

  4. Evan, you are the perfect example of what Jesus said: “Let your light so shine before men , that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

    Your Sentinel Radio interview on Gratitude was downloaded and have played it over and over, and shall do the same with this inspirational video.! Have already played it three times! I am so grateful!

    On page 249 in Science and Health we read “Let us feel the divine energy of Spirit bring us into newness of life and recognizing no mortal nor material power as able to destroy.”——–Evan, you really can feel the divine energy of Spirit as
    you are speaking ——–even through the internet!

    Just think how many grateful people you are helping ———– all over the world!!!

  5. An A++ Talk on the most important subject in the world: Christian Science!

    Thank you, dear Evan!

  6. Evan, I have listened to this four times now and also to you on the Sentinel Radio. Your thought is amazing.

    I got it. evil is a lie. God is our source. I keep saying these truths over and over and over and over and guess what – it brings me joy and confidence.

    Thank you Evan. Thank you!

  7. Dear Evan – This lecture was JUST perfect, simply and absolutely perfect, in EVERY possible way! Your lecture also brought to me a sense of “celebration” as I myself came into C.S. through a lecture back in 1997. During and after your lecture, my heart overflowed with absolutely unspeakable gratitude. I also love “Spiritview,” your blog – Thank you so much for ALL you do!

  8. Love it, love it!

    What a wonderful lecture. Thank you.

  9. Is there some way to download this? I would love to be able to listen to this repeatedly on my iPod without being tied to my computer.

    Lecture videos are only available to stream on our website at this time.

  10. This lecture is a true joy…thank you so much for the presentation… very inspiring and clear how to.

  11. What a blessing to be able to listen to this lecture on the web. THANK YOU, Evan and CS Lecture staff!!!!! And not only listen, but also watch your abundance-of-energy liveliness and love expressed so visibly.

    Also, it was helpful of you to make those four main points over and over again so they would sink in and remain unforgettable.

    The third point, about evil being a lie that will try like the devil (ha) to resist the truth of our built-in abundance, is one I have tried to explain to a dear friend of mine too many times to count–including just yesterday, when she was feeling to blame for having broken her leg. You explained the liar so simply and eloquently, it occurs to me that she will be moved by this lecture, so I will forward it to her now.

    Before signing off, though, I have to say: now I know why, when I go to the apple section of the produce department, nine times out of ten I select big ole Granny Smiths, straight from the Mehlenbacher farm (or whoever is running it now)! :-)

  12. Wow, Evan! Great lecture, a true spiritual meal from beginning to end. Now that was a filing meal. I listen to it three times and the last one I had to take notes. Evil is a lie, God is our only source, I’ll repeat it until it will stick!

  13. I loved your lecture Evan, it will fit for my country, Indonesia. Our people must hear this lecture, it will bless them. Thank you Evan!

  14. Ooh,Evan, thank you for this clear, understandable exposition of God’s law of abundance! The example of the fruitage from the trees that were (supposedly) ruined by the killing frost was such a vivid illustration of God’s power over the lie of material sense! Thank you so much!

  15. Great message! We’ve seen the abundance of God’s goodness over the years – Evan’s talk clearly explains that everyone can/is being blessed moment by moment..

  16. Thank you so much for a clear and wonderful message.
    Thank you also to the Christian Science Board of Directors for making these lectures available to the field. As I listened this thought kept coming to me, “I know who I must invite to hear this message.” What a wonderful means of sharing has been made available to all of us.

  17. Thank you all for your kind comments. You are evidence of Love’s abundance!

    And thanks to the staff that gets these productions online for all to see. It’s a wonderful outreach to a world seeking spiritual answers.

  18. Woo! What a wonderful lecture you´re offering to people around the world!
    I t was soooooooooooooooooo… good that, at the end, I was completely speechless before the light you did shed to my path!
    Your joyful, loving and wise way of addressing such a timely issue for sure will captivate whoever listen to your lecture!
    I wanna also thank the Christian Science Board of Lectureship for the excelent iniciative!
    What an evidence of great abundance you, me and all the staff are witnessing, aren´t we?
    Thank you very much, dear Evan, your english is so clear! By the way, I´ve already told you this by the time you delivered your daily lift!

  19. Evan Mehlenbacher’s lecture “Living in abundance” is a great talk to watch for anyone who has ever confused the God-centred Christian Science approach to healing problems with “supply” to the “me-centred” attitudes of the “prosperity gospels”. Click on the underlined header to read more.

  20. Great lecture, he has a great style. I learned a lot and I played it over and over again, I learned so much!!! He is the best lecturer, not stiff

  21. Very inspiring thank-you, thank-you

  22. What a great topic! I would love to listen to this lecture and all other lectures available on this site, is there anyway to be able to download it on computer please?
    Blessings and gratitude to The Mother Church for abundance, provision and supply of these wonderful ways to help us increase in understanding this beautiful religion of ours!

    Producer’s Comment: Lecture videos on this site are available only via streaming flash video. In other words, you have to be on on your computer to watch them. We’ll let you know if anything changes.

  23. thank you, Evan, for the inspiring and helpful lecture! It is so practical and uplifting and guiding — I will listen to it again and apply the great truths you have shared. thank you, too, for all the excellent Daily Lifts you have provided.

  24. Thank you ” abundance is the life you live” ‘ left overs’ how you use the left overs, abundance is with in me, thoughts that give me much to think about.

  25. Just love Evan’s sense of humour, it makes the lecture soooo good.

  26. Thank you for your educational and inspiring lecture. Just what I needed!!!!

  27. Evan, this is a superb presentation of how our Wayshower, Jesus the Christ, healed the multitudes, and how as his followers we can with confidence and assurance through the study of the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy gain the spiritual understanding to emulate them and in some measure demonstrate the works that they did through their understanding of their oneness with our Father.Mother God. Thank you ever so much for having it online for all to see and hear.!!!!!!!!! :) ))))

  28. Thank you so much for this wonderful lecture. It was so clear and helpfull. Evan’s delivery kept my interest and was just what I needed to hear today!

  29. i really appreciate this outstanding lecture thanks so much

  30. I have played this 5 times, and I am not even done. I am getting so much out of it. He is a great lecturer, not just the content but the delivery is natural.

  31. This lecture has the WOW factor. It inspires, lifts and, more importantly, it is one that is remembered because it is delivered with enthusiasm and humour. Definitely one to play over and over again. Thank you so very much for giving us such a beautiful gift that will last …. and be used frequently.

  32. Until today I’ve had no problem accessing the lectures on video. However when I tried all day long to access the Mehlenbacher lecture, the message consistently comes up “click here for audio only” even though I click “video” for lectures. I’ve tried three different ways to get the video. I get a still picture but when I click for the action to begin, the picture disappears and all I can get is audio. Any suggestions?

    You may find it helpful to reboot your computer (if you haven’t already). If that doesn’t work, you may need to update your flash player and/or your Internet browser (Explorer/Firefox/Safari).

  33. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sparing this great thought check.

  34. Thank you,It was so inspiring, I would Love to become a practitioner
    and dedicate my time,life to help other’s.
    In Science & Health it says”Desire is prayer”
    It’s fantastic to hear how Evan overcame any so called Lack
    Thanking you yet again, for the ideas,thoughts,time,love.

  35. It has been several years since your lecture in our city, so I was expecially happy to be able to listen to the current one yesterday. I was so engrossed that I didn’t even notice the tornado sirens blaring away for over an hour while I was watching/listening/thinking. Needless to say we had no damage in our area. Thanks to you and other commenters.

  36. Fabulous!
    Please, I ask you to translate in text written Portuguese this conference.
    I am very grateful to have heard it! Thanks


  37. FANTASTIC!!!!! WOW :) -

  38. A delightful lecture–have listened to it a number of times. It makes our religion so real, fresh and inviting. Warm. It would be great eventually if every lecturer can have one or two lectures posted at this site, and maybe on youtube. I’ve been working and going to school nights and weekends, so can’t always get to lectures. Christian Science has so much help for the world, and this is one great way to access it. My brother, for example, doesn’t like to read as much as listen, so when he lost his job last summer and was very down and almost paralyzed with depression and fear that he wouldn’t be able to get another one, I sent him an audiochat every day and some of the lectures videos. He’s more of an auditory learner, than reader. They so lifted up his thought, he refused to be discouraged, and found a fantastic job which pays more than his previous job. He said he’s the happiest in this new job as any previous jobs. While he enjoyed the articles from the periodicals I sent via, listening to someone was so encouraging for him. I hope you can keep posting these lecture videos.

  39. This should be on PBS!!! It is so good!
    You can’t compare Evan to any other lecturer here,,his style is so wonderful. CS is lucky to have him.
    Thank for the posting

  40. Evan thank you
    I am watching this for the 10th time now and every time I learn something new. Did you write this lecture just for me?? :) -
    It is a life changer, for the good.

  41. Thank you Evan, I´ts wonderfull!

  42. What a wonderful lecture .. I had to listen to it again, and again. I especially loved the part that evil is a lie…and we can never lack anything..great lecture.

  43. mr. Evan,
    Thank you for this lecture.i received it from my sister in law,yesterday.we are christianscience-tist for over 10 yr.’s But i was angry an hour a go, ready to throw my new pc.out the window! i could not get to your lecture on my pc.
    after ten minutes i thoughted i know all this. but i stayed, thinking if i listen better i can understand better, i can explain better. at the end i was not angry anymore becource it is a lie.
    i have live in abundance,i asked God All for it if He thinks i am good for it. i work hard because i have (received) His strength.
    God Bless you and your family Always,
    naseem e.

  44. I am a friend of Christian Science for many years. I have a global missions ministry, and I study Christian Science along with my Bible. As a so called protestant minister, which I believe in the kingdom God there is only one denomination and that is God’s children, I have always been so blessed to be part of the circle of friends from the Christian Science church in Minnesota. I remember not too long ago, I was unable to walk for practically a year, two of my Christian Science friends visited with me each week, and we studied Christian Science Key to the Scripture, and I tell you because of this exercise, prayer and keeping my mind on the Truth, God is my Healer, I have been able to walk again on my own, pain free for two and one half years now. I know God is good. I so appreciated this lecture, for this too was a blessing for me. The ministry that I established a few years ago has undertaken a platform of “creating a poverty free world where all children can thrive”. I too had issues with the so called “money ministries”, you give me this tithe, then I know God will bless you. Thank you for sharing that because so many hurting people feel they can’t get blessed unless they give a tithe or their rent money etc. Our Father doesn’t need the money, however, we know that substance is needed to do the will of God in the material world we have established, but it iis not the center of God blessing His children. I just want to say thank you so very much for enriching my life. Peace and blessings, your sister in Minnesota

  45. Dear Rev. Norma,

    And thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences! They are an inspiration.

  46. This was a fabulous lecture, and I want to share it with one friend in particular. These thoughts are so helpful. Evil is a lie. Although Jesus told us that the devil is a lier, I am beginning to think now that I never truly believed it. Things are making more sense now , and it has taken longer than most to even begin to think things through spiritually. Thanks, Linda

  47. The best lecturer..the best lecture! I got so much out of it!!

  48. What a wonderful demonstration of Love…Thanks Evan

  49. Wonderful lecture! Very helpful and filled with love! Thank you!

  50. Glad there is infinite abundance because I keep playing and listening to this lecture!

  51. This was so good. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas that shows how to demonstrate abundance and most of all how to handle resistance to good. I’m truly grateful. Thank you so very much.

  52. Thank you, so very much.

  53. My heart overflows with gratitude for this timely message delivered in your unique and delightful way, Evan. My every need is supplied and I loved the unfoldment today in the form of your lecture. You have shone a brilliant light on my path and I am so appreciative. Thank you.

  54. The apple story at the end was inspiring. Thank you!

  55. What a wonderful thought to remember : Abundance is built into your being.”

  56. Inspiring and encouraging.

  57. Everyone needs to hear it

  58. Thank you for this wonderful, animated lecture which moved me forward in so many ways!!!!!Clear thinking, coupled with God, and passion for the Word, make this lecture powerful and timely. Blessings and graitutde…Merri

  59. Thank you so much Evan. Its a very helpful lecture, and I just love your laugh! You just put a smile on my face.
    You really delivered the Truth in such an easy way, and will listen to it again and again.
    THank you.

  60. What a wonderful lecture. I’m so grateful for the availability of these lectures–healing messages for all mankind…Much love and gratitude to all involved in presenting these lectures.

  61. Evan, Wow! Your lecture on Abundance was over the top! And the added benefit to me was to hear the struggle you went through knowing what you wanted to do and overcoming the world’s resistance to it. As a child I felt the same “connection” but did not have the benefit of Christian Science to explain it. Many thanks to Ms Eddy for making it so clear and to you for helping me to see it in practice. As I watched and listened (on the internet) I felt inspired to move toward your same “wise” decision. Your decision has glorified God and made the world a better place— thanks to God for His love that gave you such courage and willingness, and to your wife for supporting it!

  62. Thanks Bill. Glad to hear you enjoyed the lecture and found useful ideas in it. And thank you all!

  63. I have had such healings and tangible evidence of
    god’s Law of Restoration working in my life.
    However, for the past 42 years, relationships with my children have been so discordant.
    Unfortunately with the exception of a very exceptional practitioner who guided me into christian Science with great compassion, guided me back into health and mobility, back into my teaching profession. and provision of home-as a true Presence and Power of God: promised by God. A fire in 2002 which wiped out everything I had and threatened the restoraTION OF THIS APARTMENT truly was restored with prayers,health restored. Of course the Christ-like practitioner has passed away but the conviction that what God had promised could not be taken away, and the “Law of Adjustment” as well as the Law of Restoration and the past healings and study anchored my faith and my conviction in God and
    But relationships with children who are now grown-up and have families of their own just worsened!! Practitioners who I consulted ,mounted up monthly bills(unlike my former practioner) with no signs of healings!!
    I truly would love to see tangible evidence of healing these relationships and the spirituality of practiotioners-this would help churces grow(many church attendees have expressed this same problem with practitiners)
    In sincerity and faith that will truly guide me in my relationships and continued success in the use of my talents of writing and healing work.
    Lovingly chhaya

  64. Hi Chhaya,

    It’s nice to hear about all the demonstrations of supply you’ve made in the past. God was the source of that supply, and your source is still here! Don’t give up on the Source! It is abounding with answers and solutions to the present problems you face. And they are forthcoming.

    With practitioners, it’s important sometimes to remember that they serve to help a patient remember who their Source is, and to get back in touch with it. If there is too much reliance on a practitioner by a patient, versus really learning to lean on God for help, the results you seek might not be up to your expectations. “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings,” Mary Baker Eddy wrote. Truly lean on God, your real Source, not on person, and the effect will be good. God has built into your being what will meet your need and you can readily discover it. Love’s solutions are in your grasp.

    Lots of love to you…

  65. This is such a great lecture!

  66. You should sell this to PBS…a lot of people could benefit from this. Wayne Dywer has nothing over you Evan! :) -

  67. Thanks Ben! I appreciate your vote of confidence.

  68. Very grateful for all the wonderful lectures. What a blessing we have in this wonderful Science, and in the lectures, and in being able to have access to them anytime of the day or night! The love and joy you put into this lecture Evan is very inspiring that I too can express my abundance as God guides me to….

  69. This is wonderful. Truth and fundamentals identity of man revealed.

  70. Thank you so much for this wonderful lecture. Yesterday evening as I listened to you speak about the present reality of abundance, I realised suddenly that this is true also with respect to normality in the body, even where there seems to be a deformity ’caused’ by disease. Abundantly satisfying perfection is what is true about God’s creation. ‘His statutes are right, rejoicing the heart’ (psalm 19). NOT nailing us into imperfection, or requiring us to put up with imperfection – just as you described in relation to the idea of a future 40 years in a job which was not abundantly satisfying. Abundantly satisfying is what is true about reality. This morning on my way to work I felt so joyous, and realised suddenly something along the lines of ‘Of course! God does NOT DO deformed bodies! He creates us perfect, and guides us into seeing more of our true perfection – just as He guides us into work which expresses Him and is therefore abundantly satisfying.’
    This thought seemed to embrace in reassuring love everyone who has ever struggled with thoughts about their body being deficient in any way, realising that there is not a whit of truth in it. Sometimes when I want to turn thought to what is abundantly satisfying I think of the most exquisite roses, and then think, well, that quality of being abundantly satisfying, rejoicing the heart, is what is true.
    Thank you and thank you again.

  71. Thanks Evan for this wonderful engaging lecture. When we trust that God is our source we can find beautiful lectures like this one. I found this lecture this afternoon as a great pick me up. I really like them apples. Thanks again.

  72. Thank you Evan for such an inspiring and loving lecture!

  73. Loving,caring and very informative info,I really enjoyed this and it touched me very much.
    Bless you Sir for your beautifully presented lecture.
    I also want to thank those who make these available to the general public,I am most grateful.
    To our most high God be Glory and Majesty,both Now and Forever.Amen.

  74. thank you Evan,this lecture is really inspiring,

  75. Wonderful wonderful!!! The message is perfect and perfectly expressed. You are SO in your right place and I’m so grateful to have listened to this (twice now). I’m gaining a lot from this. Thank you!!

  76. Excellent and inspiring – a message delivered with great style and humour.

  77. Dear Evan,

    i have watched this lecture several times and each time learn or hear something new. This truely a blessing and we need more lectures like this to help inspire and uplift.

  78. This live lecture in Sydney Australia, held my ten year old sons full attention for the entire hour. He sat still absorbing all the fantastic ideas and on the way home he asked me to take him to more lectures as soon as possible. Evan made me realise that we live in eternity now and there is no point to waiting, in my case, to lose weight, before I can find a fullfilling job or a nice man to share my life with. I can stop waiting and know that everything I need in life will be coming my way, thanks to God who knows everything we need even before we ask for it. He talked about 'leaning on the sustaining infinite' as Mary Baker Eddy tells us, will be 'big with blessings'. I realise now that I am equipped with all the tools I need to create abundance in my life, so thank you Evan, I left the lecture feeling very inspired and full of hope for my continuing existence in eternity, and I will stop TODAY thinking and seeing myself as not good enough, because now I know better.

  79. Thanks!!! Inspiring!

  80. Wow... Evan thank you for such a clear and easy to apply lesson on supply and abundance. It really is so simple, yet we too often seem to be sidetracked by false evidence. You remind just how effortless and natural it is to experience abundance as an immediate and present reality.

    Listening to you is more like sharing a story than being lectured to. I really enjoy your relaxed style, and the way you bring Mrs. Eddy's experiences and revelation so easily and naturally into your talks .

  81. What can I add that has not already been said? Evan, you are another proof that God is with us. Thank you for being a light in the world.

  82. Evan, that was touching and I couldn´t hold my tears of emotion.
    I´m going through something similar to when you decided to follow your spiritual purpose leaving the farmer´s carreer behind.
    To know and feel that God is Abundance and is already within me, that I´m not alone in this world brings me more than comfort, but a revelation that we are completely FREE to follow our inner callings/ dreams.
    Thank you once again for everything !!

  83. Thank You for the wonderful lecture

  84. What a classic! Please keep it in the archives of the lectures. Evan makes it so clear that Jesus' teachings and his understanding of God's laws are the basis of Mrs. Eddy's discovery of the Science of the Christ. This is a wonderful one for those just investigating Christian Science. It's message is clear, demonstrable in everyday life and understandable.

  85. You know what is the best part of your lecture,,, I mean, for me: I do understand what you are saying because you are using simple words easy for French people to understand and talking not to fast either. For sure, I do appreciate a lot what you say and the ideas you share. Thank you very much, dear Mr. Evan not only for your lectures but also for your blog: Spiritview. Thank you for all the good work you are doing and so generously sharing with us.

  86. For me this is a timely message which outlines the truth about abundance. Thank you Evan

  87. This lecture is pact with so much spiritual inspiration and practical prayerful steps, it
    can only bring blessings and spiritual progress to all who listen to it. Thank you Evan for
    sharing your insight in such a warm and joyous way, And I am so grateful to have this lecture offered in the archives, I have recently listened to often and it has brought great encouragement and healing to my thought.

  88. I saw Evan give this lecture in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and it changed my life. I too especially loved the apple story, and how what appeared to be loss was in fact gain. I just listened to this lecture again today, and I know I'll watch it again. I'm so grateful it has been posted online for all to hear and benefit from such a truthful and healing message.

  89. Thank you so much Evan, I needed that lecture!!!!
    MS is a LIE! High blood pressure is A LIE !
    Now how do I prove that?
    I will pray and listen for God to tell me the answer.

  90. I have loved this abundance.... because of the way you structured your Lecture.... on TRUTH.
    This is my 5th viewing.

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