Listening to angels: Messages of love and healing [55 mins ENG]

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Fujiko Signs, CSB, shares her lecture “Listening to angels: Messages of love and healing”. Filmed in Corona del Mar, California on December 19, 2010.

  1. Absolutely divine. The best kind of present. Filled with Presence.
    Like all of God’s dear gifts, no wrapping necessary; although the expressions and smile on Fujiko’s face were like a beautiful bow!
    Thank you.

  2. Listening to this beautiful lecture presented with such simplicity, sincerity, warmth, humility, and clarity of thought is inspiring, thought provoking, and uplifting with healing in its wings all given n a way that all con understand. Thank you for this precious gift.

  3. What a gift this lecture is! To me, it brought the promise of peace during this season!

  4. I just love this lecture, thank you.

  5. Thank you Fujiko for this wonderful message at Christmas. bearing tidings of joy and peace , hope , inspiration and encuragement for us .

  6. I am so grateful Fujiko shared the idea that prayer can be as simple as “sending a calm and peaceful thought to the post office for whoever needs that healing angel”.

    Also, I have often said Wednesday evening meetings are Sunday School for adults. Isn’t it fine that Fujiko also found it to be so?

    Thanks for giving us this lecture; it certainly will be my finest gift of this giving season.

  7. Thank you so much, Fujiko. This was definitely one of the most helpful and healing messages I have ever heard – - – and it came just when I needed it the most. Peace and love and joy to you, too!

  8. Thank you very much Fujiko I really appreciated this very timely message you have shared with me. May your holidays be filled with Joy and Happiness

  9. Thank you for your gifts of reflections! I am so encouraged by each one of you. Sharing CS is the most humbling privilege for me. I will keep listening for simple ideas and images that will heal and give us peace – Merry Christmas!!

  10. Thank you, Fujiko, for this peaceful message of healing…just what I needed to hear this morning.

  11. What a lovely message for Christmas. I love learning more about angels. I certainly need them. Thank you, Fujiko.

  12. Thank you so much Fujiko. Your lecture was truly inspiring. Your spoke about the most profound thoughts with true humility and love.

    I hope I´ll see you in Tokyo.

    Maria Cavazza

  13. Thank you so much for this Angel Lecture. You have given me the best gift ever. I love the concept of “plunging beneath the material surface”… into the ocean of infinite spiritual realities…of my oneness wiith God.
    So many truths to hold to,

    Much Love to You and Yours.

  14. This is a very healing lecture. One shared with joy, humility and almost an eagerness to share. Then when I read #9 from lecturer, I knew why I felt the “eagerness”…”Sharing CS is the most humbling privilege for me.” she mentioned. I hadn’t thought about sharing Christian Science as a privilege until now. I will continue to share Christian Science knowing it is my privilege…
    The whole world is blessed to have these lectures, videos, Podcasts, etc., (I consider them my Christian Science companions that share so lovingly 24-7.)

  15. thanks fujiko it was a great message especially for this time of the year

  16. I loved the ideas that you shared and I so enjoyed how physically graceful and upright you were as they were presented. The package was complete for me….with warm appreciation

  17. Thank you so much Fujiko for your beautiful lecture, filled with Angel Messages for all of us. I really needed this reminder at this very moment! I loved the part about “dis-covering” the Truth, that has always been right there. Your presentation was so genuine :-) and “perfect”..again, thank you, and Merry Christmas…

  18. Hi Fujiko,
    Thank you so much for this beautiful message! I’m so grateful to have spent Christmas morning listening to this! What a Blessing!
    Hope to see you sometime again, when you come to PA :)
    Happy Holidays!
    Kelly Dimond

  19. Merry Christmas to all of you, viewers !! My sincere gratitude to two churches that brought me to the area, 1st Church of Christ, Scientist, Riverside and 2nd Church in Newport Beach(Corona del Mar)!! Angels are delivering the messages just for you !! Thank you for the email messages – I am reading all of them and love your thoughts. You are the light and the blessings of the world!!

  20. Thanks, Fujiko. This is just what I needed to hear at Christmas.

  21. What a wonderful gift to all who listen to the Daily Lifts. You are generous to share an entire lecture and one so recently delivered to an audience in the US. Such a clear message about angels and about how we are God’s perfect children. I will come back to this lecture for more inspiring thoughts about listening and identifying angel messages. Thank you for producing these gems for all of us to share.

  22. Dear Fujiko,
    Thank you so much for this uplifting and inspiring lecture.
    With love,
    Elizabeth K in Tokyo

  23. Dear Fujiko,
    you may be interested to hear that someone listened to your lecture in Germany — and I wanted to let you know from my heart of hearts that it was positively overwhelming. I heard your Daily Lifts before, and they were wonderful, too. And now this whole lecture: so honest, convincing, really touching. I told my family they’ve got to listen to it, definitely!
    Happy New Year from all of us — to you and (after having heard you telling us so much about them) to your husband and children as well!

  24. I am so grateful that we are one global family, linked by divine Love and Her messages – I pray the waves of peace and oneness are felt more and more. That is what really changes the world!! Thank you for blessing your community wherever you are!! You are the light of the world!!!

  25. Fujiko, thank you! I just listened to your lecture on this first day of the new year. Wonderful ideas to start anew~!

  26. hank you, and Happy New Year, Fujiko! Bless you for your angel messages– and bless your family for their angel messages.

    Just the way to start the New Year of our thought!

    Blessings, to one and all-
    Rob of the Rockies

  27. Thank you, Fujiko. This lecture is carrying your angel message well into the New Year, isn’t it? Just had the opportunity to sit and quietly listen to the video–and now I see why the message to be “but the humble servant of the restful Mind” (S & H) has come so strongly in thought.

    Thank you for your beautiful gift–


  28. Thank you Fujiko for this inspiring lecture, for sharing the angel messages that came to you in writing this lecture. Amidst all the seeming uncertainties, anxieties and whatever mortal mind presents to us in any form, it is indeed liberating to sit still and be calm to be able to listen for those angel messages that come our way. this is just exactly what we need to hear. Much love always

  29. Very good illustration and demonstration of angels, which are true, good and practical messages.

    Unlabored presentation, and the message to the listener: See how God is working, and this is our – doable – part in it!

  30. Thank you so much for this terrific lecture. I hope you will be able to bring this lecture to the southeast coast of Florida. Would love to bring my friends to hear you. It was so “user friendly” for non Scientists :-)

  31. Thank you Fujiko

    I really enjoy your work in Christian Science, it’s great.

    I look foward to listening to more of your spiritual talks.

    See you soon.

    Ms Kamini Patel, Christian Science reading room 80 Baker Street, London, England,UK.

  32. Wonderful and very uplifting! Thank you!

  33. Such powerful precepts Fujiko. Thank you.

    Your energetic approach and deep understanding of spiritual ideas made for such a sweet experience. I am so grateful.

  34. This is the second time I have listened to and watched this talk and paid much better attention this time!
    These precious messages came through: “trust that we can hear”, “we are one with God”, “be still”, “love”.
    Angels are coaches who never get discouraged and always cheer us on. We can send angel messages to God, who acts like a post office and sends them on to where they are needed – to provide comfort, healing, love, and a sense of unity. A lovely lecture which continues to bless. Thank you, Fujiko.

  35. Thank you so much for this beautiful and uplifting lecture Fujiko. The messages presented are full of inspiriation and Love. I will ponder all these ideas with great Joy.

  36. Having a difficult start to my day after a long challenge I was feeling very overwhelmed and depressed. I now understand it was an angel message that brought me to your talk. Half way through I felt a deep sense of gratitude and peace come over me. Thank you so very much for this lecture, for sharing your experiences and insight. You are a blessing to me to day!

  37. Thanksso much, words are inadequate, but must be said, thank you very much, lovely, inspiring, practical, comforting, simple.

  38. Thank you Fujiko for this beautiful inspirational talk. The reminder to be still so we can hear these angel messages coming from God is so needed.

  39. This lecture is a gem and is truly a healing message, delivered with Love. It continues to give blessings even 2 years later!