Life without fear and addiction [49 mins ENG]


Frank Prinz-Wondollek, CS, shares how to break free from the prisons of addiction and gain spiritual freedom in his lecture "Life without fear and addiction". Filmed in Framingham, Massachusetts on December 10, 2011.


  2. This lecture came at the right time for me. What a blessing!!! Thank you so very, very much. Chris P.S. It is good to be reminded that one should "Pray for ourselves daily".

  3. Great insight into addictions, prisons, fears and freedom. Practical and perceptive! Thank you for your frankness.

  4. Wonderful lecture for young kids! ...and the rest of us... that need this reminder...

  5. Thank you for this great lecture. I loved it all, but the last 5 minutes were, for me, very special.

  6. His pure grasp of what is true makes Mr. Prinz-Wondollek's lectures powerful. I thank him for his clear presentations, helping me to reject the false and know what is real.

  7. Thanks for this beautiful lecture. The clarity was special and I'm so grateful that it gave me the inspiration that was so timely.

  8. Thanks Frank for this lecture. I love the way you remind us not to engage in the nagging voice that tries to constantly pull us earthward but claim and acknowledge our true spiritual nature to lift us upward, to experience that good. Love, love, love and love again..

  9. Great ideas! Thank you very much!

  10. What I needed at exactly the right time, as it should be.....I am loved, loving, and lovable, I've been healed before instantaneously when a practitioner asked me to repeat this same sentance, it worked then as now and I'm sure again, each time I gain a nearer, clearer, thought to this.

    Much Love, warmly and sincerely

  11. Thank you for your talk. What a great idea to have on line lectures.

  12. What a valued and wonderful lecture, very much needed and a great resource for those of us struggling with different challenges. Thank you for continuously providing new lectures for us and having them available for future use.

    God bless you all

  13. What a wonderful talk, and to the point and so relevant ...thank you!

  14. Thank you, Frank,

    Enjoyed this lecture.

    Pain or grief is at the heart of most addiction.

    The following comments from last 2 1/2 minutes especially moved me.

    Man can never be separated from God. To all those who have ever felt rejected, unloved, or treated unjustly give yourself a mental hug! You are loved and lovable.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love, and Sincerity, to all of you.

    Rob Scott

    Chicago, IL

  15. Thank for the wonderful, uplifting lecture.
    For those who are interested, here is a transcript of the beautiful
    mental 'hug' at the end of the lecture:

    I am the beloved of Divine Love.
    I know that God loves me not because of something I have done, He sees me the way He created me: perfect, pure, good and satisfied.

    Right at this moment and for all eternity, I live in the consciousness of Love because He created me in His own Image and Likeness.

    I am loved, I am loving and lovable.]

  16. Yes very soothing and precise. Helped me today. Thank you God for those incredible great Demonstrations of your love which help us to know we are loved, beloved and loving.

  17. This is an excellent Christian Science lecture.
    It has given me a great view of the right way forward in overcoming a problem of false imprisonment concerning a family member ( locked in a "care-home" ).
    Whist I am having good CS help and treatments, this lecture helps define the way forward - crystalizing the path illuminated by Divine Love; and saying no to a limited mortal direction of thought, and yes to Love, Father, Mother. I am thinking I need to get rid of many boxes. Does anybody need any? Thankyou.

  18. What a wonderful lecture! It is a treatment of God, loving us, every moment, and giving us an opportunity to express our God given dominion of constant harmony---and open our prision doors. Thank you, Frank. I plan to share this lecture.

  19. Thank you so much Frank. I will carry your ideas with me in my progression. You have been a wonderful transparency for Love in your lecture.

  20. THANK YOU! Absolutely wonderful ideas. I am new to Christian Science and this lecture was very helpful!

  21. Thank you for this wonderful clear as to how we should be praying and so loving and inspiring from the lecturer. I am ever grateful for these wonderful on-line lectures. I know they are doing a world of good. Bless you all. Jan 1/25/12

  22. This lecture broght forth a clarity as what define a "Child of God"to me, and shared strong testimonies to demonstrate the great power one can have by embracing this eternal truth.

    This is such a powerful and generous sharing and had brought change and joy into my life; and will do the same to anyone who listen to it.

    Thank you very much!

  23. Just wonderful.

  24. How very refreshing! Thank you for a wonderful lecture...even though I've only heard half of it due to computer issues, I feel more complete. Will try it again when the computer comes back. It's always good to be reminded that we are God's idea and always cared for.

  25. Thank you for this wonderfully clear lecture and I particularly appreciated the last few minutes. I had not appreciated before that in seeing ourselves spiritually, we are not a mortal personality working with and for spiritual qualities, but the reflection of divine Love and spiritually qualities themselves, not a person expressing joy, but joy itself, etc. Thank you so much!

  26. As always is very rewarding to hear the voice of God in our fellows citizens.
    Thanks to our mother church to spread these lectures in the net

  27. Thank you for this clear beautiful message of truth. A reminder to listen to the Christ, and let go of animal magnetism, which can sometimes be a challenge when annoyance buttons are pushed, or my ego bruised - big or small problems - your solution to these I know is the only permanent solution.

  28. Thanks for this clear, calm explanation of the application of God's laws to challenges, in a way anyone could understand, regardless of how much they know about spiritual concepts. One senses your heartfelt understanding and embodiment of the words you're speaking. Quite a help to me today, led by an angel message to find it on YouTube!

  29. I love his frequent reference to Divine love and it's effect.. and the truth of our non materiality.... both of those had a transforming effect on some of my stubborn ideas...that I have to fix so many things myself. God is so patient with me, even allowing me to see these wonderful videos to help my thoughts come into the fullness of the Truth...God Bless this wonderful lecturer, and all of them and for us being allowed to have them to watch anytime.

  30. This lecture is a winner!--good for those on the bottom rung of the ladder upward spiritually as well as those on a higher rung.
    what a blessing to have these lectures available on the internet.

  31. Bev -9/2/2012
    Thankyou for this inspiring lecture. I will listen to it again soon.

  32. My mom recommended this and I'm so glad I listened. Much to reflect on, to help me in my practice and desire to be a healer.

  33. I am so grateful for this lecturer. What insight and love come from him. I cried a little and my heart was lifted. Thank you.

  34. Wonderful lecture Frank. Here i am sitting totally relaxed in my easy chair, eyes closed and completely with you, every word inspiring, painting a beautiful picture. Just the perfect ending to a warm and lovely summer day in the pacific north west. Please keep these lectures coming. Thank you.

  35. Thank you for this excellent lecture.

  36. Thank you, Frank, for this wonderful reminder of God's unconditional love for His creation, us; for the many ideas of how to know the Truth that makes free. I found especially helpful the thought of seeing ourselves as the qualities of joy, harmony,etc and not a human working to express these qualities.
    As a student of a Christian Science teacher who had stressed the need for us to be minding our own business i.e. being about our Father's businss, I have found it helpful at times to let mortal efforts know "that's none of my business". No! being a complete sentence is so effective as nonacknowledgement of mortal minds efforts.
    Thank you!

  37. Frank, What a beautiful lecture! Thank you so-o-o much for the clarity. You are a magnificent speaker. Hope to hear more lectures from you.

  38. Thank you for your most timely message: a close relative is battling alcohol addiction, with fear being the basis, while your message has shored me up to be a blessing to her, knowing she has always been and iis a perfect idea of God right here and now. -- Thank you, also, for reminding me, once again, of the many wonderful truths found in the Bible and S&H, and the peace and joy they afford us all....