Infinite resources, infinite supply [80 mins ENG]


Christine Driessen, CSB, shares how Divine Love blesses us with infinite supply in her lecture "Infinite resources, infinite supply". Filmed in Charlottesville, Virginia on March 28, 2011.

  1. Love these online lectures! This one is especially good.
    Thanks for making these available.

  2. Wonderful lecture, Christine! I feel filled up full with oil! Oh! If only our dear, dear world knew what a treasure we have in the Bible and Science and Health! I will keep on helping to spread the word! Much love!

  3. thankyou!!!!

  4. Thank you! Clarifying thought and realizing Truth, Love always meets every human need. Not limited by bank account or market value. 'False fears are foes [indeed!]; Truth tatters those when understood.' My day is much brighter now -- thank you for sharing. Mari

  5. I've listened twice now. I keep getting more and more inspiration from this lecture. Thank you sooo much. Susan

  6. What a wonderful lecture, so many inspiration! Just what I needed. Thank you. So grateful that I can share it with my children and friends. Jolan

  7. Thank you Christine. I needed to be reminded of every point you made in your lecture. Everything you talked about I truly needed. Thank you for sharing your experiences relying on God as the source of all right and good ideas.

  8. Thank you Christine, Your message is a spring board for Gods inspiration in my life and for that I am thankful.

  9. I am filled up full with ideas!! Got to listen again, some of them ran overboard!! :) Thanks so much for this wonderful lecture, Christine. Chrissie :)

  10. Thank you Christine. I decided to listen to this lecture again - you have such a clear understanding of Christian Science - I will return and listen to this whenever I feel the need.

  11. I always loved and sought out articles by Betty Jenks - what an inspiration she was. I don't know
    but I'm guessing that that was your mom as I read an article about the may day flowers by Betty. How wonderful for you to have had a mom like wonder you are so filled with confidence and assurance in your Father-Mother God and do such a great job of imparting it to others.

    Thanks, Christine.

  12. Wonderful lecture. Thank you so much Christine, such a blessing. Will listen again and again.

  13. Thank you, Christine!!!!

    For the joy and clarity of the law of God, His love for each one of us - upheld here, now, and always.

    The natural, connections of The Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy's life, your life and biblical characters show clearly our inheritance of good and the practicality today. THANK YOU, a bless ed spiritual bath;)

  14. Hi Christine,
    Just saw you give this lecture in Evergreen CO last pm. It was excellent, wonderful , thank you! On the way home my husband said "wasn't that the best lecture you have ever heard in your life?!" Love your delivery and perspective and how you made us aware of seeing things differently than we have or do. I love the simplicity and clarity as well as the punch ;) Wow, loved it! Thank you for the Daily Lift as well yesterday! Thank you and appreciate the handout!

  15. I was so moved by your lecture I had to share that what I enjoy most about your lectures is that you are so spiritually solid in each word you speak. Your spirutal strengh just oozes everywhere in this lecture.

  16. The Christian Science is the greatest of all things blessed to me in my life. I only pray and wish,'I could express,demonstrate and reflect in such a WAY 'that I could continuosly bless others as I have been blessed.

  17. Thank you thank you thank you

  18. What an inspiring lecture. Will listen to it over and over.Thank You so very much.

  19. Texas Billy - 3/30/2013
    The clarity of your lecture is a treasure that whosoever will, has the privilege of taking into our lives; it could only have been divinely inspired. It was like waking up to sun beams never quite so bright and seeing what they illumine more in their proper perspective. Thank you for your willingness to share the joy of Life so wonderfully given.

  20. Thanks for your lecture. I am helped by your words.

  21. LOL.... I have only gotten through the first 5 minutes of this lecture and had to stop because of commotion in my home. Going to listen to it straight through, now, but I already love what she says. Christian Science is so empowering, and gives us each the tools we need to see our full reality, in God, here, now and always.

    Eternally grateful for this, it is truly the only way. THANKS!!!!!!!!

  22. Tank you so much for that inspiring lecture about "infinite resources and infinite supply
    cruel subject on that crisis period. It will be the support for the Annual Meeting of a Christian Science Home.

  23. Christine what an divine lecture, absolutely loved every word and will listen to it many times and make notes, thank you so much for being the messenger of infinite supply with such practical information, part way through I stopped and cryed feeling so much gratitude for this message...and I felt such a clarity in and confidence in who I Am as God's perfect child, in loving oneness, Bev from Australia

  24. Suzanne - 11/05/2013 - Australia

    It never ceases to amaze me at the perfect timing of a word spoken at the right time - thank you Bev for passing on this valuable information to me! I do have a wholehearted knowing that god is our supply and have indeed lived from that place for some time. There has been a sense, however that perhaps I have been getting in my own way of my divine supply "flowing" with ease to me - Your experiences Christine are not dissimilar to my own, you said something that connected and resonated with me and straight away I will put into practice - thank you for your encouragement - sending much love and gratitude Suzanne XX

  25. Ms. Driessen,

    I will listen to this lecture over and over. There are so many valuable ideas and inspiration to remember after only 1 hearing. I learned that there is no need to handle some issues on my own, rather than taking them to God. I am also a lawyer and "sure' that I am "competent" to handle many things alone. But a sense of unease or irritation is a big CLUE that I shouldn't be handling something alone---in fact it's not wise or necessary and I know a wisdom greater than my own human sense is always available. So, I am taking all issues to God for a free and joyful consultation.

    much gratitude!

  26. Brilliant

  27. What a wonderful inspiring lecture. The most amazing thing is that I too have been paying for more work to come my husband's way, yet the message I received from God was to first get my home and all my writing and papers in order. I've made a start on this already, but now I realize that all along God has been showing me how to prepare for what he has in store for my family and me. For this I am very grateful.

  28. The most amazing lecture - and has met my need perfectly. Thank you so much.

  29. An absolutely invaluable lecture, thank you

  30. Thank you! God bless you.

  31. Thanks for the oil.
    God bless you

  32. Wow! This is just what I needed today-
    Thank you for the clarity with which you explained how God's law works!
    2 great commands, confidence in the supremacy of Good & gratitude!

  33. II never get tired of this lecture ! Thank you so much Christine and The Mother Church folks as well for making this possible. The lessons are so clear and welcome! It's not about me (mortal experience), it's always about God and His infinite supply of good!