If God is all, where is He at this moment? [66 mins ENG]

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If God is all, where is He at this moment?

Watch John Adams' lecture “If God is all, where is He at this moment?"
Sponsored by The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston. Filmed on March 5, 2009.

  1. Thank you a great help an encouragement at a seeming difficult time. Love to all, Arnold.

  2. I loved this lecture by John Adams. It has so many wonderful metaphysical concepts I would like to play through several times However, there is no desire to wade through the opening testimonial, which is really long on details. If you have never done drugs, you only need the “generic” name. If you have had that experience, you already know about the details, and probably don’t really want to rehearse it. ( This applies to the Luedeman talk also)

    When I lived in the San Francisco Bay area, there were always perhaps 12 lectures each season, and I never missed one for years. Here in Hawaii, only Oahu has lectures, and there has never been one for maybe 7-10 years, here on the Big Island. It costs maybe $200. airfare, and upwards of that if it’s necessary to spend the night, to attend. No one goes, year after year. One would think if a lecturer is flying across the Pacific anyway, all the societies and churches should be visited, at least once a year.

    That said, I am very grateful for the increasing availability of internet communicating. for those who have the access. The new daily podcast led me to the lectures. Thank You.!

  3. Discovering and being able to listen to this lecture today is a further example of the abundance of God’s goodness being made available to all who are seeking. It is inspiring and I thank you.

  4. Thank you so much for this. What a great tool to take to a nursing facillity for those who at times do not get out.

  5. What a blessed gift to be able to see, hear, and review if desired, this lecture. I would like to think “the healing Truth dawned on my sense” as Mrs. Eddy writes on p. 24 of M W. The examples along with the Bible and Science and Health brought such clarity to my own work, that I have felt a definite spiritual lift from this lecture. I want to say Thank You! Thank You! I am so humbly grateful for such Truth waiting to be embraced by the world. With “God being All,” I do believe it is finding its way into every man, woman, and child’s heart as we grasp this certainty within ourselves.

  6. What a wonderful provision for today. Thank You John Adams. Thank You The First Church of Christ Scientists and THANK YOU Mary Baker Eddy.

  7. Outstanding and most inspiring gift to us who are seeking to learn and live more our spiritual nature as God’s loved children. Kudos, John Adams, and heartfelt gratitude to The First Church of Christ, Scientist for bringing us such a powerful gift.
Our loved leader, Mary Baker Eddy, would surely be smiling her approval.

  8. This time when I listened I heard “healers must be present with the Lord at the moment of the call so that it is not simply a reciting of ideas even tho laced with comfort…”
    must be clarity, firmness of conviction, spiritual understanding…and that’s what heals.”

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    (any more lectures, etc. from Mr. Adams available on line to listen to?) :)

  9. Thank you to John, and to the Church for making this available. On Sunday my husband asked a branch church member how he could find a teacher, as he is becoming interested in going further into CS. She told him to start looking for lectures, as he is not a big reader and is very busy. Voila! the next day I found this site and we listened together tonight. Talk about God being right here!!!

    John, I think that there will always be criticism, but your examples and sharing of what it was like before your big healing in CS are very helpful to some of us.

  10. this was one of the most inspiring lectures i have heard to date.i will be listing to this alot more than once.does mater mater or has our own intelligence got in the way of our true alliance with god?

  11. I think that this form of Christian Science Lecture is our future. Mrs. Eddy was known for her “being modern” in her day, having the latest appliances, etc. TMC should also do this. My thought is that TMC should offer DVD’s of Christian Science Lectures on it’s Reading Room website.

    Meanwhile, I’d want to express my gratitude for the lecture by John Adams. Interestingly, I was slated to visit a friend who was a ‘hippie’ in the 60’s and known to be a ‘head’ (i.e.used LSD) to get insight to ‘mind expansion’ etc. God wouldn’t allow it, I wasn’t able to get with him to discuss it, and here is John telling me all about it. Deep down I knew that LSD would at best expand the human mind, i.e. brain, and that being based in matter could fall under what Mrs. Eddy wrote in Science & Health, “…sometimes beautiful, always erroneous.” when speaking of matter. So I’m grateful on several levels for John’s lecture.

The Mother Church is constantly praying about how Christian Science can meet the needs of humanity and what mediums of expression to use. This prayer has impelled the Board of Lectureship to offer an array of online media, including The Daily Lift and online lecture videos. We’re listening how to go forward from here.

  12. I enjoyed the lecture very much. Thank you. What a great Idea to have the lectures on video so they can be used at a students leasure. I intend to listen to more of the lectures.

  13. This lecture was wonderful. I must listen to it again because it constantly brought up another healing thought. Thank you for making this available.

  14. Thank-you so much for this very inspiring lecture. I would have to travel quite some distance to attend one, otherwise. Being able to listen to the video by way of the internet is a wonderful idea. I hope to listen to many more. Thanks again.

  15. Thank you so very much, Mr. Adams. Your heart-felt spiritual selfless nature comes through to my thought. I love so much about the lecture: the gentle, unrushed and strong unfolding of your ideas is powerful.
    I love the clarity and honesty presented when you explain that the healer must be present with the Lord at the time of the call…going beyond helpful comforting words, however dear and welcoming that is.
    I also love the way you spoke near the end that Christian Science is never about “getting” anything, but is about the “art and joy of selfless giving.” One who is beginning to feel that expanded heart-felt love for healing through the Word of God agrees/ It is a joy to companion with “Love reflected in love.” (from Science and Health spiritual interpretation of the Lord’s prayer. p 16-17)

    Thank you so very much.

  16. I simply cannot put into words right now…
How Grateful I am for Christian Science and all that The Mother Church and the Board of Lectureship is providing on the web for the “needs of humanity”.

    PLEASE KEEP “THE DAILY LIFT” AND ONLINE LECTURES and Spirituality.com… etc going… and keep up the good work listening to the “Still… Small … Voice” for new and inspiring mediums of expression. ( It’s working.)

    I think all the lectures are great… but John Adams lecture is one of the most jam packed and comprehensive ones I have heard in a long time.

    His delivery and content riveted my attention… and I would think there would be many healings experienced … just because of his transparent Love and gratitude for God and the healing power of Christian Science.

    I also hope the world catches on to his suggestion of the place Christian Science has in the current health care debate… as an Effective Solution!!

  17. I am so grateful for these online lectures. They are wonderful. I can watch it in the comfort of my own home and then I can watch it again and again. There is so much being presented that its difficult to take it all in at one sitting. The two that I’ve watched thus far have been so lovingly and thoughtfully presented. These along with the daily lifts are so, so helpful. Thank you so much.

  18. Thank you very much for your insight and expressions of Devine Love. I Have never heard a Practitioner witness to a healing from drug addiction. I appreciate your honesty and frankness about your wresteling with strong mental suggestions that take on the appearance of complete control of ones life and how the proof for you was CHRIST! I\’m greatful. God Bless.

  19. i love this lecture by john ADAMS it was very inspiring to me and thanks for the mother church GOD BLESS

  20. Wonderful lecture! Indeed, it did bring me closer to God!
I wanna thank you all from the Christian Science Board of Lectures for this great iniciative.
You can´t imagine how good is for us, everybody worldwide, to have the possibility to hear such clear and wise teachings as these ones we get from these lectures.
I wanna also thank your attention to express in a clear and slow way so that we, non-native English speaking people, can understand better all the words.
God bless you all, as always!!!

  21. this lecture and all of the lectures aids in putting the pieces together for me when it comes to my relationship with God– eternally grateful for the truth, and those that tell about it! I have never felt so secure in all of my life. Because of Christian Science and the wonderful people therein, I feel forever cradled and supported.
    If it weren’t for these wonderful lectures, I wouldn’t be awakening the way that I am. Beautiful reinforcement- I also love that I can forward these lectures to friends and family who I feel might be interested.

    Thank you so much for making these lectures so available to all!!!!!


  22. Thank you for this online lecture.It has brought a sense of God’s allness back to me when I need it most. Truly a wonderful way to share the healing Truth with all humanity.

  23. I have been having a terrible financial struggle and worry about loss of business. I loved this lecture, and I am so grateful that it was made available to me when I needed to hear someone speak these truths with such conviction and love. Thank you.

  24. I am so grateful for the availability of these lectures. I live a rural area where it’s said that the number of livestock outnumber the people, so obviously CS lectures are practically unheard of in my area. I would love to see new lectures added on a continuous basis.

    I am dealing with an insomnia problem and listening to John’s Lecture seems to calm my nervous system and helps my brain to relax and surrender to the Truth so that I am able to release the day’s cares and fall asleep.

  25. Nothing is more helpful for someone like myself who is new to Christian Science then to hear the words of those who have been a part of this faith for a long time and really understand it.

  26. This is a wonderful lecture, luminous with love and understanding. It is all the better for the frank and honest way that John shares his teen and student drug experiences, because it shows that however mistaken our path, Divine Love is there for us to gently put us right. We can all relate to that. We have all made mistakes and what a comfort it is to know that we can find forgiveness and a better path in life through the love of Christ. Those experiences also point to the hallucinatory nature of discord and disease, as revealed by Mary Baker Eddy in her seminal book, ‘Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures’, when set against the all power and harmony of God.

    Thanks to the Mother Church for this great resource – not just a cup, but a well of ‘cold water’ to continually draw from and share with others. Here in the UK, on a particularly cold and icy day, I have been able to share the lecture with the residents of the care home where I work a few days a week. What an inspiration to all of us. With much gratitude and appreciation to everyone involved.

  27. I really enjoyed watching this lecture online. Our church had previously sponsored John Adams as a lecturer and the love and truth that he expressed was felt just as powerfully as I watched this new lecture over the internet. I particularly was touched by the statement that God is never going to be closer to us than he is at this moment. It was so comforting to know that I didn’t have to reach human perfection to be close to God or fix myself to get closer to God. God’s presence is attainable now and always. I will never be closer to God than I am at this moment, because we live in God’s presence at every moment. John was right that this realization can cause a change in thought and result in healing. Thank you so much for making this lecture available.

  28. I deeply enjoyed your lecture. I wanted to make a comment about your discussion that Christian Science Practitioners were less expensive than modern medicine. And add the thought that whatever our needs, God will provide. That God is the provider of financial security.

    I also wanted to express my appreciation of being reminded that prayer is unselfish and when we pray for others we heal ourselves.

    Thank you for these lectures!

  29. Thank you so much for this lecture and all lectures posted on the website. I’m very grateful for learning more about Christian Science…even hearing lectures at home! They help me a lot in my daily life.

    Thanks for making us remember the cardinal points of Christian Science!

  30. Thank you for this online lecture. Would love to see more of them.
Thank you, John, for dedicating your life to God. As the hymn says, “Take my life, and let it be Consecrated, Lord, to Thee.”

  31. One word: magnificent.

  32. I simply do not have words to express my gratitude for this healing lecture You are truly amazing, and have been gifted to bless others with this exceptional talk. I know it came directly from the “HEART of LOVE”. Thank You!!!!

  33. Thank you for this wonderful lecture. I was struggling with fear and I found myself relieved. I am so grateful this lecture was available. Its late, after midnight.
What a great thing to go to a lecture right when we need it most.

  34. I’ve just watched the lecture/sermon by John Adams. I was curious to see him as he will be coming to speak here in the south of England in May.
What a wonderful inspirational speaker he is & I look forward to hearing his truth and message when he delivers it in person.

  35. I am, it seems, unable to get to John Adams’ lectures in May-June 2011 throughout the UK. They range from Edinburgh down to Exeter. Please, any of you reading this in the UK, do go. ‘What blesses one, blesses all’ [MBE] and this will surely bless you and many others, too.

  36. I am so very grateful that I could listen to John Adams so inspiring lecture the more as I couldn`t open other lectures on my computer. So I enjoyed the inspiring Truths of GODs allness and lovingness and allpresence in the middle of the night tonight – thank you so much for making this possible to us, dear Motherchurch.

  37. This really was a good talk./
Thank you for sharing so honestly and with so much spiritual love for God and your fellowman, and thank you to The Mother Church for making all of this happen.

  38. Thank you so much for this lecture and also your other lecture Does Christian Science Really Heal Sickness and Sin" I loved the schoolyard story of Mary Baker's way to handle a difficult situation. I loved the quote by Phillip Brooks. I loved your assertion that whenever we turn wholeheartedly to God and apply the teachings of Christian Science with more trust and humility that we have the right to expect healing. AND That God is all! That nothing, no thing, can separate us from Him. The open-heart surgery we can open to each moment. That it is not possible for anything less than perfect to exist within the radius of God, and I added that it never could have done so in the past. Thank you for your love and sharing.

  39. So beautiful and clear. I absolutely loved this lecture. Thank you John Adams, thank you Mary Baker Eddy, thank you Christ Jesus, thank you God, thank you First Church of Christ, Scientist, thank you Lecture committee of The Mother Church.

  40. I am so grateful for the opportunity to listening to the wonderful lectures provided by the C.S. website.
    This is the third time I have heard this lecture by Mr. Adams and I know I will listen again. His examples of his own healings are very uplifting and encouraging to all.

  41. I am the mother of an addict. What an encouraging witness to the effectiveness of Christian Science healing this lecture is. It gives me great hope, especially in view of the deaths of two young adults in my experience who have passed on because of an addiction. Thank you for the specificity. It is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I am humbly gratefull.

  42. Mr.Adams' wonderful enthusiasm and spiritual joy, his fresh and understandable

    ideas evidence such a yielding to Truth. I could appreciate this lecture on
    many levels .

  43. Thank you so much for this wonderful lecture. I am watching this while at work on my lunch hour and have found peace and comfort from John's expression of Christian Science. While I am a student follower for many years, I feel I am back at my primary class instruction again, being inspired once again. Thank you, God, Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science.

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