Hiking the Sermon on the Mount (audio only) [56 mins ENG]

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Chet Manchester, CSB, shares his lecture "Hiking the Sermon on the Mount". Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia on March 28, 2010.

Click here for the handout from the lecture.

  1. Hi Chet, Loved this approach to a "lecture"! Very fresh and invigorating, and I wasn't even on the walk! Loved what you had to say. Thanks!

  2. Dear Chet,
    Your thoughtful, prayerful, loving explanation of Jesus' words brings his teachings out of antiquity and into my life today. Rather than hard rules or chastisements, Jesus was "telling it like it is," teaching his listeners the direct route to their true selfhood.

    The healing you related is a powerful example of the need and reward of understanding the sermon on the mount. Thank you for, literally, walking the walk.

    Warmest regards,

  3. Chet,
    Thank you for your loving and gentile discussion on the Sermon on the Mount. What a firm foundation for daily thought and putting our confidence in God as opposed to what might be in front of us.

    Peace and joy!

  4. Dear Chet, Thanks so much for allowing me to join you on your hike up the Sermon on the Mount. You make Jesus' teachings so clear, near and dear to me. Now, I understand the spiritual meaning of the beatitudes and why the Sermon on the Mount is so important to our spiritual being. Thank you! Love and goodness, Joycebelle

  5. What a beautiful lecture! I appreciate these on-line lectures. I am a new comer to christian science and i have a lot more peace in my heart and mind more often nowadays. Thank you so much!

  6. Chet -
    I'd never heard the healing you shared related to the Rodney King event in California prior to today. What an instructive healing about wiping out the whole dream of a victim and victimizer. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank You for the Teaching on the Sermon on the Mount.I am new to Christian Science and this is benefcial to me.

  8. My whole family LOVED attending this event in the park. MANY thanks to the Charleston church for hosting this marvelous event!! Thank you, Alex Cook, for your music and Chet, for the talk!!

  9. 9/06/2012 - Thank you for this timeless message and a new insight into the Sermon on the Mount. I will be watching the rocks I carry.

  10. Sancy -What fun to walk the Sermon on the Mount with fresh views. I especially appreciated Chet's comment that they who mourn are comforted by their true spiritual selfhood relieving any sense of sorrow . sadness, or regret.

  11. What happened to the man who did the shooting, was he given a reduced sentence?

    Note from Chet Manchester.
    "I don't know what his sentence was, the man who was shot indicated that his comments in the court made a difference and the judge was moved by what he said. So, it's likely that this had some impact on sentencing."

  12. Dear Chet
    I've loved your Talk on Matthews 5, 6, and 7. I've studied it 4 times. And I received so much good from it. I plan to do it ever week. So far it has helped me so much. I loved the way you have brought it up to date for today's world. I've suggested it to others to study.

    Each time i study it, I learn something different.
    Thank you, and Love Ya' for it.

  13. Very eye opening! Thank you!!

  14. Thank you so much for this heartfelt sharing. I could feel the love, and Love's presence. It has been so helpful. Truly a wonderful and practical map to live by.

  15. Thank you for the inspirational thoughts contained in this video. This will go along way in furthering my understanding as the Perfect child of God living in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  16. "Let the Christ be Your Mountain Guide." love it! Thank you!

  17. Just like being back in Sunday School! or in CS class again! Wow! Have so enjoyed the content and format of this lecture. Gonna go and throw away some rocks.

  18. Yall r so kind:)

  19. This vedio (particularly) gives me peace, and I heard the glad sound and felt peace and joy when I heard the song. His voice sounds so gentle. We all like the recording lecture both with, and some with out motion picture, b'cuz it sounds like a live radio in early-morning time.

  20. His voice sounds so gentle. It gives us such peace to this lecture. Its like listening to a live radio in the mournig!

  21. So wonderful, thank you!

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