Healing with scientific certainty through the Christ [100 mins ENG]

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Healing with scientific certainty through the Christ.

Watch Christine Driessen's lecture “Healing with scientific certainty through the Christ.”
Filmed in San Luis Obispo, CA USA on March 06, 2011.

  1. Thank you for making lectures available to us via internet.

    I live in a semi remote area and am not close to those cities hosting lectures.
    These always contain helpful messages and idea I need and can share with others.

    Thank you again.

    Virginia David Mickelson

  2. This is the best C.S. lecture I have ever experienced. Mrs. Driessen has given us a blessing “pressed down and overflowing”, timely and timeless, inspiring for the seasoned Scientist and accessible to a newcomer. What a perfect lecture for a joint branch church presentation! I didn’t comment yesterday when I first heard it because I couldn’t wait to e-mail all my children and friends to tell them to watch it. I watched again last evening with one of my daughters, and awoke this morning thinking of other friends and acquaintances to alert to this gift.
    Thank you,

  3. What an inspiring and helpful lecture! I have emailed the link to friends, listened to it myself several times (taking notes), and put a link to it in the signature line of my email! Thank you Christine, and thank you all for making these lectures available on-line.

  4. We loved this lecture. God bless Mrs. Driessen!

  5. I also feel that this was one of the best CS lectures that I’ve had the privilege of listening to. It was so beautifully, lovingly and simply delivered and I loved all the healing examples from the Bible and from her experiences. The lecture covered so much. I wish that everyone would listen and learn. Thank you for all that went into putting this together!!

  6. OMG, Oh My God………….such a powerful message! Perhaps the most powerful words I’ve ever heard and accepted as the truth about me and everyone, right this moment and eternally. Thank you, Thank you.

  7. Thank s to CHristine Drtesen For a wonderful lecture and lesson. Many aspects of the practice of this science have become clearer to me.

  8. Thank you all for making this wonderful lecture available to us on the web…I feel quite blessed to have been able to hear it and Christine your clear spiritual thought came shining through your message, Thank You!

  9. Thank you for making these lectures available via internet. As I live in an area where there are no CS churches or RR, I am especially grateful for all the ways to access CS via internet. Christine’s lecture is one of the most powerful and beautiful and helpful ever! thank you all!

  10. WOW! Fired-up! On fire with the Spirit of Christ Truth! The Science of the Christ – Christian Science. I will take this lecture in my heart wherever I go. Very clear and POWERFUL! So many lessons learned and clarified…my cup runneth over. Shared this lecture with family and friends. This lecture answered so many, many issues in my life, with my family members, co-workers in the workplace, and material world thought that I have been struggling to get a better understanding re sin and fear of life in matter. So glad this lecture is on the internet because I was able to watch it multiple times and share with others. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Christine and all! The mist has cleared! My enthusiasm for Life in Christ as God’s perfect child remains intact. Alleluia! Amen!

  11. i too, am so grateful for these resources on the web. it is a wonderful outreach service for the mother church or branch churches to provide these lectures. thank you.

  12. OHMIGOSH! This is the best lecture I’ve ever heard. I’ve been away from Christian Science for 30 years. I just discovered these lectures the other day.
    Thank God for the Internet and these lectures that are available for anyone to pick up. Oh, my joy is overflowing. Thank you, Christine, thank you! So much has become clearer to me through your carefully chosen words. I’m looking forward to demonstrating Science again.

  13. Brilliant! Totally captivated and inspired us.
    Thank you so much.

  14. This is one of the absolute best CS lectures I have ever heard. Mrs Driessen made everything so clear for the Christian Scientist and for those who are not Christian Scientists. I do hope Christine will continur to go around the country and share on the internet all of her fabulous clear thoughts.
    Fabulous Christine the VERY BEST ever.

  15. This series is absolutely fabulous – inspiring and refreshing. PLEASE continue and even expand this series.

  16. Wonderful wonderful lecture!! thank you! and thanks especially for those ideas on true womenhood and women’s freedom.

  17. Outstanding! Brilliant! Clear! Thank you so much.

  18. Wow, this is fantastic, words can’t express my gratitude for this wonderful lecture. It’s so obvious the love you have for everyone. Thanks for such a great presentation.

  19. Thank you so much, Christine, for this clear and powerful C.S. Lecture. I felt it was excellently presented. I’ve already shared it with a friend and will be hearing it again. Your testimonies are so helpful and you described them perfectly. Very inspiring!

  20. Dear Christine,

    My husband and I heard you lecture in Salem, Oregon a year or so ago, and it was absolutely the best one we had ever heard. I don’t remember if it was the SAME lecture as this one, but it made a huge impression on us at that time. And this one certainly reinforces the wonderful truths you shared back then. Thank you so much for sharing this powerful message, and please, please, keep them coming!

  21. Dear Christine,

    I thank you today, July 16, 2010 for this wonderful message.

    I found out about these video lectures just recently.

    My pute would not allow these to play. some kind of glich.

    for 5 days I tried materially to get help.

    Well today, I just tried once more, and the error message just did not hold.

    I got thru and I just heard this beautiful lecture.

    Thank you so much for showing the world the way.


    Jane Shinn
    Dittmer, Mo

  22. To have this at home on the computer for the whole family is wonderful. And to have it available all over the world is priceless.

  23. What a harvest of good tidings delivered in such an inspiring manner! Lots of ideas to ponder and demonstrate. Thanks be to God and Her wonderful communicator, Christine. Thanks also to The Mother Church for providing this opportunity so that these lectures can be witnessed in every part of the world.

  24. I’ve been listening to your video several times over. It’s great.
    And is it possible that you could tell me how on earth I can stop
    resenting and critisizing? I’m willing. This stuff is separate from
    me but often it seems like it’s happened just minutes after I’ve told
    myself I love, or that so and so if dearly loved by God, and then I
    feel like I have to hold to my negative position just because I’ve
    taken it I don’t like myself when I resent but … Do you have any ideas?
    How does one really feel it?

  25. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for your comments and questions. Once I found myself facing a similar situation and I would pray and get a sense of peace about the truth of perfect God, perfect man. But the moment I was back in the same situation, I found myself reacting negatively. I kept wondering, why does this happen to me when I’ve prayed so earnestly?

    Then I thought, “Wait a second. If it is true that God is All-in-all, then I do not have to respond in any way to this picture of inharmony. My only job is to be still, affirm that God is in complete control expressing goodness and love in each one of us, and then rejoice in that fact. The next time I did that, the picture changed….and continued changing as I continued to affirm that truth, until there was harmony and respect across the board.

    Each morning, Mrs. Eddy began by affirming there is only one Mind–God, divine Love, infinite good–and it is my Mind. That’s a good practice for each of us.

    I love this passage in Pulpit and Press, p.3: “Know, then, that you possess sovereign power to think and act rightly, and that nothing can dispossess you of this heritage and trespass on Love. If you maintain this position, who or what can cause you to sin or suffer? Our surety is in our confidence that we are indeed dwellers in Truth and Love, man’s eternal mansion. Such a heavenly assurance ends all warfare, and bids tumult cease, for the good fight we have waged is over, and divine Love gives us the true sense of victory.” Christine

  26. What a wonderful lecture. It makes so much sense, and is so uplifting, and could be heard once a month. I am the Librarian at our Reading Room, and I run lectures every week. This one I break down into 2 parts, and I run this one once a month. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Christine.

  27. WOW! that was wonderful. Thank you

  28. My sister-in-law shared this with me, and I am very grateful. So many helpful ideas and points. Thank you.

  29. Dear Christine,

    Viewing this video lecture could not have been at a better time for me.I was substituting for a Reading Room Assistant who could not make it and I have your lecture playing as a background for me. This lecture has removed some of the mental baggage that I have been entertaining lately and I encouraged a caller to watch this as well.

    Thank you for the inspirations, healings shared in here and I am grateful for you and the mother church for sharing this lecture on the internet.

  30. Christine,
    Your lecture was so excellent, clear, inspirational – thank you so much.
    Can you expand on the points in your lecture about child bearing, to speak to those who seem to have borne children as a result of ugly mistakes or violence or other ugly circumstances? Can we really come to see all concerned as the ideas of God, and know that God, good, really was governing all, even right then, with His undefiled law? And recognise ourselves as pure and undefiled? The wonderful story you told in the lecture about the young woman suggests it must be possible. There must be millions needing help with these themes. Might you even do a lecture on this?

  31. Dear Anon,

    You have already answered your own question so beautifully! I have seen a number of times, in fact three particular cases come to mind immediately, of young girls or young women who were raped and ended up becoming pregnant, and other cases of young women who had sex outside of marriage and then suddenly found themselves pregnant. In each case they were introduced to Christian Science or turned in prayer to God for guidance in the face of that tragedy and learned that they could never lose their innocence, purity or goodness in God’s eyes. God, divine Love, made both them and their babies in the divine image and likeness and maintains each of us that way. God never abandons His/Her precious creation. And divine Love is giving each one–the mother and her baby everything they need to succeed–intelligence, supply, support, opportunities to progress, the wisdom of how to be a good mother. And in each case, both they and their babies succeeded.

  32. For example, one young woman was raped when she was about 12 years old. She and her mother had just discovered Christian Science and decided it was not right to terminate the baby’s life with an abortion but decided instead to keep the baby. The grandmother helped raised the baby while her daughter went to high school and helped her daughter learn how to become a good mother. Then the young mother was accepted to college, took a full time job while attending college part time and asked for her child to come live with her. While she was juggling work, school and raising a young child, her friends were out partying. At first she felt she would lose out on life by being responsible for her young child, but as she prayed about it, she realized obedience to God’s commandments, trusting God’s care for her and putting her responsibility to her child first were the right thing to do.

    She became a very good mother and helped other mothers learn how to put their children first in their lives. She finished college and started graduate school. Then she began finding that her friends, who had spent their college years partying, were now coming to her to ask for help. They said they had messed up their lives and felt so empty, but she seemed to have it all together and was so happy. They wanted to know how she did it. She ended up becoming a minister who helps many people now. Her young daughter has also become very successful, doing well in school and now in her own career.

  33. Christ Jesus taught that we can never be separated from God’s tender loving care, no matter how far we seem to have wandered from Him and no matter what challenges we have faced in life. The Christ Love is always present to lift us up, strengthen us, inspire, guide and prosper us if we just open our heart to divine Love and embrace everyone in God’s love, including the precious baby that has come into their experience. Babies are precious gifts from God that bring so many blessings into our lives!

  34. Christine,
    Thank you so very much for this totally convincing reply. I imagine many others will find it helpful too. Thank you , thank you, thank you!

  35. My heart is singing after hearing Ms. Driessen’s powerful lecture! I am most grateful to her for caring enough for mankind to devote her entire life to this wonderful Science and to share it with the world.

    Thanks to The Mother Church for providing this through the Internet.

  36. Christine, I have watched and listened to this lecture many times. It always gives me a lift and the answer to many problems come to me as a result. I’ve downloaded it and can listen at any time of the day or night. Although I know what’s coming next it never seems to lose the power to enthrall me. New answers come to present problems or questions I have. There is no way that I can express the light, peace and joy that your words bring to my life. I’m facing bankruptcy right now and the lecture tells me that good will come of the process if I allow it to. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  37. This was excellent. Thank you for opening our eyes to the reality that God is all there is.

  38. Beautiful. I loved that it lasted for more than an hour. I felt that I was with friends, listening to Truth and Love. Thank you, Christine.

  39. Where is the science ?

  40. Thanks much Christine for making your lecture available in the internet. The other night I was deleting some links in my FB and was led to click on the Daily Lift. After I’ve read it I was led to read on the other infos and got interested to click on CHristian Science lectures Online. There were a lot and some lecturers I already have met but I scrolled down to select a lecture title that will meet my need for the moment. I then stopped and clicked on your lecture. Exactly as I was listening to it, my need was met. I emailed it to my family and on the second night I listened to it again and was moved to email to my other family members as well as friends. I gained greater assurance of a permanency of a healing with scientific certainty through the Christ. Just a month ago I experienced a relapse of strenght in my legs [ I don't know and need not know if it is what is so-called rheumatism]. I was able to walk in about two hours of acknowledging my true being as I have understood in Christian Science. But after the healing I had been bothered with fears of a reoccurence. Everyday I have been acknowledging that good and harmony are the only presence. After listening to your lecture I was totally healed of that fear. My obedience will speak of my gratitude!

  41. Thank you so much for the on-line lectures. What a gift to the world community for those who can access them!! Loved the ideas shared in this one and so grateful for the manner of love in which it came across. You all are doing wonderful work!

  42. This is one of the best talks I have heard that so completely explains Christian Science. For someone who loves sharing CS…I know I will be sharing this talk with many. Every time I listen I am filled with new inspiration and the gentle authority and conviction of the Christ washes over me. Thank you Christine…the truths in this talk are playing their part in healing me…I am so grateful…

  43. thank you christine for your wonderful lecture.step by step it was very easy to follow,i have gained a lot more spritual understanding fron it with grateful thanks.

  44. How wonderful. It is really good that these lectures are available on line. They are a true source of inspiration. Thank you.

  45. I heard your lecture during my nightshift as CS Nurse. It helped me to hold my thoughts to the Christ Truth during my work - thank you very much indeed, dear Christine! I really had the happy feeling that I had a CS treatment and that you taught me to have a much clearer and purer view of how simple it is to trust our loving Father-Mother-God as His child that He heals us completely and meets a l l our human needs. But one has to stick to it every day anew. Thanks so much for your grand lecture!

  46. Dear Christine: I am listening to this lecture again today--the first time I heard it was when you were up here in Canada for the Youth Event held in Toronto around the end of September............
    I have ordered that book you talked about named "Irreducible Mind"
    and have not drank any caffeinated coffee since your lecture! This is amazing because I have struggled to give this up for decades!
    Thank so very much for your wonderful efforts to bring healing to all of us! and inspiring us to try harder for ourselves and others! Marjorie of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

  47. An absolutely wonderful lecture. It covers everything I need at the moment and so much more. I'll be listening to this again and taking notes. Thank you.

  48. I didn't attend when you were in Calgary, but found it online and have listened to it several times since. It is powerful, clear, full of love, gentle and absolute. I have shared it with several people. It is an incredible blessing to all. Many thanks.

  49. I wish we could download this one, it is so good.

  50. thanks for this wonderful lecture Cxhristine,all I could say was WOW,I know I just Moved ahead in my understanding of CHRISTIAN SCIENCE,IT was veary moving and helpful,LOOKING forward to hearing many more,THANK'S AGAIN

  51. Dear Christine, I am joining all the commentors by thanking you with all my heart! This is a powerhouse of a lecture. Will listen again and share it! Much love, Chrissie

  52. I thought the healing of your mother was most helpful, indeed wonderful to us. It showed the healing power of humility and selfless love. Your mother's works do indeed follow her - thanks.

  53. I have watched and shared this Christian Science Lecture literally hundreds of times for over three years. I love the updates in this current version, esp the AMA and sorcery in USA. This lecture is absolutely simply stated for any listening ear. As a Christian Science nurse I have shared this lecture with non-Christian Science family members and friends. Thank you Christine for helping to evangelize the world with your honest, powerful, and simple message.

  54. I listened to Christine's message for several days and cured myself of a painful attack of bursitis
    in my right shoulder; thanks Christine

  55. This is the first lecture that I have imagined sharing with my husband, in that the language is share-able with those who are not Christian Scientists in a denominational sense. Thanks for the clarity and universality of this message.

  56. Thank you so much, Christine, for this wonderfully helpful and inspiring talk. I am so very grateful for the link to this lecture from the Daily Lift for today. I will be listening again, and sharing it with others. I also am impressed and inspired with your responses to the commenters who were reaching out for answers to specific needs. In much love and appreciation, Cyndy.

  57. How wonderful to be able to sit in my own house and listen to this talk along with all the other wonderful auto talks The Mother Church offers. There are many evenings that I am home alone but really not totally alone whenI have all these wonderful talks . I thank-you so much for all you are doing I am so grateful.

  58. Dear Christine, Thank you for the wonderful lecture - it is the most comprehensive, 'approachable' and powerful discussion of Christian Science I have ever heard. I have shared this on my FaceBook, forwarded to family and will listen to it and study the references again and again. I look forward to hearing your other lectures. Thank you!

  59. Dear Christine. Your important, healing lecture was so complete and magnificant. I would dearly love to share it with my fellow Italians in italian officially translated if possibile as they dont receive very much in their language and many dont speak english at all. I listen to this lecture over and over again to keep myself on top of the mountain of inspiration. I cant say thank you enough times for allowing us to hear your lecture, free.

  60. Thank you, Christine, we have just had this lecture at our church and got very good feedback. I agree that it is the best I've ever heard. Your experience is invaluable to the field.

  61. I heard this lecture live in Sutton, Surrey ,UK a few years ago and it made an enormous impact. I have never forgotten it. It answers every question and is such a dynamic, clear, practical and inspiring explication of Christian Science. Afterwards Christine stayed on for a very long time, sharing further with individuals as though she could have stayed with us all night pouring forth this wonderful inspiration. I have since shared it with new-comers to Christian Science and they have also found it invaluable. Tonight I have gained from it further and not only have found the healing ideas so powerful but I also absolutely love Christine's enthusiasm and tireless out-pouring of joy and conviction along with her clear, scientific, articulate reasoning. I look forward to hearing much more from her. I think that she is undoubtedly a perfect ambassador for Christian Science and am so encouraged to know of her connections and sharing with the medical / psychotherapist communities- I trust that they are helped and inspired by her too.

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