God's love answers all your needs [68 mins ENG]

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Ricardo Saldivar, CS, shares insights into the omnipotence of God's love in his lecture "God's love answers all your needs". Filmed in the Glenview, Illinois on October 23, 2011.

  1. We need more of these down to earth Lecturers! The presentation was "buddy to buddy" while not losing it's healing import! Thank you, Ricardo!! (He wasn't lecturing to...he was sharing!)

  2. What a GREAT lecture! What a great delivery style. You really made it interesting and I learned a lot!! I loved it.
    I am playing it now for the 2nd time! Thank you

  3. this was so clear and for me inspired i am so grateful for this message put so beautifully thanks ricardo i do hope that any other of his lectures will be on the site

  4. The exuberant style is admirable.

  5. You are a remarkable lecturer! I grew up in Christian Science and so as a kid my parents would " drag" me to lectures. I found them dull as a kid. As an adult of course I see the wonderful value of them But YOU have a style that is so wonderful and interesting!!! WOW!!! I hope you do more and more...thank you for that great 68 life changing minutes. I have already forwarded this to several friends.

  6. Great down to earth delivery of Truth. Thank you, and I agree with #1, we need more of these on line.

  7. A humble, thoughtful, vibrant, healing message. Thank you.

  8. Thank You Ricardo!!!

  9. Wow! What an energized, God-filled lecture or should I say presentation as you did not lecture your audience, you presented us with Truth so dynamic that we could not help but listen with our whole being and Get It! Professionally I have coached and critiqued several world recognized speakers prepare and deliver their messages. I could not improve yours in anyway. Great to hear the word of God so alive and meaningful! Aside from your remarkable delivery - I learned much about God and my personal relationship to Him and how to heal. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Eager for your next one.

  10. My 12-year-old daughter and I listened to your lecture while having dinner together tonight. What a treat! Thank you so much. I can't wait to share this with other family members and friends.

  11. Clear thinking, logical exposition, and lively delivery of a message rooted in personal experience and growth in understanding of sacred texts = a great lecture and an enjoyable moment.
    Thank you Ricardo.

  12. Tremendous!!!! I wish ALL of the online lectures could be downloaded as some of them can. This way we could carry all of them with us on a portable device. This would be very valuable.

  13. What a wonderful gift you have given us in this lecture, Ricardo.

  14. Wonderful lecture. Thank you

  15. thank you for your wonderful lecture it was one of the best ever.

  16. Thank you, Ricardo! I spent the entire afternoon listening and backing up and re-listening over and over. I found such great healing in all your words!! Love reflected in love--and there is none else! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  17. Thank you, Ricardo! I spent the entire afternoon listening and backing up and re-listening over and over. I found such great healing in all your words!! Love reflected in love--and there is none else! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  18. This is really great! Simply great! Life changing! I am so thankful I have this privilege to watch it several times! Excellent lecture, Ricardo! Presentation style is wonderful! I really love it.

  19. Thank you for such a wonderful lecture. Going through so many issues mentioned on it. I had to hear it repeatedly, and try to understand -even though I understand the words, I pray that I get to realize that Love is the one that is in charge. I would really like to get a breakthrough!

  20. You made Christian Science so tangeable - alive. No reading of notes.Thanks so much!

  21. You would have made my parents life easier as a kid. They had to really get creative to get us to go to lectures when we were growing up. If you were lecturing we would have gone!! They had to offer everything from ice cream to dinners to get us to go....haha ( glad they persisted as CS is so important to me as an adult now!!!
    You are a delight!

  22. Ricardo, This was great! I loved it! I can't wait to listen again! Thanks so much. Karen

  23. I really enjoy these lectures, thanks for putting them on-line. I also enjoy the daily lifts and articles.
    Ricardo, you are full of passion and have a great sense of humor, I enjoyed your lecture! Thank you!

  24. Oh Ricardo this was just perfect! Well done! I hope you lecture in my area soon because I will bring friends. It's a perfect message for a new comer as well as those of us that grew up with CS :-)
    Much love to you!

  25. Thank your for such a wonderfully vibrant lecture. Your messages not only were heard but felt. I emailed this lecture to my sister. My heart felt gratitude for the Christ message.

  26. The story of you and your friend who had all this animosity towards you at the begining of your job was inspiring. I had a fight with someone I have worked with for 20 years. It was terrible. But I prayed the way you explained that you had, and grew to love that person. I had a great healing and all is well now! Divine Love DID meet the need and its like it never happened.
    I am so grateful to you for this lecture!!

  27. How very refreshing. Thank you!

  28. Great Lecture.Your message is very practical and well presented.will
    listen over and over again.Thank you for posting these lectures

  29. How true it is! The Love of God is the most powerful medicine there is. It is through His Love that I too, learned to love a co-worker, I once to used to avoid and run from as well. God has given me such an incredible Love for this woman and I give all the credit to Divine Love. Thank you for the beautiful message!

  30. Wonderful lecture in content and delivery. I thoroughly enjoyed it and sent it to a family member.

  31. Thank you for sharing healing and awake in me the need to love everyone =)
    Mil gracias Ricardo!


  32. Divine Love does indeed meet every need. Thank you for a spiritual message delivered in such a way that I could not help but stayed tune to every word! Enlightening!! Now to go out there and put this beautiful message into practice!

  33. Wonderful lecture, Ricardo!

  34. Your lecture and all the thoughts and experiences you shared really helped me right now, and I will be sharing it, and "relistening" to it too.....and God's Love is always the answer...Thank you

  35. I hope to hear more lectures from you! This was so easy to listen to and enjoyable. Great presentation and content!!! GRACIA

  36. Really wonderful lecture. I like it so much. Thank you so much!!!!!

  37. Excellent lecture - warm, inspiring, easy to listen to, filled with the basic truths of Christians Science as lived by Christ Jesus and as discovered by Mary Baker Eddy.

  38. You Go Ricardo! You feel the law of Love, you know it, you shared it and we felt it! Thank you. Hope to get you out to CA.

  39. This lecture so met a need today as I go to visit a friend in need of comfort after tragically loosing her daughter. Thank-you for some uplifting Truths I needed for me and for her.

  40. I loved this lecture so much. One of the very best, and I feel so blessed to have listened to it.

  41. Where did you find this guy? He's Amazing! What a refreshing, buoyant and REAL Christian Science Lecture! Very clear, child-like and unpretentious. Now this is a guy who really lives the Love of Christian Science! But, as he showed us, it took him a while to "get it" and that just endears us even more to him and to his lecture! Thank you, Ricardo! Get out there and keep Lecturing! We Love You!

  42. Thank you for sharing how divine Love has changed your life. These stories resonate with me. I am truly grateful for what you have shared with such enthusiasm and love for us all.

  43. I have listened to this lecture several times and had a great healing from ideas that I learned here.
    I hope you do many more! Thank you

  44. Thanks for showing gratitude for what you learned growing up in another church. I, too, grew up in another church and feel the same way. Great building blocks to grow more spiritual with those Bible Stories!!!
    I love your presentation and hope we have more like this! Wonderful healing thoughts everyone can understand no matter what church they attend.

  45. Ricardo so freely expresses his/our beloved, divine Childhood of God, SOUL!! Such vibrant, UNCONFINED expressions of ideas and of yourself, as a lecturer. Bravo! JOY, LOVE, WARMTH... even HUMOR, which are all qualities of Love, are all there. Thank you, Ricardo, for your generous sharing of this lecture online. Excellent job done!!

  46. Wonderful! This lecture was intense.....with all lectures could be like this one! Very animated and easy tto relate to.

  47. Beautiful, wonderful, wow! Clear presentation of God in action and how to deal with adversity, the christly way.Thank you, Ricardo.

  48. Great lecture...I loved the way that even with all the doubts and fears...and questions...you were gently lead to see things more clearly...until healing became a living reality...and you were then naturally able to help others...and now we can listen to your wonderful lecture from anywhere in the world though the internet...and it's sort of like a hint of omnipresence...God's Love everywhere...

    Thank you so much Ricardo...

  49. I came home from work this evening in a great deal of discomfort and needed to lie down and rest. All I wanted to do was to hear about Truth, so I went to the online lectures. I hadn't recalled seeing yours, so I started it. I found myself smiling as your reminiscences reminded me of healings through the years. I bathed in that understanding of God's Love permeating everything, everywhere. It was the answer to my prayer to be lifted up in thought. I feel strong and ready to continue my work that I need to do this evening. Thank you so much for posting these online lectures. I'm grateful for every one of them.

  50. Ricardo, I thank you for this wonderful lecture. Our Father-Mother God had blessed you with a particular way of expressing spiritual ideas, which must of the time there are not easy to transmit to others. Mil gracias

  51. Thank you for this powerfully inspiring lecture and for your completely honest and open sharing of your experiences and insight. I have been struggling with all the seeming issues you listed, financial, employment, health, relationships all of which seem to have stemmed from a very bad experience that happened 2 years ago and which I believed had left me diminished in every way. As I listened to your lecture it was if I saw a giant shell cracking and lifting off of me. I realized that, like Daniel, I too was never truly touched by this experience and could not be diminished in any way because the Law of Love had always been operating on my behalf and in my experience. A half a box of tissues later I am so grateful to write to you and thank you so much for lifting my thought back into the sunshine of Love where I shall endeavor to keep it! Please share more lectures!!

  52. Thank you SO much, Ricardo!! You are a gift.

  53. Thank you!!! Loved it all and especially enjoyed hearing of the healing with Nancy.... We don't have to back off from loving absolutely everyone... Phew!! Such a heart healing message and a call to shine unflinchingly :)))

  54. Truly brilliant! I just loved your joy and warmth. You glowed with love. Thank you for such a warm, inspirational lecture.

  55. I listened to it while falling asleep then again as soon as I woke up. Very good important message delivered in a way that's easy to listen to. I need the truth and am so grateful people like Ricardo and others are delivering it in such a user-friendly way. I'm not interested in a dry, jargon-filled, superior-
    toned lecture. Thanks again!!!!!! More online lectures please.

  56. Ricardo no tengo palabras de agradecimiento por tus palabras tan bien expresadas y los mensajes increibles. Oh my God, everyone has to see and listen to this AMAZING lecture. WOW!!! Very Powerful!
    Un muy fuerte abrazo amiguito.

    Thank you BOL for putting these amazing lectures online for everyone to see and listen. Congratulations!!!

  57. I am so greatly thankful for this lecture!!! It was just what I needed. The testimonies were so beautiful!! Thank you so much

  58. Oh my God , I was listening to you and my mind turned around completely I changed:what abeautful message it was amazing.

  59. Ricardo, Thank you for sharing your God inspired message of love and light.

  60. Ricardo,
    I have been away from CS for 25 years. I have just happened to open this site for the first time and listened
    to your testamony. Thank you for giving me new insite on Gods Love in us and loving others. I am looking forward to living in Love and studying Gods healing for myself and my family.

  61. Ricardo,

    I have been struggling with a major challange(breast cancer). Your lecture was so wonderful and uplifting, I just cannot tell you how inspired I feel. Thank you for such an open and honest approach filled with so much love. One of the best I have listened to in some time. Stay on the lecture tour. We need you!!!!

  62. I had to cry after you shared that you had asked God to help you love Nancy because I realized how often I still forget to ask for God's help. How often I am trying to do it on my own! No wonder I am getting nowhere. But with God ALL things are possible.

  63. Ricardo, I just loved your lecture - Thank You!!!!

  64. This is an amazing delivery, this lecture is inspiring, Christian Scientists and non Christian Scientistts wouldn't be bored listening to this lecture over and over again. Thanks Ricardo.

  65. Fantastic love it

  66. One of the best I have heard

  67. Thank you Ricardo. I was pleasantly surprised to gain much useful and healing ideas from your lecture.

  68. Thank you, Ricardo, for this wonderful lecture. Your enthusiasm and humor had me smiling many times...the undergirding Love and its blessings to all, every moment, was tangible. I loved listening and plan to listen anew soon.

  69. Thank you so much, Ricardo, I loved this lecture, it is so filled with inspiration and Truth...just the thought that God is always with us and that there is no need to worry is a good reminder of God's Love ! I like your enthusiasm !

  70. Excellent. And so were the wonderful comments. God's Love is so complete.

  71. A wonderful lecture - so glad someone recommended it.

  72. Oh thank you so much for your sharing Ricardo. You so beautifully express God's individuality and joy through your humorous thoughts and presentation. How grateful I am for His individuality expressed through each one as we go about our day. Your thoughts help us at this time to embrace the leaders of the Nations who are striving to bring peace to a world so in need. We students of Christian Science can serve as soldiers in knowing that there are no victims nor villians and God is the One and only in all.

  73. Ricardo, I listen to this a-l-l-l-l the time! I love it. Thanking you continually.

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