God and health [59 mins ENG]


Watch this full lecture "God and health" with Robert Gilbert. This lecture was filmed in Buellton, California on June 23, 2012.

  1. Thank-you for your uplifting words. I'll remember the ARK when I pray. Both an inspiring and very useful llecture!

  2. Thank you for this powerful, tangible, clear and praticable lecture on Christian Science. Not only was it interesting to hear how Mrs. Eddy discovered Christian Science, but also how closely related to the Bible it is. And I heard many ideas that I can practice in my own life. It has really touched me inside. Thank you again.

  3. robert gilbert, what a wonderful lecture on the power of spritual healing when correctly put into practice. thank you e.s.

  4. Great and wonderful lecture; thank you Robert Gilbert

  5. thank you for this beautiful lecture. So very helpful: the use of word ARK and how to pray. Thank you for making this available online.

  6. Inexpressible gratitude for this powerful, healing talk! Words cannot express my humble thanks for the deep inspiration this talk brings, and I pray my works will. May the healing truths (so clearly and beautifully expressed) go forth in human consciousness to bring light and healing here, there, everywhere for everyone, one by one. Abiding thanks, Rob Gilbert, for this healing talk, various audio chats, articles, etc. - blessing all!

  7. Inspired, profound, healing...I would hope that everyone, everywhere will be able to hear this lecture! Rob, you have shared sooo much here!! Thank you!!
    It truly requires more than one or two listens!!

  8. You can't imagine how much this talk met the need of the moment. Thank you, Rob, for clarity, simplicity, truth.

  9. Thanks for the immediate tool:
    A --> Allay the fear because you are never outside God's care
    R --> Reverse in thought what seems to be threatening
    K --> Know the reason why

  10. This is a wonderful lecture. It covers all the bases. Many, many thanks.

  11. beautiful presented and very powerful lecture. thank you so much

  12. Thank you so much for the clarity. I did love the surfing analogy. It feels like a very good lecture to share with, amongst others, health professionals in the field of exploring the connection between spirituality and health.

    I love the diversity of all the lectures being posted on this website.

  13. Wonderful, powerful lecture! Thank you so much.

  14. I am in awe. It's so enlightening and strentghening. Please keep this lecture on the web for a long time.

  15. thank you, loved hearing only the voice of the shepard......

  16. Thank you for the reminder of our eternal spiritual nature,and ways to stay in Love's safety.
    There seems to be a volume problem with this lecture.

  17. Thank you so much for this powerful lecture. I identify with all the comments shared to date. Much food for thought. Thanks also for the quick response spiritual tool. ARK. I Love it.

  18. How empowering! And immediately useful. I love being able to add the ARK to my spiritual toolbox. Thank you, Rob.

  19. I don't think I've ever heard a Christian Science Lecture that was more practical and real! Thank you, Rob! I really believe that almost anyone could hear this Lecture and understand it and get something valuable out of it. Especially love the emphasis on the idea that Christian Science and Metaphysical Healing are inevitable as they are prophesied and sustained by the force of Divine Love or God!

  20. excellent and empowering

  21. Wow! Thank's so much. You've expressed this so clearly. The examples are terrific. I've found in my own experience this to be absolutely tthe Truth. Do not be fooled by appearance. Thanks for your confirmation..

  22. thank you - so very well presented... a truly healing message...

  23. My gratitude is overflowing. I have accessed the healing message in the middle of the night. The ARK was right there. Right when I needed it. The fear was handled as I was able to listen and apply the truths that were shared. Thank you for the healing thoughts

  24. Thank you so very, very much. I've listened to this wonderful and substantive lecture at least three times online now, and I keep coming back to it. There is so much there, and different things stand out to me each time. The constant is that each time, the particular Truth that you explore is made practical and alive and to me, that is Love. Thank you, again, so very much.

  25. ...Also, what you said in regard to Mary Baker Eddy's discovery of Christian Science stood out to me. You noted that she experienced this revelation as a Science, but also, as the fulfillment of Bible prophesy. You said that this fact of fulfillment of prophesy gives powerful spiritual momentum to healing. I can attest to this. When I was 12 I read the passage in Revelation about the angel with the little book open. I remember being filled with awe, realizing that Science and Health had to be this little book, and that the angel prefigured its Revelator. A few days later, a serious fall resulted in what x-rays showed to have been a broken jaw. The healing was instantaneous. I knew that in Science and Health Mrs. Eddy says that God maintains His creation and that this book and its Revelator to this age were in Bible prophesy, so whatever was in that book was Truth. For me that was enough. The healing occurred even before a practitioner could be contacted.

  26. Such a powerful, refreshing lecture, delivered with conviction, inspiration, and sincerity. It was most helpful in praying for those in Newtown. Can't thank you enough!

  27. I wish I had listened to this lecture a few days ago when I faced an emergency situation. This lecture gives such clear direction as to how to organize one's thought in such environments. I am now encouraged to know that it is never too late to place thought in the "ARK" and that the mortal evidence is not the record of events. Thank you for this good and helpful instruction.

  28. Thank you so very much for this inspiring talk. I plan on sharing it.

  29. Thank you so very much for this POWERFUL lecture. I have shared this with many.

  30. so helpful for me tonight, wonderfully put!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. What an outstanding lecture. Thank you.

  32. Gratitude for the recognition of Mary Baker Eddy as Revelator and Revalation of Bible prophesy as being fulfilled NOW. . This will promote the progress of the whole field and the unity of God's people.with the fuller understanding of divne Principle, Love. thank you from the heart..

  33. Wonderful lecture. Thanks so much for delivering this to all of us who are searching for the truth of God and Christian Science. It was so beautifully given. So well presented. I loved it. Thank you so much.

  34. What a feast of food for thought! Thank you so very much, Rob. And how wonderful to be able to go back to it as needed. I needed that message now. How grateful I am for this audio that is available to everyone.

  35. Very inspiring,listened several times,added to my chest of treasures.
    Well presented. Thank you.

  36. Thank you. This is an especially clear, beautiful, and practical lecture. Thank you for putting it on-line so the ideas in it can spread to all who are interested.

  37. Dear Robert, There are dozens of talks by you on line, and I find them all inspiring and so enlightening. This is one I've found myself going over again -- and for sure again. I love the examples of healing by Mrs. Eddy and others who have found healing by reading her book. It comes across to me that you have done much study which has paid off generously. Yes, paid off, and it has inspired me to do more of the same. Thank you so much for being such a good example and sharing your life with us. In summing up the many words that come to me, I will use the word, gratitude, for your message. Also, I must say that ARK obviously has made a lasting impression on many of us and to let you know I appreciate being on that ARK with you and all of them. Joyce McClure

  38. "Divine Love always has and always will meet every human need"...I so appreciate your loving lecture
    and sharing of experience where God IS present, always...The Allness of God and the Nothingness of error....

  39. My husband and I attended your lecture in Lynnwood,WA this afternoon and although he had a difficult time at one point in the lecture he said it was the best lecture he'd ever heard. When I asked him if he was able to concentrate on what you were saying he responded that he listened more intently during the time he was challenged. The ideas shared about Mrs. Eddy's healing experiences were powerful for him and I appreciated the clarity in your explanation of the current information from physics today. Mrs. Eddy understood from a spiritual standpoint what physical scientists are learning today about matter. It's not substantial at all! It's an exciting time to be studying Christian Science. Thank you for your insightful lecture!

  40. Profound thanks for the most helpful lecture ever. Several listenings have provided fresh, practical insight each time, day & night.

  41. What a loving & healing message. Thank you for sharing it with us all, Rob

  42. Rob, thank you for this helpful, inspiring lecture to which I have listen
    multiple times and emailed to others.

  43. Hello Rob
    I certainly agree with many of the others who commented here. I have listened to this lecture repeatedly and will listen again. I have shared this lecture with others. Like many, I feel this is the best lecture I have ever heard. I have taken notes and refer to them almost daily. I love the thought that God is not only the power of the healing but the environment where the healing takes place. Your explanation of the 91st Psalm has meant so much to me. I can't thank you enough.

  44. Wonderful talk! "Negative material conditions require fear to be destructive." If that is not a wake up call to stand firm against fear, I don't know what is. How wonderful to be reminded that "Love casts out fear." Do we truly realize the omnipotence of Divine Love, God? We must live Love, be Love, live Love. How comforting to know that whatever is going on, all can hear the Shepherd's voice and be safe.

  45. An outstanding, wonderful lecture. As so many have said it is one of the best!!

    Also thanks to Anna#25.

  46. Wonderful lecture!!!
    Clear and powerful! As you put, full of "profound thought provoking ideas"!
    You know, sometimes I fell like I dwell in this secret place of The Most High, but suddenly I feel like something pushes me down to that apparent and false reality and that´s too bad...
    But my hope never let me down when I remember of the spiritual resources you mention in your lecture, when I hear the Sheferd´s voice calling me, full of love - "Be still, and know that I am God..."
    I´ll never forget the brand new resource you taught in this lecture - the ARK prayer!
    Thank you very much, Rob!

  47. Thank you for the 23rd Psalm and the Lord's Prayer.

  48. Thank you .this wonderful lecture. I will keep the A R k in mind and know that God is always our provider and answers our prayers when we leave things in the hand of God. My cat was missing for while and I prayed that she was in the hands of God and was safe. Shortly after that she showed up and I sajd thank you Father, thank you.

  49. Inspired, profound, healing...I would hope that everyone, everywhere will be able to hear this lecture! Rob, you have shared so much here!! Thank you!!
    It truly requires more than one or two listens!!

    I really like listening to this lecture.

  50. The secret place of the Most High is within our thought, we don't have to rush to some place on this mortal earth to find it. : )

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