Curing the incurable (two clips)

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Elise Moore, CSB, shares a couple of powerful healing testimonies in these clips from "Curing the incurable". Filmed in Newburyport, Massachusetts on May 17th, 2012.

  1. I love it, Elise! Thank you!!

  2. Elise,
    Thank you for this powerful lecture. I wish I could hear them in their entirety. God is great!

  3. That was a very good lecture, there is much to think about . .Thank you

  4. Very clear concise and demonstrable, thank you for this reminder, that God's law of spiritual perfection is the only law.

  5. Thank you for these clips of healing testimonies. So right-on!

  6. Wonderful!...the Christ simply says, man doesn't need healing....and that's what I am this age, through Science and Health with key to the Scriptures!

  7. Thanks so much, Ellise. I know I'll be sharing this in the Reading Room. Would be wonderful to hear the whole lecture some time.

  8. Oh thank you so much for posting this. God's law is only good and that is what i needed to hear today.

  9. What a wonderful reminder of God's law in operation. Thank you Elise for your powerful renditions of two healings.

  10. Elise, I love your lectures. Next time tell the church to run the WHOLE lecture. So far, you only have snippets on this site. Never enough. I could listen to you for hours. Bless you.

  11. Thank you for these very clear, direct, healing messages. Am knowing the Christ, Truth, is going forth to bless all and that the law of God is operating everywhere. My gratitude for all the Church work and workers is without measure.

  12. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Clear, direct, powerful. thank you.

  13. Great! And I'll use. Many thanks

  14. what I love most about this story is the beautiful example of compassion, courage and practicality that the customer gives us. She asked the woman about her condition (compassion), she wasn't afraid to speak the truth as she felt inspired to (courage), and she spoke to the woman in a way that made sense to her situation, ie "if you're going to be in bed, would you read this book if I gave it to you?" (practicality). A great model for relationships and all our interactions!

  15. This is beyond good. It says it all. I cannot say anything else. Much love to all and thanks so much.

  16. So great! Now get it out to the general public. Christian Scientists know about God's healing laws. This should be posted everywhere. People are crying out for healing. I love so much how it was not told whether the woman healed of the arthritis became a Christian Scientist or not. Christian Science and it's healing is for every faith. Christian Scientists need to be introducing these healing laws of God to everyone, not to convert them but to heal them.

  17. Thank you, Elise. This says so much about God's tender mercies guiding, governing and supporting everyone. How very lovely that the customer so graciously shared her understanding and love of God's Law with the woman. Just beautiful!

  18. I love the reminder that it is the Law of God working to heal, not just my work. Thank you, Elise, and to the Board of Lectureship sharing these inspired lectures.

  19. As an aspiring law student, it is always refreshing to be reminded of the ultimate law, the perfect law, God's Law! Thank you.

  20. Whenever I see the name " Elise" I know it will be a great lecture!! I really enjoyed dthis, thank you! Love the LAW and the principle.

  21. What a lesson learned in sharing Christian Science. I love the way the gentle,compassionate,and confident way the customer shared the God's Law with the woman. Thank you so much for sharing these healing thoughts.

  22. A beautiful demonstration of God's ever-present, ever-active, ever-available law! Thank you.

  23. Wonderful, inspiring, uplifting! Love your excellent, clear delivery. I too would listen for hours; and I hope there will be more of these lectures (entire lectures) online. thank you, Thank you!

  24. Thank you so much.

  25. I, too, could listen to Elise for hours. She's such an eloquent speaker. And speaks with such conviction. Wonderful.

  26. I would like to add my thanks too, Elise, very inspiring and I would also like to see all of your lecture online.

  27. Great stuff, thanks. Have shared it with a few friends. Really a jewel,

  28. This is so powerful....I've listened to it twice and will share it with friends.....and save it to hear again....thank you so much for this

  29. Thanks Elise . . . I will share it also

  30. Very inspiring. Thank you.

  31. Wonderful lecture delivered with compassion, love and clear and practical ideas.

  32. Thank you Elise.
    This is for sharing, and for me too!
    God's LAW in action in both healings! Wonderful to hear it like this.

  33. Wow...these are two challenges I have been facing in recent weeks. Thank you for addressing them with such compassion, confidence and clarity. And also I appreciate that the customer turned the lady's thought to the laws of God rather than taking healing personally. When we are in line with God's laws, healing happens effortlessly. With gratitude and love to you!

  34. Against the all-pervading God's Law, man cannot either oppose nor support it by himself... but through the Light, which comes from the Bible, and from «Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures», by a most inspired human being called Mary Baker Eddy. It is clear that this woman realized what I have said: «man cannot either oppose nor support by hymself...», but through Christ only, who made real these divine laws to which try, everyday, to attain, the Christian Scientists. This healing, to which the second recording pays testimony, illustrates perfectly the wonder which is Christian Science. Thank you so much!

  35. Im truly thankful for the Christian Science lectures.

  36. all I can say is that law of God is available always.

  37. Both excerpts provide wonderful, practical examples of healing which point clearly to God's law of health and harmony, breaking the spell of material laws.

  38. Amazing and very powerful... thank you! It would be wonderful to see the entire lecture on this website.

  39. It is always great to watch the lectures on the website.But it is quite helpful to be able to consult these excerpts and others which bring us quick examples of wonderful healings.Thank you Elise.I also liked your small lecture on short prayers.

  40. Thank you for these clips of your lecture. Very powerful!

  41. God Bless you forever through Jesus Christ our Lord for sharing these wonderful testimonies.

  42. I heard you speak in New Zealand a few years ago and was hugely grateful and uplifted then. Thank you now for the simplicity and power of these two clips.

  43. Thank you so much for those powerful clear messages of healing and God's Law.

  44. The part where you said there was no problem to big or too small reached me in a way that surprised me. I've been struggling with big issues and what might seem to some as a small one. Your lecture showed me that the smallest creature is love by God and that there is no problem too large for Him either. Thank you!

  45. I attended your wonderful lecture last evening in Greensboro. It was so inspiring. It was filled with inspiration! In fact, I thought it was the best lecture I'd ever heard. Thank you so much!

  46. Wow! I just picked your lecture to listen to as I am working for my daughter who is struggling with the belief in anorexia. Christ is working in our lives right now and I feel so much gratitude for Christian Science. Thank you so much!

  47. Someone I love is apparently suffering from the thought that arthritis is painful, incapacitating and incurable. She has been healed before through prayer although she is not a Christian Scientist. I shall cherish these ideas and expect healing. Many thanks.

  48. A great message beautifully delivered.

  49. What a wonderful right sized lecture video to share at our local University's Fair later this month!
    Thanks Elise, It's truly right on!

  50. Love!!!!!!!!! "Love is the liberator". Thank you so much! I am so grateful to go to bed with these thoughts tonight! Wonderful work, Elise! Xoxoxo

  51. WOW! Meeting the need in the present moment! What a gift!
    Christian Science, the Law of God is here to heal everyone regardless of religious faith or no religious faith and everything including sin, disease and death. Thank you so much Elise for your openness and the clarity about non-judgmental treatment and who is the healer.. Divine Love in action is the liberator that brings freedom in thought so that man's perfect indestrutible harmony.can be seen and felt on earth as it is in heaven.

  52. I think God's Law says we should hear your whole lecture next time. OK? Thank you for that lovely powerful message.

  53. Laura, (# 52) is correct. It would be great to hear the whole lecture.
    God bless.

  54. Thank you Elise, Beautiful. God's Laws are so loving and correcting with love. We are all so cherished.

  55. Yet another request for the whole lecture - please?

  56. Thank you so much for sharing these Angel Messages on Curing the Incurable. I will listen to these clips again & again. I look forward to more of your daily lifts & your video lecture clips also. I live in New Port Richey, FL (Near Tampa, FL) but would drive to one of your lectures anywhere nearby. Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland.....The counties I could drive to are Pasco, Hernando,Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee,& Polk. The lectures & everything put on The Christian Science Daily Lifts are so very much appreciated & needed. I will look in the C.S. Journal to see if you are lecturing anywhere nearby. Keep up the Good Work & Thank You So Much Again.

  57. Are Christian Science upcoming lectures listed in the C.S. Journals or On-Line somewhere??? If someone could send me an e-mail with the answer to both questions I would be ever so grateful!!!!

    Daily Lift Team
    Lectures are listed in the Christian Science Sentinel and online at Find lectures near you on

  58. So wonderful to be reminded that God's laws are available to all and at all times. We need only to know and trust in this great truth. Thank you for this inspiring talk.

  59. I thought that these few lectures were wonderful, i just loved them all ty again

  60. what a peaceful joyous lecture, i am greatful. thank you

  61. "God´s law is supreme!"
    Oh, I love this message! It´s so true and so powerful!
    Yet, sometimes we need to be reminded about that.

    Thank you for these lovely videos!
    With love from Austria!

  62. Here's what I liked about your lecture: Your ease in front of the group, the clarity of your voice and your ideas, the fact that you had handouts and a whiteboard with ideas on it, and of course your powerful message about the laws of God and their universal applicability. I hope you continue on the BoL for many years!

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