Are you ready to flourish? [22 mins ENG]

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Evan Mehlenbacher, CSB, shares a 20-minute lecture titled "Are you ready to flourish?" at the Church Alive Summit in Pasadena, California on January 14, 2011.

  1. Wow! Excellent! Love the thought of an idea in Mind that needs to be better understood. Yes!

  2. Thank you Evan, your lecture is uplifting and inspiring.

  3. Thank you Evan, for such an enlightening lecture and for bringing the ideas of God to reality! I’ve often pondered how one “resolve things into thoughts”? Your lecture certainly helped me to gain a deeper understanding through the practical examples provided. I can’t wait to put this concept of “resolving things into thoughts” into practice so I can demonstrate the ever-operative divine Principle, Love. Thank you for all the love you’ve shared in your lecture and may this Love bless all that come to it.

  4. Evan, You made it so clear the way you enlarged on Mrs. Eddy’s statement about changing things into thoughts. I know the concept but feel I know better now how to apply it. Thanks for that.

  5. Thanks Evan!


  6. So practical and helpful. Changing things into thoughts
    is clearer now. This must be getting the “counterfact”.

  7. Thank you. It was an answer to prayer tonight.

  8. Wonderful, Evan! Thank you for clear examples and explanations of how to “resolve things into thoughts”. Excellent.

  9. Well done! Right to meet today’s need! Thanks!

  10. Its great Evan, you should have this on PBS! So many people could learn from this

  11. Thank you Evan..this has been so helpful.

  12. Wonderful! Beautiful! Marvelous! Thank you! I hope there are more clips from the Summit coming! Feed me! Feed me! This is the best food ever!

  13. Thanks, Evan. Inspiring, uplifting and very helpful.

  14. Thank you! Glad to see the ideas are helpful… You are welcome.

  15. That was terrific Evan. So full of Love and enthusiasm and humor.

    Thank you so muchl

  16. Such wonderful ideas; thank you for sharing your story. Vicki

  17. Wow, that was so powerful! Thank you so much! I’ll be watching this again and again!

  18. Love it, Evan, thank you, another great inspired talk.

  19. Thank you Evan! What a beautiful and uplifting lecture. The clarification of ideas and examples presented are a blessing… like other comments, i will be listening to this lecture again and again. The love of God, Life, Truth, etc…comes through this lecture as a beautiful example of what it means to live the understanding of Divine Mind.

  20. What a beautiful Idea. This is a blessing for all of us.

  21. Thank you so much. I watched this several times already and am sharing with others. Just wonderful

  22. Very good lecture, delivered with much clarity and love. Many thanks.

    Now to resolving some things into thoughts…

  23. Thank you so much…It was beautiful with spirituals tools to keep and use daily.
    With Love,

  24. Oh my gosh! I really got so much out of your explanations, Evan. Your enthusiasm and joy and positive sharing of the ideas from God have been so helpful. Thank you, thank you!

  25. wow! Inspiring and a source of many thoughts for me! I have always pondered about resolving ‘things into thoughts’, and the clear explanation of Mind and its Idea is just great. Love the humour, and the poignance. Thank you so much.

  26. Excellent!

  27. Thank you!

  28. Thanks soooo much for your talk. It is perfect for me, to focus on everything you said. Well done.

  29. Thanks very much, this is so inspiring!! Your sense of humor is wonderful!
    the whole message is so clear, I just love it!

  30. Thank you for helping me understand the concept of Mind and of God’s idea of things.

  31. This was JUST what I needed; I, too, will be watching this again and again. Thanks for explaining exactly what to do and why.

  32. thanks evan, i was so down and blue and listening to what you espress as GOD’S ideas pushed all the unhappy thoughts away

  33. Thanks Evan, your ideas are so helpful, always love your lectures,thank you again

  34. You are such a great lecturer Evan. I would like to see this on PBS and in bookstores with audio. Its so inspiring

  35. I rejoice in the many many blessings these “mini lectures” are sharing world wide. (Actually, all the lectures.)
    For those of us that cannot jump up and dash to these wonderful opportunities that are shared in a particular city, we can receive the blessings shared on the internet. (as often as we like!)
    Then, we take these blessings and share (live them) in our practice, our families, with our neighbors….the ideas shared here continue on blessing the multitude.
    Isn’t this wonderful? Aren’t we soooo blessed to have this available?
    Humble gratitude and many thanks….

  36. Thank you for this power full message of Mind as the origin for everything.

  37. thank you sooo much, I have watched this a dozen times, took notes and am gaining a renewed idea of myself and family members as God’s ideas. Thank you!

  38. God truely supplies what we need when we need it. I needed to hear this message. I exepect to demonstrate this in my life and give God the glory and a testimony. Thank you

  39. I love this! Thank you so much! What a great reminder to always seek the spiritual idea in all circumstances.

  40. Evan I’ve been so uplifted by the why you explain it. You show so much Love.

    Thank again for all your Loving help in understanding why we are here.

  41. I applaud all of you who can think some good thoughts and be uplifted. Through all my years of study and seeking and listening to talks such as this, I haven’t, yet, achieved the state of joy, love and peace of which he speaks. Hopefully, I’m on the verge of finding it.

  42. Hi Pat,

    I pray that you are on the verge of discovering the joy, love and peace you seek too! It’s there, in you. God put it there, and no fear, worry or doubt can cover it up or keep it hidden.


  43. Oh Evan: I was brought to tears in gratitude for your lovely and informative lecture. It is so helpful with some of the similar challenges you had that I want to work out. I am in deed so very grateful. This is the first time I have heard these mini lectures… rich they are. Thank you again!

  44. I am so grateful to feel the embrace of this lecture message. Not only do I get to exchange a limited view of things for the original idea of Mind, but I get to flourish doing so. I can do this!

  45. Thank you Evan, and thank you Pat for coming forth saying “Through all my years of study and seeking and listening to talks such as this, I haven’t, yet, achieved the state of joy, love and peace of which he speaks. Hopefully, I’m on the verge of finding it.” I have often felt the same way, and after listening to Evan and reading your words I, too, feel as if I am not alone, feeling this way, and am on my way to understanding more of what Mrs. Eddy revealed. Thank you and more hugs.

  46. Dear Evan,
    Your thoughts about weight and being normal are so inspiring – of focusing on the satisfaction of knowing and understanding how the Mind of God sees us and knows us. Wow! Great stuff. I am so grateful to hear (and see) this lecture. Thank you.

  47. Thank you. I so appreciated your examples and your thorough explanation of seeking God’s “things” — His ideas and thoughts rather than the things of the earth. Very helpful and inspiring!

  48. Perfect. Just what I needed, when I needed it.

  49. Explaination! It’s wonderful! Thank you Evan! Thank you!

  50. My father indicated me to watch this video and I loved it. It makes me understand the exact parts of this week bible lesson that I wasn’t understanding until now. Thanks a lot!

  51. Thank you for a very inspiring lecture! I have listened to it twice, and it just hits the spot!

  52. Just what I needed! Thank you, thank you!

  53. Thank you for this wonderfully refreshing and uplifting message. I love your approach to the burdens we all need to get rid of. “Seek ye first…” is such a helpful reminder. Bless you for your good works!

  54. This lecture has been the beginning of a beautiful working out especially the exercise of “turning things into thoughts”. It definitely stops the outlining of our will and reveals God’s love, guidance and abundance.

  55. thanks for such a fun, inspiring, pure talk!!

  56. Just have to listen over and over. I hear something new each time. Love hearing your light hearted, confident, joy filled – and funny presentation of solid principles that are in effect at all times for all of us! How wonderfully comforting – laws that we cannot escape. Thank you so much, Evan! Your talk on Living in Abundance is wonderful as well. Please keep sharing your talks online.

  57. What a clear presentation of good ideas. So very helpful. Thanks, Evan.

  58. Thank you! Glad to hear the ideas were helpful.

  59. Thanks, Evan! So Real, Practical and Provable! Christian Science really works, if you know how to work it!

  60. Evan I have listened to this twice, and get more out ot it each time I listen. I love how you go directly to God, keep your eye on the source, and expect to see it manifested everywhere.

  61. Thank you for explanation!

  62. I am beautiful! I am loving ! I am good !

  63. Good lecture, focusing on Jesus’ words: Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you!
    This would be a wonderful first lecture for Sunday School students to hear!
    Focus on idea as substance! This is basic Christian Science. Thanks, Eva

  64. thank you very very much, Evan. By chance I clicked “onlinelectures” and then your lecture. I needed something comforting this evening. Your lecture was really really just what I need, and surely will listen to it several times again. It is so inspiring, and I will work with the thought to understand our wishes as an idea in the devine Mind that needs to be understood better.

  65. Dear Evan, thanks a lot, I love the good humor and wonderful way to present Divine Science.

  66. Just what i needed. you are just a natural Evan, we need more of your lectures online.

  67. Really good! Loved this. Thank you.

  68. I am so grateful for this online version of the lecture you gave for our church and community. I needed to hear it again and really soak up the ideas you shared. Thank you so much for the "how to." Keep up the good work!

  69. I love listening to your talk over, and over. It is easy and simple to the ear. but such a powerful assurance that everything is possible to God and we could lives our life harmoniously and abundantly 360 degrees.
    The peace and undisturbed mind, it's ours today and now.
    Evan, thank you again. I'm looking forward for more access to listen to your talk online.

  70. Evan muchas gracias realmente estoy muy agradecida porque tu charla me ha ayudado muchisimo, literalmente a cambiado mi vida, me ha dado claridad y entendimiento la naturalidad con que tu compartes Dios con nosotros es una cualidad que admiro y por lo cual estoy eternamente agradecida.

  71. I couldn't get to Evan's lecture tour and decided to support the local lecture by watching this online instead. And, immediately, guess what - guess who is in need of throwing out the glittering trophies of a lifetime (as well as expunging the more agonizing horrors of the human history)? And guess who has been longing for so many years to find that very coin [the spiritual truth] in the fish's mouth? The fish keeps wriggling free and leaves me floundering after it.

  72. Thank you Evan, this lecture was perfect in an hour of need.

  73. Evan, you have a wonderful gift! You are able to transform words on a page (Sci and Health, Bible) so all can understand. Thank God for you. You speak and interpret so effortlessly that even those of us who have been "stuck" for years are transported to new heights. I have listened to many many lectures and yours are always the ones I come back to for clarity.

  74. Dear Evan... your talk just calmed me down. My life has been going in a rollercoaster, my husband is leaving me and my child, and spreading untrue things about me all over, I have huge debts, and I need to find a job before the end of the year. Today I was particularly depressed, and I listened to your talk, and it just calmed me down. I don't know what God has in store for me, or how I will get through this year, but thank you for a wonderful talk... at least today is a better day because I listened to your talk. It was so soothing. Thanks.

  75. To above,

    Thank you for your kind comments. God will never leave you! God has only good in store for you! The riches and wealth of divine Mind which are freely yours are within you and able to meet the human need. Look forward to only good unfolding before you leading you to new and improved places and better experiences. Divine Love maps out the way.

    Lots of love,

  76. Almost one year has passed since you shared this wonderful lecture on this blog!
    Now after listening it I couldn´t help to say thanks a lot for your inspiring message!
    I always appreciate the way you share your thoughts. It´s a joyful but enlightening and powerful way!
    God bless you forever!!!

  77. I didn't realize these lectures were available online until this evening, but am so glad I found this one.
    The concept of changing things into thoughts is much clearer now after your explanation. I also like your idea of seeing oneself as God sees us, not what the material "mirror" shows, and holding to that real image. Earlier this evening I had been thinking along the lines of being all that God knows we are, and this just fit so well to re-inforce that idea. Thanks, Evan, for sharing these great ideas with all.

  78. That was wounderful; it came in the perfect time;not suprising.thank you gor your energy and love!i just love your ideas.the weight thing realy got home with me grestful for all your ideas and humor...the big coin ;so funny but true

  79. Thank you so kindly for explaining the principles of Pray. Wonderful!

  80. These mini lectures are actually "God-sent". I love the ideas expressed in every one. This one spoke to me throughout, giving me so many ideas to ponder, accept and then practice. Evan, your articles over the years are always truly inspirational, and are written with so much humor, practicality and instantaneous usefulness. Thank you so much for sharing your inspriations with us.

  81. Thank you Evan! Your thoughts were so clear and easy to understand. I have been thinking about your talk for days now. This was just what I needed

  82. Thank you, Evan. How wonderful to be an idea in Mind. And how wonderfully you
    explained this so that all may understand.

  83. Excellent Evan - thank you so much for some lovely ideas to work with. I am certainly ready to flourish the way you explained it!!

  84. Thank you Evan, now I got it, I have it clear in my mind . I am going to flourish into the future!!!!!

  85. Thank you so much, Evan !

  86. Thanks for that Evan! Very helpful and resonant. Your talk spoke directly to some situations I have been experiencing; I look forward to seeking out and implementing the Spiritual ideas you speak of.

  87. WONDERFUL!! Happy New Year, Evan, from Biff and me : ) SO grateful for these resources, they are gifts to God's beloved children. This one is gonna stick with me, I know.

  88. Twenty minutes----just full of the ideas to help me see my present experience properly. I am so glad I decided to start today watching this talk!

  89. Hi Evan,
    Your talk is truely awesome! You speak with such depth...but you explain it with such clarity....and your Christ-like expression is so inspiring! Sending much love and gratitude!

  90. Dear Evan
    thank you very much for your beautiful demonstration of truth. Today by your lecture finally my husband understands about what in Christian Science is meant by the word Idea. So we started our Sunday morning with a lot of fun, inspiration and joy thanks to your way of lecturing. By the way I experienced
    exactly the same story with the house as you. What seemed to be impossible became true like a miracle. And I was blessed with much more miracls and still am thanks to christian science. With warm greetings and love from us from Belgium

  91. Wow! That lecture was really made for me. I turned on the computer by mistake and I thought ok I ll watch a Daily Lift,and I thought, but don t have the time to do so. I still looked for the Daily Lift then, I clicked on the lecture, but I still thinking I really don t have the time listen to it, nevertheless God guided me to do it, and I feel a lot of gratitud to God and to you Evan for that lecture. Thank you.

  92. Thank you for the reminder, things into thoughts, ideas not things, and grateful recognition of these abundant ideas. Thank you.

  93. We say thank you Evan but thank God for man's purpose to express His love and care and prove to the world God is Life. Christian Science provides humanity the Principle of Being. Thank you Evan for dedicating your thought to God that enables you to clarify God's ideas to humanity. Simply perfect. Hugs back.

  94. Evan, I was able to hold my weight for 3 or 4 days, and felt like I was doing it all the right way, but then I felt like I lost control, and my thoughts were led the wrong way. How do I sustain the healthy and spiritual thoughts to be able to control healthy thinking and weight?

    Evan wrote:
    Spiritual thoughts bring a feeling of dominion and control with them. When you think a spiritual right thought, it fills you with a greater feeling of dominion and strength. So, stay focused on your spiritual identity, that you are an intelligent, happy, content, satisfied child of God through what God gives you spiritually. Also know that God gives you the ability to think spiritual and stay spiritually minded.

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