A conversation with Mary Baker Eddy [32 mins ENG]

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Chet Manchester, CSB, is joined by voice-over artist, Anne Early, who reads from Eddy's historic papers to offer a fresh look at a woman whose ideas about religion and health are more relevant than ever. This lecture was filmed for the web in Boca Raton, Florida in March 2013.

  1. TX so much for providing this web version.

  2. What unlimited love, light, and healing expressed in this "Conversation with Mary Baker Eddy!" Thank you, Chet and Anne, for your prayer and work in presenting it, and my prayer and efforts to share it with others. May the truths and words shared in this "Conversation" go forth to enlighten and bless all mankind.

  3. Wow, so cool! You really brought her spirit and message to life in a way I haven't seen before. Thanks so much!!

  4. It is gratifying that the powers that be in the Christian Science world are beginning to explore the possibles of creative film making in regards to promoting the ideas of Christian Science to a receptive and sophisticated world audience.

    Thus far the lectures and video material which the church has published can only be described as almost professional at best. The printed publications are another case in point, so highly developed are their format. It can be recalled that when they first came about the publications were simple, direct and uncomplicated. It took decades for their format to reach the exceptional level that they currently enjoy. No spiritual publications in the world compare to them.

    So it is promising and gratifying that the film work of the church is beginning to take more needed risks and also has enough confidence to find the ways and means of elevating the look and content of the filmed lecture productions as exemplified by the imaginative and informative Conversation with Mary Baker Eddy talk. Even the subdued lighting of the experience is a welcome shift from more predictable approaches used in the past. Congratulations on a job intriguingly well done.

  5. I've shared this well done presentation with others. Appreciate all the effort and inspiration that went into it. It will bless the world even as Mary Baker Eddy prophesized, "For the world to understand me in my true light, and life, would do more for our Cause than aught else could."

  6. Wonderful and original way to present - "Who was Mary Baker Eddy?" It gives the audience something to spark their interest in finding out more about her work and teachings. Thank you for this fresh approach.

  7. Wonderful! Thank you for this fresh look at Mary Baker Eddy. This will be easy to share with everyone.

  8. Very powerful. I learned new things about Mrs. Eddy and am inspired to learn more. Thank you.

  9. Thank you for this beautiful conversation.

  10. Thank you thank you for sharing!! I know I will return again and appreciate even more what you have so beautifully, intelligently, shared!

  11. This lecture is very beautifully presented! I really like the way the information about Mary Baker Eddy is so honestly and respectfully laid out from start to finish. What courage Mary Baker Eddy possessed and, it seems, it came about through love/Love. Just love, love, love! Thank you!

  12. Whew! So Inspiring! Who wouldn't want to know more about Mary Baker Eddy and her Great Discovery of Spiritual Healing? Thank you Chet and Anne for opening up ever fresh vistas for us!

  13. Thank you, Chet and Anne, for this inspiring, beautiful and engaging new presentation of Mary Baker Eddy!

  14. This was very engaging--thank you so much for your professionalism and creativity. Even after reading several of Mrs Eddy's biographies, I gained fresh insights and inspiration from this dialogue, and felt a deeper sense of gratitude for what she so selflessly gave the world.

  15. This brought tears to my eyes-hearing the truths that Mrs. Eddy revealed are impossible to deny or ignore. Knowing she was 87 years old when she started the Monitor proves age is no barrier, either.
    Thank you for this fabulous lecture.

  16. I loved this. I found a deeper appreciation for her, her work. What an example for us. My heart is filled with gratitude for Christian Science. Thank you so much.

  17. This is so moving, having Mrs. Eddy's work read like this by Anne Early brings them to life for me. beautiful.

  18. Thank you to all who were involved in the production of this captivating summary of Mary Baker Eddy's life. The quality of the writing, narration, cinematography, audio, lighting and editing are top notch. Perhaps it could be used as an infomercial for commercial broadcast and also be made a permanent part of the christianscience.com internet homepage?

  19. Wonderful. More please for the world who needs this understanding.

  20. Thank you so much for this beautiful presentation of an overview of Mrs. Eddy's life. What a wonderful way to share with others about Mrs. Eddy.

  21. Arden 9/2/13
    So appreciate the quality of this presentation, spiritually and technically, the simple essence of the Christian Science thought which Mary Baker Eddy unselfishly shared world-wide through her Love of God and His magnificent, perfect creation.

  22. Wonderful to watch and listen to. Thank you, Anne, for speaking Mrs. Eddy's words; thank you, Chet, for the background history. So much inspiration packed into a one-half hour lecture. I will refer to it again.

  23. Beautifully presented historical information to give context for Eddy's remarkable insights into the nature of God and man. The expressive reading of her words makes them clear. Thank you for sharing this presentation with all.

  24. Mary would have been very proud of your presentation. I've recently listened to the CD version of' We Knew Mary Baker Eddy Expanded Edition Vol.1' and your 'Conversation' is a continuation of that same enjoyment and revelation. Thank you for sharing the Love.

  25. Wonderful. Thank you for this lovely talk/message. Beautifully done and inspiring.

  26. Wonderful presentation!
    It touched me deeply!
    I wonder the day when a whole film about Mary Baker Eddy´s life will be released!
    I really apreciated the precise and accurated content of this short presentation for it shows basic truths taught by Christian Science.
    Whoever watches it with the eyes of one who doesn´t conform with what we´re been taught since then, in terms of big questions like: what I am?; where I am or where I am supposed to go or to do?; Why I have to suffer first to reach God´s kingdom? will certainly be encouraged to dig deep on this subject.
    Thank you very much Chet and Anne, for this timely iniciative!

  27. Well done. I agree with most all the comments and
    especially liked #19 Chris and #27 Maria commenting.

    Thank you thankyou!

  28. Thank you, an excellent job! Just enough info with great tipping points promoting interest and inspiration. Thanks for listening to your inner guidance and obeying producing a gift of work well done!
    Kind regards,

  29. I am so very grateful for this special video on Mrs. Eddy and her life . I will share it with other family and friends. Thank you for being you !! Joseph Lawson II Bristol Virginia

  30. Loved this.

  31. I love it! It brings Eddy so close to the heart, as a very dear friend, as a human being like we are, nothing mysterious in her being. This really will help the world and us to understand better what her role is, what Christian Science is, what Christ is and what is meant with the Comforter and why we love Mary Baker Eddy. Thank you, this certainly meets a need!

  32. This is probably the best and most informative documentary per se on Mary Baker Eddy that is the most informative for the general public. I have forwarded this to a loved friend who is "dancing" with Christian Science but not quite accept it yet. This answers many of the questions he has drilled to me. Thank you for this.

  33. Loved it, loved it, loved it! All of it - the presentation, the flow, the sentiments. Thanks so much for all the work that went into this!

  34. This is outstanding. So beautifully done. l didn't want it to end.

  35. I love this. Thank you so much for a very special gift.

  36. Thank you so much Chet and Anne
    Beautifully presented with such love

  37. Just found this at bedtime but decided to watch and not wait for tomorrow. With what gratitude I end this day. Thank you to all involved in the production of this inspired presentation. It is so tender and loving - and so infused with a wonderful sense of Mary Baker Eddy largeness of thought. Thanks as well for all the previous, well stated responses and to Anne and Chet for such beautiful work.

  38. Such an extraordinary presentation filled with clarity and the pure simplicity of truth and love. It has touched my heart and opened my thought to recall and share the life of a woman who has changed the world for the better.

  39. Thank you for bringing Mrs. Eddy's words to life, Anne. And Chet, your timing was so perfect with the back and forth, it kept the momentum and interest going. I will be sharing this with my Facebook family. It was a very professional production.

  40. Very nicely done! Mrs. Eddy was indeed an extraordinary woman, and a modest one. Later on in her in her life, she actually said that :" Now, I think that I am beginning to understand "Science & Health"..(volume 11, "We Knew MBE" (recent edition). She also said : " Follow me, only insofar as I follow Christ"....Thanks for this wonderful project for us, Chet & Anne....

  41. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful presentation to all of us to see and hear. Listening and watching this brings an instant sense of peace. I found Christian Science in 1957 and it has been such a comfort to me all these years. I never really knew what God was until I talked to a Christian Science Practitioner and then read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Every time I read any of Mary Baker Eddy's writings I can always feel the Love of God. I have watched many of Chet's lectures and enjoyed all of them too. This one tonight was wonderful. Thank you both for sharing this great truth to us.

  42. very interesting and inspiring. Thank you!

  43. Wonderfully arranged! Really well executed! Thank you.

  44. Beautifully done! What a fantastic introduction to a woman whose life, achievements and purpose need to be better known and appreciated worldwide. An excellent video for sharing more widely. Well done and thank you, Chet and Anne!

  45. Great educational source to introduce those unfamiliar to Eddy and/or Christian Science, as I was as a young teen with many other influences about God's nature.

  46. I think this would be wonderful activity for Women's History Month in March. Could we get permission to distribute DVD's to schools and libraries in celebration?

    Daily Lift Team:
    Please email your question to lecture@christianscience.com.

  47. Wasn't it Mrs. Eddy that said or wrote herself that we can find her in her writings? Not in a personal sense, but how her life expressed what she gave to all mankind. This presentation shows her unconditional love to everyone... not just a "clan"! Great job in re-introducing Eddy in her own words to the world! Many blessings and thanks.

  48. What a beautiful and fresh presentation on Mary Baker Eddy. Thanks to all that made it all come to life.
    When we read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, sometimes we forget that Mary is speaking
    directly to us, encouraging, nurturing, and lovingly correcting thought. Her efforts to heal and help all mankind have done more than we will ever know.

    Thank you for this appreciation of our Leader.

  49. Thank you for such a wonderful presentation, so perfectly and so professionally done. I absolutely enjoyed hearing words spoken as Mary Baker Eddy. It brings her to life in a way I had not experienced before. Amazing job!!! Thank you.

  50. Very grateful for this presentation of Mary Baker Eddy.
    Thank You both! (Chet and Anne).
    So much Love in Mary Baker Eddy for the World.

  51. This brought to life the vast extent of Mrs. Eddy life-experiences, and her tireless searching for Truth... What a beacon for humanity and how grateful I am for her words and works. Chet & Anne - thank you so much for this amazing production.

  52. How grateful for this gift, actually hearing Mrs. eddy in context. I was recently aware of the need to look deeper into what Mrs. Eddy is telling us, and this lecture was just timely!
    Thank you Chet and Anne for the love and inspiration expressed.

  53. I have been reading Science&Health from
    time to time every since I was a small child.
    I have experienced healings from time to time,
    but without consistency. As I watched this moving story about Mary Baker Eddy, the answer came to me so clearly. I simply need
    to love more. That is where my inconsistency
    lies. Thank you so much for this revalation.

  54. The intimate style of this presentation should be used when filming lectures. It draws in the listener more rather than the usual lecturer talking on a huge stage or behind a podium or at quite a distance from the audience. Thank you for this informative, insightful and inspiring piece.

  55. How DeLIGHTful! You have shared the BEST - Love! Thank you, Thank you!!

  56. Many thanks to you both - an excellent presentation to help appreciate Mrs Baker Eddy's life, work and spirituality.

  57. Thank you so much. Top-notch professionalism combined with genuine humanity give this a polished and inspiring tone. I loved it, and felt deeply touched by its message.

  58. A superb tribute to Mary Baker Eddy, whom the world needs to know! Thank you for this loving effort - truly a gift to our worldwide church.

  59. What a wonderful production, thank for this loving offering.

  60. I really enjoyed this presentation.It was delivered with such love.Thank you.

  61. What a finely nuanced presentation as you both seamlessly worked together. How carefully you selected Eddy's own words! Many thanks indeed for all your efforts and professionalism, Chet and Anne. This was a brilliant mix of lecturing and dramatising. Thanks also to the technical team who produced it so well.

  62. This outstanding presentation of Mrs. Eddy made my heart overflow with gratitude. What a marvelous vehicle you have provided for us to share. Thank you.

  63. What an effective presentation! It leaves you wanting to know even more about this wonderful women. One of my favorite statements that Mark Twain said about Mrs. Eddy was, "She has organized and made available a healing principle that for 2,000 years has never been employed except as the merest kind of guesswork. She is the benefactor off the age" (from Albert Bigelow Payne, Twain's biographer). Thank you again!

  64. This is a very impressive presentation of Mrs Eddy's ideas - simply wonderful, and very nicely performed. Thanks very much!

  65. I was very impressed and moved by this tastefully done presentation. It was inspiring and thought provoking. You managed to bring it to video without making it feel too staged or overly dramatic. I felt it showed us Mrs. Eddy the person while keeping the production impersonal.
    Thank you!

  66. Thank you Chet, and Anne, for that lovely, purely Spiritual, and Inspired presentation about the Discoverer and Founder of christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy; the Modern, and Up-to-Date approach from this Lecture, I feel, deeply, will set an exemplary "Trend", which must be followed for todays generation, and Intellect, and Spiritually searching "minds". I hope that more quotes, even bold ones about healings, especially in reference to the Monitor in counterating the almost inhumane lies, and slander of the "Yellow Journalism" of Her day. Much Love, and deep, deep gratitude for each of your dedication to Christian Science, your living example in your own lives, and your wonderful use of your God-bestowed talents for reaching the Public Heart and Thought. Thank Boston, and the Board of Directors, for all their prayers, and the appropriate, and so needed Ideas of Creativity in reaching out to the Public World, in Lectures, Public Talks, and the Perfect, and unique unfoldment of Divine Minds Ideas that are to come about. Deep Gratitude, and Respectful Love, Sharon, from Oklahoma

  67. Well done. Thank you for sharing this insightful perspective on Mary Baker Eddy's life. Can't wait to share it with others. You got me thinking about how I can do a better job of living love....Love.

  68. Perfect. Simply perfect.

  69. Thank you so very much for this beautiful program.

  70. Blessings, love and many thanks to you, Chet and Anne. Truly wonderful!

  71. Thank you Chet and Anne! This is wonderful! Love the theatre of the presentation and the content you choose to present. Such a wonderful way to learn more about MBE and her inspired revelations. I hope this is just the beginning of more presentations from the two of you-
    Much love

  72. What a truly superb production! You really moved me Chet and Anne by the way you brought Mrs Eddy's background, experiences and thought to life. The back and forth interaction (truly "a conversation"), the use of typed words across the screen and the interwoven pictures plus diverse camera angles/view points was a marvellous way to bring a sense of theatre and performance to such an important story. It's just added even more to my appreciation for Mary Bake Eddy and her extraordinary love for humanity. Thank you.

  73. Right on. Very well done.

  74. Loved it. Thanks so much for sharing it with the world. It has made me just love and appreciate Mrs. Eddy even more.

  75. Thank you for sharing mbe this way. Progressive in truth and love

  76. Thank you so much for this very informative and interesting video!!

  77. What a gift to watch, thank you, Anne and Chet. It gives a spiritual energy. The video was well done.

  78. Wow.

    Thank you Anne and Chet.

    This was absolutely a stunning performance rich with content and substance.

    You both presented the information in a unique and interesting way not seen before. I liked the mixture of readings from MBE and the conversation around them by Chet.

    The visual quotes shown with the bright light around them really got my attention too.

    But the most important thing to me is that I loved how I felt watching this video. I felt divine love. I also felt gratitude for Christian Science and Mrs. Eddy.

    One suggestion - Could you find a way to get this particular video out to the world. I almost didn't know it was here until after I clicked on some other links in the website.

    Perhaps you could put it on the home page of the CS website. Perhaps the CSPS could give away free dvds in the reading room as it would be great for somebody new in CS and for the most seasoned students. Perhaps JSH online could have this at the top of their website for awhile. Perhaps a card board stand up to promote this in all reading rooms.

    Finally, if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it does it exist. Thus a need for the right sales and marketing. How many commercials have we heard from drug companies with a laundry list of dangerous side effects. Yet something like this almost went unnoticed.

    Thank for this.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  79. I am deeply touched by this lively presentation!
    Manfred from Germany

  80. That was a stunning and intimate presentation. Without any distraction but the loving faces of two individuals expressing honesty and intelligence, every word became the blessing I believe it was meant to be. My heart cherishes God's gift of creativity as expressed in this short video.

  81. Everyone should see and hear this video. It presents Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science truthfully, so natural and loving. I wish it could be on You Tube, TV, or any of the other popular media outlets. Thank you to Chet and Anne for researching and putting this historical work together. I have been a life long Christian Scientist, and I learned from this.
    How grateful I am to have seen this.

  82. I Love CS so much. This production gave me a greater appreciation of what we really have. It makes me realize how "I need to be about my Father's business". Thank you.

  83. This is was wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  84. comme je regrette de ne pas avoir persevéré dans l'étude de l'anglais quand j'en ai eu l'occasion
    j'aurais pu prendre plaisir à suivre cet diffusion
    merci tout de même pour ces différents commentaires !

  85. Thank you for this inspiring message from Mrs. Eddy's life.

  86. Thank you Chet and Anne. I love the totality of Christian Science. You have portrayed it so well. I am most grateful to have received its enduring message of truth and love for all mankind.

  87. I am in agreement with #78 - This introduction to Mrs. Eddy and Christian Science definitely should be out there to expose the "common man" to the truths about himself and to encourage him to seek out more information on the superior healing methods Christian Science has. I found this video while looking for something else - obviously guided to watch it, since it helped me personally with an ongoing search I've been prayerfully working on. With so much "News" reporting about medical / insurance that everyone is supposed to have for there own health care, I'm wondering how the C S movement is letting the general public know that there IS an alternative to the medical world for healing and protection. I'm only seeing and hearing about CS within the confines of our very small cloister of members via the website. 99.9% of people that I have come in contact with never have heard of Christian Science, and the other % confuse us with Scientology. Proof, we are not getting information out there to educate the general public about what they have the right to know - there right to be free from the slavery of the mortals creative thinking.

  88. I have thought for a long time that in order to understand the life, work and writings of MBE, one must live into them imaginatively. This presentation brings that dimension of imagination around her life and work, making it possible to see into them with the heart as well as the intellect. Congratulations on this artistic achievement, and a heartfelt thank you for the gift!

  89. Thank you, dear ones, for this program regarding a woman that means so much to me and for whom I am eternally grateful. Ann Botts, in Banning, CA

  90. Just what I needed this early a.m.

    With gratitude for a deeper understanding of love is and means......

  91. Outstanding! Thank you so much for this accurate account of a most remarkable woman.

  92. I love your Daily Lifts and am so happy that I looked up this lecture and listened to it. Thank you so much for a marvelous rendition of the history of Mary Baker Eddy and her works. Amazing.


  94. Chet and Anne, this is outstanding!! Thank you. I have read a zillion biographies of MBE, but your telling her story in this fresh way was enlightening. It was so clear that she cared about and loved the entire world, and aren't we grateful for that?! We are all the beneficiaries for what she did.

  95. Wow! What an extremely clear and wonderful presentation on Christian Science and Mary Barker Eddy. It captures her character and discovery perfectly. I hope it can be presented at the MBE library for visitors to view. It's so important that the public know who she is. Thank you!

  96. Thank you for making this beautiful presentation of Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy. We follow her in the footsteps of Christ, Truth. I am deeply grateful to God for leading me to find this religion.

  97. The whole wide world is waiting, hungering and thirsting for this wonderful healing TRUTH. The time is NOW. Yes numbers 78 and 87 are expressing the sentiments of a multitude of us. If so doing is cost prohibitive, I have thought many times there are those philanthrpists out there who love CS could forward this cause . We must let our light shine on so many who remain in darkness! What better way can LOVE be expressed! I know the way will open that will reach the world in need,and you are every day being led in this effort. It can't come soon enough.!!

  98. what a timeless presentation. thank you

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